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What Are Wages Of Sin
Based on Roman's 3:23, I'd have to state this is dealing with eternal life. It has already been told to us that we will all experience physical death as a result of Adam's sin, but if a person read's Roman' 3:23 in it's proper context, it is dealing with eternal life, not the physical death.

How Does God Select
This is what is called a teaching parable. What is being shown, many were called to attend the wedding, but some who were invited gave excuse's as why they couldn't come. What Christ is showing in this parable is that God has invited all persons but only a few came. Bottom line: a lot of folks have been told about Christ's saving ability, but only a few accept His invitation that will give them a position in heaven.

Stop Smoking Cigs
Nicotine is very habit forming. The only people that I know who have successfully "kicked the habit" are those who have become Christians, and went "cold turkey". There are many was you can stop and stay stopped. You really need to pray about it. Pick out some Christian friends that that will help you. In addition, avoid situations that would make you pick up the habit again. Finally, make sure you tell people who smoke around you that you have stopped and they are to help you stay that way, not try and tempt you into smoking.

Conflicting Christians Opinions
One reason for conflicting views
is because Christians will look at Scripture in the view of their own cultural background instead of the culture at the time the various portions of the Bible were written. Second is taking Scripture out of context. Third is they have preconceived views about something try and prove their view by taking the Bible out of context by using a verse, or portions of the Bible to "prove" a point. Fourth is they heard this is what the Bible states without checking to see if it's even in the Bible. I could go on, but space is limited. The main thing is to study the Bible and not just read it.

Is Waterboardiing Justified
Strong Ax: What do you call destroying the Towers in NY or the various attacks in various states like Boston, Texas, California, etc. While it's true no formal name has been given to these attacks, it's still war.

Does Trump's Name Offend
If churches are afraid people will be offended if they use Trump's name in a prayer they they are afraid for no good reason.

Disgusted By A Church
The thing that discusses me the most is to see Christian's fighting in church, and while it's fine to not to agree, it's not fine to be dis-agreeable. The only person to benefit from this is Satan.

Do You Tithe
In the Old Testament a person is instructed to tithe 10% and some Christians claim this isn't true in the New Testament. In my experience as both a Youth Director and a missionary for 32 years is that Christians who don't tithe use this as an excuse not to tithe. Personally I give my tithe to the church only. (They have expenses such as salaries, heating, etc.) I support other things, like missionary's, Christian organization, etc with money other than the tithe. However, if ALL Christians just gave 10%, no church would ever need money and the church would be support missionary's, and other Christian groups etc.

Marriage Of HIV Couples
What are the health of risk of any children?

Is The Bible God's Testimony
When I was a machinist, each machinist had a hand book on how to become a machinist, and how to function as a machinist, the Bible is God's hand book on how become a Christian and how to function as a Christian.

A Very Dirty Family
"Backing away slowly" may help you, but not them. What you should do is have a serious talk with the wife, (if there is one), an point out the health dangers. Tell her to try "cleaning up" daily for at least 30 days, but she is not to say anything to the rest of the family unless they ask questions during the 30 days. After the 30 days if they don't follow her example, have her talk to one other member of family concerning the advantages she has experienced. (But she can't "preach" or act "holier than thou" in her attitude"

Consumed In Previous Marriage
It is in your best interest, (personal opinion) to move on.

Make Friends In Church
Be friendly. Go up and introduce yourself to people. Volunteer for a committee or sing in the choir, attend programs conducted by the church, etc.

Pledge Of Allegiance
When a person pledges allegiance to a flag, it's not really the flag they are pledging allegiance but to the the country that the flag represents. This means you will obey the laws of that country, it's leadership, etc. as long as it doesn't take priority over God's instructions.

Who Is A True Christian
There is only one way to be a Christian and that is accepting Christ as your personal Savior.

Anything else is false!

I Like A 16 Year Old Girl
Are you sure she isn't just looking at you as a father figure? At 16 her brain has not fully developed yet - this won't happen until she's 22-23. Before that time, she may change her mind because she has more reasoning power, but if you marry now, she may feel some resentment as she gets older. To marry now would mean she will miss all the social activities of a normal 16 year old, such as the senior prom, or while her friends are are at the mall "chilling out", she's changing diapers . What I suggest is you not see her until she's 24 and see if she still wants to marry you. (It's not as hard as you think.) To marry her now would be a mistake! (Of course, it's not legal at this time!) Wait!

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