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Commandments From Jesus
How can you read Romans 7 and still think you are still joined to the Law?--Mark Eaton

First I'd like to say you were not the "Mark" I was referring to in my other post, the one who likes to change his name. He went by the name of "MarkV".

Isn't it true, sin must die so that we can live for Christ?
What did Paul use to make this happen in (Romans 7: 11)?
"For sin, taking occasion by the commandment, deceived me, and by it slew me."

Keeping the Law does not make us a better person. God uses the Law to answer your prayer. What does Jesus pray for in (Luke 11:4)? It's not only a prayer asking for the forgiveness of sin, it's also to be delivered from evil.

Commandments From Jesus
A little while ago, I revealed the fact those who sin are under the Law. For without Law, it would be impossible for anyone to sin.

It's important, for those who believe they are not under the Law to understand this. Why is it so important? Because one gains freedom from sin, by obeying the Law (Romans 7:9). This is why the Law of Christ is also Called, "The Law of Liberty".

Orthodox Christians confess their sins, but also believe they are not under Law. If your not under Law, how do you commit sin in need of confession?
I ask you this very difficult question merely to bring you a different perspective about sin, and about the Law of Christ.

Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins
The law has been condensed into two commandments, love God and love others. ---Mark_Eaton

In (John 14:21) Jesus said, if we loved him we would keep his commandments. Was he speaking about the two you mentioned?

If he had, he would have said, If you love me, keep my commandment to love me?

Still Call Themselves Sinners
I find this to be so childish and immature of you...John

John/Mark v/ Luke
I laughed when I saw this. I laughed because your lack of maturity was the very reason I don't enjoy talking with you.

You are who you are and I know you can't change that, though you have tried by changing your name on CN. Why do you keep changing your name?

Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins
The other thing, you claim you are not under the law. You can't have it both ways. You are either Lawless, or you are under the law .

Still Call Themselves Sinners
Sir, I believe, Your statements were read in context..---John

Okay, you don't believe me, so I'll leave it at that. I really don't like talking to you anyway.

Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins
We are not sanctified by keeping the Law.--Mark

I never said we were.

We are born again of the Spirit and grace and truth came by Jesus--Mark

You say the Truth came by Jesus Christ, but then you use the words of Paul. If you believe the Truth came by Jesus Christ, teach me by using his words.

Still Call Themselves Sinners
David states, "You supposedly make your foundation on Paul's epistles, a foundation that's found nowhere in the Gospel of Christ."

You read my statement out of context. Paul's epistles are founded on the Gospel of Christ, but those who use a few verses from Paul's epistles to create their doctrines, are false.

These doctrines can easily be proven false, for they are not found anywhere in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

For example, "predestination" is the foundation of your doctrine. Where in the Gospel did Jesus teach predestination? Another favorite is the "Grace" doctrine, when Jesus didn't even use the word "Grace" anywhere in his Gospel.

Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins
Sorry if I made you angry.

Paul says those who keep the Law will be justified. The Law is a part of the justification process, but it's God who saves us.

Noah built the ark, but did Noah save himself by building the Ark? Would Noah have been saved if he hadn't built the Ark? If so, why was the Ark built?

God merely created a way to destroy the inhabitants on the Earth, and provide a vehicle in which Noah could be saved. In much the same way, we do not save ourselves by keeping the Law. But unless we keep the Law, sin will not die, and we can not be saved.

In those days Paul would have said, "If you build an ark you will be saved, but building the ark does not save you."

Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins
(Romans 2:13) ....the doers of the Law shall be justified.

The above verse clearly says the Law is a part of the salvation process. But the reason folks don't accept what Paul says in (Romans 2), is because they have not had the experience Paul writes about.

They must therefore create illogical doctrines to explain verses like these. This is why Paul's epistles are a mind bending read for most. If they shared in his experience, his epistles are easy to understand.

Sin represents our love for the world, and when our Love for God grows greater than our love for the world,....sin dies. This love for God, comes through the keeping of the Law and the confession of sin. It's also how we remain in Gods Grace.

Still Call Themselves Sinners

I'm not sure. Probably closer to 30 or 40, but I think your worth it. How many doctrines think you have the wrong premise and the wrong conclusion? I would say it's "everyone" that doesn't go to your church, wouldn't you?

Christianet is an exchange of beliefs for folks who don't follow a false doctrine, so they can decide for themselves which path to follow. Though I always have hope, God will use me to turn someone like you from a false doctrine.

You supposedly make your foundation on Paul's epistles, a foundation that's found nowhere in the Gospel of Christ. Even though...Paul taught that's where we need to make our foundation.

How Can I Believe In Jesus
The only thing which will remove all doubt is proof, irrefutable proof that shows you God exists. Years ago I struggled with the same question, many do.

My proof came in the form of an answered prayer. Though I didn't really believe in God, I prayed and asked him for help. My irrefutable proof came when God instantly answered that prayer. Why did God answer my faithless prayer?

Because believing in God is the seed of faith, and by answering the prayer, he planted the seed. How can you have faith in God, if you don't first believe there is a God?

Jesus called it the mustard seed in (Matthew 13:31-32). Keep knocking John, and eventually God will answer the door, and plant that seed (Matthew 7:8).

Greatest Threat To The World
The Democratic Party is openly against God, well at least the one the Christians follow. And though you may not vote for them, you have aligned yourself with them.

What comes first in your life, God or a political agenda? You need to decide real soon. If it's politics, don't worry about the Democrats, they will make their comeback.

Islam is getting stronger and Christianity is growing weaker. Islam needs the Democratic Party to rise up, so that they can help to complete the prophecy foretold in (Revelation 13).

I know these appear to be the ramblings of a fool, but be warned my friend (2 Thessalonians 2:11 & 12).

Still Call Themselves Sinners
You can cherry pick verses all you wish, but you must see that sin is more than transgression of the Law.--Mark Eaton

Cherry pick.
Read the book of Leviticus... isn't sin clearly defined as the breaking of Gods Law? Better yet, go back to the very first sin, Adams sin. Was that sin, a thought, or an act of disobedience against Gods Law?

As far as the sermon on the mount, Jesus was simply saying, your thoughts of sin, show you are a sinner, which shows....sin lives in you. (Matthew 15:19)

As far as your retranslated words, I can only assume you believe all the folks who translated the Bible got it wrong, because they translated it differently than you did. Do you have a background in Ancient Greek writing?

Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins
Here's Paul's warning to those who do not put themselves under the Law. And I give you the same warning.--David

Above is what I meant to write, correction in bold print.

Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins
David, all I can say to your question is to ask you to reread Romans 5.--Kathryn

I do understand your resistance to the works of the Law, but instead of studying those few verses which prove you are right, study those which prove you wrong.

(Romans 5:1) does says we are justified by faith, but what does (James 2: 20) says about without works? Who will be justified in (Romans 2:13), according to Paul? Is it the hearers or the doers of the Law?

Here's Paul's warning to those who do put themselves under the Law. And I give you the same warning.
(Romans 2:12) For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law.

Greatest Threat To The World
"Left" is an general economic philosophy. "The modern left" espouses this and other things, but please don't equate them.

If you give a known serial killer a gun, and he kills someone with your gun, wouldn't you bare some responsiblity for those murdered, no matter the reason you gave him the gun?

I'm glad to hear you're not for abortion, but you know, with your vote, the Democratic Party will use the power you gave them to implement these Laws. And for what...Economics?

Still Call Themselves Sinners
Your problem is your definition of sin.--Mark Eaton

If so, John and I stand corrected.
(1 John 3:4) Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.

Still Call Themselves Sinners
Paul eyes were opened when he was born again. He was made to see that he was a sinner saved by Christ!!! He saw Christ as holy and himself as a sinner.---trey

But when Paul was born, he was under the Law of Moses. Which made it possible for him to sin.

But if the Law was done away with after the death of Christ, and we were born after the death of Christ, wouldn't it be impossible for us to sin/break the Law. How can we break the Law, when there is no Law to be broken? Without the Law I cannot lie, steal, commit adultery, murder... etc.

(Hebrews 7:12) says the Law was changed, which I agree. But many believe the Law was done away with, which I don't agree.

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