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Who's The Elect
According to what I have found publicly presented about Calvinism, I am not a Calvinist, Cluny. But I do believe in predestination, especially how a child of God is destined to be conformed to the image of Jesus > Romans 8:29.

So, I know I am elect if God is changing me to become more like Jesus. And 1 John 4:17 fits with this >

"Love has been perfected among us in this: that we may have boldness in the day of judgment, because as He is, so are we in this world." (1 John 4:17)

Our Apostle John says God is doing this in us . . . "in this world".

Pastor Wife's Affair
I understand that it is betraying if one cheats on one's spouse. And betraying has nothing to do with loving, and so it is anti-love.

And so, if you have been involved with such an anti-love person, what about his family, if he has one????

Most of all, then, you need to find out how to love. God's love has almighty power to make it easy to have self control.

Now if you have been able to do what is anti-love . . . how come your husband and your close friends could not tell the difference?

And how can you manage to be away from your pastor enough so you can do such things, when a lady is so needed to help her man become for real as a pastor??????

You two have much bigger issues to deal with, than if you tell.

Do Animals Go To Heaven
Jesus says, "if you love those who love you, what reward have you?" in Matthew 5:46. But there are people who can not deal with loving other people, and so they settle in with pleasures and pets, making idols of pets, and then they can even want to see their pets in "Heaven".

I am fine with enjoying animals, but I keep noticing how dogs and cats can be mainly about sniffing pee-mail and getting what they want to eat. They are not exactly all-loving like Jesus wants us to love.

And so they are easy to control and use, instead of learning how to love and relate with humans who can have consciences and various personality issues.

We need to learn how to love.

Commandments From Jesus
If the commands to Moses are Law, what Jesus means is love.

Still Call Themselves Sinners
Why do people who have trusted Jesus to save them still call themselves sinners? Let each person speak for oneself, about one's reason.

Possibly, someone means he or she is not perfect and wants to be an example of honesty by saying he or she can still sin. This could be more of a scriptural reason.

But others are putting on a pseudo-gesture of honest, procrastinating the correction they need and could already have > Hebrews 12:4-11 > Philippians 2:13-16 > 1 Joh 4:17.

Do Ghosts Exist
Hi, Nicole (c: In a post, below, you say Jesus would have been mad if they were calling Jesus a demon, by calling Him a ghost. They were not saying that, like how the Pharisees could blaspheme Jesus. So, Jesus had no reason to be angry at them.

And they were not spiritual, at that time. So, they very possibly did not know about things like that.

And, later, Jesus said He had a body which a spirit does not have. He did not say a spirit could not appear to people. And demons are evil spirits.

I think, if the disciples cried out with fear when they saw Jesus on the water, they could have the idea that when they were going to die they could see a spirit coming for them. They were uneducated fishermen.

Bound By Ten Commandments
Jerry, I do not try to keep track of what denominations teach.

According to what I find in the Bible, we are not keeping the Ten Commandments, if we are not keeping the two greatest commandments, which are to love God with all we have and love our neighbor as ourselves. Without loving the way God wants, we are not keeping the Ten.

Our Sabbath commandment includes that our servants do not work. We love our servants as ourselves, by making sure they also benefit from rest.

But our Heavenly Father works on the Sabbath. And we are commanded to love God by following His example >

"Therefore be imitators of God as dear children." (Ephesians 5:1)

So, we always are to work with God > Philippians 2:13 (c:

Bound By Ten Commandments
I notice how ones keep calling attention to the Ten Commandments, but they do not give attention to our Two Love Commandments.

And in His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus starts right off with how to be >

"poor in spirit".

And then He says more about how to be >

merciful, meek, and pure in heart.

This is not what to do, but how in our character we need to become. I note how this does not get much attention.

Do Ghosts Exist
Jesus showed He is not a spirit. This can mean He was not one of Satan's spirits.

What ones call a ghost can be an evil spirit pretending to be a dead human.

A spirit of Satan can effect a human's personality, so when later the spirit appears it seems to be that human, since it shared its characteristics with the selfish human . . . possibly someone who was an idol for people, and so the people would be wishfully ready to suppose the spirit really is that human.

The Power Of The Law
The Law of Moses helps to expose sin . . . exposing what in me makes me able to sin.

And in the Law I see things which help to show me how God is and how He wants us to love.

For one example > Leviticus 19:18 < this is where our Second Love Commandment is, to love others as ourselves. And in this same verse it says not to hold grudges or seek revenge. So, loving others as myself includes being as willing for others to be forgiven, as I am willing to be forgiven, myself, I can see from this.

Why Easter And Christmas
Well, there are people who claim that December 25 is the birthday of a sun god, and Easter is a day of pagan something.

And ones say that Christians took over those days, in order to use them for celebrating Jesus Christ's birth and His resurrection. They believed it was good to re-invent those days, for God's purpose.

So, in case a pope is using these days, may be we could say he is not inventing, but reinventing??

However, plenty of Jesus Bible believers celebrate Christmas and Easter as holy days, not only for material and social reasons. We can make good use of what is used the wrong way.

Satan does not own any days.

1 Corinthians 3:21-23.

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