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How To Support Saved Inmates

I have two friends who are both incarcerated with life-terms for murder. Both have been in prison for a long time and have turned to God and have been saved. How can I support them 100% (I already try hard).

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 ---Chrissy on 4/3/05
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Prison ministry is one of trickiest ministries to deal with,especially for women. Please be careful.A lot of men turn to religion because there is nothing else to turn to. Which is not necessarily bad. We all do need Christ. I just hope they are real and not just doing something for their own gain.I honor you for your concern for these friends of yours. You are very rare,indeed. Continue doing what you do. Send gifts,tract,visit,money to put on their commissary. Just be a good friend, as you are doing. Keep praying for them and encouraging them. Which is very important. Again I commend you for what you are doing.
---Robyn on 7/28/10

"Not everyone in jail is guilty. my husband and i got married there and no were not desperate its called love. who are you to judge? Only GOD can judge. We knew each other 9 years and i was there for him in his hard times and he was there for me. Its all about LOVE people real unconditional love. Thank you GOD for the best husband ever!
---Krissy on 2/2/08"
---Lynda on 2/2/08

You married one, didn't you?
I believe that is 100% of your support there.
---Lynda on 2/2/08

support them with books, visits, and prayer and lots of glad they are saved...God even forgive the worst of all if they repent..just stay and be a friend, a family for cannnot do everything and what you have done whatever is all you can do...Jesus will say this to you, "Well done faithful servant"
---jana on 8/26/06

Other answers are good. I add: Write them,--inmates love to get mail, especially cards at holidays. Include scriptures, encouragement and inspiration. Consider joining the prison ministry in your church, at another church, or take training from Prison Fellowship Ministry (PFM). I did PFM, but moved and missed the last 4 hours of training. Nevertheless, it was invaluable. I currently write to 2 young men, one for 7 yrs. Blessings to you.
---Sarah on 4/5/05

If they are in a prison that hosts the KAIROS prison ministry, have them apply to attend. It is lifechanging. I know lifers who have found that they can be free despite the walls and razor wire.
---pastor_ken on 4/4/05

I just want to suggest, be there for them. I was in prison and did a six year term, and it really would have helped to have some kind of support. As of now, I do Bible study with inmates through Crossroad, and the Lord has really been moving. Amen
---Calvin on 4/4/05

When you visit them, ask them how they are doing in their new life with God and pray with them to the Lord, encourage them to read the Bible (if they don't have one you could get one for them), and to pray often, and to attend the chaplain meetings they have.
---Eloy on 4/4/05

At the current time, my husband is incarcerated and he is an avid member of christianity. He holds prayer groups at night for the ones interested. I send him material, like scriptures, inspirational quotes, different things like that so he'll have something to talk about during group. He really enjoys helping others learn about the Lord. He feels that's his purpose there, to let others know about Him. He gets great joy out of that. Just an idea.
---Stef on 4/4/05

Excellent advice, Becky! I couldn't have said it better myself!
---Becky_S on 4/3/05

The best thing you can do is support the Prision Ministry in their prison. Regardless of the fact that they are now saved do not send money and if you are a youthful pretty girl do not visit them in person at least not alone. There are dynamics in place in prison life you may not understand. support literature and speakers and music groups that may go to the prison to minister. In a prison setting men minister to men women to women and never one on one then either.
---becky on 4/3/05

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