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How Does God Communicate
Actually, john9346, most Biblical scholars say that the Gospel according to St. John wasn't written until 90 AD, and was the last book of the NT.

There were other things written during the time you mentioned, some even by the apostles which were not accepted or even lost, such as St. Paul's letter to the Laodiceans.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Interpret A Dream
Nicole, I'm having computer trouble.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Finding No Love
By "find love", do you mean someone to marry?

There are worse things than not being married. Most of them are being married to the wrong person. If you don't believe me, read some of these blogs written by people who complain about their spouses--mostly by women complaining about their husbands.

Maybe God wants you all to Himself. Have you tried asking Him?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

How Does God Communicate
God communicates with us chiefly through the Bible. He may also do so through other people or circumstances.

Violating The Sabbath
You cannot find ONE WORD about worship as given in the Fourth Commandment, especially since services were held several times daily in the Tabernacle, Temples, and from the first Exile onwards, synagogues.

T.D. Jakes National Talk Show
You truly need to study the bible about "judging" instead of learning by some denomination's opinion.\\Well, you listen to the worldly denominational "church" of Steveng.

Is Baptism Public
jerry, the baptisms performed by St. John the Forerunner were NOT Christian baptisms.

Where Was Adam Made
As far as I can tell, in or near the Garden of Eden in the Tigris-Euphrates valley.

A Lucky Charm Bible
I have a wooden 3 bar cross I always wear. I also have a collection of Icons. One of my favorites is the Pantocrator of Sinai.

T.D. Jakes National Talk Show
I know you don't like sound Biblical doctrine, michael e. I never cared for Charles Stanley ever since I heard him distinguish between the "Holy Spirit" and "the very Spirit of God."

T.D. Jakes National Talk Show
\\apparently the Father desires his message to be spread, or it would not be happening.\\ So what? Cancer spreads, too. Does the Father desire cancer to spread? Is Jakes being GIVEN a talk show--and on what channel--or is he buying time?

Christians During The Tribulation
Isaac Watts, the great Protestant hymnographer, sang,

"Shall I be carried to the clouds on flow'ry beds of ease/While others fought to win the prize and sailed through bloody seas?"

The Rapturist sings, "You'd better believe it!"

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Interpret A Dream
\\I would say it is a spiritual dream because I have had many others that ment something.\\

If it makes you feel good to think so, Samuel, you just go right ahead.

I know better.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Is Yoga Against The Bible
\\I don't think she knows about him, but she is still correct because St. Nicholas day is celebrated on December 6th not the 25th.

Which goes to my first point that people used his feast day to replace Jesus' birthday.\\

In the USA, St. Nicholas feast (brought over with the Dutch Protestant devotion to him as the patron of children) got blended with the British Father Christmas.

\\Now TODAY, no one knows St. Nicholas, and pays little attention to Jesus Christ on Christmas Day.\\

Speak for yourself. St. Nicholas is greatly loved in Orthodoxy as a champion of the faith over Arius.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Deity Of The Holy Spirit
\\The deity of the holy spirit is a man made dogma dreamed up in the 4th Century.\\

Spoken like a true Pnevmatomach!

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Christians During The Tribulation
\\/Will Christians go through the tribulation?//
---michael_e on 8/30/16\\

Jesus said, "In the world you have TRIBULATION, but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world."

He also prayed, "I pray that you do not take them out of this world, but keep them safe from the evil one."

The pre-trib rapturist prays, "Don't you dare listen to Jesus. You take us out of this world!"

Which prayer is the Father more likely to grant?

(BTW, there was no rapture for the martyrs of the Empire, of the Red Curtain, or of the mahometan insurgency.)

Glory to Jesus Christ!

How To Have Communion
StrongAxe, have you heard of a toy called a jack-in-the-box?

The term originally was a mockery of the Reserved Sacrament.

I will mention here that devotions to the Reserved Gifts (as we call them) are unknown in Orthodoxy, except in the context of the Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Explain The Classic Creeds
StrongAxe, the driver's license manuals of every state in the Union do NOT call driving an "authority" granted by the state, but a PRIVILEGE (not even a "right") conferred by the State.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Is Yoga Against The Bible
I don't know what either Hallowe'en or Santa Claus has to do with yoga, Rita. Do you?

When I was growing up, Hallowe'en was a harmless children's masquerade, but it's become something less wholesome today, I know.

I see NOTHING wrong with telling children that Santa Claus is a game we play as the Nativity According to the Flesh of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ approaches.

But also tell them about the historical St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra.

Christian meditation is to keep one's mind on God. Pagan meditation is to make the mind a blank--and we know who will write in it then.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

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