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Need Knowledge About Marriage

I am married at a very early age, but I do not have much knowledge about it. Please help me by given some ideas about how to up keep my home and let my husband realised my worth.

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 ---Zainab_Agnes_Wilson on 4/1/05
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Ask God. Read 1 Corinthians 13 regarding true love. Seek out all the Bible verses regarding marriage, a virtuous woman, etc. You may need to use a concordance or you can look it up on the Internet. Also, get the book "The Power of a Praying Wife" by Stormie O'Martian. It's a great book.

God bless.
---Dorothy on 8/11/07

Sister I do not think we could help you much here. You need an older woman there where you are to come along side of you and help you. Where is your mom and his mom? Any older siblings to help you.
---becky on 3/6/07

My advice to you is that you first go to God and ask Him to open your eyes that you may see both spiritually and physically any hidden issue you need to address. When you've done this, ask for His grace to do what is right. God bless you.
---Osmond on 3/2/06

I agree with Jennifer, It is necessary that you see your self through God's eyes, your are worthy, God sent his son for YOU! And the book, Power of a Praying Wife is very beneficial, both to you and your husband. God bless and lead you. Diane
---Diane on 4/22/05

My advice to you, is to find out why he married you. Hopefully, it was just for love, not something physical about your or monetary things. That doesn't last. Then, depending on his age, find out what is important to him and if it can be important to you, then you have another kind of bond. Lastly, remember a man is just an ego (And that is coming from another man)If you are a christian and can control that, you are on easy street.
---Lester on 4/6/05

You don't sound like you are from the U.S., so our advice may not apply to you. I think God is the one to ask and HE will send you the answers in ways you need and understand. There are several things I have learned over the years. One is that the way you are raised and your personalities play a big part in the reactions you will see in your marriage. That doesn't mean the other person doesn't love or appreciate you, it's just what they are accustomed to. Love unconditionally, forgive and hold him accountable. The rest is up to God.
---nita on 4/3/05

The way to get your husband to realise your worth is for you to realise your own worth. Maybe sign up for some community classes in topics that interest you. This will allow you to meet people and develop your own person. And the author mentioned below is Stormie Omartian. However, what I'm suspecting is that perhaps your husband is a bit of a control freak with no respect for himself or you. Then you have a problem and should seeking counseling for both of you.
---lisa on 4/1/05

There is also a book which I just got by Douglas Weiss call "Intimacy" a 100 day guide to a healthier more intimate marrage.
---Joynette on 4/1/05

I agree with what Jennifer says 100%. Do as she tells you to do and I am sure that would help.
---Mary on 4/1/05

Don't despair! There is hope. I suggest that you get a book called The Power of A Praying Wife. The author's first name is's a best seller! Also there is another book called A woman after God's Heart by Elizabeth George that will be of help to you. I hope you like to read. I assume that you and your husband are Christians. I suggest that you seek Christian counseling for yourself. Don't worry about your husband realizing your worth as it is not as important right now, but that you Realize your worth.
---Jennifer on 4/1/05

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