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How Did Life Begin
Evolution is a very slow process.--StrongAxe

But this primordial creation had to eat, drink, and reproduce to survive. How could it have possibly survived the time it would have taken to develop a digestive, and reproductive system?

The next time you go to a doctor, ask him if a man could survive if he was missing any one of the systems of the body. My friend, don't become oblivious to the obvious.

How Is God Love
Do you believe "Everyone who sins, is a servant of sin"?" Of course. Why?---josef on 3/27/17

I asked, because the foundational teachings of Jesus Christ are essential to salvation, and a great many folks don't believe in them. And to answer your question, without you believing in them, would be like trying to teach math to someone who doesn't believe 2+2=4.

Now to your other question.
Sin is alive and well in those who sin. So the key to obedience, is to kill that which causes you to sin.
Have you ever noticed how Paul said he put sin to death? It was the Law, it was by trying to keep the Law....(Romans 7:9).

How Did Life Begin
We see from simpler organisms that all could develop simultaneously, in very small steps--StrongAxe

I'm curious to understand what you would do with a bandage, removed from a cut on your hand?

You see my trash gets picked up once a week. And if I believed as you do, there is no way I would throw it away, because my DNA would be on it, and I would fear it might evolve into a human before the garbage got picked up.

I would have a lot of explaining to do when the cops came a knockin on my door. LOL

How Did Life Begin
The very creation of life, is absolute proof of a creator. Go to an intensive care unit sometime, and look at someone hooked to a machine that's supplementing a lost body function. All the other systems are fully functional except one. Pull the plug, and they will die. And yet folks believe man evolved? It's ridiculous when you think about it.

Here's something else to consider. If man did evolve, why can't we grow a new heart, lungs, kidneys or liver when we need one?

How Did Life Begin
Could God create man in one day? Yes. Do the laws of physics and biology REQUIRE that he did? No.
---StrongAxe on 3/24/17

Are you suggesting evolution? The body evolved after many days, weeks or years? If you are, I have two questions.

What body function evolved first.....the circulatory, pulmonary, respiratory, or digestive system?
Can you explain how it survived until all the other systems evolved?

How Does God Select
David again, finding grace in the eyes of the Lord, Yes, because Noah was already justified by faith?--Kathryn

I agree, "Noah found Grace in the eyes of the Lord, and it was through Faith". If Grace in the Old Testament was obtained through Faith, and Grace in the New Testament is obtained through faith, this proves, Grace is the same in both New and Old Testaments.

(Genesis 6:8) tells us why God did not kill Noah along with the rest of mankind,,,, true? Now If Noah was not killed because he found Grace in the eyes of the Lord, wasn't it Grace that saved Noah?

How Is God Love
In (Romans 6:16) Paul uses the term, "Obedience unto Righteousness". Both are obedience to God, with this caveat.

One deals with the Law of God the Father, the other deals with the Law of Christ. Obedience to the Law of God, leads to obedience to the Law of Christ, because it's obedience to the Law which puts sin to death (Romans 7:11).

Obedience to the Law (1 John 3: 9) is impossible, as long as sin lives in you.

Before I continue, Do you believe "Everyone who sins, is a servant of sin"? If you say no, why continue? If you do not believe what Jesus taught, why would you believe anything I say?

How Did Life Begin
The only logical conclusion, when knowing the physiology of man, is Supernatural.

Can a man survive...
Without a heart?
Without a respiratory system?
Without a digestive system?
Without a circulatory system?
Without a brain?

No, if you removed anyone of these, man would die. This proves man had to be created all at once, and for this creation to happen, man would have needed a creator.

How Does God Select
That's why David. Noah already had a relationship with God. And because of that, God spared Noah and his family from drowning.--Kathryn

I agree, Noah was saved because of his relationship with God. Don't you believe it was because of this relationship, he found Grace in the eyes of God? If not, how do you believe Noah found Grace in the eyes of the Lord?

How Does God Select
David, I looked again and could find NO OT SCRIPTURE with the words "saved by grace". --Kathryn

(Genesis 6:6-8) And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth, both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air, for it repenteth me that I have made them. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.

This passage tells us why God destroyed everything that lived on Earth, and why he saved Noah. What reason does the Bible give for God saving Noah?

How Does God Select
Why would Paul use Abraham, one who found Grace in the eyes of God, as an example of Grace in the New Testament, if Grace was different in the Old Testament?

And why would Peter use the example of Noah, as one who was saved by Grace, if the Grace he found in the eyes of God was different from the Grace we find in the New testament?

How Does God Select
Again GRACE IS THE CROSS, AKA the Finished WORKS OF CHRIST.---Kathryn

Much of what you wrote showed great insight, but Grace is mentioned many times throughout the Old Testament.

If Grace is the finished works of Christ, why is Grace mentioned in the Old Testament, thousands of years before Christ died on the cross?

How Is God Love
Good question, for those who believe God the Father loves everyone. When you look at all the examples you have given, you discover one thing they all had in common. The one thing they all had in common, was they were all living in disobedience to God.

Now doesn't it seem logical, if those who live in disobedience to God were subjected to his Wrath, those who live in obedience would be subjected to his Grace?

But unfortunately this teaching in (John 14:21-23) and many others like (John 8:34-35), taught by Jesus Christ, are considered blasphemy in the church today.

Could you just imagine a teacher teaching (John 14:21-23) in the church today, along with ((Romans 2)?
I did it, and I was asked to leave.

How Does God Select
It is God's grace working in these people to cause them to so continue in well-doing.--Bill

In (John 14:21), did Jesus say it's our love for him which causes us to keep his commandments, or it's Gods love for us which causes us keep his commandments?

My take on the parable was the "many", are the Gentiles who came dressed for the wedding. And the "Few", as foretold in (Revelation 7:4), are the children of Abraham.

The Gentile thrown out because he was not dressed for the wedding, represent, those who call Jesus, 'Lord (accept the invitation), but do not make him Lord (dress in wedding clothes), as in ( Matthew 7:21-23).

I Like A 16 Year Old Girl
The law of man makes your love a perversion, not the Law of God.
Still, the Law of man does not make it illegal to love, but illegal to act on your love.

And since you can go to jail for breaking this law, I think it best to do as some have recommended, and wait a few years, when your relationship will become legal.

How Does God Select
Few are chosen - Few of God's elect are chosen to understand the truths of the gospel. --Trey

You have given me a different perspective on the phrase "Many are called and few are chosen", and I'm not sure now what my perspective is.

In the (Matthew 22) parable, Many are properly dressed for the wedding, and Few (one) does not come properly dressed for the wedding.

The many are allowed to stay at the wedding, but one (few) is not allowed to stay. Doesn't it appear as though it's better to be one of the many and not the few?

How Does God Select
Christ comes after the tribulation, at the beginning of the thousand year reign. Christian must endure unto the end. Christians will be persecuted, killed and jailed. The mark of the beast will be issued during the tribulation and many christian will take it not knowing it is the mark of

Your right!
I must have bumped my head before I wrote yesterday. I was mounting an argument against a pre-trib rapture believer, when you clearly are not. Thanks for the rebuttal brother.

Certainly we cannot save ourselves.--Kathryn

If this is true, why didn't Jesus use this as his answer in (Luke 10:25-37)? BTW, His answer goes nicely with the teaching in (James 2:15-26).

How Does God Select
The second is at the end of the thousand year reign of Christ...
---Steveng on 3/11/17

I use to believe this too, but the 1000 year reign must happen before Christ returns, and I'll try to show you why.

Does Jesus say he will come before or after the tribulation in (Matthew 24:29-30)?

In (Revelation 20:4-5) it tells us those in the first resurrection, are there, because they didn't worship the beast, or get his mark.

Is the mark of the beast given before or after the tribulation?
After reading (Revelation 13: 7-17) and the other passages I mentioned, do you agree?

How Does God Select
Have any of you considered we might be dealing with two different phases of Grace in the New Testament?

Unmerited Grace, which gave us a Savior through which we can be saved, and merited Grace which gives us the power to become a Son of God.(John 1:17)

Wouldn't this explain verses like (Romans 2:5-7), (2 Thessalonians 1:7-8), & (1 John 3: 9-10), verses an Unmerited favor doctrine completely ignores. Ignored because they can not be reconciled with an unmerited Grace doctrine.

How Does God Select
Thanks again!
You have all shown me, that after all these years, I was wrong. For there truly is an unmerited Grace which I hadn't considered, when trying to understand the Unmerited Grace doctrine.

Though I knew, the Grace through which Jesus Christ was sent was an Unmerited Grace, I never thought folks believed that to be "Saving Grace".

I believe throughout time there has always been an unmerited Grace, but sinful man had no way to be sanctified so we had no access to it.
Without being cleansed of sin, there is no way to be justified before God. Man must stand justified before God, or there can be no relationship.

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