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Do I Just Make Marriage Happen

I have been praying for God to give me a woman. If he doesn't answer soon, do I just move forward and make it happen?

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 ---ALLEN on 4/4/05
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Yes you have to make it happen, just like you have to earn a living in your life. God does not do that for you. However you use the attributes of the Christ Spirit in determining your choices. You have to make the choices.
---Lionel on 9/21/08

Why are you in such a rush? Have you been married before? How old are you? Anyway, if you have found a good christian woman that you feel you are compatible with, go down(on knees) in prayer with her. Pray and ask the Lord to bless your union and sanctify your love. You will know if it right and correct to move ahead, after you pray. If not, wait awhile. I am sure you will find out what you need to know during prayer. My blessings to you.
---Robyn on 8/1/07

You sound like you might be getting desperate...when you do meet someone, how are you going to know if she is heaven sent or of your own choosing? I don't think God is going to drop her out of the sky to you....but then again he did rain manna from heaven....keep praying and don't settle for less than what God has for you.
---Pardoned_2 on 8/1/07

Many people run ahead of God, and thereby making shipwreck of their lives, and regret it deeply.
---Eloy on 10/27/05

Having read everyone's response, I notice everyone has a piece of the answer. Rather than give advice I'll speak of my own experience with the same thing. For years I prayed, begged, pleaded for God to send me a Proverbs 31:10-31 wife. Nothing happened. Later, much later, I received 'a word': "I have her for you, but are you ready for her?" That opened my eyes. Since then I've been readying myself for her with my 'walk' my 'witness' and my 'worship' When God sees I am 'ready', she'll be ready!
---Anthen on 10/27/05

God helps him who helps himself. He's not going to mail a wife to you, nor would a 'normal' woman want a man who sits on the computer all day. Get out and meet people!
---Delores on 4/28/05

There is an old saying: God does feed the birds, but He does not throw the food into their nests. It is VERY important to pray and submit the overall desire for a wife to God, but then you also need to get OUT THERE and put yourself in Christian situations so that you can meet and greet women.
---Anthony on 4/13/05

it's good that your praying but you don't want to get ahead of God if you remember in the bible Abraham got a head of things and it cause some problems. be patient it will happen in Gods timeing I also am waiting for God to to give me a husband remember in his time.
---alicia on 4/7/05

I would certainly take Lisa's advice, if God had not intended for us to find our own mates, then I don't think he would have given us the rules to go by.
---Pardoned_2 on 4/7/05

You should be looking, more than likely God is not going to have her car break down in front of your house, where she'll have to come use your phone.

However, do wait on God to make sure you don't run out and marry someone that isn't the one. Look at Sarah. If she had waited on God's promise, we wouldn't be dealing with a middle east conflict now. She had to go out and take things into her own hands and cause all kinds of trouble.
---M on 4/6/05

Wait on the Lord 'cos good things come to those who wait. 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding," I am single too, 34 yrs and beleiving God for a husband, knowing it's sure the bible says" two are better than one", "one shall chase a thousand,two 10,000s", even when He created Adam, He looked at him and said "it is not good to be alone... He created a woman out of his ribs, Adam woke up and said this is now the bone of my bone, the flesh of my flesh; so my dear let's be patient and keep the faith believing it's soon.....Ethy
---Ethel on 4/5/05

I know what you are going thru. However, I'm not dwelling on it. I'll tell you something I tell myself, maybe it can help you too. While God is certaining working on me to make me a worthy wife of the Godly man, I bet you he is working on my future husband to make him worthy of me. I would much rather wait for the man God intends, then to walk into something God doesn't have his hand in. Does this help?
---Becky_S on 4/4/05

I know what you are going through. I keep praying for a christian husband. But I have learned just recently that the more I pray for it & dwell on it. The lonlier it makes me feel. It can turn into covetenous. You know where your every waking thought is on what you want instead of on God. So I have learned to yes pray for it, but then leave it alone. That is how I have peace and rest. And in Gods time not yours he will give you the oppurtunity to meet person he has for you. Don't give up on your faith. Put what God wants first & you just may be blessed with the right person for being faithful.
---dawna on 4/4/05

I like what Kathy said about what we need. We need to be the person God is making us to be, for our future spouse. We need to focus on that, while looking for our future mate. We do need to be actively looking.
---laura on 4/4/05

I am wondering how long you have been waiting. I asked for a husband 22 years ago and God has seemed to be silent on the issue. Meanwhile I have submitted to His hand to be my husband, father, friend and provider and He has been using the time to mould me into a woman of character for His use. I would rather be alone with Him than too busy with distractions to pay attention to Him. I know this is tough to hear, but ask Him to search your heart and draw you closer to Him. It is less lonely there.
---Julie on 4/4/05

The problems in many churches is that the men are "waiting for God to give them a wife", whereas the bible says, "HE WHO FINDS A WIFE" obtains favour from the Lord. God gave us eyes, ears, legs and hearts to "find" our partners, with prayer and faith. God is not going to deliver one on a silver platter. I pray that men will get that revelation in Jesus name.
---lisa on 4/4/05

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You do need to be patient, but also, 'you can't win the lottery if you never buy the ticket'. Don't rush into a relationship, but you need to be out ready to meet someone. Don't settle, you know it will be by your own will if she is not a follower of Christ. Pray when you meet someone, so you will know if it is His will.
---Sm on 4/4/05

Dear Blog! I have been praying for a christion partner for 7 years, however every year or so God does give me always the person that I was ready for,..But then I mirriored myself, knew I had to grow in God first for HIM to give me what I needed, opposed to what I thought I needed. Its sometimes frightning to see what it realy is we need. Sometimes so diffrent that we dont even reconize it was God giving it to me, For God to give you what you need, just take a good look at youself,can you live with what you need??
---KATHY on 4/4/05

Glory be to God for this opportuniy givin to us, actually I do pray to God to give me my own wife and my believe is to get marry to white woman. But most white woman I do meet here, they dont like me been a black man. Still not understand reason WHY? God bless you all for this opportunity give to us this days.May the love of christ be with us now and away's.
---kelvinahanor on 4/4/05

I too am looking for a wife, I plea with God to help bring her into my life..But sometimes I get so discouraged because i don't meet anyone and it feels like I'll be alone for what I have left in this world to live. Yet I keep trusting God with all my heart.
---James on 4/4/05

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The Word of God is the greatest counsel! Observe Proverbs 3:5-7. Backpedal to Psalm 37:3-7. There are many other passages that will help to prepare you for the wife that will aid you in venerating Christ. The presence of the Word in your heart will help to illumine your understanding of how your marriage will be, when it bears the marks of the unanimity we see in the Trinity; Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven!
---Toby on 4/4/05

The best advise is to wait for HIS own appointed time. Please read the account of (King Saul in "1 Sam 13:8-14") He lost his kingship because he could not wait for Prophet Samuel.
---Olusegun on 4/4/05

From my experience, I believe that God has to deal with some issues in our lives before he places us with the right mate. The important thing is meeting people and maybe becoming friends. I believe God hears your prayers, but we must excerize a little patience. Don't be anxious for nothing, but continue to thank the Lord for that virtious mate He is sending your way.
---Paulette on 4/4/05

Just because God has not answered does not mean he does not hear your prayers. If you want a God sent women you should wait for GOD'S TIMING not your own. God prepares men and women for thier perfect mate but, when we start saying WE WANT we mess up what God can make beautifull and perfect in his time.
---Marla on 4/4/05

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