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Prayer For President Trump
By the same Token Bill People around the world should be praying for president Trump. I do however accept your rebuke. Tell me, when was the last time you saw a flesh and bone spiritual body, (in this case Satan's church) rise up with one accord all at the same hour against one singular man? Jesus didn't even have such a spiritual attack against him by the people of Israel. Sure, he had a nation turn on him as haters but that is different than people evoking Satan against 1 mere man. The fact is this was an unprecedented attack the likes of which the world has NEVER and will never see again. I did pray for those witches by the way and thanks to all who stayed up at midnight and took the fight to the gates of Hell with me. God Bless you.

Saved By Following Bible
David, many have tried to explain the apparent differences betwix the gospel of Christ and the hyper grace teachings of Paul. All sorts of ideas have been cooked up to deal with this. One such is that Christ preached to a pre cross Israel,(John3:16?) another says there are two different gospels, in truth they are the same and should be reconciled. Even among the four gospels there is a marked difference in the tone of the writings between the synoptics and John's gospel. Harmonize those four and you'll see Paul preached the exact same message. My opinion is that different authors had different emphasis. Do a word search in Paul's letters on the word "if" and check out what you find.

Saved By Following Bible
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say NO, they won't be saved by "ONLY" following Jesus' teachings in the gospels.

Jesus said that in the last day many would say Lord Lord, did we not do all these works...? You know how the saying ends. Either God saves us or we're lost.

That which is born of the flesh is flesh! Either you are born twice and die once or you're born once and die twice, but flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.

Love Your Enemies
In the case of Pope Francis, I do not believe these are the deluded rants of an aging fool. Far from it. These opinions mirror the talking points of our media, and they get their talking points from the council on foreign relations and the Tri-Lateral commission. Elements of the shadow government and global banking cabal bent on subverting this unique governmental experiment we call "America."

Their plan was steam rolling until TRUMP happened.

Love Your Enemies
"Christians are saying so much about Muslims, but little or nothing about native-born killers of unborn people.


---Bill on 2/20/17

Well I speak for me in saying that the Muslim situation if unchecked would be chaos upon chaos. Yes it's bad that we have abortion, but RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK in America there is an active disinformation campaign being spread concerning the danger/lack of danger in taking Islamic refugees. The Saudis took none for the longest time because "it would increase the risk of terrorism" in their country. This is a mistake where 1 bad egg can literally blow up the refrigerator. It's not more important, but to me it's more urgent.

Love Your Enemies
A distinction should be made, I debate Muslims all the time about THEIR religion, and you'd be shocked at how many of them don't know what's in their Qu'ran. Just Friday I opened the eyes of a man born into Islam here in the US and he didn't know Surah 5:51 that forbids him from taking Jews and Christians as friends.

So while most Muslims are decent people we should all be aware that their Qu'ran (in numerous passages) has ordered them to fight subdue and if necessary kill us. For some to get radical all it takes is for them to get serious about following their religion. This is why we shouldn't import Muslims.

Love Your Enemies
There's a difference between loving your enemies and giving up your life for them. Letting your enemy into your home is cruel to those that you love and are supposed to protect.

There comes a time for self sacrificial love, rarely is it for your enemies, yet this is exactly Jesus' example. Your job isn't to save the world though, his was. Be content, it's often enough that our own families hate us for Jesus and become enemies even if only for a while.

Loving sharks and swimming with them don't necessarily go together.

Favorite Translation Of Bible
I'm being censored.

What's the reason please?

Hypostatic Union
Well I recently decided not to make a determination on this issue, because I nor anyone else needs to know the end of the matter for certain to attain eternal life.

If people choose to believe in a spirit union pre-cross I like to simply provide a challenge to whatever they present so that they think it through. If you'd of come in favor of the other opinion I'd of done my best to do the same.

In either case the true challenge to both sides is to better know the life of Jesus and that's never a bad thing.

What Is The Condition Of Church
Kathr4453 were you a bigtime Obama Fan? Did you vote for Hillary and have a high case of the 'I hate Trump blues?' Is that why you're so against this verse being applied to America by our Christian Vice President Mike Pence?

I'll be honest, I thought it as much from the beginning and thought oh well let's play along and see if it's really about respect for the truth of God's word. I can't tell.

I still suspect the worst. Pray for our president if you don't. Pray for our nation. If he's really as much a demon as the news media has made him out to be, how much more ought we be praying? God Bless you abundantly for your faith in doing it. I suspect you will, Amen.

Not Under Parent Authority
Personally I think this largely depends on the culture. You could make a case several ways in the scriptures, but I don't see any clear definitive teaching on this subject in the New Testament.

Stop Smoking Cigs
I agree strongaxe, are you calling me Fat? :)

Seriously though, anything we are supposed to get from God that we use something material or otherwise created for (including our bodies of course) in my opinion is idol worship.

Some people use lies to gain honor when Jesus said we are to seek the honor that comes from God. Some will use people for self gratification. If we think deeply enough on our ways we'll find some idol worship, mankind is a worshiper by nature and no god more quickly worshiped than the golden image of self.

Hypostatic Union
For the sake of argument Mark, I could be possessed by the devil himself and the devil while yet inside me speaking through my vocal chords could rightly say he was the devil and be stating fact when in fact I myself (at least when I last checked) was not Satan.

Why is it a stretch to think that perhaps the man Jesus, the lamb of God, who also being the son of God having no earthly Father was in essence possessed (albeit by agreement) by the second person of the trinity???

After all how does God become "sin for us" (2Cor 5:21) or become a man (John 1:14) when he states plainly in Malachi 3:6 that he doesn't change?

Stop Smoking Cigs
Captivate this thinking:

Smoking is Idol worship. It is the god of your serenity. You go to the store and PAY homage to this god. You get into your car and believing in it's power to give peace light it. The lighter is a priestly vestment. It's part of your god's apparel. The ash tray is the altar whereupon you make the offering and the smoke are your prayers for the peace that your god provides.

My friend HATE YOUR gOD and confess your idolatry to the God of Heaven. If you haven't memorize 1John 1:9 and 1Corinthians 10:13 and call upon the God of Heaven for him to deliver according to his promises. Grace be with you.

What Is The Condition Of Church
I'm done with this. You talk a lot and say nothing. I showed you where Paul in the church age said that in Christ the promises of God (old testament scriptures) are yes and Amen when you said OT scriptures couldn't apply. Strike one

I showed you where Jesus himself said his "servants" (his words) committed "fornication" while you said it doesn't happen. Strike two

The only contention remaining is whether or not 2 Chronicles 7:14 can apply to a nation that was devoted to God that's not Israel. I say strike three, you say Ball one. I'm assigning myself as umpire and I say YOU'RE OUT. I could be wrong but you're still out LOL

-Drops mic-

What Is God's Role
God will be the judge, the disciplinarian (be it here or in Hell) and the spiritual doctor providing someone involved turn to him to be their peace.

God is the creator of all involved directly and indirectly and so he has a love for each and every one of you. You have the legal right to divorce him (scripturally) but don't forsake the business of putting his sin behind you and rightly forgiving it.

That is required no matter what you decide.

Hypostatic Union
"causes Jesus to not continue to be pre-existent"

Do you mean humanly pre-existent? I had never considered that he was, and if this is what you believe I'd love to see you build a case for it.

What Is The Condition Of Church
Okay so no answer to my question, I gave you verses where Jesus himself says his servants (church age believers) committed "fornication" and your idea to deal with that is to tell me I'm not saved.

That's great, good thing you're not in charge of Heaven because you're clueless about me, you have no business commenting on the fate or faith of others, that's very immature spiritually. Peace.

Recently Divorced Brother
I directed this fellow to read this blog and so I'm giving a proper chronology of events so the best understanding can be given to the responders:

1. Left wife
2. Dated several months (different women)
3. Met and had phone relationship to current wife/partner
4. Signed divorce papers the same day he left to be in her house
5. 2 years after was saved
6. lived together for four years & she got saved
7. married

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