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Have Failed To Get Someone

Have you been on ChristiaNet for some good period but still failed to get someone?

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 ---Margaret on 4/2/05
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"Get someone" you presumably a potential "partner".

I know a fe on CN have met their spouses thought it, but I have not had the slightest whiff of a chance.

I have met several ladies form a UK Christian web-site, but sadly in only one case out of perhapos 3 dozen did I feel there was nay chance of the friendship developing beyond that ... And sadly, in the one case I wanted it to, she eventually decided no.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 12/4/07

Now Now Becky,come on,(I'm grinning)I have been divorced for twelve years concentrating on raising my daughters(divorced an abusive unfaithful wife with whom I am now friends with)and I am ready to find a partner and have someone to share my life with.But of course I will wait on God to provide the proper mate,but you know he is more patient than I am.If he is waiting 'till I'm perfect,uh this could take a while.God bless all who are searching.
---RUSSELL on 5/2/05

Thanks Dennis for the compliment! At least someone is listening! hehehe
---Becky_S on 4/4/05

I have been here many yrs. I have not met my mate but I have made many wonderfull friends who I cherish with all my heart. Enjoy the friendships you make and take comfort in God's loving arms. I have learned to be content as a single mom for as long as God permits me to be a single mom. Take joy in your family and the family of God who you find here. There is so much joy one can miss when they only look at what they do't have instead of the treasures they do have.
---Marla on 4/4/05

Please don't get alarmed, I have a great life and live it to the fullest for God, it is more than 20+ years of blessings, struggles, pain, victories, and peace.

Walking, listening, and living for God has been sweetest and miraculous life this side of heaven. I'd love to have companionship with person God has chosen. Because of the wait, my head is not in the clouds. While waiting for companionship, I have a life, and God is making it abundant in all areas.
---ms_donna on 4/4/05

I hope I can help a bit. I was widowed for 9 years before I met my husband whom I'm married to now. I learned that after an abusive marriage that I had to learn to love myself as Jesus loves me. That way I wouldn't be worried about wanting so badly to have a man. I had to learn to trust the Lord Jesus and put all my hopes in Him. That's when He put me in the path of my husband. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteuosness and ALL these things shall be added unto you"!
---Barbara_Ann on 4/4/05

Hi i've to ChristiaNet for quite sometime now but I haven't met someone who is possible to be my life prtner but there is still no one. I met one I thought he is serious about me sending me email with words full of love and concern, telling me he would come here in our country, will ask permission to my pastor family for him to marry me.until one day he wrore me. he said he was shot by some mobster and he is asking me to call the hospital where he was treated and send him some money to pay for the hospital for him to be operated.well im still not loosing any hope i know God has plan for me.
---evelyn on 4/4/05

I'm a single male, nice guy, love the Lord......BUT, Becky's advice makes perfect sense to me! If I were you, I think I would print out her response and set it right in the middle of my desk or dresser. Read it daily, pray about it daily, and relax and enjoy all God has for you right now!
---Dennis on 4/4/05

I have been a member for some time. I just went out with a professional guy from my city last night. I am only looking for friendship and if it develops into something more, great! If not then I am enriched for the experience.
---Brenda on 4/3/05

Makes sense to me becky.
---bethie on 4/3/05

There don't appear to be many professional men in the state in which I live. I would prefer that a man earn as much as I do, because my last relationship I felt he might use me for my money.
---Just_me on 4/2/05

You know what I don't get? I too, am single since leaving my husband 5 years ago. (very abusive marriage) I don't understand what the hurry is to get a partner. I'm not saying I wouldn't want one. I'm saying enjoy life! Sit back and soak up the ONLY perfect love, the only love you need! Anyone else that may come along is a bonus. Does this make any sense?
---Becky_S on 4/2/05

Hi Linda!
I a person member on ChristiaNet. I like it that Blog Question. It is wonderfull! Don`t worry be happy with our Lord, God and family. God may bless you once again, and don`t fail down about your hoped and wished. Only one life all we are living so enjoy the life with others. Good luck!!
---alp on 4/2/05

What do you mean failed to get someone? Ive had responses but havent meet anyone. I need to heal also as Im getting over a disruptive, relationship. any advice. Almost leary of men, and protecting my heart. he said he was christian or wanted to be one but has multiple problems. i felt sorry and attracted and got involved with my heart. have seen him, for2 months but still pray for him at times,I ve been overcoming anger, and hurt, I dont correspond to him, as i dont know if ill get the truth . I related to him for 5 yrs. Meet out of state, . he is in the next town still for 2 yrs. . .
---SANDIE on 4/2/05

Well, I've just been on a few months. Met a nice,really wonderful man,had a few lunch dates..and then he disappeared without a word of good-bye or any explanation. I really thought Christian men would act differently than worldly men. Jesus IS the only one that promises to never leave us or forsake us. I am still online..Christian and secular sites.,now.ANY man will have to earn trust.Blessings,L
---linda on 4/2/05

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