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Why Easter And Christmas
The Biblical Priesthood was fulfilled in the Lord Jesus Christ have you ever read Heb 7????--john9346

Sorry for my late response.

I believe you do not understand Hebrew 7 yourself.

It's about Melchizedek who was a King and High Priest at the same time.

What did he offered in honor of Abraham's victory?

Bread and Wine.

Jesus is the TRUE High Priest and King as His told His Disciples in John 6.

You deny Jesus claims of His Body and Blood being REAL AND TRUE for us to eat and drink as His Disciples refused in John 6:66.

Jesus TOLD the Disciples to offer up His Body and Blood ALWAYS until He returns.

Only the Catholic and Orthodox Churches have VALID Priests in following Jesus' Commands.

Hypostatic Union
//He is fully God and fully man. He has two natures: God and man...He is 100% God and 100% man. He never lost His divinity.---john9346 on 4/14/17


BTW, did you know that's WHY Mary has the title: Mother of God?

To protect Jesus' Divinity.

Not to make Mary divine as so many mistakenly believe Catholics claim.

If you can't Mary the mother of God, you DON'T believe Jesus is God.

Why Did You Become A Christian
Moderator, I agree with Cluny.

This blog doesn't make any sense.

The title seems to speak about Christianity in general, but when it is opened it speaks only about one Specific Christian Church.

Do Ghosts Exist
Sorry folks, but again you are all trying to put words into Jesus' mouth.

Plus, you are acting as if the Disciples do not KNOW the differences between demons and ghosts.

1. Demons occupying human bodies can EAT.

2. Demons NOT occupying bodies have NO FORM for us to look at in order to frighten us.

Remember, the Disciples were not looking at a shadow dimmed body. They were looking at a real Person: Jesus.

They were afraid because Jesus appeared out of thin air.

Read the V36

V36 While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, Peace be with you.

Stop Smoking Cigs
//Strom Thurmond didn't become a Republican because he repented, but because racists were predominantly Dixiecrats before the 1960s---StrongAxe

Democrats was the SLAVERY party.

Being the Slave party doesn't even make them change their name. Why?

Because they are still RACIST TODAY.

Did you know that Joe Biden gave the EULOGY for Strom Thurmond?

Did you know that Thurmond's daughter is 1/2 Black?

After Trump's election victory, I loved Rush's statement:

"I haven't seen the Democrats so mad since the night Lincoln freed the Slaves."

I never LAUGHED so heard in my life. Because it is SO TRUE!

The Democrat Leaders can't stand for it's Constituents to THINK, ACT and LIVE FREE!

Favorite Translation Of Bible
I heard Brother Bob (Jewish convert to the Catholic faith, and a third order of Franciscans) say on EWTN that the best translation of the Bible is the one you will read.

The Bible is simply the story of man's salvation by the Holy Trinity with Jesus as the center of our story.

Do Ghosts Exist
Cluny, I heard it doing Mass recently.

I do believe the Catholic Church in the Latin Rite uses the NAB for Her Liturgies.

Why Easter And Christmas
//Nicole, Samuel is correct when he stated, "Both insist they were the real apostolic church."//

No Samuel is saying as if one is an Apostolic Church and the other isn't. That's why he placed the word 'real' in front of Apostolic.

Cluny and I are saying both of us can point our Church Leaders back all the way to all the Apostles.

//Cluny himself has stated this same belief.--john9346 on 4/22/17

No not as Samuel and you are thinking.

To have a valid priesthood in your Church you have to be able to connect today's Priests back to one of the 13 Apostles. (Paul and Matthias as part of the 13).

Samuel thinks the Orthodox has to accept Pope Francis as their head to a be a 'real' Apostolic Church

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
//Jesus did not call Peter Satan for that reason.....Peter had no idea they were ALSO going to inflict physical abuse.---kathr4453

Soooooo, Peter was upset Jesus was going to be risen from the dead????

You and I both KNOW that Peter was refusing Jesus' SUFFERING and DEATH.

Jesus wasn't upset with Peter because of the Resurrection.

REMEMBER none of the Disciples understood Jesus prediction of His Own Resurrection! Jesus didn't call all of them satan. Only Peter because he was speaking about His suffering and death!

Matthew 16:22-23
Then Peter took Him aside and began to rebuke Him, saying, Far be it from You, Lord, this shall not happen to You!

But He turned and said to Peter, Get behind Me, Satan!

Why Easter And Christmas
Bill, Pagans chose our days after Christians being celebrating Christ's Birth and the Resurrection on certain days

Secularists invented a bunny and decided to celebrate that bunny with it's fixings on the same day Christians celebrate the Resurrection.

Think about it, you haven't read about a bunny with Easter from Historians 200 years ago.

//may be we could say he is not inventing, but reinventing??//

YES, by Pagans!

Valentine Day
Real Christian Saint- Centuries ago

Cupid - Pagans

St Patrick's day March 17th.
Real Christian Saint's death. A Bishop of Ireland Centuries ago.

Leprechaun and pot of gold - Pagans.

//Satan does not own any days.---Bill


Ten Commandments Historical
//We see those who practice religion yet in the Moffia, the most dishonest ...murders, earn money through drugs and prostitution etc, never see the curses of the OT law inflicted upon them.//


BTW, I think you meant to say Mafia and it isn't a religion.

They are killing each other and most are NOT Christians. The Russian Mafia, Asian, Italian, Irish Mafia and the rest.

All of them are going to HELL if they don't repent.

Since when does one's eternal fate is determined according to their earthly fate?

Matthew 19:23 Luke 16:19-31

//Today, man will be judged on whether they receive Jesus Christ or not.---kathr4453

Millions die without the opportunity of accepting Jesus. - Saudi Arabia.

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
//what an overactive imagination the RCC has.//

I guess taking Bible serious upsets you. First you claim Catholics don't read the Bible.

Now you get upset when a Catholic uses Scripture to prove you wrong.

//why in the OT the lamb selected to be slain wasn't FIRST beat to a living pulp, as a pattern of all things pointing to Jesus?//

The SUFFERING SERVANT in Isaiah 53 and Exodus 12. But isn't Jesus' OWN WORDS not good enough?

//Peter had no idea they were ALSO going to inflict physical abuse.---kathr4453

Matthew 16:21...Jesus began to show to His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem, and SUFFER MANY THINGS from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be KILLED, and be raised the third day.

Why Easter And Christmas
//Both insist they were the real apostolic church.---Samuelbb7 on 4/19/17

Cluny, is correct. I believe you are confused in the understanding of Apostolic Church.

Both are Apostolic Churches capable proving no breaking link of the 'laying of the hands' back to the Apostles.

Meaning both have VALID Priesthood and all VALID SEVEN Sacraments.

The Catholic Church states Pope Francis is the Successor holding the Keys given to Peter by Jesus.

Many Orthodox Churches proudly can direct their Successors (called Patriarchs not Popes) back to Andrew (Peter's brother) and John (The Beloved Disciple), Phillip, James and other Apostles.

The Catholic Church AGREES with these Links of the Orthodox Churches

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
//So you do know that crosses in the Protestant churches do not have a graven image of what someone THINKS Jesus looks like STILL SUFFERING ON A CROSS.//

But you all have PICTURES of what you think Jesus looks like holding children or a lamb???

Pictures are graven images.

Stop being hypocrites.

//We're not saved by Jesus suffering, but by His Death and Resurrection.---kathr4453 on 4/21/17


Remember Jesus called Peter satan for saying the same thing!!!

Matthew 16:23

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
Kathr, I sorry you believe I returned in an attack form.

I chose not to blog during Lent. I don't want you to think that I believe the Easter Season is the time to attack anyone.

Please explain your statement:

****RCC STILL have Jesus on a cross, and not risen.--kathr4453 4/3/17

Are you saying any defense I make for the Catholic Church is wrong?

Where in the Catechism states our belief that He isn't Risen?

Why would we celebrate the Easter Season for 50 days if we don't believe He is Risen?

You moved on from Easter Monday morning when the Catholic Church STILL celebrating Easter as if TODAY is still SUNDAY!

Yet you claim the RCC doesn't believe He isn't Risen?

Explain your comment?

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
Hello John and happy Easter.

Nursing is going very well. I truly love it. But I am only working part time due to helping my mom with my dad.

Thanks for asking.

I hope your Easter celebration are going well.

As Catholics and Orthodox we celebrate Easter and Christmas for a week as one day.

Why Easter And Christmas
Because Easter vigil is the Holiest Feast of the year and Christmas is the next with it's Midnight Mass.

Jesus rising from the dead should be celebrated.

Next Jesus birth should be celebrated because he is God with us Emmanuel.

These days you should not ignore if you are a Christian.

As directed by God himself the Jews celebrated certain day's yearly as a reminder of it's importance.

If you wish to blame the Catholic Church in keeping these days in circulation in our modern memory we are guilty and not ashamed.

We shall continue until Christ returns. We take Jesus seriously.

Blame God for traditions. He knows how humans are so forgetful.

I loved Holy Week with Easter as its climax.

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
//Kinda like how the RCC STILL have Jesus on a cross, and not risen.//

Or do you have Jesus risen as if from a seat since He NEVER died in your gospel?

We just finished celebrating the Sacred Triduum.

Look it up. (Hint: tri means 3)

//Jesus Today Is exalted,..John, not one NT verse refers to Jesus as SERVANT. WE are HIS servants. HE IS LORD?--kathr4453 on 4/3/17

You skipped Jesus' dead to celebrate His Resurrection.

Now you want to skip the OT to the NT.

Jesus fulfills the OT Messiah as the Suffering Servant.

Isaiah 53

Do you also expect women to have babies without labor pains?

Normal Christian Lifestyle
How can we not use the Bible?

Jesus is showing us how to live His pattern of Life in the Bible.

Where else are we going to imitate Christ Life?

Christian means being christ-like.

We are Christians - Christ -Christians

Give Up 501(c) 3 Status

That would be stupid.

That would mean the faithful would be paying taxes.

Remember charitable contributions are tax deductible.

So why would we make it a tax deductible but at the end the federal government collect the taxes from the SAME institutions???

When PETA stares to pay taxes we can have this conversation.

Because everyone knows PETA isn't political.

? Rrrright.

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