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Explain Acts 19:11-12
//did not keep the RCC From claiming they had possession of such a thing.//



You wouldn't even CITE that stupid article because you KNOW it's a Protestant source NOT CC.

//Then it was stolen.//



//the Pope banned its use for display.//

To protect people like you who might actually think it's real.

//Also look online , you will see umpteen paintings of the baby Jesus getting circumcised--Kathr

I NEVER SEEN ONE PAINTING. And I was a Nun and been to the Vatican and all OVER Italy. Never seen ONE painting.

Get off line it's confusing you.


Love Your Enemies
//There is so much demon possession and exorcism in the RCC because YOU ALL INVITE DEMONIC ACTIVITY.//

Do you know WHO you sound like?

Matthew 12:22-50

V24 But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, It is only by Beelzebul, the prince of demons, that this fellow drives out demons.

//The sad part is Nicole, you can't see the difference.
---kathr4453 on 2/27/17

So according to your logic all Protestant Pastors casting AWAY demons are because they invite them?

Intive them to tell them to go away???

It didn't work in Jesus' time it won't TODAY.

Love Your Enemies
//He was speaking about groups, not individuals.--NurseRobert on 2/28/17


I read the article which the Pope states there are Fundamentalist extremist in every religion.

That is a generalized statement as you said.

But if one would ask the Pope WHICH religion has the MOST terrorists today he could not deny the answer is Muslims.

Is all in how you ask the question or phrase a statement.

remember Pope Benedict XVI answered that question when asked directly.

Maybe only 10% of Muslims or Terrorists, but I ALSO can say 99.9% all terrorists are Muslims.

BTW, even Pope Francis will apologize to the Buddhists because I don't even think he thinks they were ever violent.

Explain Acts 19:11-12
//A vial containing the blood of the late Pope John Paul II is going on tour across Americas east coast. Article dated June 2014.--Kathr

Thank you for your clarifications, because you said Pope John not John Paul II.

You can NOT drop a partial name or number when you speak about a Pope.

Once a name is used it can never be used again.

EX: if another Pope wants to use Francis as his name he will be called Pope Francis II because this current pope is Francis the first.

The Pope canonized with Pope John Paul II is John Pope John XXIII.

So when you said Pope John which is 22 popes before this John XXIII I knew it wasn't Catholic.

Explain Acts 19:11-12
//I don't see these as relics.//

Doesn't matter, they are still relics. 3rd class that.

But you called holy water magic? Explain how Holy water is magic, but NOT a handkerchief touching a man, then applied to the sick?

A priest praying to God to bless water is magic to you, but not the aprons without prayer?

//This verse does not teach that relics, like Jesus foreskin, or Thomas's finger,//

???? Do you know what a foreskin is?

//a vile of the Blood of Pope John is traveling around now I hear in Florida, where folks are kissing it, and are suppose to be healed.---Kathr

NOT Catholic.

Our Pope John has been DEAD for centuries and HASN'T been pronounced a saint.

You are mistaken.

What Is The Condition Of Church
//Actually Nicole, you just contradicted yourself.//


You are bold, Kathr. Even when you are proven DEAD WRONG with Scripture you still can't admit it. WOW.

//You just showed by your last two posts you have no clue what you are talking about.//

You had plenty of space to show my contradictory posts if I did.

//I'm going to leave it there.//

Now that is a good idea.

//I see no matter what YOU LOVE arguing, even if it makes you look daft. That's on you.--kathr4453

Count all the headings sites with your blogs.

Don't worry, Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday. I might not be on CN until Easter.

You just might miss me.

See ya,

your Faithful Nemesis

Are Churches Politically Corrrectc
//there is no "N" in "Democrat". I've regretfully come to expect such name calling from Jerry, but not not from you.//

I NEVER called you or the Democrats the 'N' word.

I said that ONLY Democrats have called me slur words. Black people are allowed to watch FOX NEWS.

//By picking an EPA head who hates the EPA,//

No, he hated the abusive overreach used by the EPA to control people.

//woman in charge of public education who hates public education, etc.?--StrongAxe

She hates failing Public Schools who refuse to change to control people.

Why do Democrats hate Choice when it comes to public schools, but not abortion?

Choice for everyone not a select few appointed by Democrats.

Are Churches Politically Corrrectc
//By what right do churches earn the right to be free of taxes everyone else is required to pay?//


Part of the First Amendment: The freedom of speech and in a peaceful assembly.

If the Government has a hand in the Church Financial component, She can control the SPEECH.

//There Nothing in the constitution gives that right.//

I believe you are confusing the Canadian Constitution with our great Constitution.

IRONICALLY the federal income tax or any taxes ISN'T in the Constitution.

A DEMOCRATS President Wilson invented the income tax.

//not endorse specific candidates or laws.--StrongAxe


The Obama's Administrations went to many Black Churches.

Explain Acts 19:11-12
//God is gracious to not despise our weakness of faith but would assuredly condescend to our limitation to set us free//


Some believe you must pray these lofty prayers and be in a certain state of grace before God will heal you.

They are wrong.

You can be have the blackest stain on your soul and pray in simple words using whatever materials to seek God's favor.

God is TRICKLED PINK when the sees he simple souls and grants them what they ask.

//GOD is intimately relational, still very much desiring to be heard of his children.'//


//So I give a pass to men of weak faith, but don't agree that they're "called" to lead a church.---Pharisee on 2/27/17


Who Are Pharisees Of Today
//Paul wrote this shortly before he died, in Rome. No mention of Peter//



//Peter was an apostle to the Jews, and Paul the Gentiles.//

That ISN'T true.

You love making up stuff to confuse people with little Scripture knowledge.

Peter brought the GOSPEL to the Gentiles. Acts 10

Acts 11:1
And the Apostles and brethren that were in Judea, heard that the GENTILES had also RECEIVED the word of God.

//Scripture also says they did not tread on each other's territory.--Kathr

WHAT Scripture?

Yes they did!
Paul RETURNED to Jerusalem for PETER'S APPROVAL: Acts 15.


What Is The Condition Of Church
//The sufferings of Christ we all share in as His Body, is not a curse or because of any wickedness within the Body that needs to be turned from.//

Who said it was?

Pay attention.

You claim the nation of Israel suffered as a nation but not the BOC.

//A Nation of people addressing the NATION OF ISRAEL...THAT LAND. Under the Law, when one sinned THEY ALL SUFFERED AS A NATION. This is not true for the BOC. If you sin, I am not punished for it.---kathr4453

SCRIPTURE states otherwise as mentioned in 1 Cor 12:25-26

//So again, your verse has nothing to do with 2 Chronicles 7:14--kathr4453 on 2/26/17

So again, you ALWAYS speak opposite of Scripture.


Explain Acts 19:11-12
I agree Pharisee.

Can we can we also say God can heal anyone any way and how as He wishes?

I wonder why no one in Acts accuse the people of using magic because they used material items through a man for healings instead of praying on their knees asking Jesus directly?

Today some on CN would accuse those same people of idol worship.

They can't explain these healings in Acts 19 or the healings through the material use of a bronze snake.

They probably wouldn't approve of Jesus using dirt to heal blindness if the truth be known.

Are Churches Politically Corrrectc
//The Johnson amendment was a mistake.//


//(let's face it most of these two party folks love their political stance a lil too much, maybe more than Jesus)//

I agree, but you must admit Republicans voted Trump as their nomine (even through we knew he was a demoncrat for decades) to teach its own party a lesson for behaving like the Democrats (RINOs).

Trump taught Republicans how to be Republicans in his Cabinet picks alone.

//I'm libertarian, a constitutional fundamentalist above all things,--Pharisee on 2/26/17

I don't see how the Johnson's Amendment doesn't violent the right to assemble?

Who Are Pharisees Of Today
//I wonder how that was done with Peter?//

Artifacts around the box of bones found. You can goggle it and read all about it.

//Interesting a Priest in Jerusalem found Peters grave site, where it was marked Simon Peter,//

My understanding it was marked "There lies Peter." I don't think the name Simon was used.

//and told the Pope. The Pope said DONT SAY A WORD., and then came out and made some announcement that Peters bones were found in Rome.//

Are you describing a MOVIE?

//I believe Peters grave is in Jerusalem.//

Why? Who cares what you believe. He died in Rome.

//anyone can prove the bones in Rome are Peters---kathr4453

The PROOF was proven, but not so with your words.

Saved By Following Bible
Yes, because the Bible sends you to the Church.

Who Are Pharisees Of Today

//why you put Peters so called bones on display.--Kathr

They are not on display. They were discovered in the early 20th century deep underneath the Chair of the Pope in St Peter Church.

We were surprised because Jesus' Words in Matthew 16:18 were both literal and figuratively.

Aaron staff was placed in Ark for veneration.

What Is The Condition Of Church
2 Chronicles 7:14
if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

//A Nation of people addressing the NATION OF ISRAEL...THAT LAND. Under the Law, when one sinned THEY ALL SUFFERED AS A NATION. This is not true for the BOC. If you sin, I am not punished for it.---kathr4453

Kathr, Jesus is the Land. He took Israel and our sins unto Him.

His Body

1 Cor 12:25-26
that there may be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another. If one member suffers, all suffer together, if one member is honored, all rejoice together.

Stop Smoking Cigs
STRONGAXE you did it again!

//I have never watched Tucker Carlson. I see you've become infected with Jerry's "demoNcrat" virus.//


Because he is White?

I need a the White Man to tell me what to watch? Poor me, I can't figure it own?

I knew Carlson when had specials about our schools and before joining the weekend 'Fox and Friends' LONG BEFORE I DISCOVERED CN.

//During his 1948 presidential campaign, Strom Thurmond: "..not enough troops in the army to force the southern people to break down segregation and accept the Negro..."--StrongAxe

Of course he was a DEMOCRATS in 1948!

Quote one racist remarks he said as a Republican?

You can't because he REPENTED.

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