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Prayer For Dallas Police
\\You wrote: When the Federal Gov did ABOLISH Slaves, the Southern States withdrew from the Union. Thus the Civil War.\\

Nicole, the Federal Government did not abolish slavery until AFTER the Civil War.

One of the conditions for a southern state to be readmitted into the union was to ratify the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery.

Again, this was not passed until AFTER the Civil War.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Are Vain Repetitions
\\But you, like so many others, follow your church doctrine, not the doctrine which Christ lays out in his Gospels.\\

Just like you, David.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Kissing Of Statues OK
\\How is it different from ordinary H2O? How can the difference be measured in a laboratory?\\

In the Orthodox Church, holy water is blessed with prayers that it will become a means of healing and sanctification, as well as a terror to demons.

Since spiritual things are spiritually discerned, there is no way laboratory analysis can tell it, just like a physical and medical exam could not tell YOUR spiritual condition, Jerry.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Are 10 Commandments Changed
\\Not everyone is the RCC's step children. Not all Protestants believe in infant Baptism, or Ash Wednesday.

Orthodox don't have Ash Wednesday, either.

kathr, it boils down to this: if your church is not Orthodox, then it's a man-made worldly denominational one.

NOW do you understand?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Last Rights of the Church
\\You fail to acknowledge, well documented too, that Augustine studied under Gnostics. \\


Augustine did study Manicheanism--NOT gnosticism--for a while, but he repudiated it.

\\That all your visions and extra Biblical this and that is in fact Gnosticism//

What visions have I quoted? Be precise.

How about your own extra-biblical stuff like invitation hymns, "personal Savior", and "accepting Christ"?

\\ And the RCC as well as Orthodox is [sic] steeped with Gnosticism. \\

Give specific examples of gnosticism in Orthodoxy, kathr.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

News Intercessory Prayer
\\Who's right: you or St. Paul? In the words of Paul Himself, I am\\

No, you're not.

The passage you quoted is about paying to support ministers, NOT praying for others.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

News Intercessory Prayer
\\The affairs of this system doesn't deserve or desire the prayers of the righteous, and will certainly not benefit from those prayers.\\

The officers of Imperial Rome were not exactly noted for their devout Christianity.

Nevertheless, St. Paul told Christians to pray for them.

Who's right: you or St. Paul?

However, if you insist, I will not pray for you since you think you will not benefit through my prayers for you.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Are 10 Commandments Changed
Cluny, although you call them Protestants, they are rather the RCC little step children.\\

Just like you, kathr.

Alexis Khomiakov said that all Protestants are crypto-papists.

Something tells me that if YOUR beliefs differ markedly from those around you in your worldly denominational church, you won't be welcome very long.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Organization Of The Bible
\\As it was spoken, it was breathed out (exhaled) & punctuated by the speaker's inhales. \\

You don't actually believe that God has lungs that He should inhale and exhale, do you?

BTW, there are no punctuation marks, separation between words in the oldest mss. There are frequent abbreviations in them, too

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Is Baptism Public
\\As the Ethiopian eunuch said to the Deacon Philip, "See, here is dry . . . Cluny on 7/15/16

Act 8:36 . . . going down the road, they came upon some water. And the eunuch said, "Behold, here is water . . .

Cluny would have the unlearned seekers believe an untruth.

Scripture said "here is water"\\

aservant, I was using irony on michael e.

I'm sorry you don't have the mind to grasp that.

Humble yourself before the Throne of Grace and ask first for normal intelligence.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Who Is A Saint
\\My witnesses can attest to my doing the type of works that you mentioned,\\

Funny you should have witnesses to your supposed good works, aservant.

Jesus Himself said that they should be so hidden and secret that your left hand doesn't even know what your right hand is doing.

Furthermore, He said you should not make a show of them.

Or are those verses in your Bible?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

People Scared Of Holy Ghost
I think YOU are the one who doesn't understand God's power, Rebecca_D.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Change 10 Commandments
\\And we all thought you were so INTELLIGENT. NOT IN MY BOOK.\\

So what, kathr.

You're not intelligent in mine.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Are 10 Commandments Changed
\\ we go by Scripture ONLY. So no, Protestants do not have along with the Bible a Catechism reworking the Bible."\\

Wrong again. kathr, as in just about everything you say.

There ARE Protestant catechisms. Luther's, the Westminster Catechism, and the Heidelberg catechism among them.

And they re-work the Bible by rejecting a sizeable part of the OT.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Last Rights of the Church
\\ No Cluny, I know a GNOSTIC statement when I see one, which shows ignorance on you as well. \\

Wrong again, as in almost everything you say, kathr.

If you DID know a gnostic statement, you would know you were making one.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Are Vain Repetitions
\\his. I'm not convinced that Jesus intended us to repeat it word for word but believe that each sentence of the prayer is telling us what we should pray for.\\

All the pre-Reformation Churches all over the world for the last 2000 disagree with you, Rita, as it appears in every one of their services in some place or other.

It's your opnion against bimillenial useage of the vast majority of Christians.

Or is it just to YOU that the Word of God has come so recently?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Who Is A Saint
\\You wrote: Works that don't involve God may be good, but they are still 'dead' works.\\

And your works are ALL dead works, aservant, because they are ALL done without God.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Kissing Of Statues OK
\\Cluny, your argument is nonsense. gnostic, really? Actually YOUR belief is Gnostic.\\

kathr, the gnostics and Manicheans taught that matter was intrinsically evil.

And you lie. I never said that the Holy Spirit indwelt matter.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Last Rights of the Church
\\Monk, that may sound high and lofty to the ignorant\\

Like you, kathr?

Glory to Jesus Christ1

Kissing Of Statues OK
\\Wood or paint becoming a MEDUIM for the Spirit? You actually believe this garbage statement?\\

kathr, what do you think the water of Baptism is?

What do you think the bread and wine of Communion are?

What do you think the paper and ink of the Bible are?

What do you think the Incarnation of the Logos was about?

You are using the EXACT argument used by the gnostic and Manichean heretics.

Were it not for the Fall, ALL the material universe would be a medium of God's Holy Spirit.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

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