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What Is A Terrorist
Today, it's Democrats who support liberal policies like the Civil Rights Act
---StrongAxe on 2/20/17

Wrong again.

The Democrats in the South were against the Civil Rights Acts. Remember George Wallace?

It was passed by a majority of Republicans in both Houses.

The left wants you to forget this and believe the right is now racist.

But who is really making the stink about racism and continues to promote racism?

The left.

Hypostatic Union
because I nor anyone else needs to know the end of the matter for certain to attain eternal life
---Pharisee on 2/17/17

I would guess that 95% of the subjects discussed in these blogs do not impact our having eternal life or not.

But, as I have reminded others in these blogs, to know the Father (and Jesus) is eternal life (John 17:3).

My passion is to introduce people to the real and true Heavenly Father, not the distant, angry, Omni-being, we have been told about in many churches.

If to know our Father in heaven is eternal life, what else could be more important?

Hypostatic Union
Why is it a stretch to think that...Jesus...was in essence possessed?
---Pharisee on 2/16/17

I see no evidence for Jesus being possessed or controlled.

Rather, I see evidence for inhabitation without control, as in being baptized/sealed by the Holy Spirit. Jesus was the Anointed One, meaning anointed in the Spirit. We rarely discuss this. I also see this as a permanent anointing.

We are cautioned by Scripture against being drunk. I believe this is because we are controlled by the drink when we are drunk.

God does not want us to be controlled. God wants us to freely choose God's ways over our ways.

With this in mind, I do not think Jesus was controlled by anything else.

How Is God Love
My earthly dad has not harmed me. My mother has.
---mike4879 on 2/16/17

Trauma causes many problems and some are beyond our own understanding. Trauma causes us to see things incorrectly.

I can illustrate if I may ask you a few questions?

When your mother was abusing you, where was your father? Don't you think it was his job to keep you safe? Safe, even from your mother?

And I think you are projecting this abandonment from your father, onto God. God should have protected you from your mother. Where was God when your mother was abusing you? Why did God abandon you?

Getting answers to these questions will help you.

Stop Smoking Cigs
One last try to post to this blog question!

I smoked for 27 years. I quit when I had a heart attack. However, I still love the smell! And, I loved the camaraderie of the people standing out in the cold smoking.

Did God deliver me? Yes, with the help of nic. patches and gum.

You must be fully committed to quitting to be successful. Quitting must completely be your hearts desire and you cannot quit for someone else. Anything less, and you will relapse.

My motto is Decide, Commit, Succeed. Decide and be fully convinced, Commit to doing whatever it takes, including the hard stuff, and you will be Successful.

I strongly suggest you use the nic. patches and gum to wean yourself off.

How Is God Love
when we have all these prosperity teachers telling us OH WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE WE WILL HAVE...
---kathr4453 on 2/16/17

I hear the same stuff in a different way when I listen to Billy Graham.

As God said, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge".

It is easy to know that James 1, 1 Peter 1, and Romans 5 talk about trials and suffering. Romans 8 tells us we must suffer with Christ if we are to be glorified with Him.

We choose not to listen or forget what we have heard.

But, in what you have said is something I continually talk about with others.

The Christian life is a process, not an event. It is a marathon, not a sprint. God will work out our selfishness, but we must trust Him.

How Is God Love
So I do ask your forgivness for not understanding what and where you were coming from.
---kathr4453 on 2/16/17

You are very much forgiven. There is only so much we can say in 125 words.

But painting our Heavenly Fathers face with the disappointments of our Earthly fathers is very common. I am convinced most Christians have this father wound as a result.

We stubbornly will not accept that the Father loves us unconditionally, and unfortunately, some of our theology confirms our unbelief and the lies we believe about the Father.

That is why the Trinity is so important to me. To definitively show the love the Father has for the Son and is just the same amount He loves us.

How Is God Love
You have issue with your earthly father. I have issue with my heavenly father.
---mike4879 on 2/16/17

I am not confused. Perhaps you are? You seem to believe that the fifth commandment (Honor your mother and father) does not actually mean father, or that Jesus meant for us to stop calling our Earthly fathers, father.

I believe Jesus was talking in Matt. 23 about the Scribes who take pride in being called a Father, as a title of learning, wisdom, and truth. Jesus told them to let no one call you Rabbi, yet we see people calling Him Rabbi over and over.

And why do you have issue with our heavenly Father?

You must resolve your resentments with the Father before you can fully trust Him.

What Is God's Role
This abusive and hurtful situation is the result of your husband's sin. These are the consequences of sin, that so many people ignore while enjoying their sin.

God's role is not to stop anyone from committing sin.

Perhaps you think God should stop people from sinning or to prevent the consequences of sin.

To stop people from sinning would require God to stop valuing our free will, which God gave us from the beginning. This free will is what allows us to freely love and choose God.

To prevent the consequences of sin would require God to allow sin to have no influence in our lives. Remember, we learn from the consequences of our actions.

Hypostatic Union
Do you mean humanly pre-existent?
---Pharisee on 2/15/17


My belief (according to John 1) is that Jesus pre-existed as the Word and that Jesus continues to exist as the Word, even though He became a fully human being.

If we apply Nestorian theology and separate the Word from Jesus in the Incarnation, it seemingly makes the "I AM" statements made by Jesus in John to be false. How could Jesus make these statements when He originated at birth?

Jesus plainly tells us that He came to this world from the Father, and will leave this world to return to the Father (John 16:28).

No person who is only human could do that.

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
I wasn't familiar with Gold's theory of abiogenic petroleum.
---Jerry6593 on 2/6/17

Have you seen the latest report of a large upper mantle melting pool of carbon that has been found in the western US? 1.8 million KM in size but unfortunately is 350 KM down into the Earth's mantle?

This pool is creating quite a buzz about abiogenic petroleum production.

Who Are Pharisees Of Today
So yes, I was called to be a coach potatoe.
---mike4879 on 2/14/17

It took me a while to formulate my response to that whopper!

BTW, did you run that statement by anyone, say your wife or your pastor?

My response is that you seem depressed, lethargic, a "woe is me" attitude.

Many in the Bible had this, and one in particular, Elijah had this quite often. Elijah even said "I have had enough God, please kill me". He was that depressed.

But there is hope and it is hope that you need. But to hope, you need to know that everything is going to be alright, everything is going to work out. You need to, again, trust God.

What are the expectations you have that God is not meeting?

Is Waterboardiing Justified
IDENTIFYING eligibility REQUIRES checking citizenship.
---StrongAxe on 2/14/17

And exactly how do you check "eligibility" if you can register to vote the day of the election?

In my state (NC) you can register to vote at the polls on the day of election. Additionally, you can vote in districts other than where you are registered. And my polling volunteers did not have one single computer in use.

BTW, we actually HAD voter fraud in our governor election in 2016. Whether you can find it now because of MSM misleading reporting is questionable. And this is not the first year for this in NC. It is almost a every-four-year problem. Raleigh is well-known for playing tricks with votes.

Prayers God Has Honored
you need to go back and read what I wrote.
---kathr4453 on 2/14/17

I do Kathr. I read every post you write.

Unfortunately, you write three or four posts in response to every one that I write. I must confess this has angered me at times and I have suspected that you are a moderator. For me, the system simply won't let me post on the frequency you can.

So, I cannot respond to every post you write. I summarize what you have said and respond to your posts as a group.

However, this has caused me to miss some specifics in your posts. For that, I will try to be more specific and respond to a single post at a time.

But, I would ask that you try to post less responses to me. I cannot respond to them all.

Hypostatic Union
who tout the hypostatic union as fact and the alacrity in which they dispensed judgement on anything else
---Pharisee on 2/14/17

Funny, I have been accused of doing the same thing with the doctrine of the Trinity.

If I understand the Nestorian teachings, the main reason for this teaching is the conflict with one member of divinity dying. And as Cluny inferred, Nestorius had trouble seeing Mary as the mother of the second person in the Trinity.

It seems to me, to separate the humanity of Jesus from His deity, causes Jesus to not continue to be pre-existent, to be split, to be incomplete. Jesus is pre-existent from John 1, and if Jesus is God, He must be complete, lacking nothing.

How Is God Love
We have one father.
---mike4879 on 2/14/17

Your post is confusing.

Are you saying that God is not "Our Father"?

Do you believe Jesus was wrong to say that God is our father and to say we are no longer servants of God but Sons of God?

I see God the Father as more of a Papa than my earthly father could ever be.

I know many despise the book that got me thinking about God in a different way. The book changed my life, allowed me to drop the great load and sadness I was carrying. I suggest it to you.

The book is named The Shack. Read it before you see it.

Is Waterboardiing Justified
Voter ID suppresses millions of legitimate votes
---StrongAxe on 2/14/17

80% of Americans favor Voter ID laws. The reason they are favored is suspected voter fraud.

In California, Gov. Moonbeam signed into law in 2015 a motor/voter bill that "Under this new law, California citizens who are identified as eligible voters when visiting the DMV to apply for, renew, or change their address on a drivers license would be registered to vote by the Secretary of States office".

Of course, no check is made to see if anyone if a citizen or not, and everyone by default is registered as a Democrat.

Voter Fraud anyone?

Prayers God Has Honored
our Father also wants us to trust Him even when we sin unlike Adam an Eve...
---Nicole_Lacey on 2/13/17

You are correct.

But Adam and Eve went from walking with God to hiding in the bushes instantly. How easily they could be convinced of God not being who He said He was!

I know its even easier today. As many know, I am a 12 Stepper and I work with many men who are pastors, elders, seminary students, Christian men who do not fully trust God. Many think they do but find out when confronted by a stronghold in their life, that their trust in God is faulty.

To me, faith in God is inadequate. Trust is a must.

Who Are Pharisees Of Today
Is his yoke easy and his burden light?
---mike4879 on 2/13/17

We are told to keep our eyes on Jesus, on what's above, or whatever honorable thing that reminds us of who we are and of whom's we are.

Sadness fills my heart when I think of the world and how rebellion fills everyone's heart. Yet such was I.

How difficult is it really to love God, love your neighbor as yourself, and love one another as He loved us? We are called to liberty and we must use our liberty to serve others.

If something bothers you, do something about it. God did not call me to be a couch-potato or a pew-warmer. How about you?

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