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Hinder Walk With Jesus
I'm not too sure what this question means. Can you clarify, please?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Marriage Of HIV Couples
It's really nobody's business except the couple involved, and possibly their families.

Certainly not the concern of anyone here.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Should Christians Play Video Games
For some people they are a harmless pastime.

For others, they can be a simple waste of time.

For still others, they could be a snare and delusion.

Let each seriously examine himself.

They hold no charms for me.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Is The Bible God's Testimony
God used people to

1. Write the various books of the Bible.

2. Determine what should be in it.

I personally believe that God worked with and through the personalities, styles, and vocabularies of the individual authors to get His Message across, but did not dictate it word by word in something akin to automatic writing.

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!

How To Worship God
Steveg, get someone to read the opening verses of john 1 to you, and explain the big words of one syllable or more.

Note especially the words, "The Word was God," and "The Word was made flesh."

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!

How To Worship God
\\Jesus deserves to have our highest esteem as the man whom God appointed and made to be His right hand man.\\\


Wrong answer, but thank you for playing.

Jesus is not merely man, but is GOD INCARNATE.

If you or your wordlly denominational "church" of Steveng doesn't believe this, then you are simply not a Christian. Period.

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!

How To Worship God
My sentiments exactly, Bill!

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!

Believe In Death Penalty
\\ These blogs are long on the opinions of men,\\

So is everything that you post, aservant.

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!

How To Worship God
Steveng, usually you are simply a jerk, but now you're endangering your soul.

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!

Quoting Christian Church Fathers
\\God scourges EVERY SON, I order to be partakers of His Holiness...??

kathr, are you so deluded that you actually think that God punishes those you tell Him to do?

I didn't say God was flattered, this can't be done. I said that you were flattering yourself, acting as if it were only to YOU the Word of God has come.

Or don't you understand English prose?

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!

Believe In Death Penalty
There was a time that some people believed that slavery was acceptable to God, and quoted the Bible to prove it.

Now, almost NO Christian believes that.

The trend is that towards the beliefs about the death penalty. Many Christians are finding it repulsive.

Christ is baptized! in the Jordan.

Quoting Christian Church Fathers
//Because the Lord wanted to teach me Himself, of which I see you are so envious of it just oozes out of your pores and mouth. //

Don't flatter and exalt yourself, kathr.

You probably never heard of the Church Fathers until they were mentioned on these blogs.

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!

Who Wrote The New Testament
It is an abomination and very offensive for Catholics to say they are the Church, and Christian, when they are full of PAGANISM and IDOLATRY.
---Rob on 1/6/17//

Please give one example of paganism.

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!

Believe In Death Penalty
I do not believe in the death penalty because Jesus gave the qualifications for the executioners "Let the one without sin cast the first stone."

I'm also strongly pro-life--the seamless garment kind.

I'm not saying the guilty should not be punished or that society should not be protected from murderers. But I don't think DP is the way to do it.

Happy New Year!

Quoting Christian Church Fathers
\\Here's the bottom line John, YOU have no discernment or spiritual maturity to decide who is and isn't actually called by God.\\

You don't actually think that YOU have them, do you? Are you THAT ignorant of yourself?

Happy Neew Year!

Love Is Patient
The IRS may or may not examine the financial dealings of US Dioceses, or even parishes.

But I can assure you it does NOT monitor the Vatican, as that is a sovereign state.

Happy New Year!

Hard To Believe In God
Faith is a gift. Pray for the gift of faight

Happy New Year!

Does God Let Satan Have Way
Where dod you get that idea?

Job records the ONLY times that God granted the devil his wish. Twice in eternity is hardly "so often."

Happy New Year!

Fathers Of The Church
kathr, have you actually READ any of the Fathers of the Church?

Or are you condemning them from the summit of your abysmal ignorance of them?

Happy New Year!

God Say About Christmas
\\Please notice that Nic.Lacey hasn't tried to prove Jesus birth was celebrated in the Bible. \\

Just as David has not proven that computers were used in the Bible.

OTOH, David has NOT proven that the Nativity According to the Flesh of Our Lord, God, and Savioiur jesus Christ was not observed in Biblical times.

Happy New Year!

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