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Finish It Here May 2017
Just pulled up several articles comparing Henry Ford to Donald Trump. I had no idea......Both were Dems and REP, but HF wasn't really loyal to anything but FORD INDUSTRIES. He was a war profiteer making money from both sides.....FACT. He Hated Immigrants, wanted to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, (too funny) with is own flavor of propaganda. Blamed the Jews for all the evils of the world like Trump blames the Mexicans and Muslins. BUT thank goodness twice he did not make the cut..BLAMING IT ON VOTER FRAUD AND corruption....sound familiar. We all know TODAY what HF is and was......and ended up getting sued for his hate. He used his personal news paper to spout off like Trump uses Twitter.

Hitler kept a pix of HF in his house.

Finish It Here May 2017
John, you may want to check facts and HISTORY, before making blanket comments. Let's take Henry Ford for an example....was NOT a democrat. Was an ANIT democrat...capitalist , against any social programs or labor unions. And Was the most anti-Semitic person we know for a fact. Maybe YOU don't know that, but others do.

Your comments as well as Haz27 only show your ignorance, or BLINDNESS on facts. CAN Rich, influential WHITE REPUBLICAN CAPITALISTS be racists???. YES John, YES Haz27. and that HISTORY is not fake news.

Finish It Here May 2017
Ford and his publication attracted attention throughout the world, including from Adolf Hitler. In fact, Ford is the only American mentioned by name in Hitlers notorious Mein Kampf, published in 1925. Anti-Semitic Independent articles translated into German and other languages during the 1920s were used to prove Nazis were not alone in their pathological hatred of Jews and Judaism.

Ford influenced Hitler! So let's nip this ignorance in the bud. Ford

Finish It Here May 2017
Actually Haz27, you need to read the verses: Colossians 3:1-4. And that IS our calling and obedience today. To be so wrapped up in Dems vs Rep etc is not what the Lord has called His Church to today. We are ambassadors for Christ, not for the REP, or DEMS, or National Pride etc. our job is to share the Gospel to the lost, remaining distant from letting personal beliefs cloud our ability to share the Gospel to the Lost. No verse or commandment says THOU SHALL NOT BE A DEM. Or Repent of your DEM beliefs.

This is the problem I have with so,many SO CALLED Chriatians getting SULLIED by worldliness...yes it is worldliness. repent Haz27

Finish It Here May 2017
Gosh, anyone see the movie Rowanda? Wasn't that about Belgin controlled Rowanda giving jobs to lighter skin Africans, creating a war between the African folks who got along before, and were even married to each other? It's called prejudice....and it's been around for a long time. Even Moses sister made an ugly remark about Moses' Ethiopian wife. She obviously joined Israel, like Ruth. We see even in the Bible one group making remarks about another. They didn't like the Samaratians, because of their mixed marriages, multicultural background, but Jesus PRAISED the Samaritans. He saw their HEART. He also saw the hard heart of the Pharisee who would be today's NATIONAL PRIDE PROMOTER, exalting themselves as superior to others.

Finish It Here May 2017
Haz27, Nazi violence has nothing to do with left or right, but arrogance that thinks one race or group of people are superior to another. They're also known as white supremacists, or whatever flavor they promote over another. Their packaged in white skin, blue eyes and blond hair and Also known as the KKK. Your ignorance is amusing to all who know the facts of life, and know it has to do with the heart of man, not his political affiliation. Racism goes back way before republicans or democrats were ever thought of. But thanks for the laugh anyway I needed before retiring to sleep.

Haz27, Nothing you say is original or from your own heart.....just repeating (like a brainless parrot ) someone else's UNCHRISTLIKE propaganda.

Finish It Here May 2017
Pipe down Haz27. REALITY IS, if Hillarys son in law suggested secret communications with the Kremlin.....YOU would be having an all out attack on her. But like I said, the hypocricy is too much here coming from folks like you, making it even easier to target hyper-conservatism as folks who don't want to face reality. The fact too that our Republicans running for office are body slamming reporters ( and NOT fake news as a FOX reported gave a blow by blow description) only reminds me of how the Nazis would beat up people at will...street THUGS. Things are getting a little scary. And for REP to what we'll vote for him anyway a sign people are becoming more and more HOSTILE towards anyone who doesn't think like them.

Pray For President Trump
Has 27, you might want to put a lid on that attitude for a while. If Hillarie's son in law suggested a private communications avenue with the Kremlin you would be screaming and shouting from the roof tops. BUT, the fact is Trumps son in law DID, and that is NOT FAKE NEWS. Just more HYPOCRISY ON YOUR PART. But till this is all over, if you want to keep your head up, CHILL OUT. Nixon lied....yes Republicans CAN lie and break the law and NOT GET AWAY WITH IT. NIXONGATE WAS NOT FAKE NEWS.

Trumps Twitter rants are for all to see. The man is not FIT to run this country. Let Pence take the reigns.

Finish It Here May 2017
Haz27, It looks like a " Dairy Queen Truck on its way to refresh those coming out of the NATO Meeting". I guess no one ever taught Trump manners. Pushing people aside to run to the front, and then putting on his..."look at my face and bite me look" is all I care to see for a while. So embarrassing.

Oh Australia is/was a British Colony, and second wave was a ship of English prisoners. Our country was not established as a British penal WAS founded on immigration from ALL OVER the world. And EVERYONE has something special to bring from their own culture. Russians brought Wheat, Spanish brought cattle, horses etc, and so on. That's who WE are.

Finish It Here May 2017
Haz27, just to reiterate....murder takes on many forms. It's hard for me to get emotional over abortion when our new health care will seal many death certificates....all so we can build bigger bombs to MURDER and build the wall to make President Bannons dreams (delusions) a reality. I just can't get all that excited about the new Republican Reality.

Oh did you see Trump at NATO make a first class boorish bull out of himself, pushing other away so HE could grab front and center stage on camera. Sickening. But sounds like your kinda guy. He is such an embarrassment to America. The Bible says.....PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL. Brace yourselves.

Finish It Here May 2017
Haz27, the problems our nations face cannot be fixed by the Dems or Rep. The world is over populating. Globalization has taken jobs away from the poor and middle class because Capitolism wants to make products cheaper. Yes they have ALL THE WHILE TRASHING Third world countries who do not have environmental laws in place destroying their rivers, lakes etc. AND there are again those HORRIBLE working conditions just like the Triangle Shirtwaste Factory Fire tragedy in NY before our DEMS put rules into place. As far as I'm concerned......ITS ALL EVIL. Corporations are getting rich.....people( their today's slave labor work force) are not.

AGAIN READ THE BOOK OF JAMES. God IS watching this, and heads will roll.

Pray For President Trump
Yes Haz27 the verse clearly says NATIONS. And yes, those who were put in charge of Kings etc , will give an account for their leadership. Just as individual people will be judged, individual Kings, Presidents etc will also give an account.

Nations only has one definition, and has not changed its definition because Haz27 wants it to.

Will Trump be judged on his treatment for the poor in America, while thinking giving to other poor Nations ( charity begins at home) billions of dollars will get kudo's from God? God is not interested in Hypocrits. If I treat my family badly while being generous to my neighbor' only done for SHOW.

Pray For President Trump
Also Haz27, that verse also means how the Nations treated Israel and the Jewish people who literally are Jesus Brethren.

But that is for another discussion.

Will Hitler have to answer for his antics......absolutely.

Do Ghosts Exist
Now those who disagree with The doctrine of soul sleep are LEFTIES.....HOW UTTERLY JEVENILE.

White robes is Symbolic of purity, righteousness etc. and much of Revelations IS FUTURE. We know the first resurrection has not taken place yet.

Our souls TODAY are either with the Lord, as scripture states are IN CHRIST, or those without Christ are as we see in Luke, in a place SEPARATED, yet still consciously aware they are lost, without hope, cannot communicate with the living, and waiting for Judgement day. They are NOT roaming around the universe.

Pray For President Trump
The problem I have with you Haz27, is your DEMONIZING everyone here who refuses to DEMONIZE others based on your personal beliefs. I said both DEMS AND REP have issues. So like all Neal Bortz , Bill O'Riley talking heads types, YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO OTHERS, but contunue to call others names and go on with your ranting and raving. YET here we have these supposed MORAL EXAMPLES who we know now for years have been sexual Preditors assaulting their female employees. FACT.

So please don't insult others here Haz27. America is NOT Australia, never was and never will be.

Also We have a statue that says " give us your poor..downtrodden etc....." What a joke...

Pray For President Trump
Also Haz27, Matthew 25:31-46 is the JUDGEMENT OF NATIONS.

THere are many judgements , and this one in Matther 25:31-46 is specifically to the NATIONS as a whole. Individual,Christians are responsible for spiritual needs. HOWEVER NATIONS ARE NOT. why...because Nations as a whole are not Christian. We are NOT and never were a Theocracy.

So again I don't agree with your interpretation of Matthew?

Even Israel as a Godly Theocracy helped the poor?

Ok,Haz27, just how many millions Do you have stashed away.....and can you be sure that won't turn to rust? You really must read James.

Pray For President Trump
the likes of evil Saudi Arabia, Muslim brotherhood, ISIS, etc, which BO, Hillary, etc worked with.

---Haz27 on 5/23/17

Like I was saying Haz27, Trump just cut an arms deal with EVIL SAUDI ARABIA.....hummmmmmm some say may be illegal. Here's the problem I have with HYPOCRITES......if something is done by the's Evil, BUT IF THE SAME THING IS DONE BY REP.....its. " well, ya know...bla bla bla , yea, but bla bla bla excuses".

What say you NOW? If I'm not mistaken the REP, like the Bushes have always had a relationship with Saudi Arabia. A questionable one at that.

Do Ghosts Exist
Micha, yes God can hear the prayers of sinners REPENTING. NOT THE SAME AS THE WITCH. good grief. I only read your first statement and refuse to read the rest of your comment Micha.

YOU are free to believe what you want. So am I. I stated according to MY CONSCIENCE and the word of God, giving reasonable reasons why I HAVE A PROBLEM with mans interpretation. The Lord,knows my concerns, and respects my concerns.

I'm not here to convince anyone one way or another, as our faith is a personal matter in issues like these we will not all agree on.

Finish It Here May 2017
Haz27,there are numerous kinds of socialism. Denmark vs Venezuela.....not the same outcome. Sweden vs. Venezuela....not the same.
Did Trump say Australia had the BEST healthcare ever? Was Trump SUCKING UP, OR is your socialized healthcare really THE BEST? Seems like a lot of hypocrisy going on here. That's my only point. I'm not a socialist, but I also understand we do need programs for the poor and unfortunate OR WE WILL HAVE MORE CRIME. We know in Jesus times people did take care of the poor. The poor will always be with is. I just HATE the idea of EXTERMIATING THE POOR. That seems to be what's coming next. Romania murdered children who had something as little as a deformed hand. FACT. IS THIS WHERE WERE HEADED?

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