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How Does God Select
#2. The word for "fallen" means to lose one's grasp on something. Paul" clear meaning is that any attempt to be justified by the law is to reject salvation by grace alone through faith alone. Those once exposed to the gracious truth of the gospel, who then turn their backs on Christ and seek to be justified by the law are separated from Christ and lose all prospects of God's gracious salvation. Desertion of Christ and the gospel "only proves that their faith was never genuine (Luke 8:13,14).
You have no clue what they words of God mean. You grasp for straws. Trying to piece together your own understanding. Why don't you get yourself a word study Bible, this way you know what the words really mean.

How Does God Select
Kathr, now you show your lag of knowledge when you try to explain the grace of God. By grace God chose every person mentioned in the word of God. It is by grace that God chose to bring salvation to so many from the Old Test. and New Testament. No one deserved salvation, all are sinners. I believe you need to know what grace really means. Until you get that right, you will always be all messed up.

Praying From A Book
Kathr, concerning what John wrote about the prayers of John Calvin and others and putting them all in a prayer book, I don't see one thing wrong with that. Not one thing. I didn't see anywhere where he said that he was going to pray the same prayers over and over. All he said that he was collecting them and putting them together.
You always have to find one thing wrong with anyone who doesn't agree with you on some points and you try, like the liberals to find something wrong.
Why not be a good Christian lady once in a while. You talk and talk about Jesus Christ, now start being into the image of Jesus Christ as you wrote.

How Does God Select
Here is your best answer:
The CHURCH is what is Chosen. And the CHURCH is the Body of Christ. The CHURCH was chosen to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ....."

The Church is what is chosen, just as I said, the Church is the body of Christ, the chosen one's, the elect. And it is to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.
It is a chosen generation, and it was chose before the foundation of the world. God did that before times was even times.

What Is God's Role
Kathr, you said:
"The moment my FREE WILL, received Jesus Christ for the forgivness of Sin,,.I was THEN quickened together with Him."

What you are doing is taking credit for your salvation. You said that the moment your free will received Jesus Christ. Don't you see. You don't get it. Before, when you were lost, you were following the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature a child of wrath, just as the others, we are told in Eph. 2:3. You are calling the word of God a lie.
What you also are saying is that you had the ability to come to Christ while others do not, how proud you must be of yourself.
No Kathr, if you are saved it is because God made you alive to Christ. It wasn't your work.

How Does God Select
David, no one knows the reason God chose some and not just chose all. No one knows why God chose that plan and not another one that didn't have sin to begin with.
What we do know is that God made this particular plan. And sin was in the plan, and we know that in the end it will be as God wanted the plan to be. Nothing will change in the plan. In the plan, only those God chooses to be His sons will be His sons. The others will not.
The plan of God will not change because Kathr doesn't understand it, it will happen as God has told us in His word.

Is God Omni-Present
mike, I believe in order for you to understand the Bible you are going to have to learn what words are literal, what are allegories, matters of fact, parables and so on. When the Bible speaks about God, many times in order for us to understand what He is saying, the Bible will quote God as a person who speaks, feels, in other words emotions, and so on.
God is Sovereign, Omnipotent, Omniscience, Omnipresent, and so on. First, we know He is Spirit, no one can see Him. He has no physical body. Yet the Bible speaks of God's eyes and His arms and so on. You have to know when to make the distinction. Hope that helps you.

How Is God Love
mike, just look at it this way, No one deserves salvation, we have all sinned against Almighty God, yet He showed His love for us that He send His only Son to die for our sins. He loved us so much He had mercy on us sinners, who have sinned against Him. Now, that is love. Now, those who are not chosen, He did nothing wrong to them. He just didn't choose them. People don't like that, because He did not choose them. They say it is not fair that some were chosen and others were not, as if any deserved salvation.

God has the right to choose whoever He wants to choose. He is under no obligation.

How Does God Select
Many are called but few are chosen, really means that, when the gospel is preached to many, only a few of them will receive the gospel with power and in the Holy Spirit. Only those chosen will be saved, and only those chosen are of the elect,

"Knowing, beloved brethren, your election by God. For our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance, as you know what kind of men we were among you for your sake" 1 Thess. 4,5.

Lack Of A Healing
No mike, it is not true. What it is and everyone should know is that God is Sovereign, and as Sovereign He has control of everyone life, whether you pray or not for someone.
He does not wait for someone to pray, yet we are told to pray for one another. When we pray we should always ask for the will of God. If it is His will to save someone at any certain time He will. God has our appointed time, and it will happen when it is time. He gives us the breath of life and He takes it away at our appointed time.

How Does God Select
Trey, very good answer concerning unmerited favor.
The point make with that word is that God has chosen a particular people from before the foundation of the world, the are His elect, and then they are physically born, and at some particular time the Holy Sprite will make that person come spiritually alive, born again, when he does wake up he can spiritually see and hear the word of God, he sees his sin, and he turns around and ask for forgiveness for sinning against God. He is granted faith to believe.
It is all the work of God. But people think that God doesn't do anything. That those who are lost have the power to make themselves spiritually alive. And that they not God, invent faith to believe while lost. Which is nonsense.

Force Us To Be Saved
ds, God made a plan before the foundation of the world and it is happening exactly as He planned it. Why He chose that particular plan we just do not know, but it was His plan and He is always right and just. Like Trey just said, it is His right to choose whatever plan He wanted.
He knew if He made that particular plan that man would fail, and so sin entered the world just as God knew it would. He designed it that way. He also designed that Jesus would die for the sins of those who would be saved. It was all done before the foundation of the world.

Are Churches Politically Corrrectc
My thoughts Steveng is that you are always looking for faults in any church other then your own. That has never stopped since you came on CNet.
You seem to believe that your way is the only way Christians should gather. If it is not like the way you gather, then they are wrong in some way. I remember you once mentioned that you taught at some of the churches you now judge. Stop judging others, first remove the log in your eye that blinds your own faults.
Jerry does the same thing. He judges others who are not of his faith, and tells them they sin because they do not worship the way he does. He presumes he never sins because he worships on Saturday, but We are all sinners just like you and Jerry, who very much need Jesus Christ.

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
To Strongaxe, I will continue here. You say the conservatives are the one's who are terrorist, but you are confused. It is the left wing who are trying everything to stop the president from doing his job as a president. The left extremist as you call them are just about all liberals.
You must not know many but I do. They are many in my family. They are completely nuts. They even teach in many schools to hate the government, our president and make things up which are not true to scare the kids. I know, because my wife works for the school system.

What Is A Terrorist
My definition of a Terrorist is a liberal left person. Just like the terrorist they are trying to overthrow our government. They burn things, smash windows, try to hurt the policemen, they are trying to stop our government from doing their job. They block area's that they do not agree on.
If anyone thinks different then they think, they try to overthrow whatever you stand for. It's their way or nothing.

What Is God's Role
Mark, you say:
"To stop people from sinning would require God to stop valuing our free will, which God gave us from the beginning. This free will is what allows us to freely love and choose God."

Mark, the lost will never choose God unless the Holy Spirit changes the heart of the person who is lost. Don't you know that while lost:
"we" once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience, among whom also we all once conducted ourselves in the lust of the flesh fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, just as the others" Eph. 1-3.

Does God Let Satan Have Way
Aservant, I completely agree with everything you quoted from Scripture. Sometimes people read a passage and completely ignore what it says.
God is Sovereign, and many do not know what it really means. Just think, if He was not Sovereign that would mean that Satan can do what he wants and nothing in Scripture would happen that God already knows will happen because He ordained it to happen. They have no faith that God is in control of all things. They believe that Satan is on his own. But he only does what God allows him to do. No more no less. He will do what God told us he will do because it is all in God's eternal plan.

Prayers God Has Honored
God has answered many of my prayers. I always ask for His will to be done.
My latest prayer happened I was having much trouble breathing, and it got to the point that one morning I passed out and my wife called the EMT's. At the hospital I had a breathing tube when I woke up. I spend 1 month in the hospital and after that I had to use an oxygen mask. I prayed one night and ask God for help. To please help me, that I needed Him so bad.
The next day after my prayer, After taking Lasix for two days I could breath again. I have been off oxygen for five months now. I do not need to carry the small tank anymore. Praise Almighty God. I thank Him so much.
I had fluid in my lungs.

Faith For Food
Steveng, if you have true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, you can never give it up. It is not something you contrived on your own, it comes from God.
"For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God-not because of works, lest any man should boast." Ephesians 2:8,9.

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