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Doctrine Of Immaculate Conception
//making Jesus the first sinless conception, not Mary.//

Neither were first but Adam.

//what exactly does the title "Full of Grace" mean? I certainly do not see that it means "sinless".//

Why not? God's Graces isn't sufficient to make Mary sinless?

//Mary had no grace of her own.//

Who claims that? Not Gabriel.

//means "Full of God's Grace" or "Highly Favored". Nothing more.---Mark_Eaton

I think Gabriel knows that, he knows God's Graces are powerful enough to keep one from sinning.

Do you believe you haven't kill someone due to you and not by God's Graces?

Gabriel is just stating facts. Mary was blessed with more of God's Graces than you or I.

Too Much Bickering
//Trump said:Why do I have to repent or ask for forgiveness, if I am not making mistakes?" 1 John 1:8
Who would you rather believe? Trump, or the Apostle John? I personally would rather trust John.---StrongAxeon 6/23/17

I don't have to answer a straw man's question because only one of your quotes is actually true.

You quoted John correctly, but not Trump.

Trump SAID drinking the wine and eating the cracker FORGIVES his sins.

You left out the words "..I try not to make mistakes."

Read NurseRoberts' blog. He quoted him using the word 'try'.

Are Current Events Bad
NurseRobert, the problem you have is that you can't see your own hate.

You refuse any authority. You are so mad at Trump that you can't see that your own party betrayed you not us.

The Right realized the RINO GOP betrayed us after the 2010, 2012, and 2014 elections.

So we ALLOWED a former Democrats (who saw the light) become our Republican President.

Not the Russians, we the PEOPLE.

He kept his promises. The man STILLS draws massive crowds 7 months after he WON the election. Did see him in Iowa?

Wake up and clean your own party and win some elections.

Complaining about us isn't cleaning your own house.

Our house is clean. It took 6 years, but we did it!

Do the same. Stop crying!

Give Up 501(c) 3 Status
//the use of "church," most christians believe that the churches mentioned at the beginning of Revelation are denominations.---Steveng

The Church isn't a denomination.

As a denomination isn't a Church.

Denomination means a part of a larger set or sect. Incomplete.

Church is complete and whole.

That's why we say: ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, APOSTOLIC CHURCH in our Creed.

Jesus NEVER spoke of His Church as plural

That's why Jesus said a branch can't live without Him the Vine.

Denominations tries to exist as a faction and not as a whole.

It's name explains that reality in itself.

That's why they are dying out. Not one Denomination has existed for more than 200 years.

Too Much Bickering
//I was referring to something he said on a different occasion. Google: Trump forgiveness---StrongAxe

I did Google exactly as you said and watched the video. He said drinking the wine and eating the cracker forgave his sin.

//His reponse: I try not make mistakes where I have to ask forgivness.---NurseRobert

Doesn't EVERYONE???

Note he didn't say I don't make mistakes. He said "I TRY not to make mistakes."

As I said before, you are taking Trump out of context.

I guess you don't need to try not to sin, but the REST OF US know we are NOT perfect.

After watching one video, I am not going to watch Cooper just to prove you are wrong. You intend to misunderstand Trump no matter what.

Doctrine Of Immaculate Conception
//If this is possible, then there would have been no need for Mary to be sinless.//

Remember, Mary's title is FULL OF GRACE proclaimed by the Archangel Gabriel because she still needed to be free of sin for Jesus to dwell in her womb.

The Holy of Holies (Ark of the Covenant dwelling place) was the holiest place in the world.

Shouldn't Jesus' 9 months of life have anything less?

//Mary would ALSO have had to have been conceived by another sinless mother,//

No, the Trinity prevented the stain of sin to seal Mary's soul at the very MOMENT she was conceive.

//Eve was NOT sinless,--StrongAxe

Eve was conceived without sin but she wasn't infused with the same amount of abundance of Grace as Mary.

Too Much Bickering
//Yet Trump boasts that he never did anything he needed to ask forgiveness for. This means Trump either a narcissistic non-Christian, or someone so holy he's on par with Jesus himself. Many of his followers believe the latter. I find the former more plausible.---StrongAxe on 6/21/17


1. Trump DID NOT say he didn't do anything wrong. Watch the video again.

He said drinking the wine and cracker forgives his sins.

He might be wrong, but he ISN'T saying he didn't sin.

To say it forgives means he KNOWS he sinned to be forgiven. Remember that's the excuse you all use against the Virgin Mary.

2. Your options of his character off a statement he DID NOT say isn't very nice of you.

Matthew 7:1

Doctrine Of Immaculate Conception
Cluny, they reposted my statement from the past.

I made that statement but it was a while ago.

Too Much Bickering
StrongAxe, as a Former Catholic I guess don't understanding or forgot about all forms of forgiveness as well.

In the Catholic and Orthodox Faith: drinking the Body and Blood does FORGIVES Venial sins.

Not in the Protestant Churches but because they don't have a Valid Priesthood. But Trump most likely BELIEVES his Church faith is just as good as the Catholic Church.

You and Nurse Robert took Trump out of context.

He was asked a question and he said drinking the little wine (because Protestants uses tiny vessels and crackers because that is exactly what it is in their church.) We don't use crackers so he wasn't making fun of the Catholic Church as most Protestants.

Too Much Bickering
//Trump's proclamations:

3. When I go to church and when I drink my little wine and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of forgiveness. I do that as often as I can because I feel cleansed.

Just what is Trump proclaiming?---NurseRoberton 6/19/17

Friend, why don't you answer your own question since you made up those proclamation?

You are too old for this and know better.

Cite those so call proclamations of Trump.

You had very were lengthy statements.
Copy and Paste your sources.

Or they are just as fake as the Washington Posts' Sources?

Doctrine Of Immaculate Conception
Gentlemen, IC means at the moment she was conceived from her father's sperm into her mother's egg, (Jesus'only grandparents) The Holy Spirit infused her with overabundance of God's Grace.

Saving her from original sin.
Because Jesus is an obedient Jew that needed an undefile Body to sacrifice for you and I.

God Saved her at her conception. That's why She alone is addressed by title by an angel not name. No else in the Bible. Go head and verify it.

Jesus follows God's commands.
since Mary body is only body Jesus will partake, it has to conceived without sin as Adam and Eve.

Stop Smoking Cigs
StrongAxe, the wall will pay for itself within 5 years from lack of use of services used by Illegals paid by American Citizens.

Do you know how much it cost for the Department of Education and local area to provide education for one child?

Add the additional cost of finding multiple Translators.

Next, the medical cost of treating all Illegals from giving birth to basic immunization shots.

We are paying for the wall 5 times over every 2 years.

Daughter Is Pregnant
//St. Monica received both her son St. Augustine and his concubine (who had a child by him) into her home.---Cluny

Cluny, you should have explained better.

Karen, Augustine was not a Christian and was 19 years old. His mother wanted him to marry another women.

Augustine wasn't even a Christian at the time.
His Mother was Christian and His Father was a Pagan.

She was kind to the Concubine because she was a Christian and not because she condoned her son's actions.

Augustine wasn't a Christian until the age of 31 and made his famous statement to God:

"Too late have I loved You!"

Augustine wrote 'Confessions' and acknowledged his sins esp. having a concubine as being wrong.

Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
//9. Jesus abolished divorce (a policy)//

WHAT? Policy. Another thing you made up.

Matthew 19:4-6 And He answered and said to them, Have you not read that He who made them at the BEGINNING made them male and female,......So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.

Moses is a man!

God also told Jeremiah not marry for His plans and His Kingdom

Jeremiah 16:2 "You must not marry and have sons or daughters in this ...

//11. Jesus says this law is only for those it is given to (a qualification)--StrongAxe

What law? That's why I said you are making up stuff.

Cite the Law stating EVERYONE has to marry

Do Ghosts Exist
Hi Bill, the Disciples were uneducated according to the Leaders. But they knew their Scriptures. A Differences

Remember the Disciples cast out demons and pleased in telling Jesus.

So Jesus wan't with them in order to tell them which is a demon, angel or a ghost.

Also, the Writers of the Gospels are specific when stating what feared the Disciples. Luke and Mark are getting their info from the Disciples themselves.

Demons who are Spirits can eat in human bodies.

A ghost can not eat.

The point is that Jesus NEVER tells them that ghosts does NOT exist.
Not after walking on water or after His Resurrection.

Only the Pharisees accused Jesus was being a demon and Jesus corrected them immediately.

Hypostatic Union
John Sir, I gave you the dates of both Chalcedon in 451 that expanded on the documents of Ephesus 20 years earlier.

Please read the the documents of Ephesus FIRST to help explain the Council of Chalcedon

You can't learn about division if you are not taught about addition.

You can't define Jesus' Divinity if you can't say the simple phrase that Mary is the mother of God.

Giving birth to a substance doesn't change your own substance.

Obama's mother didn't become Black just because she gave birth to a Black baby. She remained White.

But she can be called the Mother of the Black baby.

Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
StrongAxe, Jesus abolishes Divorce so the Disciples MADE a statement not asking. Jesus GAVE REASONS why men will NOT marry in the future.

1. Because of birth defects.
2. Not by choice
3. By choice for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Matthew 19:12 For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.

//What does John 6:55 have to do with priests marrying?!//

Because you PICK and CHOOSE what is plain, clear, simple, black and white in the Bible.

I will explain your last question AFTER you answer why Timothy a Bishop DIDN'T MARRY?

Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
StrongAxe, you are claiming Paul is directly contradicting JESUS' Directive in Matthew 19:10-12?

Jesus is PLAIN, SIMPLE, BLACK and WHITE in John 6:55
"For My Flesh is TRUE food, and My Blood is TRUE drink."

This is plain, simple, black, and red.

Matthew 19:10-11
Disciple:"If that is the case of a man with his wife, it is BETTER NOT to marry." He answered (He is Jesus not Paul) "NOT ALL can accept this word, (You included), but ONLY those to WHOM that is granted.."

//How is DIRECTLY QUOTING PAUL "making up stuff"??---StrongAxe

Because Paul NEVER said a Bishop MUST MARRY.

Timothy was a Bishop and NEVER got married as the Bible states from Jesus and Paul!

Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
StrongAxe, Paul gave advice to MEN and Women! Bishops are men

Timothy was a Bishop and did NOT marry. He listened to Paul.

Paul was an Apostle and stayed at Churches he started for up to 3 years.

All Apostles are also Bishops.

Pope Francis is the Bishop of Rome.

//Even if you say "bishop", the RC forbids their bishops from marrying too.---StrongAxe

No one starts off as a bishop. they are Priest FIRST.

Again, no where in Bible states Bishops have to MARRY.

In fact the Bible states the OPPOSITE. Matthew 19

There will be people who will NOT marry for one reason or another. Priests are for the KINGDOM of Heaven spoken in Matthew 19

Stop making up stuff.

Stop Smoking Cigs
//Which is worse? People who say they don't follow Christ, or people who claim to follow Christ, but disavow everything he tought//

Heard of ISIS?

//..(e.g. making peace, feeding the poor, housing the homeles, healing the sick, caring for widows and orphans, etc.)?//

I know you are NOT talking about Republicans?

Every year for the last 20 years they prove Republicans give more to Charity by 5 to 1 than Democrats.

And when Democrats do donate to charity it involves animals or the plant most of the time.

//God hates fools. He hates hypocrites even more.---StrongAxe

Nope. Rev 3:16-17

How strange that people South of the Border and Illegals running into Canada believe Trump more than you?

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