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Explain 1 John 3:9
Trey had the only correct answer so far, on 10/19

There is a distinction between the inner man and the body of death.

The inner man has been cleansed, washed, regenerated, and has become the righteousness of God. A new creation, born again. Not able to sin.

But the sinful flesh is raging with selfishness.

And they both are influencing our psyche, our soul.

Jesus is the only man to perfect conquer the flesh, because He is God

Perceived Wrongs Of Protestants
Why do you say you go by what the bible says, then insist that tongues is THE evidence?

why do you say the Holy Ghost comes WITH tongues?

Why, when scripture nowhere says the same?

Perceived Wrongs Of Protestants
"....just like a Baby must be shown How to start walking a person must be shown the Spiritual attitude one must be in to receive such a special Gift from God..."
---Darlene_1 on 10/24/15

If a baby started walking by the power of the Holy Spirit, nobody would have to show him how to.

When Lazarus was raised, who showed him how to come back to life?

What Is Tithing
......take your words at FACE VALUE which means Abraham didn't have any biological sons....

Face value? I simply noted what is expressly stated in scripture.

It's not my fault that Westerners define "son" different from scripture.

It's up to you to study, or ask.

Just admit you didn't clarify yourself enough instead of telling me something I already knew....


Of course I didn't clarify myself. Are you mad at God too? He saw fit to inspire the same statement, without clarifying.

What Is Tithing
In Hebrews 11:17 Isaac is called the "monogenes" of Abraham. It's translated "only son" because Isaac was called his only son in Genesis.

In John 3:16 Jesus is called the "monogenes" of God. Also translated "only son"

Looking at Genesis 15:1-4 when God first promised to Abraham about descendants and reward, Abraham's concern was...."what will you give me, seeing I have no heir?"

Abraham had numerous children, but only one son - heir

What Is Justification
Justification has one definition, but numerous applications.

Justified simply means - WARRANTED

In Romans 3 our righteousness is warranted, on account of faith

In the second half of Rom 5, our resurrection is warranted, on account of Christ's death and resurrection.

In James 2, our rewards are warranted, on account of our faithful works

What Is Tithing
How can you put Isaac on the same level as Jesus Christ?

Probably the same way the writer of Hebrews did, in 11:17

By writing that statement without any other information would confuse weak Christians.

Only if they've been misinformed by "stronger" incorrect believers

Genesis 22:2
Then God said: 'Take your son Isaac, you only one, whom you love,

God is speaking Poetically.

Wrong. It might help to investigate what a Jew meant by "son"

It doesn't mean "male offspring", it means - HEIR

What Is Tithing
Isaac was Abraham's only son

Advantage Of Christianity
Many so-called Trinitarians are in fact polytheists. But many aren't.

Don't throw a blanket over everyone who identifies with the designation.

Many believe there are 3 eternal beings

many do not believe that the Son proceeds from the Father

Many believe the Holy Spirit is "part" of God.

Advantage Of Christianity
"Correction, both Tertullian and Athanasius "Early Christian Church Fathers." derived, defended, and taught the trinity from the reading of Holy Scriptures (the bible)"
---john9346 on 10/7/15

However, the Athanasian creed states "There are not 3 Eternals, but 1 Eternal"

And that stands in stark contrast to modern "trininy" of 3 co-eternal, co-equal.

Essentials Of Christianity
Do you have that belief? And if so, how well is that sinless behavior working for you?
---Mark _Eaton

Most common mistake is to think of sin as behavior alone.

Why did Jesus equate a healing to forgiveness?

Spot, wrinkle, blemish, filth, etc....what do those mean?

By His stripes we are healed. Not physically, but healed of the disease of sin.

Forever perfected - Heb. 10:14

But I'm sure the writers of scripture don't know what they're talking about - smh

Size Of Noah's Ark
I just visited the Creation Museum near Cincinnati last week. Their contention is that young, small animals would have been on the ark.

Also, only two of each KIND of animal.

So large dinosaurs wouldn't have had to survive, only two of each type - which could have been very small

Who Are The Elect Of God
Some believers are not part of the Elect, though all believers have eternal life

Once Saved Always Saved
yes, seriously. The vast majority of people I've met who designate OSAS do espouse the Calvinist tenet of Perseverance of the Saints.

Even you have said f a man should fall into worldliness unto death, you have stated before that he was never saved.

Faith does not inevitability lead to works, we are made righteous APART from works

Romans 4:4-5
Righteousness is not a matter of good behavior, it is a matter of being healed of the disease called sin. Regenerated. Cleansed. Washed. Forever perfected. Apart from works.

This would be good discussion in a separate thread

How To Properly Tithe
If your tithe is not being given to a Levite priest, for temple service, it is improper. Read Numbers 18

While you're about it, you'd better make plans to go to Jerusalem for the Feasts of Passover, Weeks, and Booths - Deuteronomy 16

Once Saved Always Saved
Glenn just made the assertion I warned against.

It leads to a vicious cycle of doubt and uncertainty. Such as....

Have I done enough to prove God loves me?

I think I'm pretty good

Is my behavior good enough to call myself righteous?

I can't know

Does failure mean God never chose me?

Where is He?

Do I really have eternal life if I act like this?

I keep trying and trying, yet failing and failing

Pray for those folks

Did David Go To Heaven
Though bible "characters" are an example, it is dangerous to build up elaborate doctrines from inference.

Also, 1Corinthians 6:9 says nothing about who will go to heaven. Paul said they will not INHERIT the Kingdom of God.

Do you know what inheritance is? See Colossians 3:23-24

Once Saved Always Saved
Once Saved Always Saved is a doctrinal misnomer, because it is a deceptive doctrine of works.

It would be more honest to call it...


The perverted doctrine starts with God changing a man's will (heart)

Then a man chooses to serve God.

So if the man stops WORKING, they claim God never changed his heart

Their faith is hanging on their works, always looking for "fruit"

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