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What Is Apophtatic Theology

Considering Jesus's forgiving attitude towarsd sinners (e.g. the woman taken in adultery, tax collectors, prostitutes, the woman at the well, etc.) vs. God's Old Testament "one strike and your out" policies (e.g. The Fall, Cain, Moses rejected from the promised land, Sons of Aaron, Uzzah and the Ark, etc.), it's hard to imagine it's the same person in both instances, ESPECIALLY since God said "I change not".

That can be debated, but this is not the blog for it.

Why not? This blog (like most other blogs) has wandered far off the original topic anyway.

What Is The Curse Of Ham

The verses I quoted were very clear that what happened was Ham SAW his father's nakedness, while the other two did not because they carried a skin in and walked in backwards. Throwing a skin over your father's wife is NOT a cure for adultery - which it would have to be, if your theory were correct.

The Hebrew word for Brother is more inclusive than just "sons of the same father". We sometimes see the same in English - both Christians and African Americans call others of their group "brother" without regard to familial relationships.

What Is Apophtatic Theology

The Ten Commandments were given to Moses on Mount Sinai, thousands of years before Jesus was born. They were given to Moses by the Father, not by the Son.

The Law of which He spoke was indeed the Ten Commandment Law, as he mentioned several of them.

Yet he also mentioned other commandments from the Law of Moses. Why do you keep insisting that we keep the Ten but not the other 600? You are being inconsistent.

What Is The Curse Of Ham

Genesis 9:21:
21 And he drank of the wine, and was drunken, and he was UNCOVERED within his tent.
22 And Ham, the father of Canaan, SAW the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without.
23 And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and COVERED the nakedness of their father, and their faces were backward, and they SAW not their father's nakedness.

While your theory that Ham "uncovering Noah's nakedness" was a euphemism for adultery is interesting, the above 3 verses show that it was, in fact, simply seeing him naked, exactly what it says.

What Is Apophtatic Theology

John 15:15: If ye love ME, keep MY commandments.

Note that this was Jesus speaking. What commandments did HE mention? Love God, Love your neighbor, and a new one - love each other as I have loved you.

Again - are the Laws of Moses God's commandments or not? If they aren't, why did Jesus put them on the same level? And if they are, why don't YOU put them on the same level?

Give Up 501(c) 3 Status

You wrote: NO. The Government would use the money for a host of immoral sins.

So what? When your employer pays you wages, it's up to YOU how you spend them. When you buy bread at the store, it becomes yours, and the store doesn't care how you use it - and the money you pay becomes theirs, and you have no say in how it is used. This is how the economy works. Once you pay taxes, they becomes the government's to use as the government sees fit.

Rome used its revenues to conquer other countries, enslave their peoples, support pagan temples, and impose their pagan beliefs on others. Did Jesus say "Don't pay taxes because they are used for evil purposes"? No. He said "Render unto Caesar".

What Is Apophtatic Theology

If you keep insisting that we are required to obey the Ten Commandments because they are God's Law, but we aren't required to obey the Law of Moses, because that is man's law, let me remind you that when Jesus was asked what the greatest commandments were, he did not mention any of the Ten, but instead, quoted two from Moses: Love God, and Love Your Neighbor. Apparently Jesus DID think the Law of Moses was the Law of God, and he DID think it was important.

What Is The Curse Of Ham
Google: "curse of Ham".

Ham gransgressed, so Noah cursed his son Canaan instead. This is part of the ancient tradition of "the father eats sour grapes, and the son's teeth are set on edge" mentality that goes back as far as the Fall - children are punished for their parents' transgressions, for many generations to come, or somebody else is. It's also common in other cultures. Zeus was a notorious philanderer, but instead of his wife Hera taking it up with him, she persecuted his innocent son Heracles. Man sins, God destroys most innocent animals. Saudi terrorists blow up the World Trade Center, Bush attacks... Iraq.

Friends With The Backslidden
Many people go through difficult times (by their own fault or not), and often lose most of their friends. The few who stick with them are very telling. Note Jesus's one parable that dealt with friendship - the Good Samaritan. Here was a person who was willing to be a friend, and go significantly out of his way to help even a total stranger from a different religion and culture - even through others who were closer and should have helped just walked away.

After the PTL scandal, most Christians abandoned Tammy Faye Bakker (because, you know, sin). The only people who stood by her were... drag queens - people she and her husband would have denounced and ridiculed. They were the Samaritans in this case, while Christians were the Pharisees.

What Is Apophtatic Theology

You wrote: Then you aren't a Christian either.

Please show chapter and verse where Christians are required to keep the Law. Gal 3:29 mentions nothing about it.

Do you really keep your wife in the garage? That's not part of the Ten Commandments.

Women are to be kept out of the house during their time of the month. That is part of Jewish law. Why don't YOU keep it?

What denomination are you?

I do not promote any specific denominational views here, because what I personally believe has no bearing on what others ought to believe. What the bible actually says (or doesn't say) does.

What Is Apophtatic Theology

There are "Christians" who believe they are free to lie, cheat, and steal, because they are not under the law. I am not one of those.

I am not a Jew, so Jewish law does not apply to me.

Do you make your wife live in the garage once a month? Do you stone your neighbors to death if they dare to work on Saturday? If not, what denomination are you that you feel no obligation to keep God's Law?

I have lived most of my life in this country. I am subject to its laws. I am subject to its economic and political trends. About the only thing that separates me from being an American citizen is that I am not allowed to vote, and I can be deported if I am convicted of a felony.

Who's The Elect
This is an epistomological argument. People can be divided into three categories:

1) The fortunate. Those who are saved (or sane, or whatever criterion you choose) and know it.
2) The unfortunate. Those who are unsaved etc. and realize this.
3) The deluded. Those who are unsaved etc. but are sufficiently deluded to not realize this.

Anyone who believes he is unsaved is clearly 2. However, anyone who firmly believes he is saved could be either 1 or 3, with no subjective way to tell the difference.

This is why there are so many different religions and cults. Many people who are 3 believe they are 1. They may have great faith, but because what they believe is wrong, it will do them no good.

What Is Apophtatic Theology

These REPUBLICANS suggest robbing you of what you paid - talking about cuts to Social Security and Medicare, raising retirement age, etc. to pay for other programs, forgetting Social Security is independent of other federal funds. The only way that works is by raiding the Social Security fund. Also note illegal immigrants cannot collect Social Security. You consider the disabled robbers who don't play by the rules? I am now disabled, but I paid into the system for years. This is how insurance works - you pay when you don't need it, and collect when you can't afford it.

What boards did Obama set up to make people die? TRUMP Care will deprive 23 million of health insurance, and kill tens of thousands. Pot, kettle, black.

What Is Apophtatic Theology

I am NOT an antinomian. We are not obligated to "thou shalt not steal" because the Law NEVER applied to us, as we are not Jews - but we ARE obligated to because "love thy neighbor" DOES apply to us.

You are not robbed by the poor either, since you are not obligated to give money to them. If you call social programs robbery because your tax dollars go to the poor without your consent, remember that MUCH larger federal subsidies go to corporate subsidies and tax breaks - also without your consent.

Deregulation, which Republicans constantly push, benefits big corporations, while harming the environment, which hurts us all (Remember Flint, and fracking?)

Give Up 501(c) 3 Status

You must follow the laws of ALL jurisdictions where you live. If you live in San Diego, you must follow God's laws, AND U.S. federal laws, AND California state laws, AND San Diego city laws.

Satan has infiltrated and divided christiandom up into over 60,000 denominations each having their own ritulas, traditions, ways of living and interpretations of the bible. Is Christ divided?

Why do you constantly harp on the 3% differences between the Christian denominations, while ignoring the 97% of doctrine that they all share? This is similar to racists who focus on the 0.01% of differences between races rather than the 99.98% that they share in common. Why do you always have to be so negative? Read Phillipians 4:8.

What Is Apophtatic Theology

The question then is, who covet and steal more - the rich, or the poor? Look at the federal budget - the amount dedicated to social programs like welfare, food stamps, and public health care is a very small percentage (in the single digits), while corporate welfare (subsidies to rich corporations) is larger, and the military is largest of all. Yes, some poor may "rob the rich", but the rich rob the poor far more. The Bible never condemns the former, but it DOES condemn the latter (e.g. joining land to land, moving boundary marks, etc.)

If Marxism (which we don't have here) is theft, unbridled capitalism (which we do) is even worse theft.

What Is Apophtatic Theology

You wrote: Sin vs. righteousness is indeed a black/white issue. No SDA should join the muddy waters gang.

Yes, I'm sure if you were there when Jesus was confronted with the woman taken in adultery, YOU would have educated him in the proper punishment about adultery, and thrown the first stone, because after all, adultery is either black or white - like all other sin, there can be no middle ground, can there be?

We are to care for the poor through our churches - not through government parasites.

How many church bake sales does it take to treat one person for cancer?

What Is Apophtatic Theology

You have such one-dimensional thinking. No wonder extreme thinkers like you (both left and right) frequently throw the baby out with the bath water.

Yes, there is definitely right and wrong, but things are rarely 100% black or 100% white. Even when God sent the flood to wipe out most of the earth, he saved Noah and his family, and a couple of animals from each species. If God used such black and white thinking as you do, he would just have wiped the slate clean and started from scratch.

I do not muddy the waters. I merely make people see that the water is ALREADY slightly muddy. To expect distilled water from the lake is delusional.

What Is Apophtatic Theology

You wrote: It is as if you think that the fourth Commandment need not be kept because the length of days is unclear.

Yet another useless straw man to demolish. When have Cluny and/or I ever suggested that the lengths of creation days has anything to do with whether or not the fourth commandment should be obeyed?

Exo 20:8-11 is perfectly clear, written to humans by Jesus Himself and defining the human days of the week.

What do "human days of the week" have to do with Genesis 1? For most of that week, humans didn't exist, and for part of it, neither did the sun (which is how we NOW measure days), so it's clear that the way that WE now measure days was inadequate for the first few.

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