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Peter Upside Down Traditional
\\And Cluny today alcohol is much stronger than even in Bible times.\\

That is not true, though it's a wide-spread myth.

Squeeze grapes, leave the juice alone, and it will ferment from the yeasts on the skin, until it reaches an alcohol level of about 12-14%.

This was true 2000 years ago, and it's true today.

Now, it IS true that 2000 years ago, Jews would mingle a bit of water in the wine as an act of temperance, there are reference to this in the OT.

This is the origin of the mixed chalice in the Pre-Reformation Eucharistic rites.

And without knowing it, those who did so were making a living prophecy of the blood and water that flowed from the pierced side of Christ.

Christ is risen!

Meaning Of Immaculate Conception
\\I do not believe the Orthodox Church teaches this.
---john1944 on 5/30/16\\

No, we do not.

Orthodoxy has several objections to this doctrine, especially in the form dogmatized by Pius IX.

But you'd be surprised how many Catholicophobes think it means that the Virgin was herself the result of a virginal conception by her mother.

Christ is risen

Many Right Ways
\\1428 Pope Martin V orders John Wyclif's bones exhumed and burned.\\

And this was about a CENTURY after the time of Wycliffe.

It was actually the people of Rome who did so, and NOT by orders of Pope Martin.

Christ is risen!

Served In The Military
I assume you mean through the VA hospital system.

Some have opined that the VA does great work with rehabilitation, physical therapy, and mental health.

But those with other medical issues don't fare as well.

These same people suggest that the VA limit itself to rehab and mental/behavioral health, and give our vets vouchers to other hospitals for other matters.

I myself don't pretend to know the answer.

We hear horror stories, especially in Phoenix.

Christ is risen!

Peter Upside Down Traditional
kathr, I'm beginning to wonder if you really were converted from Judaism.

Jews--Traditional, Conservative, or Reform--don't have this "Thou shalt not drink alcohol" attitude that you display.

And I don't have a dog in this hunt, as I don't drink spirits for medical reasons.

Christ is risen!

Many Right Ways
\\Yes, the RCC did keep the Bible out of the common people's hands, and made it illegal for it to be in anything except high Latin\\

Wrong again, kathr, as in almost everything you say.

The Latin Bible, or Vulgate was NOT translated into "high Latin" but into the common vernacular Latin--VULGATA--of its day.

St. Jerome had made some initial drafts in the literary ('high' to you) Latin, but after spiritual advice (some say from an angel) deliberately used the common form so that it COULD be understood by ordinary people.

And what pope was furious at Wycliffe's translation? Can you give his name?

Bet you can't!

Christ is risen!

Help Depressed Son
David, I did NOT seek you out.

That's as deluded as kathr's claim that Monk Brendan was stalking him/her.

And can you actually DENY that Monk Brendan is God's beloved child?

Christ is risen!

Can Christians Have Depression
\Yes Christians can become depressed. But if you pray and pray long enough and hard enough I know you can stop depression.\\

This is nothing but a paraphrase of the satanic lie that "Real Christians don't get depressed. They have Jesus!"

This has kept too many souls in bondage for years.

Christ is risen!

Go To Church Daily
\\Exo 20:9 Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:

Does going to a church service on a week day--or week night--keep you from working that day?

Please answer yes or no, and prove it from the Bible.

Christ is risen!

Peter Upside Down Traditional
\\ And since the word wine is used for both fermented and unfermented wine, there is no proof it was fermented.\\

I'm going to play the same game with you that you do with others.

Please give BCV from the Bible that proves your point.

And prove from the Bible how you say grape juice was prevented from fermenting.

Christ is risen!

Obama's Bathroom Law
Nicole, I'm not diminishing the horror of rape.

But how many women are raped in public restrooms by heterosexual men trying to pass as trans women?

Christ is risen!

Strike Books From Canon
john9346, you have challenged my statement that all the Pre-Reformation churches accept the Apocrypha as preserved in the LXX.

A quick search of "Coptic Church + Apocrypha", "Syriac Church...." and similar terms will reveal that my statement is true.

One surprising thing I found out is that the Armenian Church did not accept Revelation (note there is no S at the end) until the 13th century.

As an article I found called "Myths about the Apocrypha" said, "Eastern Orthodoxy has claimed all seven these books of the Bible as holy and divinely inspired from the early years of Christianity."

Christ is risen!

Meaning Of Sacrament
\\Sacrament is Jesus purest Grace. It's God who is acting Himself no matter the disposition of the person's soul. \\

Not quite. A total unbeliever MAY (if he does not repent) receive a Sacrament unto his own damnation.

\\The person's state of grace baptizing a child doesn't matter as long as he uses the correct form:(pouring water over the head and repeating Jesus' Words out loud: Matthew 28:19). \\

Orthodox and the other Eastern Churches use total triple immersion--whenever possible, of course.

FWIW, the Byzantine formula of Baptism is "The servant of God (name of baptizand) is baptized in the Name of the....."

Christ is risen!

Go To Church Daily
Nicole, did you know that the Greek is "ton arton imon ton EPIOUSION"?

The Bread that is above essence.

We know what that is, don't we?

Christ is risen!

Peter Upside Down Traditional
\\Why would Jesus get people drunk when children were also there?
---kathr4453 on 5/29/16\\

Prove from the Bible that children were there.

\\There is evidence Peter was buried in Jerusalem along with other Christians.\\

BCV, please.

\\ No big cathedrals were erected over his grave. That in itself is a pagan practice, not a Christian one\\

I've never heard of a pagan cathedral.

Prove your claim from the Bible, kathr.

Christ is risen!

What Is Papal Tiara
\\When you told me Leviticus 23:1-3 didn't apply to the Sabbath I explained why it did and have backed it up three times now with multiple sources.\\

I'm saying that Leviticus 23:1ff are not talking about the WEEKLY sabbath.

Now, when you give me Orthodox writers who support your opinion, I'll listen.

Fair enough?

Christ is risen!

Meaning Of Sacrament
\\Actually Cluny, the word is not in many's vocabulary\\

Wrong again, kathr.

It's in the vocabulary of all the pre-Reformation churches as well as confessional Protestants, such as Anglicans, Presbyterians, and Lutherans.

Please don't think your own insularity is the norm.

Christ is risen!

Help Depressed Son
\\Telling lies about what God said, may be why you suffer so many physical afflictions.\\

Your pitiful attempts to claim the spiritual high ground in this conversation are not working.

Give proof that God did not tell me this.

I'm just as capable of hearing from Him as you are--and He can talk to me if He can talk to you.

Christ is risen!

Strike Books From Canon
\\4. I am waiting for Cluny to please tell us how Esther, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon are not "Theopneustos."?\\

I never said they were not.

My point is that what you say about the Apocrypha not saying, "Thus says the Lord," or similar words applies to the other 7 books as well.

On what authority do YOU reject them is the real question.

Christ is risen!

Jesus Gave Great Commission
\\Sir, did you know he explain what those traditions were in context\\

Actually, he did not.

\\ have you ever read Thesoloanians\\

Which one.

Please don't post run-on sentences.

Christ is risen!

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