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Hypostatic Union
The biggest problem is with the mystical jargon.

Two natures - human and divine ?? What is a "nature" and how does someone classify it or them as human and/or divine?

People also use phrases lime "sin nature" and "righteous nature"

So...what is a nature?

What Is Tithing
"Ah, but who to study under, or who to ask? A lot of the "authorities" have no one over them to correct, reprove, etc. If there is nobody over them, how will they follow the "party" line, so to speak?

There is a chain of authority in the RCC that tells Nicole what to study and whom to ask."


Well, either nobody told her or she didn't listen.

It's already there in the scriptures. If the layman wasn't treated like a moron in the RCC, maybe more would feel comfortable reading for themselves

Is Saving Faith A Work
"It must be an awful thing to wonder If you are one of the elect.....
I can't understand what a Calvinists faith is in if they have to WONDER if they are the elect.....
hoping their works is proof? But again back to works....if some get burned up, how can anyone be sure their works are acceptable to God?"

That's the whole point I've been making.

As soon as you adopt the notion that "saved folks have saved ways" you MUST open yourself to introspection.

What you've espoused is exactly what you're now speaking against

And if your doctrine doesn't make you doubt your salvation, then you don't really believe it

Is Saving Faith A Work
"JamesL, There is problem with your statement that works are from Calvinism...."
---Samuelbb7 on 5/10/16

If only I had made a statement like that.

What I have stated, and clarified, is this - pretending that good works inevitably result from faith in Christ is a Calvinist notion.

Every command in scripture is given with the acknowledgement that the commands just might not be obeyed.

How many times do we see:
If you....
But if you don't....

And if you think good works are inevitable for a believer, just how is there room for a believer to be damned for not obeying?

That's entirely inconsistent.

Is Saving Faith A Work
I really don't think you've understood my objection at all.

You keep tossing personal insults as if they're useful. Well, if your doctrine is true, then maybe that's the fruit you want to be judged by?

I haven't objected to works, I've objected to the Calvinist notion that good works are inevitable.

You seem to think that a man can hope in Christ, but that a lack of works disqualifies his faith.

If so, then how does his faith become genuine? With a different set of facts? By learning about works?

Or maybe the more he insults people the closer his faith gets to being "real" ??

Is Saving Faith A Work
I hope you don't feel offended, but I really don't have the stamina anymore to trudge through your arduous posts.

We agree on quite a bit, but your Calvinist "P" simply doesn't stand up to scripture.

If it did, you'd simply quote 2 or 3 scriptures that plainly teach it, rather than 4 paragraphs of incessant ranting.

What Is Grace
"Don't you need to do something to receive the free gift of the Holy Spirit, according to (Acts 2:38)?"
---David on 5/8/16

Only if you're an Old Testament believer, living in Jerusalem temporarily, complicit in the death of Christ, and hanging around when a bunch of believers just had the Holy Spirit poured out on them

Nowadays, you would receive the Holy Spirit when you believed the gospel

Is Saving Faith A Work
"The Bible does teach that Faith works and works until the end....

Revelation 2:26
And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:
Revelation 3:5..."
---Samuelbb7 on 5/8/16

I never said anything to the contrary.

What I've disputed is the false notion that good works, endurance, etc are INEVITABLE.

Scripture calls believers to walk, follow, deny self, endure, and all manner of imperatives.

If good works are inevitable for a believer, why do you preach to believers that they should do them? Seems awful silly, no?

Is Saving Faith A Work
that is a Calvinist teaching, it's the "P" in TULIP - Perseverance of the Saints

It's a works doctrine that tries to classify faith into categories like genuine, real, spurious, false, etc.

Faith is not "real" faith unless it has the end. Not only is that NOT taught in scripture, it undermines the security of the believer because the end supposedly validates the beginning.

But here you are in the middle, like Peter. "I won't deny you, Lord." But Satan might have asked to sift you.

You were called to follow. You have a part that's not automatic.

Is Saving Faith A Work
"If we look at the parable of the 4 soils, we see only the last are truly saved"

That's an unfounded presumption.

The text never states that only the last are anything other than fruitful.

And "truly saved" is a redundant misnomer. Either you're saved or you're not. There's no "almost" saved or "false" believer or "true" believer.

Good works are not inevitable for a believer, and you cannot hold that Calvinist tenet without first rejecting scripture

Is Saving Faith A Work
If you believe true Christians cannot help it, that there's an inevitability of good works, do you then subscribe to the eternal security of the saints? That a true Christian cannot fail in finality and cannot be lost?

Is Saving Faith A Work
"Conviction and reliance can't be seen or touched like a Bible.....

Faith is NOT a work."
---aservant on 5/3/16

100% right

Faith is not a spiritual water gun, which God puts in our hand, then we aim and shoot.

Faith is conviction by the Holy Spirit and enlightenment by the Holy Spirit.

What Is True Worship
Michael e,
I'm not sure you understand what "saved" means in scripture

Salvation is an Eschatological reality regardless of Testament

What Is True Worship
Or else you become a victim of satan, and end up in hell"

Have you not been forever perfected by the blood of Christ?

"Dead means just that, that faith without works is not alive, there is no faith!"

How is it called faith, if there is no faith?

"You insult Scripture, and not me when you say these things"

I don't understand how that's supposed to be applicable to my statement

What Is True Worship
"You have to have BOTH works and faith."
---Monk Brendan

Or else ??

"Faith without works is dead."

Wat does "dead" mean?

"Works without faith are useless."

Depending on the context, works might be useless even with faith

What Is True Worship
And the most condemnation falls upon those who have read James 2:18, and do not follow it, or judge harshly those that do.
---Monk_Brendan on 4/28/16

You apparently haven't read 3:1
Don't many aspire to be teachers, knowing we shall receive a stricter judgment

BTW, in 2:14 the question must be him from what?

The Sons Of God
As Trav has already quoted, it is the sons who will receive an inheritance.

The power to become a son of God is the Holy Spirit, as michael e. stated.

This is what Paul was referring to in Romans 2:6-7

To those who by doing good seek honor and glory and immortality. ..then he went on to say we have all sinned and dallen short of this glory. But in Christ we can obtain this glory. Hebrews 2:9-10 He is bringing many sons to glory

Are There 11 Commandments
"...the Ten Commandments, at the very least, are God's Laws and are of sufficient importance to Him that He wrote them himself in the permanency of stone...."

Where are the tablets now?

"...But these 10 you claim to not be binding while concluding that others are. Strange!"

It is strange. Along the same lines, scripture never dices the law into categories like moral, cermonial, blah blah blah

The Law is the whole law. So....

when was the last time you put a booth on your rooftop?

Soul Before Birth
"...The first soul was Fathers creation. "The LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and adam became a living soul." Each subsequent soul is a result of that creation, brought forth through the process of childbearing. Which is why the woman was called Eve."
---josef on 4/8/16

Scripture doesn't support Traducianism. Only our body comes through procreation. Our spirit comes from God.

Zechariah 12:1
The Lord, who stretches out the heavens and forms the spirit of man within him

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