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Struggling With Things In My Life

I have been a Christian since age 15. Lately I have been struggling with certain things. I have been questioning God and asking myself if the Christian life is really worth it. What advice do you have?

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 ---Amara on 4/4/05
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ROMANS 8:18, "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time [are] not worthy [to be compared] with the glory which shall be revealed in us." 11 years ago I went through the worst custody battle with my parents over my then 12 year old daughter. I was devastated and suicidal. My precious minister gave me Romans 8:18 to read. Although I DID loose custody, today my daughter and I have THE BEST relationship, which God KNEW would happen in spite of satans devisiveness. Keep on keeping on!
---LisaB on 8/12/07

No life whether chistian's or otherwise is without deeper wants or struggles. A man or woman was born to face struggles, some or lucky to bear less of it. Life without a struggle is fruitless and non-appreciating the pleasres of life when they come. Tell me, if you can, what is the "struggle" you mentioned.
---Chain on 8/12/07

There have been times I wanted to just give up. My walk with God was hard because I made it hard. It is easy to serve the Lord. What is hard is the tribulations we go through with. It is hard to stand still as God tells us to do. But ya know, we have to much too gain to lose. I did not come all this way in my walk with Christ to turn around now. This world has nothing for me. Through hell and high waters, we're gonna make it.
---Rebecca_D on 3/18/07

Yea, I'd say it'd be worth it. Consider the consequences (where do you want to spend eternity). God did not say everything would be easy, but He did promise us grace to help when things got hard. hang in there.
---sue on 3/18/07

The only struggle a Christians should have is to decide if it's worth it to die by the hands of man. Your eternal life depends on it. Your worldly burdon is Christ's burdon. Ifyou give all your struggles to Jesus, he promised to deal with them. Be content in what you have. I know homeless Christians who are very content and happy, I've known rich people who are miserable, they covet the things they possess. Try giving away all what you own and be content. And then what you do gain, give it to the Lord.
---Steveng on 3/18/07

Amara::There is a reason for what you think as inadequate. Gods purpose is always fulfilled If the message you are getting is against your feelings, Then I would suggest a complete reversal. This is the season for revivals as we are asked to turn over a new leaf, a new Beginning during this period of reflection & change called Lent. But you have to make the change I am a catholic & speak as one.
---Emcee on 3/18/07

First ask God to help you to forgive and forgive yourself. Obviously satan is spreading those doubts and you should not allow it. Keep on reading your Bible and keep on Praying. You must be a threat to satan, because he is trying to hinder you. When you have a relationship with Jesus Christ you can ask Him to remove the doubts and for you to see His miracles.
---Junia on 3/18/07

Amara:AskYourself this question "If God does not give up on me Why do I give up on Myself"?am I lazy, weak, negligent.have no faith in Gods ability how do I become the opposite of those attributes how can I achieve those ideals?Striving prayer diligence .See what answere you get& In the process make a concerted effort to improve change brings results.
---Emcee on 3/18/07

I know this is a little late to response, but my prayers are with each of you, death is never a moment we look for in anyone, we lost my 5 year old grandson in a freak bike accident in 03, and it is very hard to deal with even now.mary4964
---mary4964 on 3/17/07

Remember the story of Job! If you are not struggling as a Christian then that's when I would be worried. Satan will use and do alot of things to keep God from being glorified with our lives. "Down but not Defeated", that's my motto.
---Pardoned_2 on 3/7/07

David spoke about his feelings in Psalms where he sees the truth after he comes to God.
---Racheal on 2/27/06

Hon,remember that THIS life is not the end of the story.Eternity is a LONG time,and you want to be in that place with "no more tears or sorrows" and indescribable joys forever.Take it ONE DAY AT A TIME...and remember the rest of us are going thru trials also.I'll sit for a million yrs and talk about it with you one day.OK?Blessings,
---lovable_linda on 4/25/05

Dear Amara,if you give up on the Christian life,you will be like a fish out of water,remember the story of the prodical son?you can walk away from God,but he will draw you back because he loves you.Why put yourself through a lot of misery?what is so bad about being loved by God anyway?take time to think about it.
---RUSSELL on 4/25/05

The Christian life is not only worth it, but is the sustanance of life. We are all dealt a hand of cards at the beginning of life, and some are good, and some are bad...we don't always play them well, however The Good Lord is there when we fail or fall down. He is The One we can rely on when others fail us. Don't question God, rather, question yourself and those around you. Keep God in your life. For that you won't be sorry!
---Kristine on 4/13/05

The Christian life is not only worth it, but is the sustenance of life. We are all dealt a hand of cards at the beginning of life, and some are good, and some are bad...we don't always play them well, however The Good Lord is there when we fail or fall down. He is The One we can rely on when others fail us. Don't question God, rather, question yourself and those around you. Keep God in your life. For that you won't be sorry!
---Kristine on 4/13/05

are you kidding? of course its worth it. satan will try to discourage you and tempt you, but be strong in the Lord's strength, and you will prevail.
---curt on 4/8/05

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God will do things in our life to see how strong of a person we are.Just because you are struggling with things in your life PLEASE don't quit. God, will give you a answer in some way or another.Christian Life is worth it. We need God in time of needs.I have been a christian sence I was 15.Its been worth. God, has answered a many prays in my life.Keep Trusting in the Lord. You will see great things in life. If you like to become freinds. Chat and all. Fill free to email me.
---Lois on 4/8/05

If you think that a Christian life is a shortcut to worldly blessings, then it is not worth it. If you think that being a Christian is to look like Christ and to crucify our daily sinful desires to live a resurrected life in Christ, then your struggle is worth it. Jesus assured us that we were gonna have life long struggles. However, He committed Himself to being with us until the end of the earth. If I am worth dying for, then He is worth living for.
---Seble on 4/8/05

Asking yourself and questioning God are one and the same. God is within you. Where do you think the answer is going to come from? My advice is quit asking and start doing good. Yes, it is worth it.
---gregg on 4/6/05

Sometimes God lets things happen in our life to see how strong our faith is. We all have been through tests by God. Some I have failed, but it only made me stronger and wiser. I am going through a diffcult time now, and if I didn't have Jesus to lean on, I wouldn't have anyone. I have my husband, but he can't love, care for me like Jesus. This is a question only you can answer for yourself. I know that I have too much to gain too lose. If you feel it isn't worth it, then you need to be on your knees, seeking God. Cause my friend it surely is worth it. We have enough hell on this earth.
---Rebecca_D on 4/5/05

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Answer this question, Where would you rather be walking after death, On Steets Of Gold, Or On Hells Flames? God Loves You, He gave His Only Begotten Son for you, He sure thought YOU was worth that. We all struggle everyday with something. YES IT IS WORTH IT.
---a_friend on 4/5/05

Worth it? An eternity with a man who was brutally murdered for me? Yeah, hard times are worth it. Lean on Jesus, He will never forsake you.
---Becky_S on 4/4/05

Think about this, Your life here on earth is only going to last at most about 70-80 years, weigh all that you could possibly do or have in that time span and consider," would it be worth throwing away an eternity with God the Father and Jesus Christ in Heavenly splendor?" I promise you, ALL the wealth of this world would not be enticement enough for me since Jesus Christ has opened my eyes!
---tommy3007 on 4/4/05

Dear heart, indeed it is worth it! We ALL struggle with things, are your "things" of a spiritual nature? More info would help. When you became a Christian, you also got on the devil's 'hit list'. He loves to see us suffer and then we ask God why HE put this on us. God allows some things to happen, but HE is NOT the instigater of the bad things in our lives.

Remember HE never said it would be easy, but only that it would be worth it!
---NV_Barbara on 4/4/05

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Dear Mara
We all have struggles with our Cheristian life! I was converted at the age of sixteen. The older we get the more we seem to struggle. This I put down to the fact that we known more of God and his love. In the natural world we feel more inadequate! Remember that His sacrifice on Calvary covered ALL our sins. Please dont give up! fellowship with God's people and keep reading His word. I know that words come easy and that life is much more difficult, but in over forty years "I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread" Psalm 37 verce 25.
---John on 4/4/05

Dear Mara,

I too have been a Christian most all of my life. In what ways have you been questioning God? Millions upon millions of people over thousands and thousands of years, some staking their lives on this belief, have found His way of life worth it. Remember there is no question too big for God or no place were God is not.
---mary on 4/4/05

Dear mara,
I will tell you that there is no christian without a worldly struggle of some kind. We all have struggles and this is what makes us christians. The devil will always target God's children and we need to fight, not on our own but with christ.So please hold on to what you have and know.God will surely see you out of it all. If you don't mind you can share your struggle with me,I might be able to help .I have also had the worst struggles but am still holding on.God bless you.Eunice.
---Eunice on 4/4/05

Not sure if christian life is worth it? Do you think John Paul II's life was a waste of time? Do you think he didn't have to struggle? Keep questioning God cause he's surely listening to you and if you're humble and quiet enough you'll 'hear' his answer; just don't give up on him cause he won't.
---john on 4/4/05

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You can live for Christ, or live for self. Most will choose self and thereby condemn themselves. But if you choose Christ we receive unspeakable blessings, but make no mistake, it will cost you every thing. Jesus didn't just nail part of himself to the cross, so too all of our selfs will be required of God. But sin is very expensive, and sin will cost you much more then serving God. Good against evil is a bloody war, but the victorious crown will only be given to the committed. If you love him, serve him. Many are our afflictions, but the Lord himself will deliver us out of them all.
---Eloy on 4/4/05

What issues are you struggling with? Also, do you have a Christian friend or Bible Study Group that you could ask to pray for and with you. Is there some temptation that is in your life, that looks appealing to you ? Is it worth your relationship with your Lord? I will be praying for your Bible and Know that God does love you all the time.shira
---shira on 4/4/05

Beloved, Amara, there is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death! An easy way to determine the value of committing your life to Christ is to imagine how you might fare if you are totally separated from God for all eternity. Before you throw in the towel, please analyze Luke 16:19-31, pondering each aspect without placing a time limit on your study. I wish there was some way you and I could really correspond with each other on this subject. I'll most certainly be praying with you, that you may grasp God's purpose for your life!
---Toby on 4/4/05

Why does everything Christian have to be seen as a "struggle", seen as "down in the dumps". Where ever we find ourselves is where we need to be to learn the lessons to reaching the next level.Lets meet those challenges with the confidence that we can access the Christ Spirit within each of us, which is a creative Spirit that brings us to higher awareness in all things. A child in kindergarden in not an idiot compared to a Research Scientist. The Scientist was also in kindergarden at one time. How about the slogan "Up and at 'em Each and Every Day"
---Lionel on 4/4/05

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