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What Is A Terrorist

You wrote: They are exploiting us for votes.

And the Republicans are exploiting Christians for votes by holding up certain tasty carrots like "ban abortion" and "freedom of conscience", while espousing a platform that otherwise diametrically opposes almost everything Jesus himself taught.

Google: "Christians in the hands of an angry God"
The first link is part 1 of an excellent 5-part article by Brad Hicks from 2004.
The second link is a similar 2005 article reposted by Kim Chalister, with links to all 5 parts of Brad's article.

Who Are Pharisees Of Today

If people lose a tool (e.g. a bible they study with), they may go get another.
If people lose an item they use for remembrance (e.g. a photo), they may go get another.
If people lose a magic talisman, they rush to get a replacement, and freak out because they fear they are no longer protected. THAT is the difference.
If people's faith is truly in God, losing an object that reminds them of God is no big thing. But if they are worshiping the object itself, losing or desecrating it causes great fear and outrage.

Per your example, the people knew God, yet made a golden calf and said "THIS is the God who led us out of Egypt".

What Is A Terrorist

Republican party came into power to STOP Slavery.

Yes. THEY were the liberals 150 years ago. Not now.

I just know HOW Leftists think.

I don't think that way. I guess that means I must not be a leftist, according to you.

What Is A Terrorist

Exactly! You just prove my point! That was then. Today, it's Democrats who support liberal policies like the Civil Rights Act and others to reduce racial inequality, while it's Republicans who consistently undermine such policies (e.g. gerrymandering and voter ID laws that disenfranchise mostly African Americans). The big reversal came around the 1960s, when all the racist "Dixiecrats" jumped ship and became Republicans.

Go back to your safe space in Canada

Let's discuss this as soon as you go back to England.

(Weakhatchet, Demoncrats, snowflakes)

Yet again, you are incapable of discussing things rationally without name-calling. Grow up. PLEASE.

Faith For Food

You wrote: I disagree. Many Martyrs do get all the things you mentioned. Paul is one of them.

That doesn't matter. As long as even ONE doesn't, it means the promise is not absolute.

Matthew 6:25-33 is speaking about rewards during life.

Exactly. I very specifically said that I was referring ONLY to this very specific passage, and its promises for this life. The fact that martyrs preferred the rewards of the next world over the ones in this word does not alter the fact that they were promised rewards in this word, but did not receive them.

What Is A Terrorist


People keep forgetting Democrats were originally conservatives and Republicans were originally liberals - they only switched polarities around the 1960s. Look at ideologies, not party names. This was started by a conservative and ended by a liberal.

Not like Bush.

Really? Why would people hate Bush more than Obama? Maybe because he messed up more?

Osama Bin Laden is English?

We were talking about MOST, not ALL of them. Remembering ONE is easy.

I am waiting for a Leftist to demand all babies for sickle cell testing because it is racist to only checking Black babies.

Setting fire to your own straw man again?

Who Are Pharisees Of Today

Many people use material objects like that as reminders or tools. Many others use them as good luck charms. The easiest way to tell the difference is to see how they react when those items are damaged or misplaced. (The same also applies to things like flags, bibles, etc.)

Creation of holy water is a procedure that imparts a permanent, unmeasurable, allegedly supernatural quality to a material object. This is, by definition, magic, no different from creating a talisman, amulet, etc.

Why do Christians have funerals and graveyards? Did most of us somehow miss the memo?


There is so much information out there, it's hard to tell which is true and which is false.

How Real Is Satan

You wrote: In Jesus Christ, in essence, a true believer is reassured that its soul is hid from Satan!

True. However, one common errors that arises from this is to lapse into complacency (e.g. "I'm safe, so I don't need to be vigilant").

Matthew 24:24
For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Hinder Walk With Jesus

You wrote: You and I disagree on many things, but we don't hate each other because of our views. This is why we can discuss things on which we disagree, in a mature matter.

Exactly right! It's possible to discuss and debate opinions about facts, but once one has declared someone an enemy and hates him, it's battle without quarter, and it can never benefit anyone.

Faith For Food

You wrote: Depends on what Reward are you looking for the Martyrs?

Matthew 6:25-33 is very clear what it is talking about - food, drink, clothing, etc. I was referring very specifically to this, and this only - that, despite this scripture, martyrs do NOT have "all these things added to them", but rather, suffer persecution and death.

I never said that martyrs are wrong in denying themselves - only that the above scripture is not absolute, because it manifestly does not apply to them.

What Is A Terrorist
kathr4453: SCOTUS ruled it constitutional, and only changed their minds later.

Jerry6593: I never defend Muslim terrorists - just the 99.9% NON-terrorists. German Americans were not dangerous either - just Germans in Germany.


ALL presidents and families have bodygurds during and AFTER their terms. It's the law. Plus, many STILL hate Obama.

My human comment was reductio ad absurdum. It is equally illogical to mistrust all Muslims because a few are terrorists, as humans for the same reason.

We don't remember most Muslim attackers' names because non-English names are harder to remember.

Whites CAN'T get sickle-cell, but non-Muslims CAN be terrorists.

Stop Smoking Cigs

Plus, they shouldn't have started smoking in the first place.

While that's true, it's better to spend one's effort in finding a solution (Jesus's attitude) rather than fixing blame (the Old Testament attitude). There are many reason why people start smoking (e.g. stress, boredom, peer pressure), but the reason why rarely matters when trying to quit.

Who Are Pharisees Of Today

You wrote: I am saying a physical healing, I am speaking on Spiritual healing.

What is the difference?

The only one I can see is that we can't actually see spiritual problems, so it's easier to blithely assume that prayers for mental and spiritual healing are answered, as we can't easily see direct physical evidence that they aren't.


Some burn colored candles beause the colors have specific magical significance. Others burn them because they are pretty. How are you such an expert about what colors witches use?

What Is A Terrorist

Muslims killing Muslims is not a hate crime. Muslims attacking a group of people, sparing the Muslims but killing only the Christians IS a hate crime.

Since 99.9% Terrorism are Mulsim you NARROW your profile to all Muslims.

Nonsense. 100% of Terrorists are humans. Should we thus bar immigration by all humans?

sickle cell anemia

Terrorism is a choice made by ANYONE. Sickle cell anemia affects only Africans, but is not a choice.

Stop Smoking Cigs

Smoking is an addiction that is difficult to stop, not impossible. Nevertheless, the percentage of people who are able to quit it cold turkey is very low.

Who Are Pharisees Of Today

You wrote: But yes you will be healed!

Giving a 100% ironclad guarantee is a bad idea. Whenever someone prays (or goes through any sort of religious procedure) that is 100% guaranteed to heal them (or do anything else), and they are NOT healed, this only serves to weaken or eliminate their faith - because it puts their faith in the procedure rather than God.

CAN God heal anyone? Yes. Will God heal EVERYONE? No. Just look at the statistics of those who have prayed but not been healed.

What Is A Terrorist

A hate crime is where people assault others because they are from a particular class (e.g. white killing black, atheist killing Christian, etc.)

A terrorist crime is where people assault random people to foster terror to push a particular agenda.

The two are not exclusive. Blowing up a black church to push racial superiority is a terrorist hate crime. So is lynching (because it is specifically meant to send a message).

Your use of statistics is totally wrong. The chance that a random terrorist attack is from a Muslim is 99+%. The chance that a random Muslim is a terrorist is 0.015%. Big difference. More people die of cancer in hospitals than anywhere else. Should cancer patients thus avoid hospitals?

Faith For Food

Yes, I know. Martyrs hold fast to their faith, despite the adversity. I was not questioning that.

I WAS questioning the universality of assumption that "if you seek God and his righteousness, all these things will be added unto you". Martyrs are specific counter-examples, because rather than reaping the rewards of their faith, they suffer persecution and death specifically because of it.

Stop Smoking Cigs

By that reasoning, eating is also idol worship. Most people survive on one simple meal a day or less, so eating more than that would be gluttonly - and thus idolatry. Wearing more than the bare minimum rags is idolatry. Most of western society (including most of the lives of most Christians who live in western society) are idolatry. Do you also believe that?

In general, any habits (good or bad) can rise to the level of idolatry if they control you and you can't live without them, but not otherwise.

Is Waterboardiing Justified

Nobody has shown any EVIDENCE that there were millions of fraudilent votes.

The will of the majority of individuals was thwarted by that very rule (that the state imposed via the Electoral College). Also in 2004. Juas as you said (but you probably meant Trump was cheated, not Hillary).

To keep pervert Demoncrats from looking in.

Why, if you have nothing to hide? Because people want privacy EVEN IF they aren't doing anything wrong. People with proper ID shouldn't have to prove it belongs to them with photos. What next? DNA tests?


One case is not a problem. There was also a Trump woman who voted 3 times. Millions are a problem.
Again, how do you justify FLINT?

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