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Waiting Nine Year For A Man

I felt in '97 that God said He wants to restore my marriage. How long DO I be alone and wait? Christian friends say "get a life". The man has.

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 ---linda on 4/2/05
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You have to move on with your life.
---emmanuel on 8/12/08

Depends on the circumstances & kids if any. "Better to marry than to burn [sin, physially or mentally]".

Be comfortable & free in YOUR spirit living single 'for God' 1st, [Don't Rush! Don't Rush!], then according to YOUR faith [Jer.32:27], backed by the Word of God as there are many diverse opinions & views on divorce & remarriage in the body of Christ [Matt.19:1-*11].

Divorce & /or remarriage is a choice not a commandment or neccessarily a sin!
---bob_[Elishama]_6749 on 9/11/07

bob do you have something of substance to add or are you crystals shadow.

---Andrea on 8/25/07

It is interesting to watch all of you encourage yourself, tell jokes to yourself, live in different locations and share the same body. Do you share the same husband, or how does that work, exactly?
Do you live at the Bates Motel with Norman?
---Bob on 8/25/07

Linda, its a good time to draw closer to God for companionship when the time is right he will bring the man he wants you to be with into your circle of relationships. People often think you have to go on a hunt looking for a man. Just live your normal life. Go to work, go shopping when you need to, go to the gym when you need to, take your walks, hang out with your friends, go to church. Just live your life, don't go looking for love because your never find it. Let Love find you sweethart.
---Marcia on 8/24/07

Take your friends advice. What have you been doing to find a man? God is not going to do everything for us. If you are hungry are you going to wait for God to pick up the fork and feed you? I don't think so. If you wait for God to literally feed you, you will be waiting a a very long time. Participate in the singles ministry at your church,are their available men at your work? Ask friends if they know someone. You will know if a particular man is for you. Be blessed
---Robyn on 8/24/07

linda - a prophecy should be confirmed by an independent believer.

What have you learned in all your waiting?
---Andrea on 8/24/07

mae_osborn good answer and Andrea consider your advice taken, I will pray for her every morning when I do my devotions.
---Marcia on 8/24/07

if you have been waiting for 9years for your husband to return to you then are you really sure that it was god whom you felt and not satan james 4v1 says not to believe every spirit but to try the spirit to see if they are of god.thats a long time specially if hes with someone
---mae_osborn on 8/24/07

crystal can't you find somebody to talk to or go to a chat room.

Add something of value - your being a pest - if your that lonely - we can pray for you.

Do you learn anything about the Lord following us around?

If you do it is worth it.

Marcia - as difficult as it is I suggest we begin to pray earnestly for Crystal - ya know she's a thorn in our side - we might as well make something good come from it.
---Andrea on 8/24/07

Marcia aka CattleProd 24, you are about 59 years old now, I would say. Marcia is only 23 and has an atypical life. Most 23 yr olds are launching their careers, unless they've married early and decide to stay at home. They do not have 12 hours aday to blog. That's not reality. But then again, with your altered ego states, qualifications, places you live, and all of these fig newtons in your imagination, you could have arrested development around the age of 12.
---Crystal on 8/24/07

No...Try again love.
---Marcia on 8/24/07

Hey! Crystal you never said how old you were?

How old all you?

Once you find out the truth you will be ashamed of yourself love.
---Marcia on 8/24/07

Crystal I'll make it easier for you, the year I was born Italy and the Vatican agreed to end Roman Catholicism as state religion.

How old am I?
---Marcia on 8/24/07

I'd say you were about 48 or 49 years old, about 59 today.
Now in chessy cat years, that would be really, really old.
---Crystal on 8/23/07

Hey! Crystal guess how old I was in 1997?

And then tell me how old you were in 1997?
---Marcia on 8/23/07

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Marcia, surely you remember all of these.
---Crystal on 8/23/07

You have to move on with your life.
---emmanuel on 5/5/07

Oops,I signed in on the last post wrong...linda3957..I'm LOVABLE Linda
---lovable_linda on 4/6/06

Well,it's almost a yr.later and I'm still waiting to see what the Lord wants me to do.Don't know where ex-husband is or anything.Have tried dating & this just won't leave God able to restore after 9 yrs?
---linda on 3/13/06

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Russell...thanks for your comments.I'd like to talk to you more about our similiar "waiting situation".I'm linda3957 in the penpal section.Actually it's been 8 yrs for me,but I started dating this yr.(finally).If and when my exhusband calls,I figured he could wait til I get back from lunch with some nice,Christian man.After all, I've done my share of waiting!
---lovable_linda on 4/28/05

Hi Linda,I sympathize with you, I've been waiting on the same woman for nine years myself.Every time I pray for God to take her out of my heart and set me free to move on,I feel his spirit say don't give up on her,she needs you.I'm beginning to think there is another spirit interfering with my prayers,is that possible for satan to speak to me while i'm speaking with God?and if so why don't God tell me?
---RUSSELL on 4/25/05

Believe what the Lord told you but also remember the people that were led out of Egypt. They waited fourty years.
I'm not trying to dissolution you. Gods time is not our time sometimes.
---Paula on 4/6/05

If this man has 'got a life' as you put it does not sound as though his life is with God, if he was married to you and left you, he has no life only a fake lie of he devil. If the unbelieving depart let him go you are not bound.
---siouxsie on 4/4/05

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There is absolutely NO question in my mind that he was given to me as a reward for my faithfulness and absolute devotion to my husband regardless of his infidelity. I am now building new and wonderful ministries with this new gentleman; and our two families are progressively blending so well.

Be very cautious with your situation. If God has asked you to remain faithful, then DO. If God suddenly changes the direction of your path in life; take it with caution at first, seek GODLY counselors to confirm it, then go full speed ahead and enjoy all the precious blessings God has for you!!!
---Kathy on 4/3/05

I found myself in the same situation several years ago. I believe that God told me he would do a miracle in my husband's life; and I naturally ASSUMED He would do a miracle in my MARRIAGE too. I trusted that belief for many years; and I still trust it, but I now know that my human mind altered what God had truly told me.

Nine months ago God sent the most wonderful godly man who has the same goals and values that I have. We come from totally opposite backgrounds, but we think so much alike. (only allowed 100 words, so I will continue in another "post")
---Kathy on 4/3/05

Sounds like you're doubting...if God said he would restore....then he will. I wonder if you think the marriage is worth waiting for? Is the wait worth the is if God is doing the restoring.
---Pardoned2 on 4/3/05

Dear Linda! If God said He will restore your marriage then He will in His perfect timing! I really hope He was the one to tell you.And of course He restores marriages. It is not clear of you are married, devorced or not married at all.Anyways HE has the best for you! Romans 8:28. Wait on Him and seek the Kingdom of God first and the rest (marriage)will be added to you. Don't even ask people. How do they know.AND YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Come on, you have Jesus!God bless you!!!
---Nigar on 4/3/05

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Prov.18.22. Says "he who FINDS a wife FINDS a good thing". You dont FIND something unless you LOOK for it. God has given us free will that includes freedom to CHOOSE a other words go look ,dont wait for God to SEND you one. My friend Wayne is now over 60 and still "waiting" for God to send him a mate! emotionally unemployable, Freedom includes the freedom to make mistakes!
---cliff on 4/2/05

That depends on if you got divorced or are just living seperately. Do not listen to your friends or to us here. If you know the voice of the Shepherd listen to HIM!
---becky on 4/2/05

You do not say what the situation is regarding your husband ... it is he who has "moved on" In what way?

How did He say Hin 1997 that He wanted to restore yuor marriage? Are you sure it was not just your wishful thinking masquerading as God talking? What particulaly made you think it was God?

What is the Lord saying to you now?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/2/05

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