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Read Or Study The Scriptures
Living water cannot come from an indifferent and cold heart of stone, it can only come from a warm heart of flesh.

Eze 11:19 give them a heart of flesh,

Eze 36:26 and a new spirit I will put within you, and I will take out of your flesh the heart of stone and give you a HEART OF FLESH

The living water is an important understanding.

The Lord said that in the last days, He will pour out His Spirit and the sons and the daughters of this present generation shall prophesy (declare/announce,there are no more prophets, Hebrews 1) of greater understanding. (of course there will still be many skeptics both young and old that will continue to dream dreams of fantasy and also sensational visions.

Jesus Son Of Man
Jesus is the son of GOD (He is the BEGOTTEN son, the only offspring of the Father).

Jesus is the FIRSTBORN son of God. WE (each of us) are meant to be SONS OF GOD the Father (Jesus is the firstborn of many BRETHREN/brothers, which is why we are PREDESTINED) about predestination.

It is the UNSAVED who are sons of men (the result of not having Jesus as savior). Nevertheless, ALL sons of men (the saved and unsaved) are recipients of Jesus's ETERNAL SABBATH (from the crucifixion).

The Sons Of God
We are all sons of God (by adoption).

Jesus was the FIRSTBORN son of the Father. He was also thew ONLY son thgat was BEGOTTEN by 5the Father (the OFFSPRING of the3 Father)...we arew BREWTHREN/brothe3rs of Jesus.

Caveman Before Adam
MAN has allowed us to have access to SIXty SIX books of scripture (the word "BIBLE" is not in scripture) to form our perception of the Creator and has taught many "lies" (perdition).....three 6's.

The SEA PEOPLES were an ancient culture of a half dozen tribes that were like the Vikings (seafaring invaders) and they became wealthy from their conquests.

Rev 18:17
In one hour all this wealth has been laid waste." And all shipmasters and seafaring men

Rev 18:19
ships at sea grew rich by her wealth

Rev 20:8
like the sand of the sea.

Rev 21:1
and the sea was no more.

There is alot to be understood.

"TIME" (history) has not been recorded properly.

Married To A False Prophet
Uhh, Cluny, WE SHOULD be "SONS" of Abba Father because we don't want to be thrown into the outer darkness....need I explain?.

It makes no personal difference to me whether a person wants to accept REAL truth (believe what you want, I won't be disappointed, I am not trying to CONVINCE anyone!).

The RSV doesn't have a KING James bias or a DARBY bias (it is GENERIC/standard, that's how you get a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING).

Do I really need to explain how to use common sense?.

Read the verse again.

Why Disciples Were Male
Look up info on the female apostle Junia, Romans will likely not find ANY other mention (the female name does not have "S" at the end) likely because of male chauvanistic bias (like Deborah?).

Remember who was at Jesus's tomb first...the WOMEN (males neglect to even ACKNOWLEDGE that).

Who did Jesus tell that their lifestyle beliefs ("faith") saved them?.... "WOMAN, your faith has saved you".....Jesus did not say "drink my blood" or "read my book" or "use fancy words in praying", etc.

Jesus only said "Your faith has saved you" (what male can boast this?!!).

In Jesus WORSHIPING, there is no gender...."neither male nor female".

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