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Tearing Down Statues
StrongAxe, Mark Steyn had a great point on Rush Limbaugh's radio show on how that this debate is about today's Democrats against yesterday's Democrats.

Your fight not Republicans.

Today's Alt Left fighting today's KKK.

Both were created by the Democratic Party

The more you argue the more is revealed about the Democrat Party.

I just learned that Jimmy Carter reinstated Jefferson Davis citizenship.


The man is dead.

I will tell you why because Democrats still believe in everything that went on during the Civil War that's why they refuse to change your their name.

BTW, all the rich White Men today are Democrats and they live in Silicon Valley.

All self Proclaim Democrats.

Pope Francis Prayers
Jerry, I have gotten angry until I actually read the comments made by the Pope on climate change particularly his Encyclical.

The fake media pulled out certain sentences to cite to creating false meanings which Pope Francis didn't write.

PETA can't stand Pope Francis because he always speaks against extravagant care of dogs when people are starving.

I don't agree with Pope Francis on everything as I didn't with my dad.

I can't disown him as I can't disown my own father.

I trust God to handle everyone and everything including the Pope.

Because it is His Church and His Vicar

BTW, have you not heard of all the scandals uncovered by Vatican City themselves?

Pope Francis is cleaning house

Tearing Down Statues
Democrats keep barking on Hillary's majority vote as if that's HOW one wins the Presidency.

Majority win is in Canada, England and other Countries but NOT HERE!

StrongAxe, by your logic you think our POTUS should be elected only by 5 states.

In our Republic, each State has a say in who should be President as how much as another State.

This Country is called United States of America not Cal-York of America.

//As for name changing, that is done when someone is ashamed of their name.//

BINGO! Democrats are NOT Ashamed of fighting to KEEP slavery

//The Republicans are not ashamed of their name---StrongAxe

AMEN, because we FREED the Slavery and we don't want anyone to FORGET IT!

Pope Francis Prayers
//are you personally an American Catholic or a Papal Catholic?---Jerry6593 on 8/22/17

I never heard of a Papal Catholic.

I don't even think it is even a Denomination as American Catholics.

I believe it is a slur term invented by Protestants.

America Catholics are Protestants because they broke off the Catholic Church.

I am member of The Catholic Church practicing my faith by the Latin Rite if that helps answering your question.

The Vicar of the Church is Pope Francis.

Tearing Down Statues
StrongAxe, why did you come to this Country? Really, why?

The USA is a Republic! I have told you many times before as many other people on CN.

If you wanted to be in a Democracy Country go find one.

Our WISE Founders were not stupid Men.

As for your majority mob rule here are some famous quotes you need to mediate on:

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect)."--Mark Twain

"Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it."--Leo Tolstoy, A Confession by Leo Tolstoy, Religious Theology.

If the Hitler family CHANGED their name here in America, it shows they have more sense than Democrats.

What Is The Curse Of Ham
Jews view nakedness differently than us. Men don't even look at each other.

Just as Europeans think Americans are too sensitivity to nakedness.
Women can change their tops in public without going to jail. Not in America.

Ham didn't just look at his father he laughed at his father's nakedness.

Many people don't know this, but Jesus was crucified naked.

The Romans knew that Jews felt that dying in the nude was additional humiliating way to die.

Crucifixion was not only the hardest way to die, but also the most embarrassing way to die.

It was meant to teach others to fall in line.

Roman men on the other hand felt the Man's body was an image of perfection.

Every culture is different.

Tearing Down Statues
//What is "Alt-left", and why do you use that term?//

Democrat party. Because anytime the Democrats label anyone it means they are guilty of that same label.

They call others racist because they are racists.

Closed minded because they are exactly closed minded to other's view point. I could go on, but I am limited to 125 words.


//Extreme right-wing conservatives called THEMSELVES "Alt-right",--StrongAxe

Nope, I never heard that term until last year. My friend I have being VERY political for 17 years.

Can you please explain WHY you all refuse to CHANGE your party's name?

Seriously, I truly wish to know. Not one Democrat will tell me.

Pope Francis Prayers
Jerry, you should be use to these tactics they are used by Democrats often

American Catholics are formal Catholics living in United States who refused to accept some teaching of the Pope and wanted to break away.

They DIDN'T want to believe they were no longer Catholics.

Unable to take the name they decided to slightly changed their name.

This trick has fooled many people.

Think about it.

Ex: America really isn't just the USA. It's all of North and South America.

Our official name is 'The United States of America'

But we dropped that long name and call ourselves America.
Which really makes Latin and Canada mad because many people think only the USA has claim to the word 'America'.

Tearing Down Statues
//You mean conservative democrats?---NurseRobert-

That's how you all lost last November. You kicked out the Moderate Democrats as well.

How's that working for ya?

Let me help you. The majority of White Straight Men in American are not Racist. Not even 1%

Mayors across America allowed your Alt Left violence in THIER OWN protests.

KKK didn't interfered with you all.

But no one else has that right to protest?
EVEN in peaceful manner.

Alt Left enters a KKK protest, start violence and had the NERVE to BLAME the KKK for the violence!? FOOLS!

The KKK have been marching for decades and guess what? THEY WERE DYING OUT! Not anymore.

THANKS DEMOCRATS! I guess you couldn't see your BASE DIE?

Tithe To Abused Animals
Well, Pat you will have to give an account to God when you die.

I don't know how you will explain to God why you chose to help an abused animals instead of an abused human?

Remember God was the first to sacrifice an animal just to make clothes for Adam and Eve. Genesis 3:21

Just think about it.

If you saw a child and a dog trapped in a burning house, but ONLY able to save one of them which one would you save?

If you had to think about the answer there is something wrong with you.

Trust me there are plenty of abused, hungry, cold people to tithe your money.

If you can't trust your Church with your tithe you need to find another Church anyway.

Pope Francis Prayers
//Steveng...The Pope, however, DID authorize muslim prayer and reading from the Koran at the Vatican.---NurseRobert

Please read your post.

I used the word 'Authorize' as you and Steveng used the word.

It doesn't matter because Pope Francis NEITHER force or authorize Catholics to pray Muslim's prayers

Instead of citing Steveng CITE the Pope authorizing Muslim's prayers.

You can't because both you and Steveng are making it up.

1. American Catholics are not Catholics lead by Pope Francis.

We are Catholics in America NOT American Catholics.

2. Pope Francis could NOT say that because St. John Paul II had Imams praying their own prayers as the Vatican prayed CATHOLIC prayers in the Vatican.

Give Up 501(c) 3 Status
//When your employer pays you wages, it's up to YOU how you spend them.//


I get to decide HOW my money is spent not SOMEONE ELSE.

You do know the Government DOESN'T have it's own money? It's revenue COMES from US!

I pay taxes. I don't have a say when it goes to abortion.

But I do know that my Church isn't giving MY MONEY to abortion or PETA.


Plus I can BOYCOTT stores who donate to bad people

//This is how the economy works. Once you pay taxes, they becomes the government's to use as the government sees fit.-StrongAxe

We the People run the Government not the Government runs us.

It's called AMERICA!

That's how we operate. You are not in Canada anymore

Pope Francis Prayers
//Vatican hosted a joint prayer service for peace that consisted of delegations from Israel and Palestine. The Israeli delegation had both Jews and Muslims in it, the Palestinian delegation had both Christians and Muslims in it. Each tradition got to pray but each prayed in its own tradition. And it all went down not in St. Peters, but in the Vatican Garden.
---NurseRobert on 8/15/17

Yes, each prayed by their own traditions. None exchanged as Steveng suggested and wrote.

I wanted Steveng to cite his falsehood.


I know he can't because Pope Francis NEVER forced Catholics to pray Muslim's prayers.

Give Up 501(c) 3 Status
NO. The Government would use the money for a host of immoral sins.

Killing more babies, funding terrorists as we did with Iran and Syria.

Plus, the poor will be poorer because the Government can't solve hunger or housing like the private section.

Government is only good at the Military. She should focus on them since many of our Military personnel are dying in our aircraft.

Either they are outdated, or poor training is going on.

Pope Francis Prayers
//USCCB website:
:Second Vatican Council, Nostra Aetate 3, October 28, 1965//

Pope Francis wasn't the Pope in 1965, the Pope was Pope Paul VI.

//The Church has also a high regard for the Muslims. They worship God, who is one, living and subsistent, merciful and almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth---NurseRobert on 8/15/17

Protestants as well.

Catholics shouldn't have a high regard for you all because you are not Catholic?

Pope Francis hasn't incorporated Protestant's Prayers either.

Again I said to Steveng, that "Pope Francis NEVER AUTHORIZED ISLAMIC PRAYERS AND READINGS from the Quran at ANY TIME?"

Please DISPUTE that and NOT some other made up debate of your own making.

Friends With The Backslidden
Only if you are a TRUE friend.

So, let me get this straight. You are willing to convert some stranger, but not an ex-close friend?

That speaks volumes about yourself not your so called ex-close friend.

James 5:19-20

"My brothers and sisters, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring that person back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins."

Pope Francis Prayers

//Why because like the Roman Catholics they are taught that their version of Priest called Imams are to tell them what it says. They are not to read it.---Samuelbb7

Please follow your own advice.

1. You can't cite any where in the Catholic Church forbidding us from reading the Bible.

Protestants have been repeating that LIE from their own Pastors for centuries

2. Chapters not verses are read OUT LOUD from the Bible (OT, NT and Gospels) for centuries in case people CAN'T read (majority of people). They have the right to KNOW what's in the Bible states.

Also read for LAZY people who refuse the read the Bible.

Do Christians Have To Vote
I believe to be a GOOD Christian you should vote.

Just as you should help your child with their homework instead of leaving it up to his or her teacher because not helping them is only hurting your own child.

Letting godless people or non-Christian determine the laws we live under is being unjust to your own children as well.

I also believe we should do our own homework on all candidates.

Voting for the less evil candidate is better than not voting at all. I agree with Micha

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