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My Mother Is In a Cult

How can I get my mother to call me? She is a member of a sect that preaches seperation from family members who do not belong to the same religion. I left home thirty six years ago and mother never called me.

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 ---Margarette on 4/4/05
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My mother is not part of a cult or sect, but she has this belief that she is the mother and the kids should call her. The only time she calls me is if she needs my children's phone numbers or address, or she is coming to town and wants to stay with me. I have mom on my speed dial and call her three times a week, without fail.
---Madison on 1/19/08

I am very familiar with this cult.My husband & I were members for many years. We have a son who must treat us as literally dead.We had a support group for these people.MUST use their literature, books, etc. to show your mother the truth about their false prophecies. There is no other way but prayer and what we do to bring people out. Their own literature exposes them.I know how difficult it is. I brought my husband out but it took a lot of prayer and diligence and patience and love.
---Carrie on 1/16/07

The prayer of the righteous avails much Margarette. Ask God to give you insite - so that your prayers can be specific - as perfect arrows aimed expertly toward their target. When saddness comes to you over this, acknowledge your emotions but then put on praise and thanksgiving. Ask Him how you can glorify Him through this... and joy will come. Then ask Him for that peace that passes all understanding. His grace is sufficient for you.
---daphn8897 on 1/16/07

Dear Virginia, Yes, Diane is right. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/16/07

Mary, it IS difficult. My daughter is the minister of a church that does not believe Jesus is God's son. When I asked her what they do about the New Testament seems like all communication ceased. Diane I hope you are right as I have done this for years with no results thus far and it grieves me.
---Virginia on 1/15/07

I found the response from 'a friend' very interesting because about 30 years ago I was walking down the street where I lived at the time and a public telephone began to right. No-one else was in sight so I went in the box and answered it. It was my mother phoning from 300 miles away just hoping that someone in the street would answer and be prepared to get me to the 'phone. She was also in a public phone box because neither of us had a house phone in those days. God knows our need and will supply.
---Xanthi on 4/18/05

I have two children in a cult, and it is not as easy as telling them you love them. I have done that so many times, I have sent them cards of love, and helped them whenever I can, but we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities. I am praying for you. it is very difficult.
---May on 4/8/05

Have you rang her to tell her you LOVE her. Have you sent her a Card & told her that God loved us & sent his son to Die on the Cross at Calvery for her as well as you & we should love one another just as Christ loved us. Have you paid her a visit & perhaps taken her some flowers & spoke face to face with her.
---RONALD on 4/5/05

I am so sorry to hear this. I heard of a girl who ran away from home and would not call her parents, she was gone for a long time and they didn't hear from her. Her Dad kept praying and one day he found out about where she was, but didn't know who to call. He got on his phone and called the country she was in, and low and behold it was a pay-phone, and guess who answered it? Yes it was his Daughter. So just keep praying you will hear from your Mother. God Bless You!
---a_friend on 4/5/05

The only way she will get out of this place is if she wants to. God can make her realize what she is doing, but only he can do this. I would pray that God opens up her eyes before it is to late. These people that she is with aren't of God, the bible does not teach this. I would seek God's face for guildness.
---Rebecca_D on 4/5/05

Do you have her number? Maybe you can call her instead of waiting on her to call you.
---candice on 4/4/05

Margarett, you are dealing w/spiritual warfares and demons. Praying in the spirit is a weapon, fasting, talking the answer instead of the problem, Praising the Lord for the Answer, Take authority over the devil this is your blood relative and if you are born again you have that authority. Victory is yours and be sure to plead the blood of Jesus over your mom. There is hope because God is the same yesterday today and forever. Praying for you Diane
---diane on 4/4/05

Margarette; You dont say,but if you were "Amish" and left the commune, they count you as dead. You'll never change them, I feel your pain ,I have 2 brothers and a daughter who have'nt spoken to me 25yrs , similar circumstance!
---cliff on 4/4/05

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