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Pledge Of Allegiance

It is still a choice. If you think the law is WORSE than jail, you will disobey it. I have a friend who violated a protection order and protested abortion clinics, and went to jail for contempt - because he felt very strongly about it.

Early Christians suffered even worse - they went to their deaths, ripped appart by lions in the coliseum, rather than burn incense to Caesar. Yet Jesus never told his followers to refuse to pay taxes because they were used to fund unjust causes. He said "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's".

You and I never came to an agreement about slavery.

Governors DO have the power to pardon people FOUND guilty. The best reason to pardon is if they are ACTUALLY innocent.

Does Pope Embrace Evolution

God spoke, but THEN what? Did they appear fully formed, or did skeletons appear first, then the muscles and skin? Did Adam and Eve have navels? The Bible does not get into such details.

Survival of the fittest is NOT about creatures acquiring new charcteristics (Lamarckianism). It is about a population that ALREADY has a few individuals who ALREADY have the ability to deal with new conditions, and when they occur, THEY survive while most others do not, so afterwards, the majority of the group has the characteristic. MRSA and DDT-resistant bugs are perfect examples of this.

I NEVER said I prefer random choice as my god. YET AGAIN, you create a straw man, burn it down, and dance on the ashes.

Pledge Of Allegiance

Jesus condemned sins committed by his people. He NEVER condemned violations by the Romans (e.g. butchery, slavery, idolatry, etc.). Why not?

Taxes that went to fund armies that conquered and enslaved nations, and forced them to worship pagan gods. Many Christians today refuse to pay taxes becaue the government uses those taxes to do things they disagree with - yet Jesus said pay them.

*I* never ENDORSED abortion either, yet *I* am accused of it here. Read my words carefully.

She ALSO HELPED a man GET OFF after KNOWING he was guilty

And Pence refused to help a man get off after knowing he was innocent.

Does Pope Embrace Evolution

How so? It provides a mechanism for how one species can evolve into another. It says absolutely nothing about how the first species itself occurred - whether it happened by itself, or whether it was guided by the hand of God. The only reason you think it supplants God is that it removes God from the equation entirely (and puts him ouside of it), and you feel personally threatened by that.

There are many Christians wbo believe in evolution - that is, God created the laws of nature, and via those very laws that he created, life evolved. Genesis said God created plants and animals, but does not say HOW he did it.

Natural selection is a process we can observe during our lifetimes. How about that?

Pledge Of Allegiance

Galatians 6:1: restore such an one in the spirit of meekness, considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.

Much judgment we see here is not meek reproof, but pharisaical condemnation, despite Romans 8:1.

Matthew 18:15-17: Many people here skip right to the last part.

Ezekiel is in the OT, more judgmental and less forgiving.

Jesus said in Matthew 7:1-5 (also Luke 6:37):
"Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."

So, only dish it out if you're prepared to receive the same back in kind.

And from Paul, Romans 14:13.

Pledge Of Allegiance

You wrote: In Afghanistan the LAW OF THE LAND allows upper case men RAPE BOYS.

If we were discussing Afghani politicians, that would be a relevant subject to be discussing here.

YEA, let others RAPE the BOYS. Who are we to JUDGE?

2000 years ago, Rome conquered other nations, tortured and enslaved their citizens, raped their women, forced them to worship pagan gods, and collected taxes to support all that. Did Jesus condemn all of that, and command his followers to do so? No. He said, "Pay unto Caesar what is Caesar's".

BTW, neither am I of rape.

Yes, but nobody, especially Haz2, has accused you of that.

Does Pope Embrace Evolution

Evolution says absolutely nothing about God, neither for NOR against. It is only Chrisitans who are insecure about thier faith who FEAR that Evolution might God unnecessary, so they see it as a threat to their insecure faith. This is why they have such opposition to it. I don't see such venomous opposition to non-scientific theories (like astrology, quack medicine) that don't seem to be a threat to their faith. So it isn't about science, but rather about fear.

People who are secure in their faith have nothing to fear from others who believe differently than they do.

Pledge Of Allegiance

Hicole called Hillary a murderer for supporting abortion - yet that IS CURRENTLY THE LAW OF THE LAND, whether you like it or not. If you don't like it, don't do it, but you can't fault civil servants who have sworn an oath to uphold the law of the land for doing so. If you are such a civil servant, you have a choice to uphold the law, or relieve yourself of the responsibility to do so by resigning (unlike Kim Davis, who tried to have her cake and eat it too).

BTW, I do not personally favor abortion.

Nicole_Lacey: I did not say Clinton was involved in abortions, merely that as a government official, it was her job to enforce U.S. laws, whatever those laws happen to be.

Pledge Of Allegiance

Google: "trump lied more than once a minute"

You called her a KILLER - a charge of murder. If she never actually killed anyone, or got anyone killed, this is "bearing false witness".

(I assume you meant "overseas"). That is the purvue of other nations, not ours. Besides, her job is to enforce U.S. law, which currently allows abortion. If you don't like it, change the. Don't blame government officials from enforcing laws they have sworn a sacred oath to do.

How is my standard odd? Voter fraud is ALWAYS bad, but measures that disenfranchise many legitimate voters but stop no ACTUAL voter fraud are deceptive and manipulative.

Haz27: WHAT DEM fraud? Show evidence!

Does Pope Embrace Evolution
Because you do have an ANSWER to WHERE does God come from.

You are totally willing to accept God's claim of where he came from without question, yet you demand a much stricter standard from evolutionists. How is is "scientific" to hold scientists to a different standard than you hold God? And how is is FAIR to hold scientists to a HIGHER standard than you hold God? That is not science. It is religion.

This is not to say that faith and belief are bad, but let us not delude ourselves and others and call it science.

Pledge Of Allegiance

Those who listened to debates pointed out lies. They were available for anyone to verify (i.e. they quoted what Trump said, and facts that contradicted his statements). In many cases, they were Trump contradicting himself (e.g. he said one thing, and later he never said that same thing).

Please show how many babies Clinton killed, or died as a result of her actions. If you can't, by biblical perjury law, you are guilty for DOUBLE the damages you impute to her.

Clinton accepted result and didn't initiate recount until after Stein did. Meanwhile, Trump whines like a child that election fraud deprived him of popular vote (even though he ALREADY WON!) and opposes recounts that would VERIFY his win, if legitimate.

Does Pope Embrace Evolution
Nicole_Lacey wrote: Besides, how can you prove it evolved from anything if you won't look at WHERE it came from?

By the exact same logic, how can you claim God created anything if you won't look at WHERE God came from? You obviously don't have any problem with this, however.


If my statement that "life could just as easily use right-handed chemicals" is unsubstantiated conjecture, your statement that "life could not use right-handed chemicals" is JUST as unsubstantiated, since you can't prove that by lack of examples. All you can say is "no examples of that are known", not "it's impossible".

Jewish Hanukkah Feast
All this bickering about DNA analyses is counter-productive. We are told that "In Christ, there is no Jew nor Greek" - i.e. once we are in Christ, we should not worry about racial nor national differences, because what unites us is much more important than what divides us. Another: "Is Christ divided?".

The details of where we came from may be interesting, but they should NOT be used to divide us or cause strife and discord.

Does Pope Embrace Evolution

Do you never tire of such juvenile ad-hominem attacks? These are typically used when one does not have more compelling evidence to present.

Only left-handed ones can support life.

Not true. The life that is predominant on this planet uses only left-handed forms. A system using only right-handed forms would be equally viable. Whichever one formed first would tend to predominate.

Chemical Evolution has been abandoned even by experts who once taught it.

Maybe some. Not most.


Not at all. Evolution deals with how complex forms evolved from simpler ones, NOT how chemicals nor planets nor stars were formed. That is cosmology, a totally different science.

Jewish Hanukkah Feast

Harry Potter doesn't claim it's scripture either. Does that mean it is? The assumption "it's scripture unless it says it isn't" is absurd.

So you make claims and cant back them up really?

Obadiah 1:1 doesn't say Obadiah is scripture. ...
Obadiah 1:21 doesn't say Obadiah is scripture.
Esther 1:1 doesn't say Esther is scripture. ...
Esther 10:3 doesn't say Esther is scripture.

If you don't believe me, read them. I cited chapter and verse of 4 (blog limits prevent me citing or quoting all 188, but I'm sure you can read between ellipses).

The Bible never mentions Beyonce either. Will you believe that, or must I quote each of the thousands of verses that don't, just to prove it?

Does Pope Embrace Evolution

There was one experiment where scientists put a bunch of primordial gases (e.g. methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, water, etc.) into a sealed chamber and exposed it to the same kinds of energies present in a primordial earth (lightning, UV radiation, etc.). After a long time, the water was found to contain many more complex organic substances, including amino acids, and even nucleic acids, which form the basis for RNA and DNA. These all self-assembled over time.

(Again, my initial response to this was about twice what the blogs allow, so I have to gut half of it. Sigh.)

Jewish Hanukkah Feast

You wrote: Can you show this to us all?

The only way (i.e. for me) to show that a statement like this is true is to quote every word in every book in the bible, which is about as difficult. It is equally difficult to show that the Bible never mentions computers, or communism, or calculus.

However if such a statement were false (e.g. a claim that the Bible never mentions Egypt), rather than challenging someone to prove that it never does, it would just be trivially easy to show an example where it does.

So, please show me which books DO claim they are scripture, as that is MUCH easier than my quoting the complete contents of every book in the Bible (which would certainly exceed the 125 word limit).

Trinity For Salvation

You wrote: So I am sure you are now going to show us where in the scriptures "trinity" and "Deity of Christ" are found.

Right before 1 Phlebotomists 3:16, the verse that says "Thou shalt not have blood transfusions".

Does Pope Embrace Evolution

Many experiments validate small pieces of the evolutionary model. Some scientists cooked basic chemicals in primordial environments and produced complex organic compounds found in life. Unfortunately, one cannot perform experiments to validate pieces of the creation model.

Even if you can't call evolution Science, doesn't mean it's OK to call creation Science.

It was renamed to avoid confusing the uneducated. Many deniers say "It's colder in XYZ so it must be false!". E.g. Gulf Stream moves, so areas it used to warm are now colder. Some areas may get colder, but the world as a whole is getting warmer.

Proved false? How? By whom? Most scientists believe in it.

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