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Wonder If I Will Ever Get Married

Sometime I wonder if i will ever get married, because a nice godly man is hard to find. Alot of guys like me, but sometimes they themself don't know what they want.S ome are too immature, other are pretender ,others are not godly. I'm I asking for too much.

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 ---Kadeen on 4/1/05
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If "I want to marry a godly husband some time before I die" is asking too much, and if it is out of God's will to ask, then what can we reasonably ask of God at all?
---StrongAxe on 8/13/20

If you think you asking too much then let Gof make the leading. Dont ask what is out of God's will.
---JOSEPH_NM_CONTEH on 8/10/20

Eileen, it is hard to find someone you described. The best thing to do is meet a Christian man first, and check his manners, his way of talking. Is he more interested in you more then Christ? that is a give away. He has other intentions. You can tell if someone truly loves the Lord or not. When someone loves the Lord they never want to stop talking about Him. That's when you know you have found the right person or brother in Christ..
---ven. on 8/8/20


What kind of church teaches that? The Bible teaches otherwise, and so do the customs of most churches I know. Marriage vows include "Til death do us part" or "As long as we both shall live".

Marriage beyond death would cause many legal problems. Saducees tried to trick Jesus by saying there was a widow who had married seven brothers, each one after the previous one died, and they asked who was her husband - and Jesus said this:

Matthew 22:30:
For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

Mormons have a special "Temple marriage" that lasts forever, even beyond death, but that is not a biblical doctrine.
---StrongAxe on 8/7/20

I wonder if I will ever find love in my life. My church tells me if you don't find love in this time. God has someone for you when you go to heaven. I am living now I like to share my life with someone kind, godly and not pretender, and honest. No one understand my feelings. That because they are married. They don't understand the loneiness to be by yourself.
---EILEEN on 7/30/20

I feel as you do. I'm 48 & have been described as "too nice." I've spent my life living in the light, in kindness.I've never had a drink,smoke or drug & was blessed with beauty looking 15 years younger, keeping me employed.I went out with those I thought were kind. However, I attracted men who were not pure hearted.4 years ago, someone damaged my face. Although I look fine, I don't have the gentle face I did. I retain my heart. That doesn't matter. Dating life stopped. I've been unable to find a good man.I'm heartbroken in my loneliness. I take comfort in the Lord, but long for more with a mate.I have little hope of finding my true love who will care for me. I see around me faithless people who have found love. I am so sad.
---rajia on 10/8/13

I believe you will find a husband. I am 46 and have never been married. I am not a perfect woman but I am a child of God. I believe in my God and I believe Jesus died for my sins. I have made many mistakes in my life and many people have said I will never have a baby or get married because of my age and maybe my mistakes in life But... My God is nothing like these people and I believe he will send me a Godly man. I love the lord and I know you do too. Dont listen to the people that doubt the Lord can give you a husband. Listen to the lord only. I am praying for you. :) and I love you in Jesus name
---GG on 7/19/12

You will get married and stay hopeful in the Lord. I will pray for you to find a nice guy like me in the Lord. A man who is going to love you forever and ever, Amen.
---Yakubu_Awal on 7/25/11

I'm a guy, but still I hope this can help.

At first I had no thought about a wife, but as the months moved on I became human again. I started asking God to chose a wife for me. Between 25 to 30 I dated once and found that not the way to go. So I determined to give all of me to the Lord. Then out of no where God sent my wife! I knew her from when I was a teenager but had not seen her since. We said hey to each other and for several months it continued this way. Until one day I gave her a hug ,as I did with everyone.
When I began to walk away the Father said "that will be your wife". I told her days later and it was confirmed, she said "I know". We never dated and have been married for 5 wonderful years!
---willa5568 on 5/14/11

I'm Here!In Northern California.
5'6" about 125/28LBS.56 yrs.yng,White Dude with a heart that has alot of warmth and Passion.Just waiting for the right patient Woman to come around and realize,that she might have found thee 1,that will Love and protect her for Eternity. and beyond
---Dave on 5/11/11

I agree. A nice godly man is hard to find but as big as the world is you only need one person. Don't settle for less. I'm sure if you want to be married that God will send you the right one when the time is right. Have faith and patience and wait. Never lose hope.
---poopsey on 5/8/11

I am turning 29, still not finding a right guy for me, feeling desperate and scared of getting married to that kind of person whom i dont want.......can u plz pray for me that i get a nice guy....nice life...
---Nisha on 5/7/11

There are many, many worse things than not being married.

At least a dozen of them are marrying the wrong person.

Study these blogs, and you will see how unhappy many people, mostly women, are in their marriages.

\\its very hard to find a godly man because most so called christian men are too selfish and picky.
---susanna on 11/8/05\\

And so called Christian women NEVER are this way, are they, susanna?
---Cluny on 1/3/11

Trust me, marriage isn't all tv sitcom happy go lucky occasionally serious. Marriage changes EVERYTHING!! And not for the better. I would not recommend it unless u r 100% that u r 100% sure it's the right person. I know this b/c i thought I was but the next day i knew I wasnt ready and he wasn't the right on. That was 4 years ago and I'm stuck now
---aj on 1/3/11

Wonder if she did get marry?
---John on 12/30/10

Honey don't be in too big of a hurry to marry. Marriage is not all that you think it is. It takes two very committed and loving people to make a marriage work. Plus the direction of Jesus Christ. Divorce is at a high rate, right now. People are selfish and are not interested in serving others these days. Make the best of your situation Learn to love God and all things spiritual and you will have found what life is all about.But having a nice warm body who love you back is very nice. Blessings
---Robyn on 12/29/10

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A sign of the time, today 50% of all first time marriages end in divorce.
---Eloy on 10/28/10

Catherine: God instructions are either specific or general or both. Specific instruction is given to a person or group and is also time limited. General instructions apply at all times and to all persons. Please go over Luke1: 31-37 again. You will find that verses 31,35,36 are specific, but verse 32, 33,37 are general instructions, they are not limited in anyway.
---Adetunji on 10/28/10

In Luke 1:37>>>Scripture is referring to what God was doing with both Mary and Elizabath....We must guide our desires by the word of God, and ground our hopes upon it. Be it so. God is a wise God. He knows what's best.
---catherine on 10/25/10

For with God nothing(GOOD) shall be impossible [reference Luke1:37]. Continue asking God and expect it, determine in your mind that you will use what you are expecting from God only in the godly way.
---Adetunji on 10/25/10

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I've been widowed now for 8 years and it is long enough. I would love to get married again, but don't meet the right person.

I'm very sad at the moment 'cos I did meet who I tought was the right person, but she did not want me. I need prayer please to help me get over it,
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/20/10

Hello, you have it made in the shade, my friend. Why in this world do you want to get married? God keeps trying to change my mind in this. I do realize His will must be done. And He says, "I can make you want to". My God enjoys bragging. Says I have a lot to offer. I just do not see it.
---catherine on 10/20/10

At least in your case some guys are interested in you,but in my life the men who I like not interested in me.I don't think you are expecting too much.It's wise to wait until we get what we want or the near-image,than compromising,which is not good.
---Honey on 10/20/10

No your not asking for to much. The bible says theres a time for eveything (even a time for you to find the right guy and get married to him) you will get married if that's something you really want to do. Don't worry the right guy will come to you.
---Esther on 4/28/10

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The reason why the Scriptures tell man to love your woman and woman to respect your man is because neither is natural to the flesh.

So, women, learn to respect your man not for what he is/does, but because God told you to, and men love your wives not because it is in you, but because it is in your Lord.

"I don't need a woman crying for the Saviour and holdin' on to some money [worldly] man's hand... J. Mellenkamp
---aka_joseph on 4/11/10

I am in the same situation. If you look around, christian women find that, the godly mate etc so I don't think you're asking too much.I've come to this conclusion, as a christian there are some things I cannot do, which the world does comfortably and are happy. The only way I see out is God. I can't make anything happen, I can seek, knock and God promises to answer. I know that. I wish I knew why some wait so long for love, while others have enough to throw back. Trust in God,I like Job though he slay me I will trust him. I believe that God will honor that kind of trust and dependence. Pray and trust
---susan on 4/11/10

In these times yes, the world is getting a dodgy place, I have friends not married because they choose to live without putting themselves at spiritual risk, I know understand it's the best thing they could do. I'ts right for the few that find it rewarding and can achieve a Godly balance with their spouse.
---Carla5754 on 6/2/08

Been there done that! Refocus your energy on becoming Ms. Right! Get self help materials that focus on what you want. For ex: read about Ruth and Esther in the bible who got their men! Read books about marriage. Also read a book called the Rules for Dating . Of course it is written by non Christians, but most of the Rules you can follow. This book helped me set boundaries for weeding out men who just wanted to use me. I am happily married and I am expecting my first child. I pray that my testimonial will become your testimonial soon in the Name of Jesus!
---Jennifer on 6/1/08

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Dearest one,yours is a very delicate question..All be it,whoever comes around to marry you..should first have a target..yes off course there,re wolves in sheep skin,the best you can do is to pray,asking GOD if he is the right man..pls note ,you shd be convinced enough before going any further..Wish you the best of luck as i will intercede on all seeking GODLY partners..BENJAMIN,LONDON
---Benjamin on 3/13/07

the fact that many are not getting married is a sign of the times- so much sin in the world and a lack of relationship with God... many are getting married not as a covenantial relationship between man and God as God intended... too few take the commitment seriously and i'm sure this grieves God very much.
---JohnAnthony on 11/23/05

its very hard to find a godly man because most so called christian men are too selfish and picky.
---susanna on 11/8/05

i just cannot get my head around the fact that these days people are waiting years and years untill late in life to find a partner; not for want of trying. 20 or 30 years ago it was taken for granted that most would be married by the age of 25.
it seems almost impossible to marry these days unless you have money and a univercity degree, good looks and no children, nto a good solution to prevent fornication as in 1 corinthians7v2
---susanna on 11/8/05

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You are not asking too much. You are asking what you deserve, and that's good. Don't settle for anything less. Sometimes we have to wait on God's Timing for things, in this case, for a good mate. Sometimes God waits for us to obey him (draw closer, spiritually grow, do something or stop doing something {sin}, etc.) and when we do, that's when He blesses us with our heart's desire. The best thing to do, is try not to worry, and learn to enjoy your own life with your friends and hobbies you enjoy doing.
---Tina on 4/7/05

No one can truly say who will marry and who won't. But the journey of life is still yours. Don't waste it on worry. Be your own best friend, and have Christ as your best friend. Educate yourself, and make yourself an interesting person. Learn to love your life as it is. It's too short to waste on rumination.
---Kristine on 4/6/05

Nice and Godly guys exist, but they are like 1 in 10. No you are not asking for too much. Sometimes I feel the same too. One thing for sure, there is no perfect man, so don't go out looking for Mr. Perfect.
---sony on 4/5/05

I am a widow of almost 8 years, my husband was also a Christian. I am finally ready to meet a Godly man and I will take no other than a man brought to me by the Lord. How will I know? I have asked the Lord for this particular man, so I know that when he comes, I will know and the Lord will be the one to bring him to me.
---Mariana on 4/3/05

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My dear sister, you are not asking for too much. I am also in the same situation and I had met someone online but we didn't click. Its not easy finding a Godly man, but the best thing is to go to God in prayer and he is faithful so be encouraged you are not alone.
---Mary on 4/2/05

I hear your cry and can empathize with your loneliness. I was engaged by the age of 19 and then when that didn't work out, I tried to find the right man any way that I could. Just recently I went so far as to travel across the country to meet a man that I had been talking to online, only to find out that our lives were very different. Through it all, I have learned that I need to stop sailing my ship into the storm. I need to wade in the waters until God tells me it is time to set sail again. Patience is a virtue that is sometimes overlooked when our hearts are seeking happiness.
---Tammy on 4/1/05

It is quite difficult to meet the right person. No you are not asking too much to want to marry a Godly man! I was in my early Thirties when I met My Future wife. She was in her late thirties. We had both practically given up on ever being married. We both had our own long-term problems. God how ever took care of all that. Quoting Bible verces at you is not going to help the situation, but I do believe in the power of prayer!
---John on 4/1/05

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