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Third Online Date Not Working

I have tried the online dating thing twice and just last week I met a third who told me over the phone that he was falling in love with me. When we met, things were very different. I never really considered myself to be unattractive, but maybe I am. Perhaps online is not the way to go.

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 ---Tammy on 4/2/05
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Please dear,don't loose hope i am sure things will work out.Put every thing into God's hand and keep praying. Jesus is the best friend who can never let you down. I will pray for you but keep positive about your self.
---Margaret on 3/24/07

well you have to change something
you only know
---bare on 8/30/06

Unattractive to whom? The old saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" does hold true. I'm skeptical of people who haven't met vis a vis, but who say they are in love. There is so much it chemistry or lack of it. Don't give up. Online or off, it's not easy to "click". Stick with prayer and perseverance. Good luck.
---Kristine on 4/6/05

Love is a gift from God which we share in many ways, when both partners have the same genuine projected feeling, they then pick up the cross & follow Him in one anothers dreams of fulfillment, gaining impetus as life progresses:live for one another, look at one another & look to God In Jesus who said "I am the way the truth & the life, he who believes in me shall have eternal life" Protect the weak, shun evil, seek what is good, be not afraid. God has a friend for you,wait & watch.
---Cliff on 4/6/05

I consider men who avoid accountability, to be predators. These internet men do not have to answer to anyone who knows you. They will stroke the ego, say sweet-nothings, and spend hours on the phone with vulnerable, loving women. These men enjoy wooing hearts; it's a conquest. If a guy ends up asking to "borrow" money, turn and run! More important, if he asks you to marry him, sight unseen, run even faster! I truly believe that someone I know, knows someone I want to know (possible marriage material.) That allows for some accountability in these men. God bless.
---layne on 4/6/05

It is very hard to find somebody online. The reason is that it is very easy to write a letter, to talk on phone, but it is going to be very hard to talk with the same person in real life. You feel that you told him everything on line, and you are empty. Some people are not even serious. Take care of yourself. Let it be as God wants it to be. Don't hurry things. Once you learn how to slow down you will see that things are going to fasten up by themselves, and you will feel God in it too. Moses needed 40 years to just see the Holy Land, He couldn't enter it.
---Adel on 4/5/05

Well, Online dating is kinda hard, in that there are a lot of men and women online looking to play with other people's emotions and feelings. You just have to be willing to take your time and not rush into anything. You can meet someone to have a long term relationship with online. Its just hard. But it can be done. Sometimes you have to go through the not so nice people to get to the nice people. I hope this helps you.
---Monae on 4/4/05

I would give up on the online dating thing. Just because someone tells you something online that doesn't make it true. I think it is dangerous. why would anyone want to date someone whom they haven't seen? Find a man the ole fashion way. Without computers.
---Rebecca_D on 4/4/05

For my experience online dating is looked at as last chance dating but just be very selective.
---mckeever on 4/4/05

Eliza ... did you get engaged before you had even met?

I suppose those many e-mails, and those long phone conversations led you to build up a mental picture of this perfect man.

But it is so different when you meet. And even when you meet, that first feeling about him is no always right.

From my own experience ... DO NOT BUILD UP DREAMS
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/3/05

People turn out not to be what they seem. Because they say it does not mean it is true. many are Christian in name only."Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you". Look to the Lord to lead you to the right person at the right time. Getting in a hurry can get us ahead of God. Please realize that the time we are waiting is not wasted time for God is working something in us. making us that proper mate that we should be. Be blessed. wait upon the Lord and you cannot go wrong.
---Ann on 4/2/05

I met a gentleman from across the states. First month, we shared 3x daily. I met with pastor, prayed DAILY. 6 months later we had first phone conversation. April we decided to meet. we were on the phone 5 hours nightly praying, reading the bible, laughed, shared. Engaged and I began planning wedding. He flew here. 3 days later the engagement and wedding were in jeopardy. Met again September. Wedding postponned. January ring returned. We speak, are devistated. Warning from God OR not enough 'personal' time. He's all I ever wanted. I'm back because I hope. 2 years Eliza8874
---Eliza on 4/2/05

Tammy it concerns me that you place your selfworth on whether a total stranger finds you attractive especially one met on-line. Physical beauty has little very little to do with your worth. Concentrate on who you are in Christ and who that other person is in christ.
---becky on 4/2/05

Tammy ... do not believe that anyone will fall in love with because of emails, and phone conversations.

I know it has happened for one here (Albert) but in general it doesn't work that way.

Treat CN matches as merely a way of meeting people ... it you sel when you meet, it may still not work out in the long run, as you find out more about each other.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/2/05

I know how you feel. I wonder if this online dating thing works also. I have not found a lasting relationship either, but I have gotten new friends and that is good. I keep seeking God and maybe someday...You pray for me and I will pray for you! God bless,
---Jane on 4/2/05

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