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Am I Really A Dead Person

My wife and I parted over ten years ago, she is now living with another man. I live alone and its killing me in all areas, but I cant seems to trust an other woman with my heart any more. Am I really dead?

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 ---Everton on 4/2/05
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Be with someone you like and respect. You don't have to be so deeply in love to have a good relationship with someone. Respect sometimes is better than loving. It helps us to keep our focus and perspective in the relationship. We don't get too clingy and demanding. We just take things slower and give the other person breathing room.
---Robyn on 8/15/07

Other women make it difficult for us true faithful wives. Dear sir, every woman is not like your ex. There are some of us left. You are not dead, just in remission. Some day you will meet someone and you will come alive, but please try to trust again until she proves she is not trustworthy. Don't get too close until you know what kind of a person she is going to be.
---shira_5965 on 8/15/07

hin sweet heart, sorry for you to be in such asituation. i know love is so painful, but much as you feel you can never trust any woman, many women out there say the same including my self becouse i am in the same situation. but remember love is agift from God and those who wait upon the lord recieve the best. so i am sure God has the best plan for you.pray until some thing happens. i will also pray for you. God bless you somuch.
---margaret on 3/19/07

Well,I can sympathize with you,dear.1st marriage(we weren't Christians)He was dangerous & unfaithful.I never cheated.Waited 10 yrs.Married #2(We were born-again)On our 10th anniv.he said "you're a good woman.I just don't want to be married the next 10 yrs".Five yrs later,I married #3.He got mad at God & backslid,then left me.So,dear brother,I have always been a faithful wife...and here I am single.I am leaning on Jesus & just started dating some.Believe me,it's hard for some of us women,too.Blessings
---lovable_linda on 4/15/05

It is better to have loved and been hurt than to have never loved at all. I will pray for your healing. God bless you
---darlene on 4/8/05

Things are simple & clear,there is always time for separtion in life:Abraham & Lot.Paul & barnabas...if a cat seats on a hot stove & start avoiding all stoves either cold it doesn't mean all stoves are hot,some are cold.All women are not the same we men always make that mistake,now what to do is put all her snaps & all souvenirs under your case or where you can not easily see them,delete all her mails in your mail box i know you have them,then donot revenge,be easy,then forget,i know it's not easy but you'll make it through prayer.Then you'll let us know what happened after.
---Abba on 4/7/05

Sounds like you are stuck, and inert. Healing can take a long time, but eventually, if you want love, you must take risks. Yes, you may get hurt, but so do we all. God is with you, meanwhile, so pray for courage to change your life, if that's what you want.
---Kristine on 4/6/05

#2 You would need to explain why you had this fear, otherwise the lady might think you had a specific doubt about her.

You could start by asking whether she had ever felt betrayed ... and you can talk then about marital betrayal genearlly. You would then be aboe to understand each other better, and you would learn about each others hurts.

Then you pray about these hurts, fears and hopes ...
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/4/05

#1 You have been parted 10 years, and had some time married before that. So you are how old ... perhaps 30 to 45 years old? Potential women will be about the same age. I think you would be able to look at their marital history to see what sort of job they made of that. Most do not go into marriage with an intention to betray. You need to have sufficient trust to talk over your fears of betrayal.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/4/05

It's very hard to trust someone after you've been betrayed, and I speak from experience. To give your life to Jesus, turn it over to Him, that's what one has to do. If God wants you to find a mate, He will make it so. It always seemed to me that the harder you look for something, the more it evades you, especially if you try to do it without God's guidance. God bless you and put your trust in Him. He only wants what is best for His children.
---Diane on 4/3/05

2nd cor.6;14....God tells us not to be unequally yoked....I think it's terribly important to stay on the same maturity level spiritually in a marriage. You're far from dead, if you were you wouldn't be concerned. Put your heart on hold, and try trusting with your'll work everytime.
---Pardoned2 on 4/2/05

Some in your situation will say ... OK a woman has betrayed me ... I will now take it out on women ... so I will have flings without committment, and punish womankind by "loving" and leaving, becasue a woman has betrayed me.

Thank God you are not like that.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/2/05

The first thing you have to do is let go ever thing into god hands, ask god to help you to for give your wife, and take away every pain, when that happen you will able to move on with your life you need to let go of thing the battle is not your's it's the lord's.......
---kim9855 on 4/2/05

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