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Favorite Translation Of Bible
My young friend asked,
//1. Who does the "right dividing"?//
Our apostle Paul
//1. Which recension of the KJV do you base your faith in God upon?//
What difference does it make which "edition' I use? You don't actually think burned or bernt effects your salvation do you?
// Could these questions scare you?//
My curious young friend, at my age, there is absolutely nothing you could do or say that could scare me.
Question for you,
1. who enticed you into orthodoxy religion, God or man.
2. How was introduced to you?

Favorite Translation Of Bible
Without right division, sincere people face a dilemma.
They remain ignorant about Gods will not knowing which verse to follow, which is tantamount to never receiving Gods will.
They can reject part of Gods revelation claiming in one passage it's not what God meant, not translated correctly.
The advantage of right division is that it allows us to understand Gods will and believe every word in the Bible at the same time.
The advantage of every man has always been to believe the Bible. The advantage of the boC today is believing the Bible, rightly divided.

Favorite Translation Of Bible
Judge a book by reading the inspired words in it and making a determination about who is speaking, to whom they are speaking, and whether the audience is the church, the Body of Christ.
It is not degrees and lifetimes of seeking that is required to discover
spiritual truth, it is faith in God and his word rightly divided.
There are simple truths that God has revealed in the Bible that the wise of the world are still trying to discover in their natural faithless mind.
Let God be true and every man a liar and you will grow in
knowledge and understanding.

The Power Of The Law
But now, we are not under the law which was contrary to us Col 2:10-14. Observing days is weak and beggarly, as is the law Gal 4:9-11, Rom 14:1-7.

Favorite Translation Of Bible
Shouldnt we be teaching belief in God and his words not doubt? What good is it to stand in doubt of the Bible you study when the very words of eternal life and peace with God are only beneficial if they are first believed?
There is a good reason that I believe my King James Bible. My faith in God depends upon it. (Roma 10:17)
Most importantly, it is an offense to my Lord if I continue in unbelief. It is not a matter of probability that Gods words are preserved. Neither is it a matter of mans capability. It is a matter of Gods responsibility.(Rom 4:21)

Why Easter And Christmas
Religious holy week ends with the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, but the ministry of the church begins with the revelation of the gospel of the grace of God not revealed until after that week.

Religions will repeat the events of Jesus earthly ministry and mourn his death as the biggest mistake humanity ever made, in the same ignorance as the disciples as to why he had to suffer and die.
Meanwhile, the stewards of the mysteries of Christ should continue preaching the glory of the cross of Christ as the best news the world has ever received.

Normal Christian Lifestyle
There are so-called Christians who judge salvation by a persons lifestyle (Titus 3:5). They are wrong to do so.
There are saved people who justify their own sinful behavior with liberty (1 Cor 6:12, Rom 6:15). They are wrong to do so.
There are "Christians" everywhere who participate in ministries but deny the gospel of the grace of God (2 Cor 11:13). They are wrong to do so.
Find out for yourself. You might be surprised at what some so-called Christians believe.
Do the work of an evangelist. This would be the right thing to do. (2 Tim 4:5)
Paul gives some commands, few follow (1 Cor 11:1, Phil 3:17)

Favorite Translation Of Bible
Is everyone who calls themselves a Christian actually a Christian? If so, what kind? When you believe the Holy Bible, its expected that atheists will attack your biblical beliefs. Sadly, many so-called Christians will do the same.

Favorite Translation Of Bible
Consider that King James Bible has been published for 400 years. If we had no other manuscript evidence we can be confident in the preservation of scriptures for 1/4 of Biblical history using only this one book. It has not changed.
We can go even further into the history of preservation using only other English translations which match the King James Bible.
Changing the reading of the Bible every 15 years is a recent invention by faithless Bible translators.
If you want a Bible still published that does not change, there is only one. If you want a Bible that is perfectly preserved throughout history, understood by the majority of English speaking people, and used by the greatest spiritual minds in history, there is only one.

Ten Commandments Historical
The law of God is holy, just, and good. It is perfect, a reflection of Gods holiness. Yet, it is the last thing you want in front of you at the final judgment.
The purpose of the law is to expose sin. Sin deserves death and that means you lose at the judgment. Being subject to it will only hurt you not help you because you are part of sinful humanity.
Gal 3:10 For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written, Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them.

Normal Christian Lifestyle
The essentials of salvation are things necessary to save a soul. The gospel is simple, but some things are required.
There is no salvation without the fullness of the Godhead in Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection provided freely by grace through faith.
Salvation does not come by the name of Allah, Buddha, Joseph Smith, Moses, or Pope Francis. You are not saved by trusting the church, your confession, prayers, or tithing. Faith is required. Faith in nothing is unbelief. Faith in the wrong thing is vanity.
There are essentials to salvation. You cannot be truly Christian without them.

Ten Commandments Historical
Law teaching is holding Christians back a grade. In Gods plan we live in the time of graduation. The law was useful in its function as a schoolmaster, but only as it helps us to graduate into Christ.(Rom 8:3-4).
Our identity as Christians depends on our position in Christ by faith not by our obedience to the law. Liberty from the law is not good for building funds and pastors paychecks, but it will help you advance in your knowledge of Gods will. It is about time we grew up and saw real change in our spiritual growth.

If you are under a law schoolmaster in your church, then show your diploma of the cross and walk the aisle.

Favorite Translation Of Bible
It's hard to find Matthews, Bishops, or Tyndale. When you are reading a King James Bible you are not just reading a modern translation like the NIV or NASV. You are reading the most valuable piece of Biblical preservation in existence. If you are serious about studying the Bible there is no good reason to have any other English translation.

Ten Commandments Historical
When Jesus boiled it down to two, we still fall short.
Matt 22:37 Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
Have you done this with every breath youve ever taken? If not you are guilty of all (James 2:10). We have all broken that one.(Rom 3:10)
But the meaning of the cross was revealed to Paul who explained the mystery of Christ (Eph 2:15 Rom 3:22)
Having put your faith in Gods grace provided by the blood of Christ, you are delivered from the law, and the wrath of God.
When you see the Ten Commandments remember ten was too much. You failed to do just one. Commandments can't save you, it's Gods grace through faith. (Eph 2:8-9 Rom 4:5)

How Is God Love
While the wrath and punishment in both the Old and New Testaments is clear to read, it was also not unexpected or random.
God doesn't change his character, but does change what he is doing. There is a time for coming judgment, and there is a dispensation of Gods grace which is now.
The cross was the ultimate act of love, but it was also a testimony to the necessity of Gods justice against sins (Rom 3:25-26).
To those who reject the truth of the gospel, judgment and wrath, and to those who trust the gospel, grace and peace.

The same Christ that lovingly died on the cross for our sins, will be the judge of every man. We must know the difference between what God is doing and who God is.

Normal Christian Lifestyle
All that is required to join the mainstream Christianity is jump in the river and play dead. You will be mainstream, and naturally go downstream with all dead things.
Going downstream is living life by your circumstances, in the confidence of your flesh, where knowledge of the truth is a non-essential. Downstream progress is not by preaching the gospel of Christ.
Going upstream is living life in Christ, putting your confidence in Him, living by knowledge of the truth rightly divided. Upstream progress requires a change of mind brought about by preaching the cross.
If you have been saved by the gospel of the grace of God, believe your Bible, and know how to rightly divide it, then you are not part of the mainstream.

Saved By Following Bible
Go, and preach the gospel!
Most Christians agree this is what the church is supposed to do. Most have been told the word gospel means good news or glad tidings.
The question nobody asks should be, what is the good news?, or which gospel? Hardly anyone asks this. Everyone tries to preach the gospel without an agreement of what it is.
There are many gospel messages in the Bible. When Christians fail to see the difference in the gospel message revealed to the apostle Paul from other gospels in the Bible, then what the church preaches becomes an uncertain sound and causes confusion

How To Give A Tithe
Tithers mention Melchizedek as if this King of Salem could justify their required tithe teaching.
Abrahams tithe to Melchizedek doesn't require the church to pay tithes to a local pastor.
Abraham tithed responding to a blessing by Melchizedek. Gen 14:18-19 states that Melchizedek brought bread and wine and blessed Abram. You didn't receive the blessing from Melchizedek, nor were your enemies delivered into thy hand.
Abram tithed of the spoils (Heb 7:4) not from his monthly or yearly paycheck. He tithed of all that he had captured from enemies.
It was a one time tithe. Abram never paid another tithe to Melchizedek. I doubt tithers agree you should only tithe once.
Cheerful giving and "required tithing" are not the same

How To Follow Jesus
Why should we follow the pattern the Lord provided through the apostle Paul?
The Lord Jesus Christ sent Paul (Acts 9:15).
God commanded it (1 Tim 1:1, 1 Tim 1:16).
God made him your apostle (Rom 11:13).
God gave him the gospel of the uncircumcision (Gal 2:7-8).
If you are saved, it is by his gospel of Christ (Rom 16:25, 1 Cor 15:1-4).
Peter gave Paul exclusive rights of ministry to the uncircumcised (Gal 2:9).
Peter deferred to Paul in matters of what the Lord was doing now (2 Pet 3:15).
Paul instructs it (1 Cor 11:1, Phil 3:17).

Praying From A Book
Many hymns, as many written prayers, are simply religious words. Some popular songwriters were covenantal, overly spiritual, confused Israel with the church, or taught a variety of kingdom doctrine. Unacceptable from the pulpit, and should be rejected from hymnals.
Paul says singing ought to teach and admonish the word of Christ. It is more honorable to sing old hymns out of tune with right doctrine, than to sing world class modern worship music filled with emotional pablum.
It's obvious Jesus never actually prayed the "lords prayer repeated by millions (though Jesus instructed them not to pray using vain repetitions- Matt 6:7). If he did pray it he would have been a sinner, as is everyone else that prays it. (Luke 11:4)

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