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Violating The Sabbath

You wrote (yet again): Matt 16:19

If I give you the keys to my house, that allows you to open and close the doors as you see fit. However, it DOESN'T give you the right to make duplicate keys, nor does it give you the right to change the locks.

Note that when Paul was asked what laws new believers should follow, he mentioned only four, and going to church was not one of them. Note that he also mentioned what I just said - he never required people to attend church (he just said "not to forsake assembling", but prescribed no penalty for that). Surely he could not have said that if Peter could and would override him.

Violating The Sabbath

You wrote: Since a "grave CAUSE" is needed to EXCUSE one from this obligation it would be a serious or MORTAL SIN to willfully skip MASS on Sunday...

Exactly! You just made my point! These rules place an additional condition for salvation on the FAITHFUL that was nowhere taught in the Bible, neither by Jesus, nor by Paul, nor by any of the other Apostles. Since this CHANGES the rules for salvation, it is "another gospel". Paul wrote that if ANYONE, even an angel from heaven, preached a gospel different from what he was preaching, he was to be condemned.

Violating The Sabbath

Google: "mortal sin" sunday, e.g.:

EWTN cites Canons 1247, 1248, hence:
Since a "grave cause" is needed to excuse one from this obligation it would be a serious or mortal sin to willfully skip Mass on Sunday or a Holy Day of Obligation, as the Church has always taught.

St. Paul Catholic Church: How often have we heard, If you miss Mass on Sunday then you are guilty of committing a mortal sin. Many of us were taught this from our childhood.

This and other sources say it is a "grave sin", and also that a "grave sin" becomes a "mortal sin" if you know it is grave, and do it willingly (Catechism 1857-1859).

Where Was Adam Made

You wrote: The Bible.

The Bible says HOW Adam and Eve were created, but it says nothing about WHERE.

Is Scott Roeder A Hero

You wrote: So tell me, HOW do you "know"?

I told you. I quoted two sites (which, admittedly, don't cite their sources, so I can't go deeper).

Me knocking down your statement isn't stating a fact, but challenging your statement as being a fact.

You statement can show that my numbers MIGHT be incorrect. Since you cite no sources, but merely personal opinion, they cannot show tha my numbers MUST be incorrect. At best, it reduces to "he said, she said".

NO ONE knows how many fertilized eggs dies-Me

That's not what you said. You said YOU KNEW that my numbers were incorrect, not that nobody knows if they're correct - which is very different.

How Does God Communicate

That is not at issue. Unfortunately, since we can't directly read God's mind, we can't directly access that knowledge ourselves.

I know "it is written" is irrefutable. That does NOT mean everything NOT written is not true. During NT times, all sayings of Jesus and Apostles were oral tradition, not yet written down - yet true anyway.



I never questioned that. However he never said "ONLY scripture".

By AD 66-68

I read Mt 70-100 or 80-85, Mk 68-73 or 65-70, Lk 85 or 80-100 or 80-85, Jn 90-100 or 90-100, so no.

where in 2 Tim 3:16 is this being taught??

Timothy relied on Paul's letters, which were not yet scripture.

Is Scott Roeder A Hero

You wrote: Again it is you making the claim as a FACT, not me.

I am claiming a fact - by citing sources. You are ALSO claiming a fact - by saying you "KNOW" something. So tell me, HOW do you "know"?

Neither are you. That's why I challenged you.

I know, which is why I cited other authorities. You just cited your own "knowledge".

Now you know why I asked you to cite your sources.

Which I did. I don't have the wherewithal to do the research, or track down THEIR sources ad infinitum. I asked YOU to cite YOUR sources, which you did not.

Violating The Sabbath

You wrote: Can't He change His mind?

Yes, he can. But he never said anywhere that he did.

BTW, observing the Sabbath on a Sunday ISN'T a damnable theological heresy.

No. Paul said one can worship whenever one wants. However declaring Sunday as a Holy Day of Obligation, thus accusing anyone who worships on Saturday (or any other day) rather than Sunday of moral sin - thus condeming him to hell, IS, because it adds new conditions to salvation that neither Jesus nor the Apostles ever taught (just like the Pharisees did). This falls foul of Paul's warning "If ANYONE preaches another gospel than the one I have been teaching you, even if it's an angel, he is to be condemned".

Finding No Love

You wrote: Again, love isn't finding the right person, but CREATING the right relationship.

That is so true. There is the storybook ideal, of finding one's "one true love", which is a perfect ideal in a perfect story. However, we are not perfect living in a perfect story. We are imperfect people living in an imperfect world. We have to make do with the situations we find ourselves in, and have to make the best with what we're given. Those who can do so live happy lives.

A couple of recent Disney films, Frozen and Maleficent, deconstruct the Disneyesque "storybook romance" ideal, and give us better ideas of what "true love" really means.

Is Baptism Public

Jesus didn't teach much really new or revolutionary, per se - he mostly just made people remember what had been taught by the prophets before, unburned by all the encrustations of centuries of man-made traditions. This was Judaism revitalized - just as what John the Baptist was teaching. He even said that he was not sent to all the nations, but only the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

It wasn't until after Jesus's resurrection that the Apostles began teaching about his atoning sacrifice, which is the core of Christian theology. Jesus gave them hints about this beforehand, but it was not part of his general teachings to the masses.

How Does God Communicate

You wrote: this is patently false historically. Note, Paul states, "All Scripture."

Yes. And at the time he was writing those words, scripture was the Old Testament only, because the New Testament did not yet exist. How is this "patently false historially"? Are you claiming that the New Testament was all written before Paul wrote to Timothy??

So is Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John not "Scripture." according to your understanding?

Not yet AT THAT TIME, because they had not yet been written. The gospels were written after the epistles.

Is Scott Roeder A Hero

You wrote: I kept saying it's impossible

You keep saying that, but how do you know you're right? Are you a biologist? I have cited my sources. You have cited only your own personal opinion. Opinions are cheap. Everybody has one.

It would be as if I said 99% of men DO NOT wash their hands after using the restroom.

And such a claim would be just as void of rigor, if it's a matter of pure opinion, not backed up by any facts or corroboration.

Violating The Sabbath

The sabbath day has been occurring since Genesis 1, and the Jews were commanded to observe it since Mount Sinai. Who had a good reason (let alone the authority) to arbitrarily discard it and replace it with another day? The sabbath has ALWAYS, since the dawn of creation, been from evening on the sixth day to evening on the seventh day (i.e. sunset Friday to sunset Saturday).

But remember the 'Whatever' in Matthew 16:13-19

You keep claiming he changed it, but where's the proof?

No they are not...

Once again, you totally missed my point - that even religious leaders who are the Approved Custodians of Truth are capable of the most damnable theological heresies.

Finding No Love
How can anyone truly know he is not "meant" to find love? For many people who think that, it just hasn't happened yet. For some, it never does, but that doesn't mean it was divinely ordained that way.

How Does God Communicate

That is boostrapping. If I write "theopneustos" on a piece of paper, does that suddenly make it the Word of God, and thus, me the author of the Word of God? No. Paul didn't establish scripture - it was already established long before he wrote that word - and, at the time he wrote it, scripture consisted ONLY of the Old Testament, as the New Testament hadn't even been written yet.

If Paul wanted to place himself above "God." ...

Paul was not above God. However, if WE derive OUR trust in God's word from THIS scripture, we must have trusted Paul FIRST, since we couldn't even believe that scripture until we first believed Paul.

Is Scott Roeder A Hero

You wrote: I knew it was IMPOSSIBLE unless they are speaking about Mothers using birth control pills.

And tell me please, just how you KNEW it was impossible? What are YOUR sources? You can't legitimately fault me for not citing my sources, unless you also cite yours.

In all of nature, the birth process is imperfect. Among some other species, the chances of eggs actually resulting in live births is astronomically lower (e.g. insects), without any help from man.

Violating The Sabbath

You wrote: Common sense will tell you that they knew WHY it was a good reason to change the 3rd (4th) Commandment date.

Then please explain your "common sense" reason of this, because it certainly doesn't seem "obvious" to me. Why do something directly against one of the most basic commandments?

Yet Jesus STILL told the people to OBEY THEIR TRADITIONS that went ahead of the actually law:

My point was that, despite their ecclesiastical authority, Jesus frequently chastised them. He never screamed at adulteresses or thieves (ten commandments notwithstanding), but DID scream at Pharisees. What makes you think RCC leaders are immune to the same errors the Pharisees made?

How Does God Communicate

Once again, you missed my point. I was addressing ONLY your comment that the Bible says "alone". To THAT ISSUE, authority is irrelevant. It doesn't matter who wrote the bible, or what authority it has. It just matters whether the words you said are there - and they aren't.

you can not give us another authority where Paul states the words, "Theopneustos."

No, I can't, because he didn't. So what? I never said I could. Is Paul the sole arbiter of what God can and cannot do, above even God himself? I think not.

When the Lord Jesus Christ...

Not entirely. People saw that he had real authority, more than the priests and scribes (who only quoted scripture).

How Does God Communicate

I was challenging your assertion that the Bible says "alone". Authority has nothing to do with what the Bible actually says (which can be verified by direct examination), only whether people believe it.

1. What other authority did Paul state the words, "Theopneustos." in 2 Tim 3:16 meaning God-Breathe.

That statement can only be as reliable as the one who said it. If you trust it, you must also trust Paul at least as much (which answers your second question).

Also, Paul's statement that X is inspired has no bearing on whether or not Y or Z are also inspired. If I say "bread is nutritious", it DOESN'T imply rice is useless. Elementary logic!

Is Scott Roeder A Hero

You wrote: Cite your sources what you claim.
I wrote: I did, in the very first post where I mentioned this fact.
You wrote: No you didn't. I scrolled down and couldn't find one source proving your statement.

You didn't look closely enough. On 9/14/16, I quoted: From uscfhealth: In nature, 50 percent of all fertilized eggs are lost before a woman's missed menses.

google: natural percentage embryo implantation

The first article listed, "Is Heaven Populated Chiefly by the Souls of Embryos?" says 60-80% (depending on when you start counting).

The article I quoted earlier was "Conception: how it works" from USCF Medical Center.

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