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Praying From A Book
I'm actually putting to gather aPrayer Book.

Some of the prayers I have collected are by John Calvin, Spurgeon, and Adonarim Judson
---john9346 on 2/2/17

Strongaxe, this was John's first post. Maybe you didn't go back far enough. Not an issue. I guess having a prayer book is ok for some, but I believe in the power of prayer, and that that power comes to us via the Holy Spirit at the time we pray from the heart. I do not believe there is any power in recycled, repurposed prayers others have prayed. To me it's like eating week old manna....which was forbidden in the OT. They had to eat fresh manna daily. And that there is a spiritual lesson in that....we read in John 6. Some may not even see the spiritual side of that.

Praying From A Book
Actually Strongaxe, my conversation was answering John, which happened to,be about Calvin and Augustine. You decided to jump in and finish, but in finishing for John, you did not go back and read from the beginning my conversation with John here and on another blog.

To answer the blog question, I don't believe in praying from a book, I believe we pray from the heart. Singing songs is something totally different. But even with songs you need to be careful, because many are written with false doctrine, like Kingdom Now Theology tones.

What Is God's Role
Katherine, why did you ask "what is Gods Role in this hurtful situation"?

Gods role is pointing to sin. Thou shall not commit Adultry. Yet some will tell you that they believe God actually orchestrated the very Adultry your husband committed, and that your husband is just a puppet in the hands of God who works through Satan to cause people to sin against His very nature. And then there are OTHERS, who believe God showed us what sin is, through His word, and OT Law, and even back then, the people were put to death for breaking the Law...Adultry being one. Today we find forgivness.

Is your husband saved Katherine? If the answer is NO, the only role God has is forgiving your husband, VIA his own repentance.

Praying From A Book
Strongaxe, my pastor doesn't have a doctrine or movement named after him. We practice the belief of not thinking of any man more important than another. We also believe in the individual priesthood of each believer. Neither Calvin, Augustine, or Smith did. We believe Calvin, although he pulled away from the RCC on SOME teachings, still practiced many RCC teachings ...infant baptism, for one, along with the attitude of NOT allowing LIBERTY to believers. He also murdered, and cruelty lorded it over the Church.....something even the apostles did not do. We also believe in free will, and that Jesus died for the sin of the whole world. But not all will put their faith in Jesus for the forgivness of sin.

Praying From A Book
Strongaxe, when one is steeped in scripture, and grounded in the Covenants Of scripture, it's easily exposed that Mormonism is not of scripture or based on ANY Covenants in scripture. Also knowing and understanding Hebrews exposes the false doctrine of Mormonism. Sure someone writing a book about the false doctrine of Mormonism and using scripture to back up is also,something any Christian who knows scripture can do.

Anything OUTSIDE OF SCRIPTURE, not grounded in scripture is Gnosticism.....we need to stay away from. The Holy Spirit is not an independent contractor teaching something new and different. Maybe that's what is wrong with Calvinism and Augustine's teachings. The Holy Spirit points to the Word of God.

Praying From A Book

---StrongAxe on 3/25/17

Strongaxe, you made three comments here..all of which make no sense and simply do not apply to my beliefs...especially this last one of yours.

FAITH COMES BY HEARING THE WORD OF GOD. Faith does not come by studying Calvin or Augustine. Here is how it works for me Strongaxe. I read the WORD andthe Holy Spirit ENLIGHTENS OR BRINGS TO LIFE The Word I am reading in scripture. THe Holy Spirit simply does not do that when I read Calvin or Augustine. It could be their words are not God breathed. It's the difference between RELIGION AND CHRISTIANITY.

Question, if you have so many books, why do you need the Bible?

Praying From A Book
Strong axe, God gave GIFTS to His Body....teachers, evangelists, ..until we all come into the UNITY of the faith, not tossed and turned by every wind of doctrine that comes along in every thing BUT simply believing the scriptures. I believe because of so many books, even today...what a huge market pushing the latest fad or movement of the latest most popular preacher. It's never stopped. Yet it never needed to start.

You failed too to answer my question re James 1. God won't steer you will. These books have YET to be tried by fire to see if they even stand the test of truth. Scripture HAS been tried. The Word of God has been tried 7 times. My money is on the Word of God.

Praying From A Book
Strongaxe, finally, to see what the books and works of Calvinism has done, Joseph Smith, Ellen White, Augustine the made interpretations of the doctrines of Devils....and this you promote. NO THANK YOU. The very truth of the matter is Strongaxe, one must FIRST present themselves a living sacrifice to even KNOW the will of God. No one can cheat on this one. And to have the mind of Christ is something Jesus Christ HIMSELF gives as we are being conformed to His image...THROUGH THE FELLOWSHIP OF HIS SUFFERINGS, again, no cheating here either. And as James says, the WORD OF GOD ENDURES FOREVER...the words of man will not. The Lord has always answered EVERY question I have ever had. And going on 40 years...has never mislead me.

How Does God Select
7 By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family. By his faith he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that is in keeping with faith.

Also David, when I read and study Galatians, re "falling from grace" which Paul shows falling from the doctrine of CHRIST IN YOU, re Galatians 2:20-21, and seeing them going under the law after beginning in the spirit..Gal 3, which is the definition of falling from grace...and Paul saying he would remain with them until Christ was FORMED IN THEM AGAIN, and showing Grace is the opposite of the Law, ..that we are also to GROW in the Grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, gives a deeper understanding of the term GRACE in the NT.

Praying From A Book
Strongaxe, I disagree. Scripture teaches scripture. Everything we need to understand the Gospel is right in scripture. If scripture was good enough for the BEREANS, it's good enough for us today. the Bereans searched the scriptures daily...and says nothing about the writings of anyone else. Are you saying they LACKED because Augustine or Calvin wasn't around to EXPLAIN what this or that meant? Obviously no such person was needed then. Seriously Strongaxe, I know this is something most of you have been brainwashed to believe...but I BELIEVE the Holy Spirit is our teacher who leads us into all truth pointing to SCRIPTURE. The days of the RCC controlling what people were allowed to know and believe are LONG OVER. Praise God.

Praying From A Book
James 1: 5 If anyone needs wisdom let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not, and it shall be given him.

6 But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

7 For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.

8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Strongaxe, tell us what you think of these verses. Have you experience the truth of these verses?

Ephesians also says Jesus is made unto us wisdom and knowledge. EVERYTHING we need is IN CHRIST. If you disagree, it might be that you are not in Christ???? Or you have never asked IN FAITH.

How Does God Select
David again, finding grace in the eyes of the Lord, yes because Noah was already justified by faith. But finding France in Gods Eyes is not the exact same definition of NT being saved By Grace. And no where do you see the term in the NT of anyone finding grace in Gods Eyes.

Noah was not Born Again...( only those in the NT are). The finished works of Christ INCLUDE the New Birth. The New Birth came as a result of Jesus resurrection. Noah was not CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST and Christ was NOT "IN" NOAH. Galatians 2:20-21....nor was he under the law of Moses. OT were JUSTIFIED by faith only until,Jesus rose from the dead. THEN they were made perfect...Hebrews 12...the spirits of JUST MEN made PERFECT.

Favorite Translation Of Bible
BTW, some people have called you Clunky in the past. My IPad sometimes replaces your name with Clunky, after I put in Cluny. So if anyone does this, it's just a spell correction made by the computer, not an act of immaturity.
---David on 3/6/17

Tooooooooo funny. Mine does that all the time....

How Does God Select

God saved Noah and family BECAUSE Genesis 6: 9 Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God.

That's why David. Noah already had a relationship with God. And because of that God spared Noah and his family from drowning. Noah also preached for 100+ years.

But again David, I already said you will find many verses saying so and so,found GRACE IN SOMEONES EYES. Jospeh found grace in Pharoahs eyes too.....but sparing someone's life and ETERNAL LIFE GIVEN BY GOD, are two entirely different matters.

Enoch walked with God...yet nothing is said about Enoch finding GRACE in Gods eyes.

How Does God Select
So,again David, you did not read what I wrote. And again, no verses, not even the one you posted said Noah was "Saved by Grace". Noah and his family were saved by building an ark and getting in it. So were umpteen thousand animals. And also Noah's sons and wives. So in essence Noah and family and animals were saved by the finished works of Noah. Not quite the same as being saved by the finished works of Christ.

BUT if anyone, even one person had believed Noah and gotten on the ark....without even contributing to the building of it....their FAITH in Gods warning would have saved them from drowning.

How Does God Select
David, I would have to see the verses you are referring to. I don't see any scripture in the OT stating anyone being saved BY GRACE. They were justified by faith. Hebrews 11, the greatest book on faith in the OT never once says GRACE. They could not be saved by the FINISHED works of Christ, because it wasn't finished yet in the OT. Their sins were only COVERED...Hebrews 10.

Please read Hebrews 10 David. Also Hebrews 11 says they died without having received THE PROMISE. The Promise was the promise of the indwelling Holy Spirit. The Last MAN Adam, IS that life giving spirit. When Jesus rose from the dead, they were then made perfect, and are now in Heaven.

How Does God Select
David, I looked again and could find NO OT SCRIPTURE with the words "saved by grace". Just to see the word grace, or the word saved Does not mean it's talking about eternal life. Many verses say God saved them from their enemies. We also see Hagar, found grace in Gods eyes, but no where is that saying she had eternal salvation. It means God took pity on her situation. Or being saved from ones enemies...does not mean salvation.

So please read the verse WITH the chapter to see if the text is talking about ETERNAL LIFE.

In the NT Saved by Grace means ETERNAL LIFE. There is no other way to be saved David. We are saved by the finished works of Christ who died and rose again for the forgivness of sin.....

How Does God Select
David, in the OT we see many FOUND GRACE IN GODS EYES. But finding Grace in Gods EYES, is not the NT understanding or definition of GRACE. As we know the English language is limited in using the same word to have many meanings.

In the NT "Grace" is the opposite of the LAW. Even John makes that comparison....Moses came re Law, Jesus came "Grace and Truth" . Also Galatains makes clear what GRACE in the NT mean. Galatians 2:20-21 clarifying.

In the NT I don't believe anyone FOUND GRACE in Gods eyes. I do believe it states we are SAVED BY GRACE through faith.

Praying From A Book
John, my pastor does not uses sages/ rabbis or anything BUT scripture...verse by verse. That's how we like it.

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