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Do Ghosts Exist
What translation of the Bible are you using, Nicole? The NAB?

KJV and most other translations use "spirit" and not "ghost."

This is one of my complaints about the NAB: it tries too hard to be different.

Christ is risen!

Favorite Translation Of Bible
\\ The advantage of the boC today is believing the Bible, rightly divided.\\

You've not answered my two questions yet, michael e. I will repeat them:

1. Who does the "right dividing"?

2. Which recension of the KJV do you base your faith in God upon?

Or do you simply not think about things you don't think about?

Could these questions scare you?

Christ is risen!

Why Easter And Christmas
john, this is a 6th century Nestorian theologian I quoted. What he said is basically the Definition of Chalcedon.

It's the same one who compared patriarchs to popes.

Christ is risen!

Favorite Translation Of Bible
\\It is not degrees and lifetimes of seeking that is required to discover
spiritual truth, it is faith in God and his word rightly divided.\\

And just who does the rightly-dividing, michael e. You?

Christ is risen!

Why Easter And Christmas
One is Christ the Son of God,
Worshiped by all in two natures,
In His Godhead begotten of the Father,
Without beginning before all time,
In His humanity born of Mary,
In the fullness of time, in a body united,
Neither His Godhead is of the nature of the mother,
Nor His humanity of the nature of the Father,
The natures are preserved in their Qnumas*,
In one person of one Sonship.
And as the Godhead is three substances in one nature,
Likewise the Sonship of the Son is in two natures, one person.
So the Holy Church has taught.

Favorite Translation Of Bible
\\There is a good reason that I believe my King James Bible. My faith in God depends upon it. (Roma 10:17)\\

What did the Church ever do before 1611, when the KJV was finally published?

And upon which recension of the KJV does your faith in God rest?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Why Easter And Christmas

Sir, why would you be quoting "A Nestorian theologian." which is a "Heretic."????\\

You've asked a good question.

The person who wrote this flourished in the 6th century. I could tell you where to find it on line, but I think it's against the ruled.

NOBODY today is a Nestorian as condemned by the Ecumenical Council (except some fringe Protestants). In fact, a few years ago the Nestorian Patriarch Mar Dinkha and Pope John Paul II signed a statement of common Christology, to which the Nestorian Synod agreed.

Christ is risen!

Why Easter And Christmas
Not quite, Samuelbb. but close.

Orthodxy has alsways believed that the Pope was the head, but we disagreed with Roman Catholics about what this headship means.

We see it as a primacy of honor, as first among equals. As a Nestorian theologian put it, As the Patriarch is among the bishops, so is the Pope among patriarchs.

Pastor Aeternus, however, defined this headship as a "primacy of ordinary jurisdiction over all the faithful," which we reject.

Christ is risen!

Why Easter And Christmas
\\I don't know if Easter and Christmas wash invented by the Pope but I now know they are pagan.

Yes, I'm very guilty of celebrating them in the past before I learned the truth.
---Rob on 4/16/17\\

As a matter of fact, Rob, they are not.

The supposed pagan origin of these Christian observances is backwards. It was Emperor Julian the Apostate who paganized these Christian feasts.

I suggest you read THE APOStASY THAT WASN'T.

Christ is risen!

Favorite Translation Of Bible
\\If you want a Bible still published that does not change\\

Well, if you do, you won't find it in the KJV, michaele. Note that in m y original post, it's had several revisions, the lastest being in 1904.

Christ is risen!

Ten Commandments Historical
\\(Steveng: How is fornication "unnatural"? Since animals don't marry, 99.9999% species on the planet reproduce only that way)\\

There are some species that mate for life, mostly among birds. Frequently these will form same-sex pairs, such as mynahs. I'm inclined to think of this as a survival strategy more than what we understand the same behavior among human beings.

Some primates indulge in same gender intimate behavior, but I will say no more. Look it up for yourself if you like.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Normal Christian Lifestyle
\\Cluny, please quote three phrases of any strong hostility (animosity) I gave to you - or anyone for that matter.
---Steveng on 4/9/17\\

How about your snotty comments about other people's "worldly denominational 'churches'", which last word you always put in scare quoted?

Will these do?

A blessed Holy Week.

Set Free From Demons
BTW, nancy. What you up up is NOT a question but only a sentence fragment.

If you're going to ask about adult subjects, write like an adult.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Arguing Rules in Marriage
Rules from whom or where? There are certainly none in the Bible.

But may I suggest discussing only ONE issue at a time, Do not deflect (You say that I do so and so, but you do such and such!). Stick to the point.

AT the end, bow down to each other and ask each other for forgiveness.

This is how disputes are regularly resolved in monasteries. It's worked for hundreds of years.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Ten Commandments Historical
May I add that what Stepheng condemned as "unnatural" are certainly natural to those who have a penchant for them.

As StrongAxe pointed out, many parts of our bodies have more than one function. For example, did you our kidneys regulate our blood pressure?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Set Free From Demons
First, you have to make sure there is indeed demon possession happenning.

Just like there are several diseases with similar symptoms, and diagnosing the wrong disease can only make matters worse, so there are perfectly natural things that seem at first to be demonic possess, but are not--and on the other hand the demonic influence itself might be very subtle.

The general Orthodox practice is to first eliminate all natural causes for the symptoms of the presumed possession. If the signs go away, it was obviously a physical illness. If they don't go away, then you take other action.

Glory to jesus Christ!

Ten Commandments Historical
\\In Spanish, the word for "righteousness" is "justicia" - i.e. "righteousness" and "justice" use the same word.\\

Likewise in Latin (justitia), Greek (dikaiosynis), and Slavonic (sorry, but I can't think of the word).

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Normal Christian Lifestyle
\\Even more astounding is you and your boyfriend cluny's animosity towards a professing Christian, StevenG.\\

How about your animosity--and StevenG's, likewise--towards a professing Christian--namely me?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Give Up 501(c) 3 Status
Notice how Steveng attacks other professing Christians by puttin g"church" in scare quotes.

\\Would your denominational "church" give up its 501(c)3 non-profit status?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

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