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My Three Year Old Not Walking

My son was born an extreme premie, now he is almost three years and not yet walking. Speechwise he is fine. He refuses to be potty trained. please help me.

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 ---Kobamelo on 4/4/05
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My mother had 8 children. None of us followed the standards on anything.

Treat your son as the unique child he is. Don't follow the time table of any books. Don't punish, make allowances with gentle encouragment.
---jan4378 on 4/11/13

Am so blessed to read this Blog. I have the same problem, my child has the same problem walking while been held, can use her knees to move. The most amazing point, she started to talk at three and has a welcoming character.
---Maria on 4/3/13

I have seen the information that Premies can be two years behind in their development. If that is true then I suggest you look at your child not as a three year old but as a one year old. When you do that the lack of walking doesn't seem such a problem for you. Of course keep on praying. I would suggest go on the intenet and see the info there about Premies. Something which may be helpful is to join a support group for mothers of Premies. God be with you.
---Darlene_1 on 12/8/09

there's nothing to worry about at all. Some babies start walking after 3 years old. Just encourage your child to walk on it's own with a walker of some sort. i have a friend who didn't walk until she was 3-4 years old. now she's grown and there's nothing wrong with her at all.
---ASF on 12/1/09

Hi Arlan, I am nearly deaf and my parents told me when I was little, I could only walk as long as you were holding onto me, or if I was at least holding onto a string but let go of me and down I'd go! Have you had your child's hearing checked? That may not be the problem but it's worth a look if you haven't had it checked, hope this helps and God bless you dear.
---Mary on 11/24/09

I have a daughter who is now 3 years and she also can not walk, if I hold her she can walk but she can not on her own, she can howeer walk with her knes and hands. We can only continue to help her and encourage her.
We should not be disappointed, God is there for her and we should also be there for her.

I do hope you are not disappointed with your son, you have to continue supporting him. I heard someone started walking at the age of 5. So if these kids are late, we can only hope someday they become like other kids, it is hard but we have to be patient.
---Arlan on 11/23/09

Be patient with him. Children develop at different stages. Just keep encouraging him. Don't get frustrated because he's not at where you think he should be. If doctor's aren't worried, you shouldn't be.
---Katie on 1/21/08

Prayers!!! You must pray for him everyday and do not show the sign of pity, rather show him love and do child-play with him, holding him to his feet in the course of play. Watch God do the miracle.
---Obukaroro on 1/15/08

Hi, I am the mother of a 33 year old who was also born very premie (especially for then). He too was "delayed" in physical advancement, but way ahead speech wise. I had him to a number of doctors who kept telling me to be patient with the potty training, and give him physical therapy on the walking. He began walking well at about 3 1/2, and then was potty trained by 4 years of age....a little embarrassing for the parent, but each child is an individual
---Margaret on 5/21/07

My little grandaughter is fixing to turn 5 and she is just now begaing to talk .Sometime things like this happen and we don't know why Prayer and Faith is the answer there is nothing impossable with GOD Let each one that read this about the child Bind together and pray.
that this child will start walking right now
lets get wild in our faith and know with out a doubt That our GOD will Answer Prayer
---Betty on 4/2/06

The heal cords don't grow and he could need an operation to fix them so he can then learn to walk. See a doctor and I am praying for wisdom for him and you.
---Alexandra on 3/17/06

Hi, sometimes we do not know the answers and need to seek help elsewhere. He was a preemie so, chances are he just needs more time, but chances are he needs some help too. Contact a child development or children's hospital near you and have him evaluated. If he needs help, the sooner the better. Physical Therapy or guidance is nothing to be ashamed of, just clear you doubts and get an answer. I will pray for you and you can write me if you like.
---Patty on 4/24/05

Patience, perserverence and prayers.His little muscles need to be exercised and he needs to want to walk.Spring is an exciting time for children to be outside and he will soon see how much more he can see of the beauty if he is walking
---Karen on 4/23/05

Have you tried a baby walker? Even tho he may seem to big for one, use one anyway, he will get tried of just sitting in it and will start to make it go with his feet. Don't worry about potty training him until he can walk. While he is in the walker, hold up something you know he will try to get to. If this does not work after a couple of days, you should get him to a muscle Doctor, or maybe even a foot Doctor. I will be praying for him.
---a_friend on 4/5/05

Do not depair, many children don't walk for three/four years. He will walk but you must help by way of training him and by removing his fears of walking. A little massage to his legs and sunshine exposer may be helpful. Write to me about his progress.
---Chain on 4/4/05

As far as potty training goes, I work with kids at church and we have many 3 and 4 year olds not potty trained. But he really should be walking. What does his doctor say about this? If he thinks it is ok I would get a second opinion. God bless you and your family. love,carol
---CAROL_LOGAN on 4/4/05

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