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More Finish It Here June 2017
Kathr. I dont know some of these conservatives, Leftists here refer to. I don't see Fox, except occasional YouTube of Hannity or Carlson. Conservatives complain of Leftist's in Fox, so clearly Fox has mix from both sides. We see same in Aust where an alleged conservative news outlet has many Leftists.

The FACT remains Left dominate mainstream media, & universities, institutions, etc, thus dominate public debate. Remember only 7% of journalists identify as REPs.

Leftists clearly do not want FAIR, BALANCED public debate. They only want their corrupt Leftist high priests controlling debate.
Leftists, like their anti Christ Islamist allies, deceitfully describe any opposition to their harmful agenda, as hate.

More Finish It Here June 2017
NURSE. Only 7% of journalists in US identify as REP. Hence why Leftist Tammy Bruce exposed Left's control of public debate.
It's clear from your unfounded allegations against conservative journalists that you loathe fair, balanced public debate as it threatens the power your Leftist high priests hold.
You know the old saying, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Need look no further than Left's Fake News media and DEMs.

KATHR. The only thing I agree with you on is the need to preach gospel, which the Christian hating Left opposes. The biggest haters are the Left & Islamists. Daring to oppose them really gets them rabid. Delusional Leftists even see any criticism of their evil, as hate.

More Finish It Here June 2017
AXE. Those bakers said they would bake other types of cakes for those LGBT customers, but as they did not support LGBT marriage they did not want to be involved in such a marriage.
And just like a Leftist SJW you jump on these bakers and say they CONDEMNED non Christians.

Have you, as a Christian, ever refused to be involved in any request that goes against God's principles? Or do you just go along with it, helping out with something you know is wrong?

Regarding my question that you questioned, did you note it was a question?
You defend the Left's oppressive PC tyranny so much that I'm starting to wonder if you're in one of those churches that think LGBT lifestyles are virtuous, hence my QUESTION.

More Finish It Here June 2017
AXE. Your Leftist puppet masters have blinded you. You defend Left's Christian hating attacks, & even ignore Left's refusal to similarly attack LGBT & Muslim bakers.

Is your obedience to Left such that you even support the "goodness" of LGBT lifestyle? A few churches do.
LGBT is clearly denounced in scripture. Divorce likewise. But in divorce there are innocent victims dumped by an adulterous partner (Matt 19:9). No baker can accurately asses what a divorcee's circumstances were. And it's unrealistic of you to even claim they could.

Your misleading argument only confirms that the Left has corrupted your perspective, as evidenced by your constant defense of their oppressive PC tyranny.

More Finish It Here June 2017
KATHR. Like I said, your delusional hate and bigotry, which your Leftist puppet masters incited in you, has led you into parroting their Fake News lies.

Khan's record is very relevant & shows him up for the deceitful Muslim supremacist that he is. Trump's response was good.
The sad reality is Leftists are temporary allies with Islamists, hence your defense of anti Christ Islamists.

NURSE. Your constant deflections & obfuscation are typical tactics from the far Left. And the Left's lies you push I've seen often.
BTW, Brietbart, Hannity I see occasionally, and they are honest sources, unlike Left's Fake News liars CNN, NYT, WP, ABC, BBC, MSNBC, etc.

More Finish It Here June 2017
NURSE. When will you stop your trademark deflecting and obfuscation? It's boring dealing with your constant ducking & weaving.

AXE. Your attack on Christian bakers is ridiculous attempt to justify totalitarian Left's PC bullying. Refusing an LGBT cake is within religious rights to do so. Interestingly when LGBT bakers were asked to bake Christian cake with scripture message on marriage, they refused WITHOUT BEING SUED. Likewise when Muslim bakers were asked to bake LGBT cake, they refused without being sued.

As for divorcees wedding cakes, if the bakers do not agree with most of such weddings they're in no position to assess accurately whether the divorcees were victims of being dumped by adulterous partner, or not.

More Finish It Here June 2017
JERRY. It's been interesting exercise to see how determined Leftists here are in obediently supporting totalitarian Left's PC agenda.

They support Muslims with their anti Christ death cult, LGBT sueing Christians refusing to submit to Left's PC thought control, they ignore, deflect from Left's dehumanizing babies to justify abortion/murder.
The Left's brainwashing is strong in them.
Russian KGB Communist defector, Yuri Bezmanov, warned little can be done to rescue such brainwashed people

KATHR. I checked Trump's tweets on Sadiq Khan and don't see problem, especially in context of Sadiq`s record. Obviously you're letting your hate for Trump and your blind trust in Left's Fake news to corrupt your perspective.

More Finish It Here June 2017
AXE. Your abortion arguments are skewed. They avoid the decline in abortions in both pro abortion & pro life states. No doubt you trusted Lefts Fake News.
I easily found multiple search results contradicting your claim. Peer reviewed studies found states pro life laws reduce abortion rates. The pro abortion Guttmacher institute research found that even cutting Medicaid reduced abortion.

When I heard your pro abortion argument I thought it odd, but then I knew the Lefts Fake News media, etc, routinely lie, hence checked it out. But thanks for bringing to my attention yet another lie from the Left.

What's concerning is the efforts you go to to support the Left in its propaganda dehumanizing babies to justify abortions.

More Finish It Here June 2017
KATHR. Of course Tammy sees she's rejected in many LEFTIST circles. Thats because she exposed the extreme bias, Fake News of Leftist media. The Left, like Islamists, persecute any within their ranks who expose inconvenient truths.
It seems from your hate of Tammy and critics of Left, that you oppose Tammy's call for FAIR, BALANCED public debate. Only 7% of journalists identify as REPs. Clearly your moral compass sides with totalitarian Left, in spite of their hate, deceit, thought/speech control, etc.

BTW, our so called Conservative party in Aust is the LNP. It's dominated by Leftists who undermine conservatives within the party. Hence your hateful rant condoning Left leaning REPs opposing Trump only shows how far Left you are.

Are Current Events Bad
KATHR. London mayor, Sadiq Khan, deserves criticism. He's Muslim who calls secular Muslims who oppose fundamentalist Islam "Uncle Toms". He defended 9/11 terrorist. He's affiliated with organizations tied to HAMAS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood.

He protested the banning of nation of Islam founder, Farrakhan (who called Jews blood suckers, & claimed Hitler was great man), from U.K.

Sadiq embraces hateful Islamists, then says living with terrorism in big city is normal. He says police lack resources to track the many ISIS fighters that returned, yet have plenty of resources to police criticism of Islam.

Only a Leftist & Islamist would attack Trump instead of Islamist like Sadiq.

Greatest Threat To The World
AXE. In Aust the issue of same gender marriage is pushed by Leftists to change definition of marriage.

Catholic Archbishop of Hobart, Julian Porteous circulated booklet to Catholics explaining reasons why Church teaches what it does about Biblically based marriage between man & woman.
He was accused by (Marxist) Greens party candidate & same-gender marriage supporter Martine Delaney, of transgressing Tasmanias Anti-Discrimination Act.

So once again we see totalitarian Left at their bigoted best, trying to dictate what a private religious school can & cannot say about marriage.

What concerns me though is your continual efforts to excuse or ignore the Left's Christian hating, PC thought policing.

Are Current Events Bad
KATHR. You did not read the Tammy's book. She detailed the great contrast in how Bush was treated by Leftist dominated media compared to DEMs. Tammy called for fair, balanced public debate as this is the way society will progress peacefully. Trump gets even worse abuse, lies, etc than Bush did.
BTW, its good to see Left's Fake News media start to fall apart over their lies & hate mongering.

NURSE. Yet again you deflect. Christians should reject the Left with it's baby slaughter, deviancy indoctrination for children, divisive identity politics, etc, but all you ever do is deflect to justify your support for evil Left.

AXE. Interesting to see how you ignore the Left's hate, baby slaughter, deviancy etc.

Greatest Threat To The World
JERRY. True. Its sad to see Lefties feigning outrage over Trump's tweets, etc yet they conveniently ignore or deflect from Left's baby slaughter, deviancy indoctrination of children, LGBT agenda, divisive identity politics, etc.
Their political loyalties have blinded them.
It was interesting exercise to see see how determined Lefties are to ignore the suffering of others at the hands of the DEMs.

CLUNY. Deviancy indoctrination of (Marxist) Safe Schools program we already discussed. Also the prosecution of Christians (e.g bakers over LGBT wedding cake). Christian school at Alberta is facing threats over its use of Bible scriptures that are not LGBT compliant. In Aust church was sued because it defended traditional marriage.

Are Current Events Bad
SAMUEL. You're brainwashed by Left, thus not moderate.
Your feigned concern over Trump helps put people to death allegation, is exposed by your silence over the DEM's hand in the slaughter of 3000 babies per day in USA.
Do we conclude you don't care about slaughter of babies and others too that the DEM's help put to death?

BTW, liberals themselves reject the claim they're Leftist/DEMs.

KATHR. Your hateful rants make no sense. I suggest you avoid Left's Fake News as they only incite hate and violence.

NURSE. You claim my allegations about Left's baby slaughter, deviancy indoctrination of children, divisive identity politics, etc, are lies. Instead of deflecting, as you always do, provide evidence.

Greatest Threat To The World
AXE. Political scale has shifted markedly over past few decades. Left of center today is FAR LEFT few decades ago. Even our so called conservative party (LNP) is predominantly Left, even being lead by former member of Leftist party (ALP).

CLUNY/NURSE. LGBT agenda & deviancy indoctrination of children (deceitfully called SAFE SCHOOLS, in Aust) we've debated long ago.
Biological gender identification not permitted in schools. Cross dressing encouraged. Children are forced to imagine being attracted to same gender. LGBT adult web sites made available to school children. Christians who defend traditional marriage ideal being sued. Christian schools being threatened to delete scripture that's not LGBT compliant.

Are Current Events Bad
AXE. The Left are not liberals, as liberals themselves even claim.

Your account of your switch to DEM's seems irrational considering what Left were like 20 yrs ago.

I read book "NEW THOUGHT POLICE: THE LEFT'S ASSAULT ON FREE SPEECH AND MINDS" by Leftist Tammy Bruce 20 yrs ago, which described Left's attack on Bush. It sounded nearly as bad as what Trump faces.

Tammy was abused (as Left do whenever one of their own reveals truth) by her Leftist mates for her book, which details how Leftist dominated media (as only about 7% of journalists in US identify as REPs), do not allow fair, balanced public debate, but seek only to control thought. Seems your switch was due to manipulation from Left's thought police.

Greatest Threat To The World
Cluny. LGBT agenda is obvious. Same gender marriage, deviancy indoctrination of children, etc.
LGBT are higher up on the Left's victim hood scale, therefore they automatically get more rights than straight people.
For example our military here are permitted to march in uniform in LGBT mardi gras, but they are forbidden to march in uniform in a pro life rally.

NURSE. You have constantly deflected away from Left's evils. You want us to look the other way, away from victims of the harm your Leftist puppet masters cause.
Like I said, the Left are the greater evil of the 2 major parties.
No matter how much you try to deflect, hoping to signify there's nothing evil to see from the Left, I'll still continue to point it out.

Are Current Events Bad
Nurse. You constantly deflect to protect your Leftist puppet masters from criticism about their crimes.

Stolen generations is a lie from Fake news Left and activists.
$10,000 reward has been outstanding for about 10 yrs for anyone who can provide 10 names of actual stolen for racist reason Aboriginals.
Even the leading propagandist, the Leftist liar Robert Manne, tried and failed.

KATHR. The FACT is Trump is facing a tirade of hateful abuse, vilification and lies from Left. I've seen it before here when politician Pauline Hanson rose to prominence 20 yr ago.
The Left are corrupt liars to the core, and the sooner Trump fires those in the deep state system that are working to topple his presidency, the better.

Greatest Threat To The World
AXE. Fact remains the Left throughout the West (such as DEMS, our ALP/Greens, etc) all push for baby slaughter, deviancy indoctrination of children, divisive identity politics, LGBT agenda, poverty through welfare dependence, etc.

Rational argument has been difficult when you Lefties try so often to ignore these glaring inhumane, anti Christian agendas I keep listing about the Left.
It won't go away, as much as you Lefties want us to look the other way and walk with you to the other side of the road to avoid the victims of the Left's destructive cultural Marxist policies.

Whilst the Left also has economic platforms as you say, its primarily its cultural Marxism that I address, and will continue to do so

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