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Working Mom Has Son Problems

Although, I am a working lady, I have always been aware of mother's role in child's development, but day by day my 6 yr old son is turning more disobedient and shuns from study. Kindly help by suggestions to improve him.

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 ---Manju on 4/4/05
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I am a father with 2 sons 18 and 21. There are two things that influence kids viewpoints and cause rebellion. Their peers and second is the cultural media. The more you can limit exposure to these two items the less your son will rebel. Remember our culture due to its competitive nature plays on mans lower nature in order to get its market share.
---Tim on 7/11/07

Something to think about since I don't know your heart. I've been dealing with kids and their parents for over 35 years. I discovered that when a parent doesn't have a strong belief foundation and strong boundries to consistantly discipline the child, the child becomes rebel. A child left with caretakers who don't have the same foundation as the parents, it confuses the kid turning him into a rebel. A rebel has no strong personal foundation and is like a weeping willow who sways with the wind.
---Steveng on 3/11/07

Show him you care a lot about him, tell him you love him and that above all is God's great love which keeps us going in life and that God punishes disobedience in many ways. Choose one Biblical story where people were punished for disobedience and narrate it to him at lest twice a week and see how it goes.
---kobamelo on 3/11/07

children need lots of time and attention. it is best if mom is home, or at least some adult who can be there for him. be aware that many of kid's problems go unnoticed by parents who don't take the time to find out what is causing the problems.
---curt on 4/5/05

Because of the age of your son, I would be more inclined to build upon the foundation that CCG has lain! While planting the Word in a mind is important at an early age, out of us lack the expertise of helpig young minds develop a sense of understanding of what we impart to them. An easy method of achieving this is to permit ourselves to enter into the presence of the youngster's thinking, then guide it to the place of comprehension.
---Toby on 4/4/05

Am greatful for the answer and hope to practice it.
---mary on 4/4/05

Are you divorced? That may explain the behavior problems. One suggestion is 'be calm, he is only 6 years old.'
---gregg on 4/4/05

I am also a working mother and can understand your situation. While it is important to keep your child spiritual needs as your top priority. He may be having difficulties. Remember to give positive praises for accomplishments. Always show him you love him. Take your time and be patient. We can get frustrated because we cannot understand why they don't get it. You may want to talk with your child's teacher and listen to her concerns. You don't need to wait until it is time for a parent/teacher conference. Most teacher's are more than willing to meet with the parents.
---Kary on 4/4/05

Pick your battles. Not all kid-like behavior is bad (maybe just irritating). Explain the consequence for disobedience and be prepared to enforce it. Let the child know what God expects (be nice to people, take care of your stuff, use your brain, prepare to be self-sufficient, obey authority, and listen to God). Pray and find a good church. Find a friend for your son from a Christian family. Remember - your child is ultimately responsible to God for his behavior. You are just the earthly teacher!
---K on 4/4/05

Your son may be going through some difficulties because of a situation at home or school. Check into this first. Pray with him and for him each night. Always keep open communication with him about his day and activities. Find out who his school friends are and if there is any peer pressure happening amongst friends. Also see if he has a good relationship with his teacher. This is important!
---Child_Care_Giver on 4/4/05

Well, I think you should be more careful with him. Do not argument with him. Be patient. Talk to him, play with him. put mor time for him. you can call him and want him to does him homework with you. don't stand in contrast with him, sit beside him! act the way that you are in his age.
---Sanim on 4/4/05

1) Know whom he is associating himself with and get him out of the public schools .2 Eliminate secular music and monitor even the Christian music he my be listening to. 3 Get rid of all video games. These games are a cesspool and he will gravitate to more and more dark games as he gets older.4 Monitor and watch the type of television he watches. Get rid of your TV if you have the strength .5Do not let him surf the internet or instant massager all his friends.6Get filtered internet that limits the content coming into your house.7 Spend time with your kid. Tell you love him daily.
---Tim on 4/4/05

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