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Is God Omni-Present
I believe GOD often has his prophets use words to help humans understand.

How Does God Select
There are two views on this. First GOD knows who and what we will choose.

Calvinists says GOD chooses us and we have no say so in the matter.

Arminian view is we are convicted by the Holy Spirit who gives us the right to choose. Those who choose for GOD for all their life are saved.

Explain Acts 19:11-12
I think we are talking about we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit to discern what the Scriptures mean.

People often take the words of scripture and twist their meaning to prove what they want to believe. Not what the Bible says.

To find truth Scripture must be compared to scripture on the topic being studied.


Saved By Following Bible
Paul give background and deep dimensions to the Gospel of Christ. After all he was a scholar. Our understanding must include the whole Bible.

All scripture is for doctrine and truth. 2 timothy 3:16.

It is by comparing scripture with scripture as the final authority above the words of men that truth is found.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is from the whole Bible.

Spirit Goes To Heaven
Dear Kathyr you didn't give a passage that states what you believe.

In I Corinthians 15 the Bible says we sleep until the resurrection. The reason you could not give a verse showing what you believe is that the Bible never says that. Follow what this chapter says.

By the way Jesus called Lazarus out of the grave. Not down from heaven.


Are Churches Politically Corrrectc
Jesus stopped the penalty of women. He didn't say it is no longer a sin to commit adultery. Which Paul affirms in Romans 13 when he lists adultery as a sin.

In Matthew 5 Jesus speaks of how the law points out the sins of the heart. Then says I come not to destroy the law but to fulfill it.

However many take fulfill to mean destroy. Which makes the statement to say I come not to destroy the law but to destroy the law. Which is nosense.

Paul states the law is just and good. He also says the law defines sin. That is it's job.

The law does not save. It condemns. Grace saves. But Grace does not do away with the law. The Holy Spirit brings us to love GOD and love others which leads us to not break the law. Romans 13.

Saved By Following Bible
No David we are not saved by following. We are saved by believing.

It is called having faith. But those who have faith will obey the words of GOD. Works show who we are. They don't save. They are the results of being saved.

Because we love others we don't lie, steal, murder, covet or commit adultery. Because we love GOD we reverence his name and allow nothing to come between us and Him. Nor do we misuse his name. Because we love GOD and our Lord Jesus Christ we love to spend time with Him.


Spirit Goes To Heaven
The Bible never says our soul is eternal. Jesus is also GOD so that places him in a different category then us poor mortal humans.

The Bible says the wages of sin is death. So those who do not follow GOD will dies the second death.

Born once die twice. Born twice die once.

We sleep until the Resurrection of the righteous. 1 Corinthians 15.


Saved By Following Bible
GOD sends the Holy Spirit to call us and convict us. He does this to all people. When we respond he leads us to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. I would not call that obedience so much as accepting.

But then the Holy Spirit does lead us to obey and follow Jesus in our lives.

Only the Bible shows us how to be saved.

Spirit Goes To Heaven
Ecclesiastes says our Spirit goes to GOD. But that is the Spirit of every person good or bad.

Genesis 2 when man is created. The Body is made and the Breath of life which becomes our spirit is breathed into him and we become a soul.

When we die the Spirit leaves which includes the breath of life and we die.

The Bible never says that the spirit apart from the body thinks. The Bible speaks of we have to be resurrected to go to heaven. I Corinthians 15.

Being dead is referred to as being asleep. Not alive anywhere else.

Look up Conditionalism. Some refer to it as soul sleep which is false. Since the soul or life as the word is often translated. Is who we are. Not a separate entity that lives in us.

Who Are Pharisees Of Today
Good point Kathyr. Jewish burial practices in the time of Jesus was to let the flesh rot off then gather the bones and place them in an ossuary. Which served as a coffin. So that others could be buried nest to them.


Love Your Enemies
Jerry You are incorrect about what the Pope said.

Like the Bible many quote passages from the Quran out of context.

If memory serves me he is speaking about a group who were trying to murder them.

Muhammed is a false prophet. But he also spoke of not murdering Jews and those Christians who would live at peace.

Terrorists groups don't let their followers read Quran. They don't want them to see what it actually says.

A tactic we know from History used by others.

Anll those in Muslim controlled lands are taught that all who say they are Christians are Roman Catholic. Did you read in the Review about the Muslims who saved some of our Church members by risking their lives?

Favorite Translation Of Bible
Well David Cluny is right. That is not true. Also the translators of the Bible are concerned with what the words mean.

It is true that some words today don't have the same meaning. Also that some words are no longer used. But that is not what you are saying.

Let us take the word Baptism. Those of certain churches take it to mean sprinkling. Others immersion.

The original can be looked up and how it was used can be seen from context and different passages.

I do like the King James but also the New King James. But I have read other more modern translations. I oppose in general paraphrases and dynamic translations. To me they are more commentaries.

How Real Is Satan
Kathyr, Strong ax and Mike good points.

Satan has lies for every way to trick us.

GOD has only one truth to guide us. Let us study the Bible to understand truth so the lies will not trick us.


What Is God's Role
Good point Kathyr. But yes those who follow predestination believe we are too brain damaged to know.

GOD comforts guides and gives power to overcome sin in our lives. He does not force us to follow him.

All who do follow him in the love of GOD and others will be with Jesus in Heaven.

Non Mercy Pastors
David ruined his ministry and his action resulted in the death of his son.

So no it is a bad thing,

Conflicting Christians Opinions
There are different ways to read the bible.

Two of the main schools of thought on how to understand the bible are Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism. These two views cause some of the division.

People often don't like to change their views from the past and others don't want to listen to those things they don't want to hear.

Read Jude.

Who Collects Social Security
I am fixing to retire and start collecting my Social Security. I am eligible for it because I have worked many years. If you have not worked you are not eligible. There are some exceptions. Spouses can receive part of their mates social security. Children can get it for a period of time.

I have spend time with the Social Security agency working this all out.


Who Collects Social Security
The last time I checked the so called punishments by Obama were by right wing papers that are short on truth and long on exaggeration.

But I can be wrong. Nicole can you give me a credible news source.

Also It depend on what the Politicians do whether we will have SSi in 20 years. Both sides borrowed from it now they don't want to pay it back. I'm tired of false promises. But people seem to not elect the truth tellers. They want lies.

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