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Do Ghosts Exist
The fact that the stone was rolled away and His body was not in the tomb says it all. But take into account too, people had no clue what to expect. And Jesus words are clarified to this very day that He rose from the dead, and this also showing that the furure prophecy of the return of Jesus Christ , the Son of David will one day take the throne and reign and rule for 1000 years, and not as a ghost, or spirit, or spiritualized away as some doctrines teach.

Zechariah 12-14. The literal Glorified King is coming to reign and rule for 1000 years, and then after He rules, will deliver all up to the Father, just as scripture states. 1 Corinthians 15.

Do Ghosts Exist
I agree with Cluny here. Different translations confuse. The idea of spirits , as angels too were spirits, not ghosts, and clearly says God is a spirit, and before Jesus was made flesh was also spirit. But I don't think of then as being ghosts, as we think of ghosts being the after product?? of a human who's spirit/soul wanders around after they died.

Hopefully that is not what Nicole is trying to encourage here. That goes against scripture.

More than likely that is demons.

Ten Commandments Historical
All we have to do is look around and see that the curses in the OT are not consistently activated today when we see people break all those laws and ordinances. If this applies to ALL MEN EVERYWHERE, why do we see so many seem to have great prosperity and have earned it dishonestly? Some do get away with it, yet some do not. We see those who practice religion yet in the Moffia, the most dishonest ...murders, earn money through drugs and prostitution etc, never see the curses of the OT law inflicted upon them.

Today, man will be judged on whether they receive Jesus Christ or not.

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
Jesus did not call Peter Satan for that reason.....

My Nicole, what an overactive imagination the RCC has. If that is why you all are so focused on Jesus suffering, even starting your own South Anerican Floggers, self mutilation clubs, etc, then tell us why in the OT the lamb selected to be slain wasn't FIRST beat to a living pulp , as a pattern of all things pointing to Jesus?

Peter didn't understand Gods will,that Jesus was do die and rise again.....Peter had no idea they were ALSO going to inflict physical abuse.

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
Nicole, this is an issue many if not all Protestants have an issue with. Yes, even Calvin. So you do know that crosses in the Protestant churches do not have a graven image of what someone THINKS Jesus looks like STILL SUFFERING ON A CROSS.

We need to remember, although Jesus did suffer, the greatest suffering is when He said. " My God, My God Why has thou forsaken me". He said that at the time our sin was placed on Him and for that moment was separated from the Father. A greater SUFFERING than any physical suffering. That SUFFERING can not be made into a graven image. And THAT is the suffering we need to remember.

We're not saved by Jesus suffering, but by His Death and Resurrection.

Ten Commandments Historical
Barb, because those blessings and cursings included the LAND only given to Israel. Since Israel was no longer a Nation who's capital was exclusively Jerusalem , and since all,the tribes were scattered all over the known world at that time.....the blessings and cursings given to Israel UNDER THE LAW OF MOSES, went into effect when Israel was scattered........a curse........And these B and C were never given to Gentiles before or after the cross. These were EARTHLY BLESSINGS.


Why do those who think they are under the law NEVER talk about their HEAVENLY BLESSINGS IN HEAVENLY PLACES IN CHRIST JESUS...a far superior place indeed.

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
Nicole, you be nice. You've been gone a while, (I'm sorry to hear about your father by the way, will keep you in prayer) and then come back in attack mode. That was totally unnecessary. Nicole, most people, I would say 99.9999% KNOW that if Jesus ROSE from the DEAD, that he died first. What else would or could you possibly think resurrection life means.......rising from a chair. Now missy, if YOU are that dull in understanding, that's YOUR PROBLEM. But to accuse others of being as dull in cognitive intellect, is ...well,

Please don't assume others are thinking the way you think.

I will restate...WE SERVE A RISEN SAVIOR. . We serve a Savior who's works are FINISHED.

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
I see Nicole is back and back to her old tricks again. Why do you insert and make up junk no one ever stated. The GOSPEL , as has been discussed many times here is the DEATH, BURIEL AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST. so your cute but STUPID remark only again shows you are dishonest in misrepresenting others.

Not Christlike at all Nicole. Just one of those red flags showing people can say all kinds of things religiously, yet in PERSONAL PRACTICE do not show the true signs of a Christian.

Christians don't LIE blatantly. You just did. If you perhaps can back up your imaginary statement with fact, then do so, or REPENT. LIARS cannot enter the Kingdom of God. You do know that don't you?

How Does God Select
You have no clue what they words of God mean. You grasp for straws. Trying to piece together your own understanding. Why don't you get yourself a word study Bible, this way you know what the words really mean.
---Luke on 4/5/17

Lisa Luke, and then after plagerizing others works, most likely you are Lisa who also use to plagerize, as did MarkV out of REFORMED COMMENTARIES.

NEWS FLASH: ANYONE who plagerizes anothers works as you just posted) not even OLD ENOUGH OR MATURE ENOUGH to answer out of your OWN understanding given by the Holy Spirit our teacher, .........what a riot. What a sham. WHAT A JOKE.

Luke, keep your condescending comments to yourself, since YOU don't even know TRUTH for yourself.

Normal Christian Lifestyle
Actually Strongaxe, I've started blogs and then can't find them, because I don't know what CN has named them, many times with a title that I never would have thought would be its Title name.

I've also seen others blogs where the one posting the question never came back on. I don't think I ever gave it a second thought.

Some post questions simply to see others answers, without having to give their own. And others like controlling their question. Some questions don't post for several days, and then one might forget they even posted it.

Why is it an issue? It shouldn't be.

How To Follow Jesus
Trav, sometimes your answers are mind boggling. Hebrews also reiterates the fulfilling of the promises to the House of Judah and house of Israel. Ezekiel 36 my friend has not yet been fulfilled in its entirety....THE WHOLE CHAPTER. Oh maybe you pick out a verse, but I'm referring to the WHOLE CHAPTER. Which also includes Isaiah 14... Not yet fulfilled.

Your doctrine has always been questionable Trav. The Two House Theory etc. That salvation is ONLY to Israel......we know is false doctrine.

And you say YOU can prove you come from one of these tribes? And you KNOW the exact Tribe? That salvation is strictly to certain bloodlines? Too funny.

How Does God Select
And furthermore LisaLukeMarkV, the next time you answer, please make sure you tell everyone WHOS words you are posting. To suggest Reformed Theologians is the ONLY TRUTH, and everyone else is stupid and does not know the Word of God who disagrees with Calvinism is so DISHONEST it's not even funny.

I would prefer you stop posting from commentaries and if you are going to answer, give an answer for the hope within you, that God gave to all who are saved. Your actions only PROVE you are an imposter who may not even be saved. Anyone can post anothers words. You do it and pretend they are yours with SNIDE comments to end your phony Bologna stance here.

I always know you were a fraud.

How Does God Select
Wrong Luke, in Galatians we see they did not LOSE their salvation. Paul stayed with them until CHRIST was FORMED IN THEM Again. So GRACE here is sanctification. Having BEGUN in the Spirit, are you NOW being made perfect IN The flesh....YE have Fallen from Grace. Beginning in the spirit Luke BEGINS with....I AM CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST, AS Paul points out before in Galatians 2:20-21 .It's all right there Luke in Galatians 3. No need for someone's commentary IF you truly are being taught by the Holy Spirit....

Funny how the Elect believe themselves the ONLY ones that can SEE TRUTH, yet need everyone else's commentaries to EXPLAIN the simplicity there is IN CHRIST. Not explain AWAY the simplicity in Christ.

How Does God Select
2. The word "fallen" means "to lose one's grasp" on something. Paul's clear meaning is that any attempt to be justified by the law is to reject salvation by grace alone through faith alone. Those once exposed to the gracious truth of the gospel, who then turn their backs on Christ (Heb. 6:4-6) and seek to be justified by the law are separated from Christ and lose all prospects of God's gracious salvation.
---lisa on 11/26/06

So Luke, do you plagiarize others posts often? SOThey BEGAN IN THE SPIRIT, YOU CALL being quickened, and YOU now conclude the elect CAN lose their salvation OR being quickened by the spirit is NO guarantee of being the elect to begin with? SO, please explain your doctrine again? I'm confused!

What Is God's Role
Acts 10:45King James Version (KJV)

45 And they of the circumcision which believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost.

It amazes me those who swallow camels but choke on nates. We can clearly see here that Cornelius was not of the Circumcision....( just another way of saying ISRAEL). And since all the words in scripture have been translated in ENGLISH for those who read ENGLISH, the word used to define those NOT OF ISRAEL, is Gentile. And I don't know anyone who would make an issue of it. I think there are many names, heathans, Greeks , barbarians, the nations, foreigners, strangers etc....we all know refer to those outside of Israel.

What Is God's Role
Travelosity I disagree. The word GENTILE is used in the KJV anyway 123 times OT and NT. It was first used in Genesis 10.

Jacob was RENAMED Israel. And his 12 sons make up the 12 tribes of Israel AKA the NATION of Israel. God made a special covenant with THE NATION Israel, as opposed to the Gentiles, or those NOT Israel. Those outside of THE NATION ISRAEL were not promised land, for one thing. And those who wanted to join Israel could, just as we see Ruth did.

Cornelius was a Roman Centurian. And Peter even states after bringing the Gospel to Corneluis...LOOK EVEN THE GENTILES ARE GIVEN THE HOLY SPIRIT LIKE WE ARE.

The Gentiles ate meat sacrificed to idols. ISRAEL DID NOT. That became an issue to some.

How Does God Select
John thank you for pointing out the Book of Hebrews does not address depravity. We know, at least I do, the book of Hebrews establishes the very foundation of "Salvation IS "OF" THE JEWS. " that Jesus clearly established. " OF" the Jews, means OF the Jews religion, and what Hebrews is about. ALso establishing FAITH...Hebrews 11, going all the way back to Abel. Able made a BLOOD sacrifice....exactly what was established from the beginning pointing to was more clearly established and defined we see in the OT reiterated in Hebrews. AND we see FREE WILL relating to the Gospel in Hebrews 3-4, that Paul also uses.....

And guess what.....there was and never will be such a doctrine as TOTAL DEPRAVITY.

How Does God Select
Hebrews4:11 Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.

David, They were preached the Gospel as well as we. The book of Joshua parallels Ephesians. Hebrews shows a perfect example of those being given a PROMISE, and coming right to the very door of that promise...even SEEING THE PROMISE, but THEY were too afraid to ENTER IN. It takes OUR FAITH in Gods promises to ENTER IN. You will not see an example of Israel just WALLA, waking up in The promise land. THEY actually had to BY FAITH cross over. Hebrews 4:11 is a warning to EVERY HUMAN WHOM GOD HAS LEFT A PROMISE. But not all men as we see ENTER INTO that promise, out of their own free will to reject.

How Does God Select
So we see by scriptural example and scriptural BACK UP, showing in Hebrews 3-4 exactly HOW and WHY and WHAT God expects from man when He has given us a Promise. Hebrews 10 again says , WE ENTER A NEW AND LIVING WAY....through the veil, that is to say His Flesh, meaning , I am crucified with Christ. But just as we see here in Hebrews 3-4, God does NOT force you to enter. But look what happens when you don't. Being brought out of Egypt, and dying in ones sins IN THE WILDERNESS is not salvation.

Many think they are saved, yet have NEVER gone the final step and ENTERED IN. And look at the example, even Paul reiterates in the NT I believe in Corinthians about this very thing. Did Paul teach NO FREE WILL...absolutely not.

How Does God Select
John you can post till the cows come home, but STILL, nothing you posted shows man has no free will. It just states all men are sinners. Gosh John, even if all but ONE were sinners, and the ONE was just an ordinary man ....then there would be no reason for Jesus to have died for our sin...because that ONE person would have shown man of his own self can be sinless. But we know that is not true. All have sinned. And in Adam all die. Yet even with that ALL are called to REPENT. Not ALL will, but ALL have been called to even sinners have the capacity to REPENT. Sinless people don't need to REPENT. ,)

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