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Read The Purpose Driven Life

Has anyone here read the Purpose Driven Life? What did you think of it?

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 ---bethie on 4/4/05
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I read the book a couple of years back and make several notes in the margins. Like any book, it has some good points & some that are disputeable. We must realize first of all what the convictions of Rick Warren are. He is a Baptist and holds many beliefs not found within other denominations.
---Lee on 1/23/08

I am suspicious of any new book that gets onto the best seller lists. The Bible is the only one that counts. I doubt that I will read Purpose Driven Life. If it takes time away from Bible study it is not good.
---frances on 1/23/08

Ecclesiastes 12:13 says let us hear the conclusion of a matter: Fear God and keep his commandments.
My purpose in life is to fear God, try to keep his commandments as best I can, repent and trust him when I fail and rely on the blood of Jesus to make me pure.
I don't need a great earthly vision, or purpose. My purpose is to love, trust and praise God through Jesus by the Spirit.
My purpose: Make it to heaven.
---Frank on 1/23/08

I read this book almost a year ago and it has changed my Spiritual life. I've been a Christian all my life, but this book opened my eyes as nothing else had. I was going through some tough times and I happened to run across this book. I read it and studied it along side with my Bible and it helped me very much. I recomend it to everyone I know.
---Ghost on 1/23/08

My church has just started reading it during Sunday school, so far I like it. My Mom studied it last year and loved it, she said that the people in her church that read it are the ones that continue to come to church. She said it was very worth while.
---andrea on 1/23/08

I read the book also have the devotional. It was Bibical truths, I loved every day of it, an it was a great blessing to me, I would recommend anyone that loves to read books that help you grow in the Lord to get this book.
---geraldi;ne on 5/13/07

I haven't read it and I doubt that I will. The title is a dead give-away that something is not right with it.
---Helen_5378 on 12/26/06

Here's another, NVBarb.
---R.A. on 12/26/06

Funny, I have never read it. My dad (the books illustrator) has cases of this book so I have free copies at my disposal, but still havent read it. I guess I am not one to read books like that, I prefer to spend time directly in the Word. I did hear the author on the radio once and, for that particular broadcast, I didnt hear anything that contradicted scripture.
---tofurabby on 8/22/06

rick warren is a false teacher. said we're not to fear God. DO WHAT! his books slyly twist scripture for a purpose. stay away from this man. p.s. him and robert schuller are big buddies so this should be a red flag
---r.w. on 8/21/06

I read The Purpose Driven Life twice and loved it! What I especially liked about it was its easy readability and not talking about scriptural beliefs in abstract terms, but applying them to everyday life.
---nancy7755 on 6/7/05

I am currently reading the book and find that like other books, it has its strengths and weaknesses. One great weakness is Warren's chapter on supporting the local church. He admits it is hard to do and I find his arguments faulty as he does not take into account as to what can happen if the pastor or leaders are a part of a clique.
Cliques are often the death of any church and a great hinderance for anyone seeking a ministry within the church. Good sense would tell one to look for another church where ones gifts can be utilized.
---lee1538 on 5/3/05

Pek the extreme Predestination doctrine says that God has chosen who He will save, and that I too find distateful, and denies a loving God.

But more commonly Predestination means that we have freewill to decide, but God who is not bound by our time dimension, but who IS both in Past Present and Future, knows how we will decide.

I find it very difficult to understand, and try not to think too much about it!
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/10/05

Yvonne meant well for Pek who is doing it.However predestination with belief of no freewill gives none with personal choice. Every move is carved out by God. So if Rick Warren is that then no point to read his book.
---Pek on 4/9/05

Most people spend their life wondering "what will make me happy"? Real happiness and purpose is in knowing that we were created for the purpose of serving God. Want a life that is sucessful? Love God and people. Life is not about us. It is all about "Him". Purpose Driven Life was life changing for me.
---Ann_G on 4/8/05

The PDL should be read by everyone. This book can only help a person in their walk with God. I'm reading it now, it's opened my eyes to so much about living a godly life. Do something good for yourself, read the book.
---Judith on 4/7/05

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I would say PDL is the essence of the whole Bible. It is all about God, revealed to us through Rick Warren in simple everyday English. I would like to advise Pek and everyone who haven't read it to pls do it in a spirit of really wanting to know what God wants to say to you through this extraordinary book that changed lives all over the world.
---yvonne on 4/6/05

I read a bit and was disagreeable to the remark that God alreay knows about anyone even before he was conceived. I just wonder whether Rick is a follower of predestination philosophy.
---Pek on 4/6/05

My church did a study on it and we had Rick Warren's video and then would break up into small groups to discuss the chapters we read each week. It was great and we all grew closer to God.
---Louann_Brock on 4/5/05

I got the book PDL because of news coverage of Ashley Smith held hostage by Brian Nichols. God is revealing Himself in new ways I never knew. Being a preachers kid I've heard it all. But this book is WONDERFUL, new, refreshing and most of all, relevant to the fine details of your everyday life. Highly recommended. God bless
---Kimber on 4/5/05

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Yes, and I thought it was wonderful. There is also a daily devotional on the Purpose Driven Life website. I read it first thing in the mornings before I start my Bible reading.
---Myrna on 4/5/05

Yes, I've read it. A friend gave me the book. It came at just the right time.I enjoyed it and it was a great blessing to me.
---Rita on 4/5/05

What a blessing it is. I am currently working through it. Involves much soul searching, and honesty. I find that this is something I have hidden from.
Recommended *****
---Margaret on 4/4/05

Yes, I finished the book 2 wks. ago & plan to reread it at my on speed, not the one chapter per day as recommended. I also plan to hi-light the parts which speak to me (as many did), then pass it on to members of my young adult Sunday School class. It answered some questions for me & reaffirmed many conclusions I had come to. It is a worthwhile read & I believe it would be helpful to anyone. If you decide to read it, may God guide you & bless the reading! Anna
---Anna on 4/4/05

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I have this book! I guess I should read it. Thanks!
---Rebecca on 4/4/05

Read it. Recommend it. Blessed by it.
---Madison on 4/4/05

Oh, YES! Such a wonderful study. I was part of church outreach. Had group in my home. Two teens, college & career, housewife, older as myself. So many were touched and discovered the reason they were born, their purpose.....Variety, interaction, interest, all based on the bible and applicable to our present place in growth.
As moderator, I was thrilled to read during the week, prepare and share once a week. We all grew in different ways; but there was growth. Eliza
---Elizabeth on 4/4/05

The Purpose driven life is a great book. I recommend it to everyone. It speaks to every area of your life and has inspired me to wake up every morning with a purpose despite the trials I go through. Specific areas like "Protecting your Church" really spoke to me. After I moved to a new area away from home, I'se having problems adjusting to the new church I joined & this chapter spoke to me, saying to be realistic in my expectations that "we must passionately love the church in spite of its imperfections.Longing for the ideal while criticizing the real is evidence of maturity".
---Mimi on 4/4/05

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Yes, here in Manila, our church Word for the World has a PDL campaign that had facilitators to lead the study of the book complete with Pastor Warrens video. Praise God there were so many souls that were won.
---Emma on 4/4/05

I have read the book. It was food for thought, a word for growth and inspirational. Most of all is was referenced with the word (Bible). I highly recommend this book to read.
---John on 4/4/05

The only thing that I have to say about the book is that it helped me out in my walk with God. It gave me the understanding that God do have a purpose for me and it show me what my purpose was.each day that I was reading the book it got better and better,so I do encourge all to read it,God bless you in your walk with him. Have a relationship with God he will be there for you..
---Chris on 4/4/05

I love it. It taught me some things I didn't know was in the bible. It made me study more and get closer to God. I highly recommend it to anyone.
---Rebecca_D on 4/4/05

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I did a self-Bible Study on this book. The most marvelous indepth study I've ever attempted to do.. Being a Christian for many, many years, I have had a lot of Biblical studies, etc. But, this book affected me in ways I never dreamed possible. It made me see ME for what I was really born Praise God and apply HIS teachings to my life. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to really get to KNOW herself, or himself...
---Frances on 4/4/05

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