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Where Do You Meet A Real Man

I am seeking a Christian who loves the Lord and is a professional earning as much as me. I am also seeking someone who is intellectual and has a passion for lost, hurting people. Where do I meet such a person?

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 ---Just_Me on 4/3/05
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Okay, some practical advice here: try working for charities--you'll meet a lot of caring people.

As for intellectuals, try hanging out at museums, or take a continuing education course.

But I wouldn't discount the charm of a true 'good o'le boy' either. There's more to intelligence than book-learning, and many a blue-collar professional makes enough for the lifestyle you envision.

Besides, there's something to be said for complementing each others virtues instead of mirroring them.
---Nancy on 12/1/07

Shouldn't you be waiting on the Lord to direct the man of His choice to you rather than seeking an intellectual that makes as much as you in a professional field?
You may wish to reconsider your desires and what they manifest about your heart.
Even sinful so-called Christians have a passion for the lost, hurting people. It's true Christians they hate.
---Frank on 11/25/07

What I wish to know is how the man described in the question is entitled a "real man?"
Most I have met are hardly real men. Many, not all, but many appear to be sissies that aren't content with food and raiment as the word has commanded us. Many seem to have to have the best, make more money, be in charge and other forms of greed, lust and ego.
From the enteries I read on various blogs here, many probably post here.
---Frank on 11/25/07

I am wondering why with the new BLOGS so many questions are about finding a mate and why so shallow? As for the answer to this question I'd think church or a missions group or being involved in local misssions would help you find someone like minded. But be patient. There's more to life and serving Christ than a mate.
---becky on 11/24/07

That's what most p'ple 're looking for but the bible says we shoud first seek the kingdom of God then the rest shall be added unto us.l'm praying for u that God in his own time brings to u the right person.
---Lucy on 11/14/05

"Beauty is vain and riches are fleeting but a woman who fears the lord shall be praised". you have limited yourself. A partner should love the Lord not be just for emotional, financial social physical need. With love, you seem self satisfied, you need a partner who's God's chosen not a "hagar" with evil consequences, someone in God's will for you and ministry. The Lord bless you, I'm praying for you.My freind was top 3% earner now serves with wife in Dublin They are blessed..
---Thomas on 11/14/05

You already know you want " a professional earning as much as you" and a "christian who loves the Lord"(i wonder if it's possible to be a christian and not love the Lord),you are wrong.Don't choose for yourself, God knows what's best for you.Financial status of that man will not bring happiness to you.
---Sunga3684 on 11/14/05

begin by meeting a man that prays beside you at the alter at church...
---Bt on 11/13/05

By including monetary and profesional sailings,you limit the power of God to make a right choice for you,for He says a good spouse came from Him and through prayers we can be awarded with a right couple of God's and hardly pray for a man you can not leave without not the one you can leave with.
---kliba7335 on 5/13/05

Sister, your intentions might be what many want in life but our request to God is what His will is for our lives. You might find your will out there but you will not be happy always because you would be out of God's will for your life. Many do go outside of God's will and do what they want but it all cost us so much. Many are looking for the right person but what we want might not be what God wants. Make your request to God's will and you will find that God never makes a mistake.
---Lupe on 5/3/05

I will share with you what the Lord told me about where to meet the right man. "IN THE WILL OF GOD" was his reply.
If you are truly in the will of God for your life, your perfect mate will be there also. If that is what God has planned for you.
---Ann_G on 4/14/05

Anywhere. Not sure where the financial aspect comes in, though.
---Heidi on 4/13/05

I've been hurt in relationships by poor and rich men alike. Money is very far down on my list of requirements!
Of course I want a man who has a job and can help support me, but I would much rather have a man who is rich in spirit! Teach3893
---Teach3893 on 4/8/05

Andrew ... the title of the blog is chosen by the site moderators, not by the person posting the question.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/8/05

Oh yes - the title of this blog says the poster wants to find a "real man". Sounds to me as if a high income is a prerequisite for being a "real" man. What about missionaries? What about ministers? Especially, what about the lifestyle of Our Lord? Think about this.
---andrew on 4/7/05

Just Me,

Let's look at this from a man's perspective. I have met women at ChristiaNet that have lied to me, lied to others about me, harassed me, and treated me with total disrespect, and it's mostly been regarding money, the fact I made less than her. I am well-educated and teach overseas, but in American dollars, I don't make a whole lot. But I'm happy. I would never be happy dating or marrying someone who put such an emphasis on money before they even bothered to know me as a human being with needs, wants and desires.
---drew on 4/7/05

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The salary issue is more so that I can be on an equal footing financially with future love. I am a middle aged woman with grown children. I would like to meet someone who can afford to take me out to dinner, not a fancy restaurant, but a meal with plates and silverware, not a fast food place. I would like to meet someone who could afford to travel, and sightsee, not just go camping and eat canned beans. I don't do sleeping bags, I do Holiday Inn. I went through my rough times financially. I don't want to go back there. I love to travel and would love to travel with someone special.
---Just_Me on 4/5/05

Alan "BUT I RECKON"?????????? You been talkin to too many southern belles in the USA Bro! I'm not sure where you will meet such a person but I will tell you this. If that is what you want then you will find it unless God changes you first. Alan is too far away and possibly too old for you. Now Eloy is looking for a rich wife with a heart for ministry.
---becky on 4/5/05

Sadly, I am not really perfect ... very far from being perfect !!! But I reckon I am a pretty honest, kind, faithful sort of guy.

Unfortunately, I live an ocean and perhaps half a continent away from most of you!

To be more serious, I think that the "earning as much as me" should be less of a priority for the questioner, although of course, dependant on your age, you may be looking forward to the tiem when children arrive, and you will become dependant an just one wage.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/4/05

Why is it so important to you that this man must be a professional earning an equivelent salary to your own?
Jesus said that a mans life does not consist of what he has but what he is. Godliness is not based on material gain
---siouxsie on 4/4/05

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HI Just_Me,
The first and strongest thought that hit my mind when i read your question is that, with the criteria you have set, you are getting just what you ask for. If you are looking for a Christian Husband, then consider carefully the criteria that makes one so. Money and professional job, least of all, maketh not a Christian. You want a good Chrisian man with a passion for the hurting and lost, Check with the Big Guy and dont tie HIS hands.
---Jim on 4/4/05

Please don't lower your standards. If you want a better mate be a better person, and rely on God for strength and guidance. Reality check, no ones perfect, there was only one perfect man and we killed Him. My advice, Stop looking and let God direct the person into your path that He wants you to be with. I finally stopped looking and God blessed me with the most incredible woman in the world. She exceeded my every expectation as well as met my every standard and continues to amaze me every day of my life. Do you trust Him?
---John_3 on 4/4/05

It's the lord's doing that you get the best so don't advert to a have a nice looking man but wait for the LORD. THANKS
---maureen on 4/4/05

OH Albert, my sincere apologies!! :) But lets be realistic, you are trying to impress a new wife! I'm sure she does as much for you!

I had surgery 3 weeks ago, I have 3 more weeks of recovery. This week-end, my husband cleaned the yard, loaded the dishwasher, let it run, and then unloaded it! He also vacuumed the main part of the house, then went grocery shopping. He's taking good care of me! There are some very good men left! And indeed it seems that Alan is also one of those, sweet and endearing.
---NV_Barbara on 4/4/05

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Dennis: I am really looking for someone with a comparable career and income. If they make more, that is on them if they wish to date me.

My last relationship was long distance, and the man had me stay in a horrible dump of a motel in a very bad neighborhood where I did not feel safe. He only took me to one restaurant, the rest of the time we ate groceries in my hotel room. When he visited me, I put him up in a moderately priced hotel in a decent area. He would not allow me to take him to restaurants and pay. We ate groceries again. He expected me to cook for him.
---Just_Me on 4/3/05

Yes ladies AlanUK is near perfect. Look him up and apply for the position of Mrs Right but only if you are anywhere near as perfect as Alan!
---becky on 4/3/05

Oh Albert just slightly short of perfect, see the perfect man would cook clean up, make me tea AND clean the cats box... :)
---bethie on 4/3/05

What if a man makes more than you? Should he refuse to date you until you start earning more money? You don't have to "lower your standards" as much as you need to stop holding your "standards" (your rating chart) in front of your eyes and your heart. Good thing Christ didn't ask how much you were worth before He decided to love you!
---Dennis on 4/3/05

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Like Albert, I am pretty perfect too.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/3/05

nvBarbara: They don't exist in the personal section of ChristiaNet. In my state there are zero professionals. They make less than me. I have gone to other Christian dating websites and found the same. After my last relationship, I gave up on dating for now.

Right now, I am not really looking, just doing some research for if and when I believe it is my time to look again. I had a bad marriage, husband left and remarried. Both are professionals and make more than me. HA. Ironic.
---Just_Me on 4/3/05

nvBarbara, I demand an apology for saying that such a man does not exist!!!

I cook, I do the dishes, the laundry, I make her tea, etc, etc, etc.

I'll ask my wife to straighten your thoughts about this matter :))
---Albert on 4/3/05

Yes, I had 'blogged' on another sight that the Forum sounds more like a 'Dear Abby' column. I DO understand what you mean 'just-me', but a perfect man does not exist, but you can come close. Trust the Lord to lead you to the proper husband, perhaps 2 out of 3 isn't bad-just stay within your species! Not all men are after your money. However, you do want one who serves the Lord without a doubt.
---NV_Barbara on 4/3/05

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I was thinking the same thing Becky... (about the blogs)
---Becky_S on 4/3/05

So lower the standards?????????? I am not desperaste enough for a mate to lower my standards. And I'd hate to think my potential mate would lower his rather than wait for me.
---becky on 4/3/05

To continue further, I am not looking for someone for their money, but trying to protect myself because I have dated men who earn less than me, and felt they were looking for someone to support them. Also, the men I have met were into being right about scripture and legalistic stuff, and did not have an active area where they served the Lord.
---Just_Me on 4/3/05

There are no such human beings.....they all came from Adam (and we all know what a wimp he was) so I say try lowering those standards.
---Pardoned2 on 4/3/05

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