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I Like The New Blog and You

I like the new format "blog" (weblog),but seams to be,now like a cross between Ann Landers and a lonely hearts club. Are there no "Bible "questions? - (Maybe I will have to ask a few Bible questions to get it going :)) Moderator comment to Cliff

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 ---cliff on 4/1/05
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the first time I heard the word "blog", it sounded so ugly. I always thought it was a post. Now I am like everyone got use to it like we get use to everything else. That is how satan does things too. He is desensitiving our young people.
---shira3877 on 9/15/11

We live 'n a time not the 1970's we knew mostly,our neighbors & people looked out for one another! It's a new day ... We have a safe haven to open up speak,share & inter- personal & Christ centered issues or themes..Pray it brings us read,study & deeper love for God. Thankyou! ChristiaNet!
---ELENA on 9/14/11

Yes, I like the format too, but I didn't know what a blog was! LOL. I thought maybe they were just having fun with it...

I don't think however the changing of the format has anything to do with the subjects of the questions. LOL. Oh Cliff, have some grace. Some people are just trying to get through some roadblocks. Just don't bother responding to them if you don't have anything constructive to say. In the meantime, why don't you read, um, Matthew...5:20, and get back to us on what the meaning is. (I don't know what the verse is, I just picked one at random).
---Katie on 1/13/08

funny, really made me laugh. I was all in-to-it. Question: Luke16:1-8
I don't understand it.
---Alexandra on 3/17/06

I believe that all of life's problems are answered by the Bible. We can quote scripture in teaching, and, in solving our problems. Scriptures that come to me include: search for wisdom like a treasure; love one another, lifting one another up; confess your faults one to another; and, be
anxious for nothing (my personal favorite.)
---Layne on 4/6/05

Mia; Blog is the teck. term for "weblog"
---cliff on 4/4/05

---MIA on 4/3/05

Cliff: why don't you start some BLOG's that are Bible questions. It most likely won't happen, if you don't start. What are your questions/ we will get to see different opinions ....
---shira on 4/3/05

I just stumbled on to these blogs today, I find that if you keep an open mind, try to discern and not be to judgemental on the poor soul pouring out their heart, you might learn something about our human nature that can get the better of us sometimes. :) The pastor preached on Matt. 7:1-6 Today.
---David on 4/3/05

Katie; actually the scripture is quite interesting, showing that Jesus did not love "everybody" The Scribes and Pharisees were "stumblers" and not His kind rolemodel to be emulated! thanks agape.
---cliff on 4/2/05

LOL! Oh no! I just looked up the scripture I gave you and I promise I had no idea what it said when I gave it to you. I was just being goofy, and trying to spark an interesting conversation. Please don't think that was a personal attack! I have to say though, I did get a laugh out of it. Hope you do too!
---Katie on 4/1/05

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