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We Will Miss The Pope

My deepest sympathies go out to all the Catholics on the Forum who have lost your leader. This Pope seemed like a kind and loving man who cared about all people. He helped to rid the world of Communism. He witnessed the Nazis in Poland and I think that set a love in his heart for all people.

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 ---NV_Barbara on 4/3/05
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From the first pope even till now is the leader of the Man - made trin relig - org the rcc, her daughters churches(not in this order) the presby, cog, luth, naz, episco, aog, bapt, etc came later on. Which are here Matt.15 v 9 & came from here 2nd.Cor 4 v 4 & 11 v's 14 - 15.
---Lawrence on 7/8/10

I heard it reported the pope said, as he neared death, that he trusted his soul to the virgin Mary. Did anyone else hear this, and is that what catholics are suppose to do?
---Questioning on 10/4/07

Vicarus Fidelli Dei adds up to 666. False doctrine within the body of Christ= Antichrist
---RevelationJames on 7/19/06

A friend ... don't you see that trhat is what Albert has done ...

He has alreadty rid himself of having to follow the Roman Catholic rules

What he is suggesting is that others should perhaps try to break free from the rule which says they must constantly take every opportunity to condemn the RCC.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/28/05

Albert, Why don't you just relent and enjoy a personal relationship with God. Throw off all clinging to ANY church or traditon and receive Christ ONLY for your eternal hope. You're tearing out your fingernails trying to hang on the myths, religious traditions and man made laws. We are FREE in nothing. We serve HIM because we trust and love him. AMEN.
---a_friend on 4/22/05

What Rose says "There is no difference between idolatory, condemnation, judgemental because they are all sins against God." is right.

If there is idolatry in the RCC it is wrong.

If there is jugmentalism or condemnation of the RCC in what others say, that also is wrong.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/11/05

Dear Rose, kissing images does not mean one is kissing THAT image but whoever that image represents.

At times I kiss my wife's or my children's pics - that does not mean I am kissing the paper.

God made people build statues of Seraphins as found in the O.T. Was that for the purpose of idolatry?
---Albert on 4/11/05

I wish to add on to Pek's comments:

When one idolises images, it is our duty as a Christian to help one seeks the TRUTH.

God will also dislike one who judges and condemns.These are not of His teachings.

There is no difference between idolatory, condemnation, judgemental because they are all sins against God.
---Rose on 4/11/05

If we meant to believe Jesus is the ONLY way, then those who confess Him so are saved and safe. However, for idolatory sin or any kind of sins, believers are themselves answerable to God at the Judgement seat. God hates the worship of images.
---Pek on 4/10/05

I am saddened by those Christians who condemned Pope to hell and crowned him Satanic.

My defence to Pope is :
**A Satanic person doesn't know what love & peace is but Pope's love & peace are still felt and received by many. His forgiving heart is pure**

Satan's entertainment is to see one doing the opposites.

I urge those who "entertained" Satan, please, repent and ask for forgiveness. God is love.

---Water_Lily on 4/9/05

Pope was a consistant witness to Christ & injected enormous love in the world. He was an Ambssador of Peace.

Fruit of the Spirit is obviously emerged from Pope.

Those Christians incited criticism & judged Pope to hell, indeed, reflected the hypocricy in them which Satan has championed in blinding them from seeing their own evilness. They should remind themselves that the basic foundation of a Christian is LOVE.

I salute 700 Club's CBN News & Benny Hinn who were in Rome, giving godly comments on Pope "a remarkable legacy man on earth" who was taken to heaven.
---t3 on 4/9/05

Bruce ... neither is there is anyone here who can speak for the condition of the Pope before God.

Nor are any of us able to speak for the condition of anyone else here before God, although many do try.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/8/05


Millions and millions of people certainly can be wrong. (Think WWII Germany)

The Pope was indeed loved and will be missed by millions but that does not speak to his conditon before God, only man.

Millions were affected by the death of Princess Dianna, George Harrison etc.

Matthew 7:13-14, "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."
---Bruce on 4/7/05

The Pope never expected glory, Ann G. In his speeches he always attributed glory to God, his first target for prayers.

Millions and millions of people can't be wrong while some of you here think you are right. The world lost a super great Pope, a man who dedicated his life to promote Jesus to millions who haven't heard about Him or have distanced themselves from Him. John Paul II always praised Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The millions who are pouring into Rome are a clear sign that the Pope was a much loved person by people of various denominations and many world leaders.
---Albert on 4/7/05

I would be remiss if i did not respond to your statement that Mary was the Pope's greatest intercessor in heaven. Scripture clearly states Jesus is our intercessor in heaven. No where does it say Mary is. I understand that leaders deserve respect and honor but i have trouble with people who accept glory and worship from others. God shares his glory with no man. A humble and born again response would be to direct the praise back to the only one who is worthy. That is Jesus. Hope this helped you. i am not trying to be critical but can only accept what the Bible actually says as authority.
---Ann_G on 4/4/05

I have to agree with Susan. The Pope was a great leader of the catholic faith and I hope that the next Pope will be a even greater influence but feel that only God has the power to forgive us and all we have to do is to ask God ourselves for forgiveness.
---Curious_To_Know on 4/4/05

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Be not afraid! These words were used often by Karol Wojtyla. They are words which echo from Genesis 15:5 to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (6:20).

Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II, did not ask nor expect to be a Pope but he was not afraid to respond to God's calling on his life with grace and love for Gods church and God's people.

Karol Wojtyla was not afraid to be more than a Pope! Karol Wojtyla was a down to earth model of how to live life in the image of Jesus.

Thank you Karol! Thank you John Paul! Thank you God!
---umc_pastor_ken on 4/4/05

I am not a Roman Catholic, and disagree with many of their dogmas and practice.

But I also sympathise with the RCC and RCs. because of incorrect comment about them.

Thus, I do not believe that Roman Catholics worship the Pope.

I think Albert has made some very wise comments here.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/4/05

What Barbera is saying, I agree with; he was a LEADER and a LOVING MAN who cared about people. He will be missed by many, not just Catholics. Barbera did not call him a God, or Holy - she was being sympathetic. Love to you Barbera.
---Tricia on 4/4/05

I agree with X, above. Enough already. He was a man, he was not Holy he was not a God, he was a sinner, as are we all and he will be judged as will every mortal. The second commandment is, "thou shall have no other Gods before me", yet he was and is worshiped. Thats a responsiblity I would not want to meet my maker having exhibited in life.
---D.Anon on 4/4/05

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Don't be deceived nobody was given power to forgive sin not even peter paul or the apostles. Only Jesus had and still has the power and authority to forgive sin.sue
---susan on 4/4/05

Proverbs 14:12, "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."
---Bruce on 4/4/05

As a Catholic, I thank you for your sweet sentiments about our beloved Pope John Paul II. He was a godly man chosen by God to be the Shepherd of our church. He truly had the heart and compassion of Jesus as well as the boldness to proclaim the Gospel. He had a deep devotion to Mary, the mother of God and venerated her but of course did not place her above Jesus. She was his greatest intercessor in Heaven as we all interceded for him here on Earth. We are sad he is gone but happy that he is with Jesus in Heaven--his true home.
---donna on 4/4/05

I am a Catholic and we confess our sins to a priest because Jesus instituted the sacrament of Confession when he gave his apostles the power to forgive sin when He said to them "Whose sins you forgive they are forgiven and whose sins you retain are retained" Jesus chose Peter as the first pope and the Catholic Church can trace their popes back to Peter. All the sacrements that we practice can be traced back to Jesus. All Christian faiths branched out from the Catholic faith but had a beginning by a man or group and interpreted the Bible in their own way of following Jesus.
---Barbara on 4/3/05

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Pope John Paul II was truly a Godly man. He showed others what Godly reconciliation should be. He reached out to the Jewish community, the evangelical community and to the world. He should be respected for how he allowed the Holy Spirit to guide and direct him.
---Mike on 4/3/05

Do the Catholics believe that one must ask God for forgiveness of sins or do they believe that they have to have a go between between them and God such as the Priest or the Pope? I feel that Jesus dying on the cross was the means that we all can go directly to Our Heavenly Father and pray directly to him for our Salvation. Any other comments on this? Greatly appreciate any feedback....
---Curious_To_Know on 4/3/05

He may have said this, he cherished the Virgin Mary as a mother. But as a Catholic, we are taught that to be with God after death, you first must meet Jesus. No one goes to the Father, but thru Jesus. Yes, we do pray to the Virgin Mary and reverance her and Joseph. But, no matter, if anyone will be with our Father in heaven, it is John Paul II. A wonderful man, with humor and love for all religions and beliefs. He will be greatly missed, but, I too am in Joy that he has graduated to another world beyond this one. And, pray that our next Pope be a spiritfilled person as was JPII.
---Carol on 4/3/05

I hope for the sake of his eternal soul the pope's heart and soul was devoted to Jesus Christ....not a church, as was stated earlier. There is NO salvation in ANY church. The man could go to every church in the world....and go to hell. Eph 2:8-9 Enough about the pope. He's a man...and will face the judgement like everybody else. He was NOT "holy", neither is he our "Father". God only is our Father.
---X on 4/3/05

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You're right Albert, "the traveling Pope" loved all people, no matter race, color or creed. He lived a hard life in Poland as a young man. He was spirited and loved sports and adventure as well. He will be remembered as a loving, intelligent and gentle man. He even visited his 'would be killer' in jail and forgave him in 1981.
---NV_Barbara on 4/3/05

I agree with nvB

He was a very good and Godly man.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/3/05

As a Catholic, I'd like to say, we do not worship the virgin Mary. We respect and venerate her as the mother of Jesus Christ. And like Jesus, we entrust our souls only to God the Father.
---Tessie on 4/3/05

Many here differ on various beliefs and interpretations. The Pope was a good spiritual, moral and political leader and very few people in the history of the world had been loved, admired and respected as much as he was.

To top it all, he was full of love for all people of any religion and/or belief, unlike some of us here on this forum who called themselves Christians but can't uplift the basic foundation of a Christian which is "LOVE" and another is "FORGIVENESS".
---Albert on 4/3/05

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I prayed for the dear little man to go on and be with the Lord if he wasn't going to be well, so he would not suffer. It is a huge loss for Catholics and I prayed for their grief. Time will heal and the Lord will help those who trust in him. I understand he was so weak the last few days he could only try to make the sign of the cross. I doubt he talked at all, since even when he tried to bless the people before this last illness he couldn't finish or had trouble.He also had been drifting in and out of consciouness the last day or two.
---Darlene_1 on 4/3/05

My sympathies and those of my family to the catholics on the board. He was the Pope that seemed to have the heart and soul of the church at the front. He will be missed.
---Bev on 4/3/05

I really don't know what they do in this situation, but, no I hadn't heard that he said that. We've had many RC Vs non-catholic debates on here, lets not let this turn into one of those please.
---NV_Barbara on 4/3/05

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