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I Like A 16 Year Old Girl
Are you sure she isn't just looking at you as a father figure? At 16 her brain has not fully developed yet - this won't happen until she's 22-23. Before that time, she may change her mind because she has more reasoning power, but if you marry now, she may feel some resentment as she gets older. To marry now would mean she will miss all the social activities of a normal 16 year old, such as the senior prom, or while her friends are are at the mall "chilling out", she's changing diapers . What I suggest is you not see her until she's 24 and see if she still wants to marry you. (It's not as hard as you think.) To marry her now would be a mistake! (Of course, it's not legal at this time!) Wait!

Who Taught Jesus The Bible
Christ did not have to be taught, He authored the Bible!

Help Depressed Son
Have you ever heard the saying,"The cure is sometimes worse than the disease" Your son may not be lazy because being "lazy" is one of the effects of being depressed. He may be depressed because he may be taking too much Prozac, in my opinion. If a person decides to stop taking Prozac, they should do it slowly. He might be better off eating foods and doing exercises that will increase the serotonin level. Question: is your son going to a licensed, Christian counselor who is qualified in the correct field of learning to treat your son? You may want to get a second opinion as to a line of treatment - if you are at odds with the advice being given.

Is USA Christian
It would be a surprise to me if the USA was 83% Christian, it's more like maybe 83% call themselves Christian rather than anything else, such as Muslim, etc.

Asking For Poor People's Money
Before answering your question, looked up the history, presant and past about MikeMurcock. My advice is to leave as fast as you can out of the nearest, "exit". He is strickly for Mike Murdock with just enough Christianty to sound impressive. DO NOT send him money, even if you can afford it. To say he is, "ruthless" is being nice, it's more accurate to say he's being selfish and self centered and doesn't really care about anyone, just his success.

Married Pastor Future Husband
You are being lied too. The pastor can't marry you even if his marriage is a shambles, based on Scripture. He can only divorce his wife if she has commited adultery, but he can't re-marry in any situation. Just forget him - find another church. It may not be easy to forget him, but just remember, if he is cheating on his wife, what's to keep him from cheating on you?

What Bible Do You Use
Even though I have several translations of the Bible, the one I like the best is, "The New American Standard Bible" Why? To me it's the most accurate translation from the Koine Greek - the written language in the time of day of Christ and the early church.

Is It A Sin To Be On Welfare
Trish9862 All I can state at this point is get your nose out of the textbooks and check out reality. Welfare is welfare regardless of it's form, ie, WIC, Section 8 housing, food stamps, etc. This doesn't mean it's not needed by some, but too many people are taking advantage of it. (I was raised in a welfare home and have worked with welfare recievers over the years so know from experiecnce this happens too much.)

Self Righteous Pastors
Of the ones I've known, and as a retired missionary I've known quite a few, have never met one who considered themselves, "self-righteous".

Married Man Found Dream Lady
Forget the 26 year old and get some marriage counseling. And stop looking for the girl of your dreams - instead, look at the one you've got.

Should I Stay With My Husband
"Yes", you should stay with your husband - according to Scripture. (Romans 7:2-3 & 1 Corthians 7:13-14) The only suggestion I'd make if ther is physical abuse than get out. Why doesn't he trust you?

Candidate For The Christians
Is this some sort of trick question? Anyway, I just finished my voting, (early voting) and I voted for McCain. Why? He seems to have more experience in forgien matters. Plus, he doesn't seem to want to, "throw out the baby with the bath water". Along with other factors, he appears more patrioctic than any of the other candidates - counting the independents.

Most Christians Don't Help
Some of the time, non-Christians who ask for "help" don't take it. As a counselor, all my advice is based on the Bible, which pretty much covers all the bases. The Bible, when used in it's proper context, give lots of practical advice. If a person who is the counselee refuses to accept the biblical solution, any avice given is usually temporary. Keep in mind some Christians are sincere, but really don't know how to give practical advice,except from their experiences, which may be limited.

Explain 2 Samuel 12:11-14
This answer is based on the information found in 3 different commentaries. David had just committed adultry and in the process also was guilty of murder. So, the Lord is telling David, (through Nathan),since you have taken another mans wife, I'm taking yours and all of Israel will know why. Plus, this child you have fathered, will die as part of your punishment. (You have to read a few chapters before your selection to get the total context.)

Any Thoughts On Cremation
The is NOTHING wrong with cremation. The Bible really has little to state on this question. Most Christians who object to cremation, do so by taking Scripture out of context. Some folks I know even had the idea that God couldn't find all the all the body if it was cremated, at the time of bodily resurrection. (It seem to me that if God has the power to resurrect, He can take the ashes and make a body if one is needed.) Cremation is not cheap, and that seem to be the reason you want cremation.

Who Goes To Hell
Two verses of Scripture come to mind concerning your question. One is Romans 1:20 which states man is without an excuse and the other is Romans 5:13 which is sort of an exception to the rule. (However, I personally lean towards Roman 1:20)In other words, your question really doesn't have an "iron clad" answer. It's almost mute anyway since most of the world at least knows about salvation and how to obtain it. (If my information is correct.)

Apostles In One Accord
After reading Acts 2:46 in 4 different commentaries, here is the bottom line in todays culture: After church they visited a home of one of the members and had dinner.
It was a regular meal and not a religious service or a feast, etc.

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