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Friends With The Backslidden
Amen Jerry you are right.

Who's The Elect
Many view those who don't hear the Gospel as being lost automatically.

But I and others when we read Romans 2. See that the Grace of GOD is extended to those who love GOD but lack knowledge. They show they love GOD and love others. But they have not heard the gospel.

GOD will judge them on their hearts. His Grace is sufficient for all.

This is my and many others understanding. Not everyone agrees.

GOD is love.

How To Read The Bible
Good points Michael.

There are two main schools on understanding who the Bible is for.

Dispensationalism. That the New Testament is for the Church and the Old is for Jews. To me this doesn't hold up. It is contradicted by the Bible.

2Tim 3:14-17 speaks of all scripture. Which when written was mostly the Old Testament.

Romans 15:4 For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.

Jesus said we should live by all that proceeded from the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4

So no we don't build arks. Or practice ceremonial laws. But we follow GOD and his Ten Commandments.

This is called Covenant Theology.

Give Up 501(c) 3 Status

The Churches must follow the laws of man in all their finances. They are supposed to also follow the laws of GOD. In how they spend money. Minsters and missionaries are to be paid. Houses of worship cost.

I agree Satan has infiltrated and leads many churches to not follow the Bible. Instead they support wealthy ministers who fly jets and spend money on themselves.

But that is also the result of itching ears of those who wish to be told lies. Read the book of Jude. It speaks of these ministers.

There have been articles in the Newspaper where people who say they are Christian never read their Bible.

GOD is love. Read Matthew 25.


Give Up 501(c) 3 Status
Hello Faith. I would say the church is the Spiritual body of Christ. But the Body of Christ is also called his temple. With Jesus's followers being the stones.

Terry while I disagree a lot with Roman Catholic theology. There are parts that are true. Also there are many Christians in the RCC.


What Is Apophtatic Theology
Jerry one of the biggest entitlement spending is Social Security. Do you want to get rid of Social Security?

Ninety percent of Entitlement Benefits Go to Elderly, Disabled, or Working Households.

Many of them retired military. So are you saying the Government should set up boards on who to let die? Or just say the poor need to die so the rich can not pay taxes?

Read James The rich will steal from the poor. You say stealing is wrong. But seem to support that it is okay for the rich to do.

Give Up 501(c) 3 Status
There are many denominations in the United States. In them are many Christians and GOD knows who they are. They are the true church.

In other countries churches are oppressed by their governments. Here we just have to follow the law. So more money can be used by the church. 501(c)3 does not hurt a church.

It is not following the laws of Caesar that is the problem. It is the leaders and members who don't love others. Agape

What Is Apophtatic Theology
Good points Strong Ax.

My problem Jerry is that you're making assumptions that I don't see. I make enough and get by. I don't depend on the Government to support me. I pay my taxes. But we pay over $800 a month for insurance. Which is very hard. Our insurance could get taken away by new laws. How is that fair.

Many friends who are teachers. Work hard. But they often pay more taxes the millionaires. Should not everyone pay their fair share?

I know many working poor. I don't know any leeches. I keep hearing about them. But don't see or hear real facts.

The only person I have known on welfare. Was a mother on two special need children. Whose husband left her. So do you think she is a leach and should not receive help?

Pope Francis Prayers
Jerry there are fools on both sides.
I didn't miss the parts where Jesus divinity is denied.
I didn't miss the part in the Bible where we are to love all people. Showing hatred for them does not work.

I worked at a public school. There were a number of Muslim children. Since we eat the same diet. I was able to help them and work with the Cafeteria for them. The parents were grateful and asked me why we shared our diet since I was not Muslim. It opened a few conversations. Only GOD knows what will come of that.

Do you think I should have hated the children?

The murder and rape of infidels. I did miss. The subjugation of them by laws is there. Could you tell me where the Koran says to murder and rape infidels?

Commandments From Jesus
True Michael right division is important. But that is more about context.

Some make barriers where there are none.

For centuries most Christian churches taught the Ten Commandments were for Christians.

Today because of dispensationalism many oppose what the church has taught since it's foundations.

There used to be a sign on a Baptist church. GOD gave Ten Commandments not suggestions.

Today many say there are no ten commandments any more.


Who's The Elect
While not a Calvinist. I have found two groups in Calvinism. The older group like the Puritans saw their works and living for Jesus as proof they were among the elect.

As one Calvinist writer put it. As a follower of Christ it is my desire to live for Jesus and to not sin.

But since then there have been others. Who believe once you accept Jesus you cannot commit sins. So anything you do is okay. Even if the world thinks it is a sin.


Commandments From Jesus
David I am glad that you have found Jesus. Praise the Lord.

My Methodist Grandmother spoke to me on loving Jesus. But as I grew older. I stopped believing in GOD.

Praise the Lord he called me out of the world to follow Him.

The Commandments Jesus gave are commandments. Like love those who hate you. Commandments and law are sometime interchangeable.


What Is Vain Philosophy
GOD is the only one who can show us the way.

But he uses people to do it. Like the Apostles we are to spread the Gospel. That is our job and mission.

Praise the Lord.

Commandments From Jesus
Interesting points David. Thank you. They show how the understanding of those who believe they cannot sin or be lost. Are not understanding what they teach means.

I talked with one person. Who said that even if he stole from someone it would not be a sin. Because he loved them.

You are still sinning when you steal. It is also not truly loving when you steal.

Reminds me of men who beat up their wives yet say they love them.

It doesn't work. Agape

What Is Apophtatic Theology
Interesting Jerry. Have you read James lately.

Never been a Marxist. But I don't believe in laws that steal from the poor to give to the rich. Like the Sheriff of Nottingham.

I grew up poor. Worked hard and made it to a point of being comfortable. My wife is ill. But you believe even though we have worked often two jobs that some how I am a lazy parasite. That it should be easy to declare we should die because we are poor.

Many republican say that Obama care would have death panels. They have skipped that. If you are poor you should die is what they propose.

This is way off the topic. But I cannot vote for those who are stealing from the poor.

True politics is muddy.

GOD loves everyone.

Pope Francis Prayers
Jerry I am a nerd. I love to read. My degree is in history. So you should know I have read the History of Islam. I have also read the Koran or Quran.

When did you read the Koran? You say you know what it says? So you must have read it. What History book on Islam did you read? I have only read two. They were by Scholars. Not talk show hosts.

Did you know that many who are terrorists have never read the Quran. Why because like the Roman Catholics they are taught that their version of Priest called Imams are to tell them what it says. They are not to read it.

So I challenge you to do actual research. Not follow Talk show hosts.

What Is Vain Philosophy
Thank you Mark that is a great description of our relationship with the Trinity.

I would add that we are filled with the Holy Spirit by being Born again.

Theology is not bad. But there is bad and good theology.

Philosophy is the thoughts of men on life. Theology is the study of GOD.

But many use their philosophy to shape how they study and read the Bible.

GOD is to teach us from the Word of GOD. Our job is to read and follow Jesus.


Commandments From Jesus
Read it carefully Mark. Those in Christ Jesus are walking in Christ. Not living in sin. Read Gelation's 4 and 5. See what those not under the law are doing. They are living for GOD.

Read Romans 13. Love does the right thing. Not the hateful selfish acts of sin.

The Bible gives lists of those who will end up in hell. They are all transgressors of the law.

What Is Apophtatic Theology
Well Strong ax we get to agree from time to time. Good points.

Jerry. Sin is sin. But we live in a sinful world. Caring for the poor and helpless is correct. Wanting them to die to make the lives of the wealthy easy. That is wrong.

Matthew 25 and James are in the Bible for a reason. Read them.

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