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Church Into A Mosque
It's the mahometans that do that. It has happened to Orthodox a lot and still happens.

The real question, Steveng, is how would you feel of the mahometans turned YOUR worldly denominational "church" into a mosque?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Are Jews Christians
I don't know anyone trying to stop them, at least in the Yew Ess of Aye. Do you, Nicole?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Filioquism Means
I don't expect you to understand this issue, Jerry. You need to be spiritually minded to do so.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Believe The Classic Creeds
\\After all these years, I still searching for something which is right about them!
---Rob on 12/7/16\\

1. Belief in the Virgin Birth of Our Lord.
2. Belief that He is the Only-begotten Son of God.
3. Belief that He was truly crucified.
4. Belief that He rose from the dead.
5. Belief in His imminent personal return as Judge.
6. Belief in our own bodily resurrection at that time.

Will these do as a beginning of a list of things that are RIGHT about Roman Catholics?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Does Pope Embrace Evolution
How God speaking in eternity and how it is revealed in and affects the temporal physical universe is a mystery beyond my comprehension.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Filioquism Means
Reuben, all you're doing is proving my point.

Have you read MYSTAGOGY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT by St. Photios?

And can you give any Eastern Fathers, with quotes from their writings, that taught double procession?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Filioquism Means
\\And he showed me a river of water of life, ...Recall Jesus words in John 7:38-39,

"He that believes in me [Jesus], as the scripture says: Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. AND NOW HE SAID THIS OF THE SPIRIT "\.

\\BTW- The same Greek word(proceed) use in John 15:26 is use in Rev 22:1\\

There are actually TWO words in Greek that mean "proceed": PROINAI and POREVEI.

One can say in Greek that the Holy Spirit PROINAI from the Father and the Son, but that's NOT the word used in the Greek version of the creed, which necessitates a SINGLE source for procession--otherwise you get heresy.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Filioquism Means
Thank you, Reuben.

Yes, the sentence structure indicates that while Jesus SENDS the Holy Spirit, It PROCEEDS from the Father alone.

Without getting too complicated, in Greek to say that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son is basically Sabellianism.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Filioquism Means
But you say, "according to His words", this is not so? \\

Jesus specifically referred to the "Comforter, Who proceedeth from the Father." He did NOT say "from the Father and Myself."

I'm sorry I'm having computer problems. Otherwise, I could provide the Scripture reference here.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Finish It Here Dec 2016
\\Since I have addressed your statement with strongaxe and Brendan, I would like for you to now please give us all the EXACT VERSES in both Obadiah and Esther where their authors claim to not be writing scripture??

---john9346 on 12/2/16\\

john9346, please quote the exact place where author/s of Maccabees do NOT claim to be writing scripture.

YOu have to be willing to do the same thing you ask me to do.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Pledge Of Allegiance
\\ I'll bet some of your denomination are pro-abortion also. The vast majority of SDA's are not.

---Jerry6593 on 12/2/16\\

Note that Jerry admits that members of the SDA are pro-abortion.

The official policy of the SDA in this grave moral issue is definitely pro-abortion.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Filioquism Means
\\So, do I understand correctly what you mean? And if so, why is this considered a heresy, if it fits with what Jesus Himself does say?\\

The Orthodox do not deny that there is a manifestation IN TIME by the Son, who prays to the Father to send It.

However, the ETERNAL PROCESSION of the Holy Spirit is from the Father alone, as Jesus said that the Comforter (Holy Spirit) proceeds from the Father alone, according to His own words.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Jewish Hanukkah Feast
\\strongaxe said, "It's really quite simple. Example every single verse of the books of Obadiah and Esther. If any of those verses say the books are scripture, Cluny's statement is proven false. If NONE of them say the books are scripture (which they don't), Cluny's statement is proven true.

Sir, you and Cluny both "Time and time again." have been shown and corrected factually on this same objection.\\

Please give the EXACT VERSES in both Obadiah and Esther where their authors claim to be writing scripture.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Consumed In Previous Marriage
Does the step-daughter drop off her kids at your house or his?

Your beau might be a fine man, but he doesn't sound like he's ready for marriage at this time.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Verbally Abusive Wife
Many women here make this complaint about their husbands. I always ask what their husbands had to say about them.

In fairness, I must ask you the same question: what does she have to say about you?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Trinity For Salvation
\\Christ is the burden removing, yoke destroying,\\

Where did you get that idea?

Christ Himself said to take HIS yoke upon ourselves, "For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Jewish Hanukkah Feast
kathr, I thought any rebuilt temple in Jerusalem would be the Temple of Antichrist.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Believe The Classic Creeds
]]Once received, attend a service of that church. The Spirit of Truth inside you will reveal the truth to you about that church.
---aservant on 11/25/16]]

The Spirit of Truth inside me has revealed the truth that the conventicle you attend is also a synagogue of Satan, aservant.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Denying Christ Is Only Way
\\ But you know, after rebuking them, I just dropped it and let them bask in their ignorance. \\

Let's see.

kathr misspelled "grammAr" twice in one posting, but **I** am ignorant?

BTW, "ignorance" is not supposed to be a perjorative. It simply means to not know something.

For example, I am totally ignorant of calculus.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

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