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I Am Loving And Need A Man

I hate the kind if person I am. I crave for the love of a man. I have had men friends that really like me and I run them off because I won't trust them. Sex is not involved. My ex was a cheater. So I sit here each night crying for the affection of a man. I am very loving and need the love in return.

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 ---lorie on 4/3/05
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Don't cry! Rejoice in the beauty that is you! Sadness doesn't attract anyone, but confidence does. You are not alone. Many women long for the love and comfort of a man. We need that. We also need money, but crying every night won't get it. Try a new hairdo. Start going to work out a a gym. Take classes and be in the expectation that things will take a turn for the better in your behalf. Refuse to feel sorry for yourself. Exude confidence no matter your size or age. Watch out! Someone is bound to come up to you to try to find out why you are so confident and assured.
---Brenda on 5/27/07

It's possibly not the love you crave from a man thats wrong but the idea that only a man can make you feel, loved. I say this having seen so many women say the same thing, I possibly thought the same thing myself, until God taught me through his spirit to put my trust in him, love him first, and he then sorted the rest. I was unmarried at the time, but I have divorced friends in this state who have gotten in a whole load of loveless relationships sorting it their way, LOve
---Carla on 4/25/06

Ask the Lord to help you be content in the state you are in he will I was going through
a trial afew years ago. and the Lord gave me this scripture Be still and know that i am God
---Betty on 4/25/06

Recall the saying, "'Tis better to have not loved at all, than to have loved and lost."
---Eloy on 4/25/06

My name is Dan and I cant take another day of this messed up life. It seems like no matter what I do I get the shaft. Somewhere out there must be the answer. Lets help each other.
Danney M Ross
---Danney on 4/24/06

I am surprised that many of the replies to this question seem to regard love of God and love of a partner as competing with each other.

There is no reason why seeking a partner needs to reduce one's love of God, or reduced one's awareness of His love for us.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/17/05

Amen, Gideon.
---darlene on 4/8/05

It's not wrong for one to be in love,but it's better for us to crave for Gods love more than that of man,when the love of God is ur craving he will bring somenoe your way who would be loving,caring and you would be at peace when the person comes there won't be any cause to dout him.
---Gideon on 4/8/05

lorie, I think we have all been lonely at some point in our lives. I have even seen the reply of the men to your loneliness and that they too get lonely. I think that Christian net has and is a good source for people to meet. Sure you have to be careful and with anything we do. I will pray for you to find that peace you so long for. Look to God first my friends. He will show you the way.
---darlene on 4/8/05

Thank you all for your help. I need the lord first in my life and it is amazing how many people feel the same as I do.
---lorie on 4/5/05

You sound very lonely, and very much like myself. I use to beg God to send someone into my life. Now I don't worry anymore and I go to sleep peacefully talking to my father. He taught me during that lonely time that he was my James 2:23..."Abraham was called God's friend", God taught me to be a friend, and to TALK to him.
---Pardoned_2 on 4/4/05

I understand. I personally have never had a mother and dont' know what real affection is like no matter how lonely I am I get scared too. but for some practical advice; Sounds like you need more time, because the love we have to give each other is really not enough to change you; only to amplify your present state of mind. Just hold on tight I'm in there too. I know how it is. God bless.
---matthew on 4/4/05

Hi im a 30 year old guy in Christ and feel the same needs for a woman and wonder how I should go about meeting someone who is wanting something committed.
---mckeever on 4/4/05

Great comment, Brenda
---JoAnne on 4/4/05

Dear Friend, I to had an experience similar to yours and thank God for giving me a heart of forgiving cause he showed me, that I am a special gift from heaven to someone else who is waiting for don't just end where u are stuck.....that's the begging of everything's to come!! So my advice is, thank him for wat u got and he will bless u with things u can't imagine....
---ancy on 4/4/05

It is inconsistent with Heavenly Father's word to expect any human to supply our needs. The agape love (God kind of love)will only come as we submit our willngess to love to Him. He will be Love Personified to us and will be with us in our darkest moments. I understand exatly how you feel...I speak from current experience.
---Richard on 4/3/05

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When we hold bitterness in our heart, it really doesn't hurt another as much as it does ourselves. Perhaps it's time you asked the Lord to help you forgive your former husband for what he did, and to forgive you for refusing to let go of the bitter feelings. As a Christian, God has already forgiven you if you have asked; now, He will help you forgive yourself...if you will allow.
---Dennis on 4/3/05

Oh my, Where is Dr.Laura when you really need her???
---cliff on 4/3/05

You sound very confused. I would say that after some good counseling you need to back off and focus on Your life in Christ. No man is going to fill the void and need that only God can. I will pray you find some peace and that you learn forgiveness toward your ex..
---becky on 4/3/05

Dear Christan friend
Don't hate yourself for needing one of God's great gifts to us. God made Adem a man then Eve a women why becouse Adem needed the love from a women & Eve need the love from the man. So why feel bad for needing the samething as Eve did. And they both loved God togeter.
---Angel on 4/3/05

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