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Christians Play Secular Music

I am still new in the lord and i am comfused and I need help in this issue; should Christians play secular music?

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 ---olert on 4/4/05
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The only christians who are allowed to play secular music are:
1: Those who live in secular houses
2: Those who drive secular cars
3: Those who have secular jobs
4: Those who wear secular clothes
5: Those who use secular money
6: Those who use secular computers
7: Those who eat secular food
---francis on 7/15/11

you have the right to choose. the problem with christianity is it is becoming like the BORG in star trek. when you start making your own decision you are assimilated & resistance is futile. the ability & right to choose is being stifled to someone else's interpretation.
luke 13 christ healed on the sabbath but the pastor came out & criticizing 'it is sin to heal on the sabbath, it is a sin to heal on the sabbath.'
---mike on 7/15/11

Music is beyond the lyrics, the tune, the harmony etc. music is all about the spirit behind it, the motivation behind it. As we all know, there are only two main spirits in the universe bad, which is the devil's, and good which is God's.

You only have the good spirit, when you allow Christ to take over your life, i.e. you are born again, or else you have the other spirit, which is the devil's.

What am trying to say is, look at the artist's life, if they is born again, listen to their music, if not throw it out. if you cant tell whether or not they are born again (i.e. they are lukewarm) throw it out.
---Otieno_Robert on 7/15/11

Before there were and history books, man kept his history in folk song. You may call them secular, but they recorded history.

Example: 1 Samuel 29:5 [Is] not this David, of whom they sang one to another in dances, saying, Saul slew his thousands, and David his ten thousands?

This is a very secular song, it does not glorify God, it does record history and speak to the heroics of man.

So yes, some secular song are very acceptable, if they do not dishonour God.
especially if they record history, and show one man's love to his woman.
---francis on 6/3/10

You are new in the Lord, really? Why don't you listen to Him? He lives in you. If He doesn't, then you are not saved. I see nothing wrong with listening to secular music if the words are clean. Too much of Satan in the world. Come on Jesus.
---catherine on 5/31/10

i believe its imposible to stay in both waters. you have to be totally surrended to JESUS. your live have to be all to HIM. i listen music about love but i examine the lyrics first because there are alotof songs that talk about a false love(Sex and Idolatry included in love is garbage).JESUS AND HIS TEACHINGS are my guidance and the lyrics i listen must help me to get my goal.

God bless u and Guide u to the rigth way.
---Juan_Carlos on 5/31/10

I believe that most of you guys are wrong. Through my experience, "Christian music" is very unoriginal and shows no artistic advancement. I think that worship music is good for times of worship, but most Christian musicians are writting very unoriginal material.
---Brian on 1/25/10

Music cannot be sacred or secular of itself. It is either uplifting or depressing. The Psalms were popular tunes that David put spiritually oriented words to. Much like the US's National Anthem is an old English drinking tune, with thousands of other lyrics put to it. "Christian" music now encompasses almost every genre that "non"christian music covers. It is a business of major proportions. Paul McCartney has written a "mass" does that make up for some of the eastern philosophy oriented songs of the Beatles? If music uplifts your soul, it is beneficial, if not that you have to decide.
---dan on 1/20/10

When you are a Christian your tastes will be towards Christ and not secular. Music that is performed and sang glorifying Jesus is the very best music, and worldy music is only rhytym and tempo and harmony and about subjects not glorifying Jesus. "I will inhabit the praises of my people"- this you won't find in secular music.
---Eloy on 1/20/10

Mima: We thank God for the experience and we thank the people God is using to sustain this Website on which we can share. Thank you.
---Adetunji on 1/20/10

Totally depends on the lyrics.

Some are good some are horrible.

Use good judgement.

Some "secular" musicians are Christians. Kansas is a rock group that has some good songs and some members of Kansas are Christians who went on to record Christian albums.

I don't see a lot of harm in listening to stuff like James Taylor. Some songs are just about the good things in life if not about God.
---obewan on 1/19/10

---Adetunji your statement about secular music was very impressive! Already leaning in the direction that your statement takes your statement truly was a lesson for me.
---mima on 1/19/10

I enjoy music a lot. Before i surrendered my life to Jesus, i had a good pack of those that pleases me. Immediately i gave my life to Christ, I did not know there was something bad in secular music. But a little while after, this secular music & lyrics started coming to my mind when I want to pray or just after starting to pray such that I cannot concentrate on talking with God. Then i realised that secular music is not of God & its owner was using them to hinder my closeness to the Lord. I packed all of them CD, Cassettes, vinyl recorded-disc & burnt them. After that, no secular music/lyrics appears in my mind/heart any longer while praying.
---Adetunji on 1/19/10

I am a Christian and I listen to a lot of secular music. I like music from Green Day to Pink Floyd and Metallica. When I told my minister at my previous church that, he practically jumped out of his skin. But many of the people who responded are right, be careful of some of the music's lyrics. They can poison your mind.

Before speaking maliciously about a song, I read up on what the composer had in mind when he/she wrote it. What message are they conveying? Many of them are making either a political or social statement. Green Day's American Idiot, for example, depicts life for a young man in a post 9/11 world and how the media and government are causing "a new kind of tension all across the 'alien nation.'"
---Lewis on 1/18/10

It depends on what kind of secular music it is. There is some music out there that talks about doing all sorts of horrific things which are clearly not of God. But then there are some secular songs that describe a love like the way I feel about my wife. I think these songs are okay because loving and feeling that way about your spouse is glorifying to God. There are a lot of songs on the Christian stations that I do not feel glorify God. Many of them don't even mention God and only talk about feeling good and some of the beats and tunes even make me sick to listen to. That's just an opinion though. I don't think theres anything wrong with playing an old Rod Stewart or Savage Garden song for your wife once in a while.
---Jed on 1/17/10

If you love the lord then why would you want to listen to the very things that he despises and the very thing that contradicts his word in every way. Love the lord and to do his will means to do his pleasure the greek def. for will is pleasure or desire, so we are here to pleasure him and to bring him glory so the answer is obvious lol i love you family of GOD keep in the lord and study his word, may his rich mercy and love be with you foreve, amen
---Manuel on 1/16/10

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I do sometimes. Especially, when I work out. Watch language content.
---Catherine on 12/18/09

Music ministry is my profession I have heard this question a lot. When I went to a Christian College to get my degree it became a common topic in our classes. It's perfectly find to listen to whatever you want to listen to. It's what you do with that music that decides if it's sinful or not. You can listen to a song & enjoy the music but not even know what they are saying in the lyrics. If the music you are listening to effects your life so much that it causes you to sin then I suggest to not listen to that cd or song anymore.
---Julie on 12/17/09

After re-dedicating myself to God I felt led by Him to toss all of my secular cd's. I didn't obey right away since I had thousands of dollars worth of music. It was tough at first but I started off with the worse ones (like rap/hip hop) and it got easier from there. Now, If I try to listen to secular music I feel so uncomfortable! It just doesn't work. In short, our God will guide us and tell us what's right. The others helped...especially when they asked if I would listen to those songs while hanging out with Jesus. It really makes you think.
---Jay on 6/16/09

Hey i have had the same problem when i first got saved, i have to say go with your spirit, just because it says its christian doesnt mean it is, and jsut because it says it isnt doesnt means its all out demonic, but i have to say that if you get into Gospel and music that appreciates God, you will have a much better walk, so if your serious about it, dont stop cold turkey, just keep mixing and adding more christian into it, and eventually you will look back and when you listen to most songs that arent christian, there practically meaningless, that said, you can still rock out, or rap out to God, just keep it approprite
---mike on 6/1/09

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Here are some questions to ask yourself. Can I picture Jesus listening to this and enjoy it? Does this music usher in the presence of God and promotes a deeper relationship to Him? Does this music shows that I am separated from the world? What majority of people enjoy this music, Christians or Sinners? Can I picture Jesus doing what the artists is doing on the video?

We must understand that music carries the spirit of the individual and if they're not saved then they don't have the spirit of God. Back in the days when a man wanted to get a woman in the mood to fornicate, he would put on some Luther Vandross and usually got the result he wanted.
---richa4946 on 2/9/09

Secular music is ok...
i can say that we could reach out to the culture, or even the market place through secular song that sends out messages of love, peace, hope, on....Remember God created music and songs that also touches our soul, even hard metal...if you only listen to christian or gospel songs, you are being too religious....thing of it this of your friend have lost someone dear, you could use secular songs of love and strength to comfort him...this is what God want us to do, TO REACH OUT to the don't throw away all your secular music thinking that is is WORLD and is demonic, if you think this way...YOU are the one who is demonic.
---Eric on 2/8/09

I think it is different for every Christian. My Mom listened to all types of music and was able to stay in the word and church as always. Personally myself I feel that I should stay away from it and listen only to Gospel music. so, what ever yo feel God is leading yo to do that is what you do.
---Troy on 1/18/09

when i first got saved i discarded all my secular music,because i felt like the lord wanted me to distance myself from the lifestyle i was leading that was connected to that music.The lord said that old things past away and behold all things are new and i didn't want any connection to the old,since i was a new creation in Christ.also in the Word you will find the answers to your question.Christ said to fix your heart on things above and not on things of this earth.and that if we sow to the flesh of the flesh we reap corruption,but if we sow to the Spirit of the Spirit we reap eternal not be condemned for what you hear but in all things seek the spirit and the word for direction.
---john on 1/11/09

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Folk music is nice and so is some jazz but the heavy metal,heavy rock and pop music I would avoid.Classical music is nice,too. Especially the instrumentals.Of course gospel and all christian music would be the best choices.It depends on how the music makes you feel,overall. I also ask myself,would Jesus approve of this type music I am listening to. That helps clear things up.
---Robyn on 3/26/08

that is a good question but what some people condidered secular. if you listen to it in reference to jesus and living in his ways and not in the social purpose of the song you find plenty of pop and r & b to listen to. reggae also.
---miya on 3/26/08

Dear confused. Sorry I forgot your name. I would not worry too much about classical music, or folk music, but as for pop music....that is where social engineering comes along. Contemporary music seems to me to be very very bad, although some harmless stuff is available if you try it out before buying it.
---frances008 on 3/25/08

Here's my challenge to myself and to the Body of Christ. Would Jesus actually listen to secular music? Or would He watch movies that include cussing, violence and Sex? Or movies that don't edify self or bring glory to the Father in Heaven? If not then you and I have no business listening to that. And we have no business watching that. It's either you are going to chose to be cold,lukewarm, or hot. Chose 1.
---Matipa_Lukanga on 3/24/08

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How does the music make you feel? Does it encourage you or make you think about things you believe to be good? Then it's probably a good thing.

Does it anger or depress you, or make you think about things you know are bad? Then it'sprobably a bad thing.

As with all things, one must use discernment.
---StrongAxe on 11/15/07

Secular music is fine. Just stay away from songs where every other word rhymes with 'duck'.

Or, in other words, love songs are okay for a Christian, lust songs are not.
---Nancy on 11/14/07

It really depends on your maturity, because some of the themes of secular music can suck in an immature believer. Although it is not a sin to listen to music in any shape or form, we should be careful of what reactions certain music or lyrics can create. Again, it all boils down to maturity.
---Adam on 11/14/07

My advice would be to find your own personal relationship with God and let him decide what he wants for your life.
After you accept God, let him mold you and make you what he wants you to be. Keep your eyes off of others and keeep them only on God. God had to clean up alot on the inside of me before he started on the outside.
---Pardoned_2 on 11/14/07

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Coming from the rave scean I think there is an slight effect secular music can have on your mind. I find if I have been listening to too much music that is unhealthy it can effect your peace of mind. As long as you put Jesus first in your life and he is at the centre that is the main thing - but you may find when you have reached that place music is only at its best when you are praising him.
---vicky on 2/1/07

J. S. Bach, a devout Lutheran, wrote secular music (as it existed in his day) and the most glorious, insiring church music of all time. So did Handel, so did Brahms. At one time, one and the same piece of music had Latin words for church, French words for a love song, and was sped up for dancing.

Being Christian does NOT mean we renounce secular leasures--just be discriminating in our use of them.
---Jack on 5/31/05

I have collected music since I was a teenager I still listen to it,however there are some songs I don't sing along with anymore because they have lyrics that are contrary to scripture.Some of what is called music today is just filth and a christian has no business listening to it,The easy test is :if you were hangin' out with the Lord Jesus would you be listening to it?
---RUSSELL on 4/25/05

sue im been a christian for over 40 years, and i sure hope its ok to listern or play on an instermant any sort of music,otherwise im in trouble.I have a friend who used to be in charge of a very big sunday school. one thing he loved to do was to take the tune of hits of the day and put christian words to it, the kids loved them and you can bet if that song was populer for some time,they would be singing both songs.
---mary on 4/16/05

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I love music though, but if God by the Help of the Holy Spirit in us giving us wisdom and discerment about some music we listen to. secular music consist of self centeredness rather than glorifying our savior Jesus christ . God will give us wisdom to whom we listen to .
---ayo on 4/16/05

I don't think that it's bad or sinful. I like to listen to Iron Maiden and Afi and bands of that genre. As long as you hold the love of our lord jesus christ who died on the cross for our sins close to your heart, listen to what you want to. After all, does not the bible say: 'everyone on earth worships you; they sing praises to you'.
---Peitr on 4/13/05

Are you people talking about "music" or "lyrics"? I find some of the classical music very inspiring in fact more inspiring than some of the hymns we sing in church.

If the lyrics are mundane, than I choose not to listen to them. Sue, don't feel bad if you don't like some of the Christian Rock - I don't like some of it neither, nothing wrong with that.

Try to listen to some of Tchaikowsky's, Beethoven or the group "Sweet People" music and it will melt your heart.
---Albert on 4/11/05

Sue: I agree with Alan. You are not sinning. Things like musical preference are led by the Holy Spirit, not the well meaning Christians. Pray and ask God to reveal to you what music you are to listen to and what not to listen to. Then, if you hear a song that has lyrics that make you uncomfortable because of your love for God, stop listening to that artist. Stay in the Word, and prayer. God will bless you for honoring him.
---Madison on 4/10/05

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Sue ... bless you, but you are not sinning.

I do not like modern repetitive worship songs ... that does not make me a sinner.

Nor does the fact that I just love the secular and sacred music of the devout Roman Catholic, Anton Bruckner.

Nor does my appreciation of the music of the homosexuals Tchaikovsky, Britten, Tippett & Bernstein
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/10/05

Jeremy; It may interest you to know that "away in a manger" and "the old rugged cross" are also "anapestic"....a beat measurement ..(2 soft 1 hard.)
---1st_cliff on 4/9/05

Please, could everybody say a little prayer for me? I love 'secular' music. I love all kinds of music. I tried and tried to listen to Christian rock, but I dont like it. And by reading this, I am sinning here. So I am praying to change my taste in music. thanks
---sue on 4/9/05

It is according to what kind of secular music your talking about.I like to listen to the oldies from the 60's & 70's. and country till a few yrs ago.I still like to listen to old country.But I also love to listen to good southern gospel music I don't like what they call praise and worship or christian rock and you can still be cool and listen to country.lolRobin
---Robin on 4/8/05

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We are not our own for we are bought with a price. those things which are harmful to our bodies are forbidden us. most rock music has an anapestic beat. The easiest example is probably that song "We Will Rock You" that is played at hockey games. It has a pattern of weak, weak, strong beat. This beat is in contrast to the beat of the heart: strong, weak, weak. To get an idea of the result, beat out a heartbeat on a table and listen to that song. You will find it difficult to hold the beat. Even so the anapestic beat influences the body's natural rhythm and weakens your body
---Jeremy on 4/7/05

If you stop listening to any type of music because you aren`t "suppose to" what have you have put chains on yourself.....instead ,i suggest ,spend alot of time in prayer and reading of the Word(ie. getting closer to GOD)and then follow your desires ,and be free in CHRIST and not bound to religion.
Put GOD first in your life(i said FIRST)and your desires will change to line up with what HE desires.....LOVE JESUS
---co_ach on 4/7/05

Bethie, I like Country and Western but I can't listen to it for too long - just a few songs a month.

I'm very fond of beautiful classic music but when in the right mood, I put on some rock 'n roll and other pop songs.
---Albert on 4/7/05

NYB:Balance has always been my "watchword"in ALL fascets of life agape John Philips Sousa wrote many stirring "marches" A parade with military bands(especially bagpipes) gives me "goose bumps" big time!
---cliff on 4/6/05

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Oh Albert no not country seem way to cool for country.
---bethie on 4/6/05

Hmmm, I wonder when David played his harp for Saul if he played "secular" music or only that which would be used in temple worship (assuming there was any used). It seems to me that he would have spent time composing and playing his own music and probably playing tunes he had learned from friends etc.
---Bruce on 4/6/05

Secular music? That is confusing.I will make music to the Lord, the God of Israel. You can beat on drums, shake tambourines, play flutes, harps, lyres, stringed instruments, symbols, and sing. Nature makes music in its adoration. What else?
---gkroo on 4/6/05

You cannot avoid the world. You have to live in it. Ask for the Holy Spirit's guidance. I listen to music with my teenagers, but when we hear lyrics that are not appropiate, we automatically turn the radio dial, T.V., ect... You will know where to draw the line.
---Cathy_Y on 4/6/05

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I listen to Christian music, classic, opera, pop, rock, country and anything in between except heavy metal.

Nothing wrong with listening to secular music in fact, I compose secular and Christian music.
---Albert on 4/6/05

I went for over 10 years with no secular music, TV or movies. I've grown in my Christian walk and think I have enough discernment to know bad from good. I listen to secular music sometimes, if its soothing or a happy tune. I love the classics that I was raised on, my mother was a serious musician. I also love the old standard hymns, and some of the lively praise and worship music. BALANCE.
---NV_Barbara on 4/6/05

Eloy; I bet you sing Christmas carols that contain outright lies like "Jesus Christ our saviour was born on Christmas day"(Tidings of comfort and joy) Does that shake your faith?does that glorify God? or do you just like the music?
---cliff on 4/6/05

Cliff, a little leaven will eventually leaven the whole lump. It is not pleasing to our Father when he sees us engaged in any other vanities rather then being about his business. All things, including the gift of music, was created only for God's glory. So if it's not glorify him, then i wouldn't appreciate it either. When your heart and mind are stayed on Christ you are most balanced. i choose to have God's Holy Spirit embrace me 24/7, rather then become lost in any secular spirit which has no real power.
---Eloy on 4/5/05

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As with anything you think, do or say, be sure that it is glorifying to God.
---Michelucci on 4/5/05

Wayne. Eloy. Where's your "balance?" when you're tipped to one side you will just travel in circles!
---cliff on 4/5/05

I think it is not bad listening secular music as long as it is good and its nice to hear.
---edith_erno on 4/5/05

Cliff i don't agree with you on the whitney houston one(too high for me to sing along with), but unchained melody and what a wonderful world, oh my i love those songs. I think it's the same as tv and movies use good judgement.
---bethie on 4/5/05

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Alan, Than it must influence you in some way. Just music with no words can have a effect. But I feel Bach is better. Music is a medium for an artist to exspesss themselves. It puts out whatever the artist is living. I would just be careful of you I listen to.
---Wayne on 4/5/05

Wayne why must we only listen to music that influences us?

I enjoy listening to (say) a Beethoven symphony. Why should I not do so?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/5/05

God gave you freedom of will, why not use it to "redeem the time", and play Spiritual Christian music which glorifies God and will minister to you. God himself inhabits the praises of his people, Christian music, but not worldly music. The friend of the world is the enemy of God. Jesus never said meditate on Socrates, or listen to Rock and Roll or Bach. He said come out of the world, and be you all separate from it, and be not partakers of it's plagues.
---Eloy on 4/5/05

50 years of playing all kinds of music has given me an opinion. To reach the Christian listener's ears we must stay current with musical trends(In the world not OF the world)We take what is happening in order that we may be better servants for Christ in reaching the ears, minds, and hopefully hearts of listeners. Music is powerful tool for evangelism in all age groups. Take ideas and thoughts, inspiration from all sources and devote it to God's work. In Christ's Love, Preacher.
---TerrylPreacher on 4/4/05

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Sorry, The secular world has nothing we should want. No matter what flavor you like, the CCM world has it.
You should only lisen to music that influences you. If secular music doesn't influence, than why do you waste your time with it.
---Wayne on 4/4/05

Here's a real simple answer. As you grow in the Lord, your tastes in music (and TV) will change. The Holy Spirit puts it in your heart. You have to watch what you let in your head. Satan lurks around every corner. I know I kindof rambled on but I hope this makes sense.
---Rebecca_S on 4/4/05

Shira5965; I guess it depends on your definition of secular music, but if you think "wonderful world"(louis armstrong) "I will always love you"(whitney houston) and "Unchained melody" are garbage, then you are not balanced and will fall off your tightrope!
---cliff on 4/4/05

I listen to secular music and would never tell anyone they shouldn't listen to it. As I have grown in the Lord, I have become selective about the artists and radio stations I listen to. No foul language, or sex talk, or negative stuff. I also listen to classical music and opera, and broadway show tunes.
---Madison on 4/4/05

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Hey I guess it depends on what you are listening to. The lyrics on a lot of secular songs are very explicit. Whatever type of music you prefer you can find the same genre in Christian music with lyrics that glorify God.
---bethie on 4/4/05

Please let the secular music go and don't listen to it. God will be able to mold you much quicker than if you still dabble in the world. Turn your eyes toward Jesus and keep them there. The time will come when you won't even want to listen to that garbage.
---shira_5965 on 4/4/05

This is a question you should decide for yourself with the help of the Holy Spirit. You should ask your self will God be glorified in this? After all, that's what we were made for and why God redeemed us from our fallen state.
---tommy3007 on 4/4/05

Why should we not listen to secular music? We eat food prepared in secular factories, or from secular farms. We watch secular plays ... Shakespeare etc.

I listen to a lot of classical music, written by all sorts of people.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/4/05

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I have one suggestion to make and that is keep your mind open enough to what Christian music is to really enjoy your music. Some popular and Country and Western Singers music has a Christian theme. In Japan where the country is only 1% Christian I used certain singers from my country to teach a point in Bible class with their music because I knew they meant it Christain. God bless you in your music search.
---Audrey on 4/4/05

If you are a new Christian, then you need to learn "balance" There are no "rules' only Christian princlples. Just because some music is secular doesn't mean it's bad. If you feel it's inapropriate then dont play it!
---cliff on 4/4/05

I was saved for a few years before I started to listen to secular music again. I found that some of the lyrics were far worse than I had thought when I was in my 20's. But I still listen to old country and some classic rock. If I feel a conviction in my spirit then I turn it off or turn it to K-Love.
---Barri on 4/4/05

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