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Where Are The Men For Widows

I am a widow ready to date a Godly man. Where are the men so I can make a decision?

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 ---mariana on 4/3/05
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What are you doing for God?
---catherine on 12/14/07

---catherine on 12/14/07

If it's in God's will that you're to have another partner, and you pray to him about this he will open the correct door for you when it's time.
---Chrissy on 12/14/07

1. Everton,
God said in Genesis 2:18 it is not good that man should be alone ..., So He made Eve for Adam.
I believe His commotment to strong Christian mariages is very strong. There are many reasons single people are not connecting as much as we would like to.
God gave us the opportunity to make choices, but some of the choices we've made have caused division between men and women, saved and unsaved. We are having to redefine, our needs.
---lynet on 4/25/07

2. We're doing things we've never had to do before, such as background checks, or character references. everyone has a warning for us or horror stories, I have my own. Though we are cautious, we may still be decieved. Men and women.
So it is a tight rope we're walking, even though we know we trusting God, and living for Him. Granted these spoilers may just be a few, but they make it difficult for those of us who are really serious about wanting a Godly mate for a lifetime committment.
---lynet on 4/25/07

3. I see nothing wrong with approaching a man you find interesting and want to get to know better. That way you'll know where you stand.
I want that person to be a friend first, becasue I believe is a good foundation for the future. I know the men are out here, not all of them want to be married, but many do.
I'm not a widow, though I lost my fiancee to cancer a few years ago. I'm standing on everyone of God's promises, I live like it, and I also expect to meet the love of my life at any moment:)
---lynet on 4/25/07

A good questian, but I will return the question. Where are all the ladies? Some where out there God has someone for each one, but what if the Lord would have you to be alone?
---Everton on 4/25/07

its me sentayi in uganda you can now find me iam free for any one who nees me for that pliz comtact me and we talk pliz
---sentayi_ponsious on 5/2/05

Maybe Dale, as you are divorced, you did not have a happy marriage, and cannot see what a blessing a good marriage can be.

I am a widower of almost yuor age, and I had a 33 year long super marriage, and I would like to be married again.

But to the questioner ... I do not think "the decision" can be left just to yuo ... you cannot take a man just because he fits the specification! He has got to make the decision as well!!
Good luck ... there must be more like me!
And if you do not show your PenPal identity here, none of the men here will know to approach yuo!!!
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/24/05

I am 55 year old single man who would be happy to court and marry a Godly widowed God bless you all Mike
---Mike on 4/9/05

I look at it this way, if it is meant to happen it will, not saying how long but it will if it is meant to happen. I was a widow for 17 years when I met the individual I am involved in a long term relationship. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen, but it the bottom line is never give up and keep the faith in God....
---fran on 4/6/05

For many men today divorced as I am or a widower, dating is the last thing on there mind. I have found that at my age 65, in great shape I have little interest in getting serious. I am not lonely as The Father is always present in my life. There is a place in the Bible that says if you are unmaried it is ok to stay that way. Then it gives the rules for marrage. Like many men I have many female friend. Most are e-mail friends. Also today it is costing so much for one to live, it is not possible to live and support a wife or friend. They are out there,so keep looking Good Luck
---Dale on 4/4/05

I am a single woman in need of a Godly husband too, but I am not really dwelling on that at the moment, I have prayed about it and I left that with my heavenly father; because he know my needs and he promised to supply, and if he don't I will still love him.
---Mary on 4/4/05

Indeed, yours is a problem for several reasons. First, there are more women searching for husbands as the lifespan is greater for women. Secondly, there are more leaches out than sincere eligible men. The leeches are easier to find than a hard working, mature Christian man. Where do you look? The old haunts that we had with our mates are out in that the married women are jealous and the husbands do not know how to act. The answer lies in living your life to the fullest as you find it. In your prayers, ask for God to bring you to your full potential as a Christian, single or married.
---charles on 4/4/05

If you have a clear mind of being in the right time to have another realtionship, (i.e. you have a stable family, sound physical, emotional and mental state,) I would say that's God's time to prepare you for.

Your part is to prepare and present yourself, search someone with Bible's references, i.e. a faithful person, with good spiritual life, healthy personalities (fruits of the spirit) etc.

God has set up the stage, all you need to do is to act it out. Everything happen is under God's eyes. God is not the man hidding behind and holding your arms to move.
---Philip on 4/4/05

If a Godly man is what you want is it not God's decision whom you meet? You should first learn contentment. The men are there but, if you want the RIGHT man you will wait on God. It should be God's decision not your's.
---M. on 4/4/05

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Mariana, I am pretty sure there are interested people. First, you need to introduce yourself, give some details about your beliefs, age, children, perhaps nationality, etc. God wants people to be married. He first made the family, so what you want, it's the Lord will too!
---Lee on 4/4/05

I have been a widow for 6 years tomorrow. I also have the conviction of if I were to remarry it would be to another widowed believer. I was not looking for my husband of 34 years when I met him. I trust if the Lord wants me to remarry He will provide the mate. But I do commiserate with you in having had a relationship and missing the companionship. Keep your focus on God and doing His will.
---Vicki on 4/4/05

I have been a widow for 6 years tomorrow. I also have the conviction of if I were to remarry it would be to another widowed believer. I was not looking for my husband of 34 years when I met him. I trust if the Lord wants me to remarry He will provide the mate. But I do commiserate with you in having had a relationship and missing the companionship. Keep your focus on God and doing His will.
---Vicki on 4/4/05

First of all, if its God's don't have to worry..everything will happen in its time. The first advice I give to people with this issue is stop focusing all you attention on that. Do not seek to pursue someone..God will send them to you.
---Sheri on 4/4/05

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You go, girl! Don't worry about what others will say. As long as the Lord gives you peace about your life, just be open and He will provide the right one for you.
---Dennis on 4/4/05

What makes you believe you are supposed to remarry? Is not Jesus Christ; the lover of your soul, enough?
---William_Bateman on 4/3/05

When you find them, let me know will ya?
---Pardoned_2 on 4/3/05

An interesting question. IF your will is making attempt to suerpcede Heavenly Father's will there is a stumbling block. I humbly suggest that you EARNESTLY set aside your desire and permit His will to prevail. I understand as I also am "mateless" but accept that never the less "His will not my will be done."
---Richard on 4/3/05

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They are right there waiting for you. "where are the men so YOU can make a decision" Like you are taking applications and doing interviews. And isn't the man supposed to persue the woman and ask her if she wants him? Widows are to serve the body and teach young women. Not run about hunting down a mate.
---becky on 4/3/05

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