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Finish It Here May 2017
Haz27,there are numerous kinds of socialism. Denmark vs Venezuela.....not the same outcome. Sweden vs. Venezuela....not the same.
Did Trump say Australia had the BEST healthcare ever? Was Trump SUCKING UP, OR is your socialized healthcare really THE BEST? Seems like a lot of hypocrisy going on here. That's my only point. I'm not a socialist, but I also understand we do need programs for the poor and unfortunate OR WE WILL HAVE MORE CRIME. We know in Jesus times people did take care of the poor. The poor will always be with is. I just HATE the idea of EXTERMIATING THE POOR. That seems to be what's coming next. Romania murdered children who had something as little as a deformed hand. FACT. IS THIS WHERE WERE HEADED?

Pray For President Trump
It's a fact during the Reagan administration IN ORDER to raise money for arms is when crack cocaine became very big in the cities, totally debilitating the black community. I call that MASS MURDER. This is all documented. War mongers are Republicans who LOVE WAR, AND ANY EXCUSE TO GET INTO WAR,for the purpose of monetary gain one way or another. I call that MASS MURDERERS. Murder takes many forms. BOTH D and R will stand in JUDGEMENT BEFORE GOD.....and found to be the GUILTY GOATS.

Finish It Here May 2017
Also Haz, the debt around the world, and west is not about socialism, but globalization, trade imbalances, banks overextending credit, (our housing bubble was CRIMINAL) People and governments living beyond their means.....a GREED PROBLEM, created by CAPITALISM.
The average person does not live like DT with gold plated Walls.

But make a comment like that to a Neal Bortz talking head ..and they will cuss you out like nobody's business. So many people got rich off the 2008 crisis. And it wasn't the poor or middleclass.

Finish It Here May 2017
So Haz....I wonder in the end how many millions of Americans will die under Trumps capitalism? Budgets are cut to schools 3.6 Trillian, to programs for the poor...etc.

Teachers on their low income spend their own money for their classrooms. Horrible.

Haz, look at history and the facts and STOP listening to ANY MEDIA PROPAGANDA. ...LEFT OR RIGHT. Get away from sitting on your %{{ in front of the tube, and get involved in REAL LIFE. Go volunteer at a homeless shelter. OH right....last I heard your country doesn't have HS's, because your solialistic government takes care of everyone.

Finish It Here May 2017
Let's be realistic here. The Bible does not state whether capitalism is the best or socialism . When we look at Joseph who was taking into Egypt rose to power and was given authority over the coming drought preparing for 7 years of famine , what do we see happening..capitalism or socialism?

I see socialism. And because of that many lives were saved, including Israel. God blessed the whole process.

And not all Dems believe in abortion.

Let's be fair in our assessments.

We don't need another Triangle Shirtwaist Factory incident. We need RULES, and those who can oversee and enforce. Capitalism CAN BE so evil if left we see from our own past.

Do Ghosts Exist
Strongaxe, many Christians believe angels procreated with humans. HOWEVER, other places in scripture clearly state Angels CANNOT PROCREATE...PERIOD. EVen if an angel did changed form to look like man, in no way says they had LIVE SPERM living in that form or had the power to CREATE A NEW FORM OF LIFE. Yet those verses that stand alone in Genesis , many believe clearly state it happened.

I don't know the answer....I just said I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE TEXT, held up to other text.

Samuels mantel did not go to the after life with Samuel. So THAT part was an ILLUSION.

If God cannot hear sinners, how did he hear the Witch? There are NUMEROUS ISSUES HERE.

I personally don't care. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN GHOSTS.

Do Ghosts Exist
Also Strongaxe, there is NO scripture that said GOD ALLOWED it either. That is presumptuous on your part as well, I f you want to get down to nit picking here. You BELIEVE it based on your presumptuous notion that GOD ALLOWED IT. You say God ALLOWED SIN, that God indulged IN SIN.......soooooooo I also have a problem with that as well.

Maybe the Lord hopes we use our God given DISCERNMENT when reading scripture. You see scripture from a technical point of view, and I see it from a spiritual point of view.

WE DONT EAT His flesh literally or drink His blood literally either...yet look at all the fights here on line over those verses that say WE MUST. But we KNOW it's not the technical literal...but the spiritual.

Pray For President Trump
I believe just like our native Americans, in the beginning, many children were put in schools where they were made to look like the English, take English names, forbidden to speak their own language etc, is also something that happened to native people of Australia. To say...oh that is a dem lie made up this or that, only tells me Haz27 YOU refuse to believe the facts. The English in their type of take over of lands always treated the native people as less than..... HURRAY FOR GHANDI. You remind me of those folks who are holocaust deniers.

Finish It Here May 2017
Haz27, you must be especially brainwashed by your news media. Jimmy Carter, a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN, and who are you to question his faith, IS, WAS AND WILL ALWAY BE A DEMOCRAT.

Your idea of a democrat is not realistic. YOU believe republicans are infallible YET, they are LIARS, CHEATS, IMMORAL MARRIAGE BREAKERS, GREEDY.

there are a hand full of both Dems and Rep who ARE lovely Christian people. But there are creeps on both sides of the aisle.

As someone NOT from might need to keep your opinions to yourself.

Do Ghosts Exist
Strongaxe, I think 1 Samuel 28 leaves me with questions. You said the souls of Lazarus and the rich man do not have bodies...I agree, so Samuel having a body wearing a mantel is puzzling to me. Also Saul never saw Samuel with his own eyes, but only asked the witch to describe what she saw. Sure she was scared,.....because whatever happened there that day was something even she never encountered....
I know Angels were also Gods messengers, and for all we know an angel of the Lord may have taken on the form of Samuel or something that may have reminded Saul,of Samuel like a mantel and prophecied to Saul his end.

To insist it WAS Samuel in the form of a man wearing clothing .......I will always question.

Pray For President Trump
Haz27, the KKK from the beginning have been through many changes, just as the D and R. George Wallace was a Southern Democrat. Completely opposite to let's say JFK a Northern Democrat. So in all fairness, to slam democrats in America, as if they were all one is ignorant. The Baptists being many many sects, do not all agree and are not all the same either.

Southern democrats like George Wallace were white supremacist. Not all democrats are white supremacists.

Your history down under is not the same as ours. BUT we know all over the world racism exists, with R and D, Christians and non Christians alike. It's a PRIDE AND ARROGANCE and superior ISSUE OF SELF,in ones heart CALLED SIN...not a political one.

Do Ghosts Exist
I totally agree with Bren. The devil or unsaved people or even saved people do not have the power to conjure up the dead. Even in the book of Luke the dead could not communicate with the living, and in the Gospel of Luke JESUS was telling the story. Demons CAN TAKE ON FORMS. Remember demons are fallen angels, and we know angels could look like man.

Pray For President Trump
Pray what? My prayer is he knows and realizes he is not qualified and graciously steps down. He has no FILTER and that I always knew would get him in trouble. Sorry, but things are so dangerous these days, there is no time for a rookie. Being President IS NOT A BUSINESS. HE DOESN'T OWN AMERICA WHERE HE CAN DO AND FIRE WHEN HIS EGO OR TEMPER GET IN HIS WAY. Narcissism IS a mental disorder. Let the VP move up, and Trump and family move on. It's never going to get better. His timing , no common sense, lack of filter, twittering rants, is ALL we hear about. I'm sick of all of it. And the healthcare thing ...another MESS.

Pray For President Trump
You know Jerry, wanting Trump out is becoming more and more something REPUBLICANS WANT. He is just NOT WORKING.

Bound By Ten Commandments
Violating the Sabbath was a serious offense, and the person who worked on the Sabbath was to be cut off from among his people, *Exodus 31:14 .

During their wandering in the wilderness the Israelites brought to trial a man found gathering wood on the Sabbath. He was stoned to death according to the commandment of the Lord for profaning the Sabbath, *Numbers 15:32-36

OK, so exactly where in the NT do we see ANY example of someone accused or punished for violating the Sabbath? This is really the bottom line to this question.

Christ in me has fulfilled the 7th day, pointing to Genesis 1 and we now ENTER HIS REST, as so clearly explained by Christian Jews in Hebrews 3-4. We don't keep it we ENTER IT.

Bound By Ten Commandments
Barb, the Everlasting Covenant was promised BY GOD, and spoken before the Law or Mosaec Covenant. Even in the OT God fortold of away with the old, and make a New Covenant with Israel. Ezekiel 36, BUT The covenant God made with Abraham, the promise of Isaac, had nothing to do with the Mosaec Covenant, except that Jesus was fortold to be coming through the line of Judah. In Isaac will thy seed be called, and the seed is Christ. Abraham saw in a vision the death and resurrection of Jesus, through the experience of sacrificing Isaac. Jesus said, ABRAHAM REJOICED TO SEE MY DAY...HE SAW IT AND WAS GLAD. I don't think you understand the Bible at all Barb if your faith ends with Jesus before His death and resurrection. You're still in your sin.

Do Ghosts Exist
Nicole, we have been over this many times. You do not even know what a STRONGS concordance is. It is the actual original words before its many umpteen variations of translations.

Therefore YOUR version of those does not exist in the original.

Cluny tried to tell you this nicely in his own way.....that the original translation does not use the word ghost coming out of Jesus mouth.

We'll just have to agree to disagree. There are no ghosts ....there are however demonic apparitions, and demon possession. The soul,or spirits of man after death is NOT roaming the earth...PERIOD.

But if YOU want to believe in ghosts...go ahead. Just don't twist scripture to support your beliefs and then FORCE that on others.

Bound By Ten Commandments
"Cursed be he that confirmeth not all the words of this law to do them. And all the people shall say, Amen." Deut 27:26.

Barb, no one can keep the words of the law to do them. You stated on another blog the curse ONLY applies to those who have taken an oath to do them. you took this oath( which by the way in the NT we are not to take oaths). But since you did, you placed yourself under the curses. CORRECT. Now If you say you have never broken the law, I would say that is a lie. Every single person but Jesus has broken the law. So, please tell us all the curses you have personally experienced WHEN you broke the law. Now remember there is no verse in the OT that says UNLESS you repent.

Bound By Ten Commandments
Barb, the covenant we are under is the "everlasting covenant" sealed with the blood of Jesus. Hebrews 13: 20-21

Now the God of Peace, that brought again from the dead our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that great shepherd of the sheep, THROUGH THE BLOOD OF THE EVERLASTING COVENANT make you perfect in every good work to do His will, WORKING IN YOU that which is well pleasing in His sight, THROUGH JESUS CHRIST to whom be glory forever and ever. AMEN.

Please savor every single word in these two verses. The 10 Commandments were NOT through Jesus Christ, and the 10 is not THE EVERLASTING COVENANT.

The ONLY covenant I'm under is the "Everlasting Covenant". It's the only one WITH POWER and GLORY.

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