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How Do You Witness At Work

I maintain other blogs which deal in Marketplace Christian issues or Christians in the workplace. Can anyone give me some examples of how you are a witness in your place of work?

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 ---Wayne on 4/2/05
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You have heard the phase "talk the talk, and walk the walk" People will be watching you if you talk the talk. So make sure you walk the walk. That is the true wittness to others.
---a_friend on 3/29/08

If I over hear a person who has a loved one who is sick or friend - I offer to bring them to the church for prayer or to put them on the prayer list and then I befriend them. it is not manipulating them it is more of a focus on personal evangelism and taking the time to care.
It has to be real or it is not Jesus.
---Andrea on 8/15/07

We have such glorious hope, such joyful and confident expectation, we speak very freely and openly and fearlessly.
Nor do we act like Moses, who put a veil over his face so that the Israelites might not gaze upon the finish of the vanishing splendor which had been upon it.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, emancipation from bondage, freedom.

It's still great to be an American, we can speak with liberty, freedom and hope, in the workplace.
---Rachel on 8/15/07

I am a Christian 24/7 so if your neighbor or co-worker tells you they have a problem or how nice the day is I share why I agree and or how I deal with problems and all the miraculous answers I've seen and heard about......My husband's whole car pool got saved and many in their families went to church with daughter works in a casino and sees it as a mission field.
Augustine - witness always and sometimes use words
---Andrea on 8/15/07

By example.
---Hanny on 8/15/07

Christ lives in my words and deeds.
---Eloy on 8/24/06

just be your christian self and show humility..they see your different from the others and if they ask, theres your opporutunity to witness..ask them out for lunch or at your place where they can be comfortable...pray about it first before you go to sure God in His own time will bless you with someone to witness to
---jana on 8/24/06

The "shutting the door on the finger" example was good. I only hope if it happens to me, I can yell someting that would be different. Because I am a new creation. And then turn to the people around and reply, "You know a couple of years ago before I found Christ I would have yeld something totally differant that might have made you all turn red".
---Wayne on 4/17/05

Charli .... I think the incident of shutting the finger in the door can help us in our witness. OK we shout and swera when it happens.

That will give us the chance when challenged to tell people that we are the same as them ... we are sinners, and that we need Jesus every day to forgive us.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/14/05

Your witness is what they see in you.

You can witness without saying one single word. Someone is always watching what we do and how we act.

Then if they hear us say "Christian" they go "Oh Yeah? Didn't look like it the other day when you shut the door on your finger."

Ask God to show you what to say and do and he will answer you.

---charli on 4/13/05

One other thought, we have tried to form a Christian Employee's Club at work. So far HR won't grant full status, but have allowed us to operate. We must not consider our faith so personal that it remains hidden at work, we have to be visibly Christian at work. Others might consider forming Christian Employee groups at work before any precedence of their existence is long gone.
---Roger on 4/8/05

My friend, we should lead by example, I let my light shine. Let others see Christ in you. Be available to listen and give answers. Meditate in Gods words daily.
Keep the Faith
---William on 4/7/05

Thanks for the comments. Alot of people believe just setting an example is enough, but I beleive the works are the best start. Co-workers do watch and learn from you. But there comes a time when you must speak up for Christ. Common sense witness knows you speak with love or don't speak at all. And if you don't love the person you are witnessing to, you may want to check out your own converstion. There are some good replies I hope to use. If any of you are more interested in this issue, let me know and I can save you a lot of time on your searchs.
---Wayne on 4/4/05

Oh yes by example! I work at Wal-Mart where I can be myself. We have what we call "10-foot Attitude" which means we greet any person than comes with-in 10 feet of you, including a fellow associate. I am cheerful daily and my ministry has been encouraging others at my workplace. I love opportunities to share my reason for smiling!!!
---Sandi on 4/3/05

I am a retired teacher, unable to speak of my faith in the classroom, but able to allow the Holy Spirit to work through me and reach out to the students in my care. Often I felt I was directly led to the aid of a student in a moment of crisis, but did not "lecture" them on Biblical facts unless they brought up the subject.
---Betty on 4/3/05

I pray for opportunities to show Christ in my love for the people. If they are suffering, I pray for them and tell them. If they ask how was your weekend, I tell them it was awesome because my girls' Sunday School class did something cute. If they know someone who is suffering from emotional struggles, I share how my faith helped me through something similar. I ask the Lord to have them bring it up, and He is faithful.
---Madison on 4/2/05

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Here are a couple I use: 1) When coworkers are having any type of crisis, I tell them I will pray for them. Then I follow up asking whether the situation is improving. 2) Being technical, when conversations breach science, I point out how that particular branch of science bears out the veracity of this being a created world. If they are nonbelievers, they are amazed. If they are atheists, sometimes I must kick the dust off my feet and move on. If they are believers, but compromised in a correct understanding of their Creator, it is an opportunity mature them.
---Roger on 4/2/05

Actions will speak so much louder than words in the work place.
---Pardoned2 on 4/2/05

Yes, by example. Conversations, during breaks etc. I am sure there have been questions about the movie, The Passion of Christ. Just tell what you have felt and your committment to God. Don't preach - I find that if I pray and ask God to direct me, he will. One day another lady just said how do I know that Jesus is in my heart? Wow what an chance to explain and give some scriptures. After that we both felt free to talk to each other.
---shira on 4/2/05

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