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Mother And I are Yelling

Lately my mother and I have been having some problems. She keeps on yelling at me, and starts saying that I'm not a Christian and that I yell back at her alot. She doesn't understand how its hard for me right now cause of school, my father. Really need advice on dealing with her and just life in mainly.

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 ---Cecilia on 4/4/05
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You won't get any sympathy from me, that's your mother...give her the respect and honor that God commands you to give. God doesn't command you to honor if she is a good were given a command, and if you want to Honor God, then you honor her. Thank God for her!!!!!
---Pardoned_2 on 1/13/08

There is some good & bad advice : Barbara has IMHO the best may be she is having problems hearing this is going to take effort you use the word "lately" could you pin point what followed that word or even before this is a lesson in self control bite your tongue sit her down when she is quiet & have a heart to heart love conquers all she is your Mom.Reply if you accept what I say expound on me.
---Emcee on 3/21/07

I think your being a christian doesn't have anything to do with the problem. Perhaps you should both try to remember you won't have each other for ever and there'll be a time when one of you will miss the other; then perhaps you'll stop to think, both.
---john on 3/21/07

Ask your family doctor to arrange a hearing test for your mom. Sometimes, the hearing is really going and the person is not aware they are speaking louder than they need too. It is very confusing for a hearing person to lose their hearing. Deaf and hard of hearing people can have a very long conversation with just finger talk, or lip reading or just a low whisper.

Whisper back instead of yelling!!!! It surprises the listener.

Scripture verses - A gentle answer turns away wrath(anger)

Surprise! You could try going to church!! God helps lots of people with school.
---Barbara on 4/22/05

Whatever happens in life, it is just your parents who are going to help you without conditions. I am telling you this now as I am 34 and not so long time ago I was in the same place, we were yelling to each other and we never listened to each other. Think about the fect that we never know how long can we be together. Don't spend your life yelling. Spend it in a way that you won't regret. As a mother now I can see that there is the age difference too that causes yelling and disagreament. If you pray, God will answer and strengten you.
---Adel on 4/5/05

This is a little hard to come up with the perfect answer, but I can tell you what my kids do when we don't agree on things. First I talk, and they listen, then they talk and I listen. When your Mother is talking to you listen to her, then ask her if she will listen to you. If you are wanting to do something or not do something she is yelling about, accept what she decides. She is the parent. Also, I wanted to ask you when this started, Is your Mother under a lot of stress?
---a_friend on 4/5/05

I know it is hard, but you have to let the negative things that she says to you roll off your back, and not effect the way you respond to her. She is your mom, and while it may not seem fair, respecting her and showing her love is the right thing to do. It will be so hard to do because Satan wants you to fight with her. Show her respect. Speak civilly. Remember how Jesus responded to his accusers. You will reap such a reward when you are on your own, and able to deal with bosses and teachers who are unfair, by not responding to them in anger.
---Madison on 4/4/05

Hi, you don't give your age..but I'm guessing your in your teens. Sometimes parents have a lot of problems also and they feel that your problems aren't that bad. But I know to you they are very bad! Sometimes just talking to someone else help. Have you tried to talk to a counselor at school, or someone at your church? If you would like to email me and give me some idea of what is going on I would be glad to listen to you and give you the best advice I can. I have raised 3 children and know how hard it can be. Everything is much harder now than ever before. God Bless, Barbara
---Barbara on 4/4/05

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