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Saved By Following Bible
Josef, being born again by "the word of God", faith comes by hearing.

The last man Adam ( JESUS CHRIST, THE WORD) is that life giving spirit. The first man Adam is flesh.

Ye must be born again. WHY! Because in Adam all die. When we believe and put our faith in the promises of God, AKA FAITH, then we are crucified with Christ, where our old man (flesh) died with Christ SO THAT when we are raised up together with Him...that is when we are Born Again.
God does not force the New Birth on anyone against their will or knowledge.

Who Are Pharisees Of Today
I recall recently There was a group who thought they found King Richard. They were fairly sure, however they needed an ancestor of King Richard to do a DNA test to make an absolute positive ID. They found one and YES, it is King Richard. But Peter....who claims to be his descendent that a DNA test can prove that?

I wonder how that was done with Peter? Interesting a Priest in Jerusalem found Peters grave site, where it was marked Simon Peter, along with others, and told the Pope. The Pope said DONT SAY A WORD., and then came out and made some announcement that Peters bones were found in Rome. I believe Peters grave is in Jerusalem. And there is no absolute proof that anyone can prove the bones in Rome are Peters.

Saved By Following Bible
I think it's fair to say, the Holy Spirit AKA GOD, does not join Himself with sinners. He joins Himself with the NEW CREATURE. So, one must FIRST be justified by the Blood of Jesus Christ , that is, cleansed of sin, not covered, before the Holy Spirit can live in or enter or even seal us. Why does the first step of justification always seem to me missing in many of these discussions?

We also enter a new and living way, through the veil, that is to say His flesh.

Saved By Following Bible
I think it's fair to say that Being Born Again of the Spirit, what Acts is referring to does take obedience...that is obedience of faith.

And then the Gifts or Fruit of the Spirit, one being Love, is freely given to those now in Christ. However even bearing fruit does again need to be accompanied by obedience of walking in the spirit and not in the flesh.

To suggest we are rag dolls having nothing to do with any participation whatsoever is not taught in scripture.

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
Oh, the most glaring one of all. That Jesus has the spirit of Melchesedek.

Isn't this all Mormonism Aservant?

Is that what is behind this assault? My pointing out this is all Mormonism? Many here don't agree with one another, but you have taken it to a new level.

You can campaign here all you want, but I'm still going to go on preaching the CROSS, and how we can come boldly to the throne of Grace without putting money down first.
And how Jesus was made a curse for us, that we are no longer under the curse of the law , and that we don't have spirit babies with Jesus, and rebuke all your false teachings. Got that?

Who Are Pharisees Of Today
Nicole the Jews didn't take Joseph's bones to venerate. They moved his casket, his Body most probably wrapped in grave cloths, or however they prepared the body for buriel, and buried him in the promised land as Joseph asked. Do you think they unwrapped his grave cloths and put his bones on display? And you think this and that's why you put Peters so called bones on display......HEATHAN HEATHAN HEATHAN PRACTICE.

Often times, people are moved from a burial place to their home or family grave yard. This is not some sick practice of digging up bones and venerating them. Joseph wanted to be with his own people, his family. His bones were never on display, nor are the bones of those who have passed where graves are moved.

What Is The Condition Of Church
Well it appears no one has answered this question. ...WHAT LAND IS 2 Chronicles 7:14 referring to.

It's actually wrong to use scripture to mislead people. And this one is a total misleading for any Christian anywhere. Christians TODAY are IN CHRIST. And the way one comes to be IN CHRIST is to be crucified with Christ and raised a New Creature. Our old sin man is DEAD in Gods eyes, SO, this cannot be addressing those IN CHRIST. We're waiting FOR Jesus, not healed land.

However it did address the NATION of Israel. A Nation of people addressing the NATION OF ISRAEL...THAT LAND. Under the Law, when one sinned THEY ALL SUFFERED AS A NATION. This is not true for the BOC. If you sin, I am not punished for it.

Saved By Following Bible
David, Peter preached the Gospel of Christ, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He said they were EYE WITNESSES. Peter did not preach a different gospel than Paul. All one has to do is read Peter epistles to know he didn't. Peter preached GRACE, and the fellowship of His sufferings. 1Peter 4. And to be made partakers of His Divine nature IS also the MYSTERY of Christ in You...THE ONLY WAY one can be partakers of His divine nature. 2 Peter 1. Is Christ In You.

Peter did tell those that Paul had a deeper understanding and may be hard for them to understand, but NEVER SAID HE didn't understand it. Peter also said, those who argue against Paul do so to their own destruction, again showing solidarity with Paul.

How Real Is Satan
Satan is very real. He and all his munchkins under him, to cause mayhem to the People of God. He does this of his own free will, knowing he has only a short time do we.

God gave the Angels a choice when Lucifer fell, and 1/3 chose Lucifer. Now he is after you.. Who will you choose...LIFE of DEATH. Gods way or Satans way. Satan hates God with everything in him....and he hates man too.

CHOOSE LIFE! CHOOSE GOD'S WAY? THe Lord has made a way for man to be redeemed. There will be no redemption for angels.

What Is God's Role
God JUSTIFIES THE UNGODLY, so NO, the heart of man does not have to change FIRST. We put our faith in the Promises of God, SO THAT we can be cleansed and changed, because we can't do it ourselves. Every sinner has the capacity to know he is a sinner and needs a savior. Good grief. Luke makes it sound like all men are phychopaths without a conscience. No Luke, we see those kind every day.....they truly have no conscience....but to say all men are this way is false.

Even a sinner knows when he speeds he's broken the law. And if he can't pay the fine, he's put in jail. BUT if someone offers to pay that say he's so brain damaged he can't make a decision and take up the offer?

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
Those who make false statements regarding Scriptural are called false teachers. THIS is what one is to judge, whether they be from the Lord or not.

Aservant has made many GLARING false statements regarding our faith.
1) that Christians are still under the curse of the law
2) we marry Jesus to have spirit children
3) if you are sick, it is because you or your parents have sinned, and you must confess yours and THEIRS as well,
4) Jesus needs your tithe/ money as a High priest to offer to God on you behalf so he can present your prayers to God.

So let's leave personal attacks aside and judge truth from lies.

Who Are Pharisees Of Today
Nicole, NO you would have accused them of Idolotry. Every blog you insert yourself into not knowing all the facts have misjudged and accused and made false accusations. You are projecting your own mind and actions here on to others. This one is all on you.

And to set someone up like that, to try and trick then into proving to you they would falsely accuse????.....well, I see Strongaxe did pick up his bat and went home....and for good reason. How dare you imagine in your imaginary world for the purpose of trying to set someone up so you can falsely accuse them, or bring them down to your level is SHAMEFUL.

You are beyond shameful. This is not what CN is for Nicole.

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
Nicole, off the wall comments don't justify lies.

The bible is very clear about NOT committing Adultry or fornication. Why would scripture say to do that unless you ARE the husband of the pastors wife DAAAAH!

Nicole, if it's all the same to you, I don't have time for your nonsensical posts that have nothing to do about nothing.

Is that how you think you prove truth from lies? But saying....well just because computers weren't in scripture...bla bla bla.

The only reason anyone uses that excuse is because they are UNLEARNED, and they think their argument is intelligent. WRONG! It only PROVES they are IGNORANT of the subject matter, already stuck their nose in, can't back out gracefully...SOOOOOOO they make up crap.

Who Are Pharisees Of Today
Nicole, Strongaxe imagining he was in the desert during bible times doesn't change the story. What Strongaxe may have imagined and what actually was happening ????Why would Strongaxe have imagined something different than what Was going on??? If he were in the desert, he would have been right in the middle of what was going on. If he were a spy look on from the mountains, he would have been a heathen. And what a heathen might have thought just looking on, could have imagined anything NOT OF GOD.

And Yes it was different Israelites , just like the RCCs relics today. You are not the same people as those during Jesus time either. Keeping relics for the purpose of venerating them is again IDOLOTRY. Take a lesson from 2 Kings.

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
Nicole, No actually this is what Aservant said. Aservant replied, (after I confronted him,) "yes because Jesus had the spirit of Melchizedek. " Then I said. WHAT! Jesus does not have the spirit of Melchesedek. I said WE can come to God through prayer on our own and Jesus does not have to offer tithes to pray to God for us to intercede for us. BUT when Jesus does intercede for us it's because of His Shed Blood....NOT MONEY.

So thats why I was confronting Aservant, before he got violent and accused me of being a sexual deviant. Crazy huh?

But you are right..ASERVANT MADE IT UP, because there are no scriptures to back up his post.

BUT if you could read and follow along , you would have known this already.

Who Are Pharisees Of Today
We need to understand that everything in the tabernacle, including the mercy seat, the ark, was made after a pattern of things in heaven. Before Jesus came, God drew pictures. Kinda like pictionary. Everything pointed to Jesus Christ. Everything.

Now Jesus has come, and there is no more need for the PICTURE GALLERY pointing to Jesus Christ.

But we do have certain groups who still believe having some sort of tangible artifacts is excusable, because after all, look at those Golden Angels over the ark.....

This thinking is wrong, because today we have all we need...the RISEN Jesus Christ.

Praying From A Book
Pardon the typo..the word is "imputed" .

We are justified by His BLOOD and saved BY HIS LIFE. No man has the power to forgive sin, but GOD through Jesus Christ and HIS shed blood. Even the High priests in the OT knew the blood of bulls and goats only COVERING SIN, as God instructed until the Messiah came. They never claimed to forgive sin either.

The Pharisees thought Jesus a blasphemer because He was forgiving sin. Jesus said all power is given me of the Father to forgive sin. This is stated through out the gospels. They wanted to kill Jesus then, stating ONLY GOD CAN FORGIVE SIN. They wanted to kill Jesus because they thought Jesus was saying HE IS GOD, ....... And HE IS.

Praying From A Book

Romans 3:25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God,

Actually Nicole, YES only God can forgive sin. No one can IMPURE righteousness to,anyone but God. It's whenYOU have placed your faith in Jesus Christ who died for your sin and rose again for your justification.

Have you been justified Nicole? That is something your church or popes or fathers have no power to do.

If the only thing you know is confession.....and you have never been justified....the Bible..God said you were Lost.

Believe God Nicole, not man or books....believe God.

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
Hebrews concerns the Deity of Christ. It also concerns the BLOOD of Jesus Christ. It just dawned on me that when I brought this up a few posts back, the priesthood is in reference to BLOOD. The priests offered sacrifices of blood, not MONEY, for the covering of SIN.

Please show supporting scripture under the Law or ANYWHERE ELSE, that God only heard prayers offered by priests where money was how prayer got through?

You sound like your in some scam teaching church fleecing the sheep.

You are being taught lies, and are passing those lies on to innocent people. We know the RCC fleeced the sheep re paying ones way out of pergetory...or paying through the nose for a divorce/annulment.....again, abusing the priesthood.

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